5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning Guitar Online

  • Published on Aug 11, 2015
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    1- Tensing and twisting the wrist while strumming
    Strumming motion begins at the elbow with just a little movement of the wrist. The most important thing it to RELAX the arm and just have enough tension to hold on top the pick
    2- Picking is a small motion that should be done with movement of the wrist only
    Resting the wrist is optional, but I think it will help most people be more accurate with their picking
    3- Putting chord fingers down one at a time
    Try making the shape of the chord with your fingers before putting the fingers down
    4- Not knowing where the beat falls and understand 'ghost strums' (hand movements that you don't strum)
    5- Not building a repertoire of songs
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  • Deporres Williams
    Deporres Williams 2 days ago

    Lmbo. Didnt even notice the pic flew until it was pointed out. Lol. Then it fell into the blackhole.

  • Light Iverson
    Light Iverson 9 days ago

    2:25 if you do that to fast with an electric guitar wouldn’t it sound off

  • burnhuman_2
    burnhuman_2 11 days ago

    Did he call g and c chords hard d is harder for me and g is the easiest

  • JkTaeJJams Kpop
    JkTaeJJams Kpop 13 days ago

    I put my fingers on the right chords I make sure my other fingers aren't touching the strings and only the one I put it on however when I play it always sounds stuck if that makes sence

  • Delon Sembrano
    Delon Sembrano 14 days ago

    ive got trouble for G to C 😔

  • Tim Reaper
    Tim Reaper 15 days ago

    1.8 dislikes & i can't understand why. I found this video to be informative and well articulated. Thumbs up from me!

  • Jeff Polley
    Jeff Polley 17 days ago

    What songs do you suggest to start playing at first?

  • YoyoEthan 11
    YoyoEthan 11 Month ago

    I am learning online by watching this vid and I am not making any mistakes.

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    Trinity tri Month ago

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    Thank you! Great tips!

  • sherm dog
    sherm dog Month ago

    I have Vienna sausages for fingers so to be able to reach the top string with my even my finger I HAVE to till my guitar out.☹️

  • Benevolent Waffle
    Benevolent Waffle Month ago

    Feels weird to hear his voice again...memories

  • Rasmus Nobel
    Rasmus Nobel Month ago

    All 5 tips hit me spot on. Thanks dude. Gonna help me a lot 👍🏻

  • Meleena Lama
    Meleena Lama Month ago

    Which is best country for Guitar/Piano/ Musical Arrangement Course or Western Music?

    UNITS GAMING Month ago +1


  • Brett Sampat
    Brett Sampat Month ago

    I'm guilty of doing that with a C cord

  • Just a Pilot
    Just a Pilot Month ago +3

    Me as a beginner: *Stops trying to learn House of The Rising Sun*

  • wojakov
    wojakov Month ago

    3:45 i have that with F and every time i make that mistake it reminds me "kids arent allright" from The Offspring :P

  • Matthew Wilhite
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    Wooffzi 2 months ago

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    Martín Naranjo 2 months ago


  • Chris Dodson
    Chris Dodson 2 months ago

    Thanks, was just struggling going from C to G and back again so I really appreciated the advice on the muscle memory. Trying to learn Free Falling by Tom Petty. Heard it was a good beginner song. Taught me how to use a capo at least.

  • Kevin Park
    Kevin Park 2 months ago

    Brooooo. Thank you! I made all of these mistakes. Lol

  • Cali *Carmen* Girl
    Cali *Carmen* Girl 2 months ago

    I seriously had a panic attack when he dropped that pick... I'd NEVER be able to pick it up again with acrylic nails 😟

  • Mike A
    Mike A 2 months ago

    I’m a beginner and getting the rhythm seems to be extremely hard for me so thanks for the advice.

  • Dark Yoda
    Dark Yoda 2 months ago +1

    To be honest wonder wall was a perfect beginners song for me I got it within about 2hrs and my brother who already was playing the guitar said it was to a good standard so if patient wonder wall is a perfect beginners song

  • Vedran Đuzel
    Vedran Đuzel 2 months ago

    Oh...I didn't play for years and I checked one video before for something and then this one. I never paid any attention to the first problem. Good video :))

  • Patricia Tiernan
    Patricia Tiernan 2 months ago

    Thank you for these tips. I was a trumpet player for 20 years and have recently picked up the guitar. Wow! What a learning curve and a humbling experience. I need a lot of help and I am grateful for you tutorials.

  • Alex_T
    Alex_T 2 months ago

    Someone saw the pick dropping from his hands

  • Mellow Panda
    Mellow Panda 2 months ago +1

    Isn't he the piano guy

  • Ema
    Ema 2 months ago

    C is HARD bro C is heaven comparing to G like I broke my fingers with that one lol

  • Z Clef Music
    Z Clef Music 2 months ago

    Thank you! I'm a beginner and this answered a lot of my technique questions.

  • OverEasy Mode
    OverEasy Mode 2 months ago

    You’re great at anticipating people’s problems. I’m a swimming instructor and recognize a good instructional lesson no matter what the subject is. And you break it down for students to digest easily. Thank you Andy.

  • SevScout
    SevScout 2 months ago


    Pick: "I'm outta here!"

  • SevScout
    SevScout 2 months ago

    I had real troubles with C and G, so what I did is basically extreme trial by fire... Basically bouncing on the C shape, making each bounce a bit bigger and then switching from C to G and back again over and over until it was so fast, that I could do it in rythm. then jumping from C to D, from C to A and any other combination I could think of. It's all about the muscle memory as said in the video, but that bouncing on the C and G shape really did speed things up.

  • Fly Tension
    Fly Tension 3 months ago


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    VinceRoberto 3 months ago

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    andy i just wanted to say that you are not only a really cool guy from the look of it but an absout genius when it comes to teaching.

    your style is really unique and it works big time !!

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    For the beginner it's helpful, really 👍

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    Mansi Mishra 3 months ago

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    Bill Blinky 3 months ago

    A thumbs up from Australia for a really good video mate. I've had guitars for more than 50 years and was keen to see if I was making the 5 mistakes or not. Pride stops me from confessing the results. But never too late to learn and improve.

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  • Vinata Senturi
    Vinata Senturi 4 months ago

    Hi andy
    I learn from you when I was 12
    And now in 21
    And Still learning

  • harmonicachick100
    harmonicachick100 4 months ago

    Memorizing placement instead of looking... As i'm getting to more difficult chords...G Major is a stretch for me...i'm looking at the strings.....Thanks..gonna stop this and get to memorizing placement. :)

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    Ryu E 4 months ago

    For c chord I found that placing my middle finger first made my finger 1 and 3 fall right into place as soon as I have to switch to c chord try it and you’ll see