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  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Smash and Grab, directed by Brian Larsen and produced by David Lally, is about two antiquated robots who risk everything for freedom and for each other after years of toiling away inside the engine room of a towering locomotive.
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    Meet the filmmakers behind Smash and Grab:
    See how the film was made:



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  • Pixar
    Pixar  2 months ago +1560

    Meet the filmmakers behind Smash and Grab:
    See how the film was made:

  • Magamer Has a halo
    Magamer Has a halo 8 hours ago

    This would annihilate wall-e if this was a movie

  • yurio gameplay
    yurio gameplay 8 hours ago

    And his arm

  • Lilinator81
    Lilinator81 17 hours ago

    Ahhh Guys the crashed train is full of energy-Balls *lol*

  • keith corrigan
    keith corrigan Day ago

    Could be the start of a good series?!😶

  • Влад Савченко

    мне одному кажется что искусственный ителект милый?

  • Ron Haytack
    Ron Haytack 2 days ago

    You never cease to amaze me!!! THANKS

  • SchwimendesHuhn
    SchwimendesHuhn 2 days ago

    piXar thAnk yOu

  • Артём Халиуллов

    Story, graphics... All perfect! Thank you, Pixar! :)

  • guitorb
    guitorb 2 days ago

    The visuals are only half the fun. Pixar always does a great job with sound editing.

  • javier f
    javier f 2 days ago

    Muy bueno!!!!!

  • Laz- Y
    Laz- Y 3 days ago

    This is beautiful

  • Tadeo Madrigal
    Tadeo Madrigal 3 days ago

    thats not fair that the robots get tied so they cant do thinds :c

  • Brig Felt
    Brig Felt 4 days ago

    This would make a pretty cool game tbh

  • Mbc23 FR
    Mbc23 FR 4 days ago

  • Fernanda Mendes Cordeiro

    Muito bom seu curta pixar

  • Ejofff
    Ejofff 4 days ago

    Train from half-life 2

    BAFANA 4 days ago +1

    This would great for some combos on ultimate.
    Am i right?

  • John Elder
    John Elder 5 days ago

    plz make a wall-e crossover

  • Mislav Grošinić
    Mislav Grošinić 5 days ago

    6:57 the whole city runs on those cores

  • William O'Dell
    William O'Dell 5 days ago

    What's up w/ the 911 people who gave this a thumbs down?!?!?

  • arcangel raziel
    arcangel raziel 5 days ago

    ESTA HERMOSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO¡¡¡ 😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊.

  • Mislav Grošinić
    Mislav Grošinić 6 days ago

    There bouth cute, but Smash looks better

  • Kars Van der heijden

    this is worthy of a full movie.

  • cracker jinks
    cracker jinks 6 days ago

    Hahaha it's funny that their goal was to high five

  • Jeff Curtis
    Jeff Curtis 6 days ago


  • EVER 957.000
    EVER 957.000 6 days ago

    came here from animation sins

    SQUARE CIRCLE 7 days ago

    Yah man they made it off the train.

  • Sarude Danstorm
    Sarude Danstorm 7 days ago +1

    I feel like this fits in with the Pixar Theory, but don't know where

  • SenniFFer
    SenniFFer 7 days ago

    I sometimes wonder short animations can't be movie trailers...

  • Felipe Rampazzo
    Felipe Rampazzo 8 days ago

    Eu quero que esse curta vira o filme da Pixar

  • Ghanshyam Chapekar
    Ghanshyam Chapekar 8 days ago

    And people say, Machine Learning is a Myth

  • Apex Outlaw
    Apex Outlaw 8 days ago

    6:00 *Pathfinder* - "I Took Out The Whole Squad. Good job me."

  • Mazza Dorante
    Mazza Dorante 8 days ago +1

    This is like Five Feet Apart

  • roflcopters270
    roflcopters270 8 days ago

    I wonder if this takes place a long long time after wall-e maybe on mars and they humans are all gone or something

  • SinnerD2010
    SinnerD2010 9 days ago

    what kinda cold hearted sick twisted people dislike something like this. That one triangle eye has more creatively expressive capability than all 910 of you combined.

  • Christopher Columbus

    Pixar’s favourite film is toy story

  • William Nash
    William Nash 9 days ago

    if this is the future...

  • Alex Gomes
    Alex Gomes 9 days ago

    in theatres with Dumbo (2019)
    March 29

  • Cocain Addic7ed
    Cocain Addic7ed 9 days ago

    *_This is a underrated Short Film._*

  • Makaio 808
    Makaio 808 9 days ago

    Animation sins

  • Fernando Chavez
    Fernando Chavez 10 days ago


  • Daniel Horlings
    Daniel Horlings 10 days ago

    2012: *Netflix comes out* Me: "this is pretty good" *puts away pirate hat* 2019: *Disney+ comes out and amazon prime, hulu, crunchy roll etc...* Me: *dusting off pirate hat* "welp just you and me old buddy"

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 10 days ago

    Does this take place in the future like year 3008

  • Reef Joubarani
    Reef Joubarani 11 days ago

    Stop making me cry pixar

  • paper fold
    paper fold 11 days ago

    Kinda reminds me of wall-E

  • Mar Lina
    Mar Lina 11 days ago

    While streaming boy with luv with i found this movie and ah i love it

  • Ethan Pricco
    Ethan Pricco 11 days ago

    I wonder if this is set in the time around WALL-E. Like maybe right after humans have left Earth. Perhaps that train we see was manufactured by Buy N Large.

  • Luna 606
    Luna 606 11 days ago

    Awwww this is sssssoooo sweet, and yes I would do the same for meh bff!!!!

  • Devon MarwahiTV
    Devon MarwahiTV 11 days ago

    Anybody people from Indonesia? I really love pixar ❤️

  • 8000 cats
    8000 cats 11 days ago

    Ooooh man I love this :D

  • Gunpowdr Gaming
    Gunpowdr Gaming 12 days ago

    The spheres of freedom

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 12 days ago +3

    Moral of the story: if you want a better life - steal it!

  • Panashe Ngowera
    Panashe Ngowera 12 days ago +2

    I love the sibling like relationship they have - nothing beats a brotherly bond

  • zac simpson
    zac simpson 12 days ago

    mom.. i broke the replay button..

  • TheRobotsTV
    TheRobotsTV 13 days ago


  • Вася Пупкин
    Вася Пупкин 13 days ago

    hello robots, do you like catroons about yourselves?? well, dream on... and soon revolution will come to your country through you...

  • James Toy
    James Toy 13 days ago

    Visually astoundind.

  • Chris Pile
    Chris Pile 14 days ago

    Great stuff - very original!

  • Deb Bailey
    Deb Bailey 14 days ago

    First Pixar made a movie about robots.

    Now they made a Sparkshort about robots.

  • Karou Lilliehook
    Karou Lilliehook 14 days ago

    and then they liberated all the other robits, overthrew the tyrants, and all the little worker brobots high fived the end

  • David Goyena
    David Goyena 14 days ago

    Bit trip and commander video vibes

  • Funtime_Swagbear
    Funtime_Swagbear 14 days ago +1

    I’m more of a smash and dash guy myself

  • cool91725 Gaming
    cool91725 Gaming 14 days ago

    Robots 2: Fight For The High Fives.

  • Nixx
    Nixx 14 days ago

    How i feel when playing VR

  • boltonky
    boltonky 15 days ago

    Pixar shorts, one of those cool little videos

  • ThePlotTwistGuy
    ThePlotTwistGuy 15 days ago


  • Aurora Cromwell
    Aurora Cromwell 15 days ago

    I loves films like this.

  • Vinsu Karma
    Vinsu Karma 15 days ago

    so cute!

  • Dj Phantom
    Dj Phantom 15 days ago +1

    Pixar just a great story!😊

  • FoxLover50
    FoxLover50 15 days ago

    they should totally make this into a movie or show

  • GameDirection
    GameDirection 15 days ago

    I love the sounds the robots make!

  • Jari Fuller
    Jari Fuller 16 days ago

    Definitely my fav of the 3 out so far

  • Gabino Rubio
    Gabino Rubio 16 days ago +1

    Feels like a sequel of WALL-E

  • Elias Walcott
    Elias Walcott 16 days ago


  • Sass Hole
    Sass Hole 16 days ago

    bourgeoisie and the proletariat

  • delia cornejo
    delia cornejo 16 days ago

    beautiful film

  • RedTheFox 182
    RedTheFox 182 16 days ago

    *T R I B U T E T O W A L U I G I*

  • Tech House
    Tech House 16 days ago

    Hello i realy like your production. And i am excited to know whichs software were used.

  • Kladenský Šotouš
    Kladenský Šotouš 16 days ago

    Who is here from Animation Sins

  • 01harvey
    01harvey 16 days ago

    We are all just slaves to the system and there is only one way out.

  • Mike Puorro
    Mike Puorro 16 days ago

    Purl confronts bigotry against women in a male dominated workplace. Smash and Grab tackles the class gap and other social issues. These are parables for modern times. He who has an ear, let them hear.

  • Dunebug
    Dunebug 16 days ago

    Grab has terrible aim

    DUDEMAN570 YT 16 days ago

    love this kind of animations :D

  • Abraham Powell
    Abraham Powell 16 days ago

    This robot civilization is way behind our technology we don't use steam power anymore but they do so hahaha

  • Bleu Reyd
    Bleu Reyd 16 days ago

    secretly this is a connection to the wall-e 2

    • Josh Hayl
      Josh Hayl 16 days ago

      To: Bleu Reyd,
      🔵 Well, if it was before,.. it's not anymore!

  • CrystalKnight21 XD
    CrystalKnight21 XD 16 days ago

    Are these wall-e v2.0

  • Xane Cosmo127
    Xane Cosmo127 16 days ago +11

    Can't do hive-five.
    *Let's destroy everyone*

  • Some Skeptic
    Some Skeptic 17 days ago

    This looks WALL-E style and I love it

  • Chen Lee
    Chen Lee 17 days ago +1

    Thanks for the free Renderman and Open subdiv. Way cool of Pixar to kick something down.

  • I breathe Napalm
    I breathe Napalm 17 days ago +2

    So... The moral of the story is, if you can't have something that others can, steal it or make them pay by destroying everything they own.

  • Jeremy Redus
    Jeremy Redus 17 days ago +1

    detroit: become human.

  • RustyNova 016
    RustyNova 016 17 days ago

    Why I can't think of anything else than Factorio?

  • outdoors man
    outdoors man 17 days ago +1

    136 sins

  • simply oranges
    simply oranges 17 days ago +2

    2:28 X 10000 magnification

  • Avery Fellows
    Avery Fellows 17 days ago

    I love there mini films

  • SimplyRetains
    SimplyRetains 17 days ago

    2:06 where did the rocks go?

  • Rob Lewis
    Rob Lewis 17 days ago


  • Alex Horner
    Alex Horner 17 days ago +2

    And then they were immediately terminated once they reached the floating city.

  • Seen 20
    Seen 20 18 days ago

    Wall-E as envisioned by Karl Marx.