Girls: Single Vs In A Relationship

  • Published on Jul 8, 2015
  • When girls are single, they behave a certain way but when they are happily in a relationship, they behave another.
    Here's some overly exaggerated scenarios of girls who are single and available versus girls who are completely attached and in love!
    Enjoy! #airhug
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    Melody Low
    Sarah Chen
    Nicholas Ngo

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  • LazyMomMeals
    LazyMomMeals Month ago

    Love the lag part lol , she just Jumped on him hahhahah

  • Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan


  • Michelle Thefreeone
    Michelle Thefreeone 5 months ago

    That last scenario though ... I'm shameless.

  • InfiniteDuck kk
    InfiniteDuck kk 5 months ago

    "Girls nowadays" hahaha

  • being indifference
    being indifference 8 months ago

    Dat boobs tho

  • heyitsvanessa _yt
    heyitsvanessa _yt 8 months ago

    OMG the last one killed me

  • cwx Gaming Channel LT
    cwx Gaming Channel LT 9 months ago

    The last part got me bursting into laughter

  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr 10 months ago


  • Tanzeem Tanzeem
    Tanzeem Tanzeem 10 months ago

    Oh That guy was really cute.

    IM TAKDIR 10 months ago


  • Teo Ghim Yong
    Teo Ghim Yong 11 months ago

    Omg r35

  • N0T CL!VE
    N0T CL!VE Year ago


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Year ago


  • Laurel Y
    Laurel Y Year ago


  • Roman Rc channels

    Her boobs so saggy😕

  • Kim Taehyung Is My Only Drug

    *I've realized how boring my life suck being single*

  • Fan Of Me!!
    Fan Of Me!! Year ago

    Ahhhh! I'm fallen in love with that yellow GT-R!!!😍😍😍 And I got it!
    Just dreaming...

  • Yuki Knight
    Yuki Knight Year ago +1

    Them: can i buy you ice cream? I have a boyfriend
    Me: can i buy you ice cream ?, sure, can i have your number?, no

  • Yi Xun Tan
    Yi Xun Tan Year ago

    Sigh again with the clickbait

  • Cher Cat
    Cher Cat Year ago +1

    Melody is hot af

  • Himanshi Kaushik
    Himanshi Kaushik Year ago

    I don't think being in a relationship is so exhausting. Seems like the person who made video is frustrated by being in a relationship. It isn't so exhausting. U just need to get a right person.😀

  • /
    / Year ago

    I want to stay single for awhile

  • Erinda Pramesti Oktaviana

    This video is giving me a good laugh, thanks guys 😁😁😁

  • Oreo.allaboutfashion slime

    You film at telok blangah right

  • Bhelat NASUD EPAN

    move bitch get out the way hahah ds is so funny thanks for da video lol.

  • Farah Million
    Farah Million Year ago

    Single is the best life...
    U can have feeling watching love movie.
    U can have feeling listen love or heartbreak music and can sing.
    U freedom talk anyone else..
    U can play games more until late night mobiles, pc, ps4 etc...
    Ur dress up freedom...
    Spend time with friends more..
    No stress no worry no pain..
    Single life..

  • Max Valentieno
    Max Valentieno Year ago


  • strom trooper
    strom trooper Year ago


  • Mikey's Playhouse

    If only...

  • naren poon
    naren poon Year ago

    I love this video❤

  • Koala eeyor
    Koala eeyor Year ago

    The last one... Really? 😂

  • Jyotirmay Nath
    Jyotirmay Nath Year ago

    2:27 lmao

  • Jåzbîå Åk
    Jåzbîå Åk Year ago,s so funny yyy
    single is best though

  • kall eda
    kall eda Year ago


  • Parikrama Borah
    Parikrama Borah Year ago


  • Momo Momo
    Momo Momo Year ago

    it's true

  • Soldier of Truth
    Soldier of Truth Year ago


  • Really Jayden
    Really Jayden Year ago

    3:18 😂 LOL

  • tay kwee hoon
    tay kwee hoon Year ago

    I love this app but my mom just told me about this app sorry

  • Shawn SQ Zhang
    Shawn SQ Zhang Year ago

    Idk it's just me, but that relationship seems abusive 👀

  • thomas chang
    thomas chang Year ago

    the farting...

  • m o c h i i
    m o c h i i Year ago


  • Awaken Vantento
    Awaken Vantento Year ago

    your 'nenen' wkwkkwkwkwk

  • Tatyana Tanya
    Tatyana Tanya Year ago


  • A True Love Official

    There's always a difference between the two but it's really up to you where would you like to belong. Just always remember, your happiness depends on you, not on anyone.

  • Retrogamer Dell
    Retrogamer Dell Year ago

    its helps those girls are sexy as f..

  • JustQuirky
    JustQuirky Year ago

    what if that person went in the bathroom and the fart smell is still there?! You'll be single forever ! XD

  • x- girl
    x- girl Year ago

    Who the hell flirts and in the kitchen and why is there a drinking party in the kitchen 😂

  • Ranjit Yadav
    Ranjit Yadav Year ago

    good work,,,,Love from india

  • poop punch
    poop punch Year ago

    #move bit*h get out the way... ha ha l

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl Year ago


  • Sheriff K
    Sheriff K Year ago

    I really love that accent.

  • Samuel Arul
    Samuel Arul Year ago

    one subscribe from #india

  • Shiv Kamal Upadhaya

    How you doing 😂😂

  • HahAHahA
    HahAHahA Year ago

    Hello?! Who are you talking to?
    Isn't obvious?

  • Jeremiah Walker
    Jeremiah Walker Year ago


  • King of Anvils
    King of Anvils Year ago +2

    Actually, it has the oppisite effect & that's why I disliked.

  • Sha Syaz
    Sha Syaz Year ago


  • juliana sinambela


  • Wilson Wilson
    Wilson Wilson Year ago

    The last part wtf

  • Saniya Sheikh
    Saniya Sheikh Year ago

    tell me one thing are u Korean

  • Saniya Sheikh
    Saniya Sheikh Year ago

    tell me one thing are u Korean

  • Marty Ward
    Marty Ward Year ago

    LMAO :-)

  • Nicko Frianto
    Nicko Frianto Year ago

    hahaha i like this.....

  • Aakanksha Sharma
    Aakanksha Sharma Year ago

    What the f... Why would any1 flirt being in a relationship

  • Nikita Kashyap
    Nikita Kashyap Year ago

    am I the only girl who doesn't give a fuck about marriage? like if I ever get married it's gonna be for the liquor and the dress tbh

    MARIYA LOOIZA Year ago

    he i am also single ..
    but it's realty and funny 😂

  • Dante Son of Sparda

    Not like that you son of the picture be the prince

  • Little Miss Nory
    Little Miss Nory Year ago

    #1 Going out in relationships. the best thing ever 😂 . coz no need to be sexiest.. just be simple 😘

  • alfianur  mansur
    alfianur mansur Year ago

    jianhao tan's video more intresting to watch

  • sea shells
    sea shells Year ago

    I like the last one best😂😂

  • Phung Hungyo
    Phung Hungyo Year ago

    Kill me la lol

  • Angela Z
    Angela Z Year ago

    lol melofy cringe

  • Monica Susanna
    Monica Susanna Year ago

    The boyfriend in the relationship part seems really abusive and possessive; telling a woman how to dress and pulling her by the hair. That's not right and it's not normal behaviour.

  • Ishani Adithi
    Ishani Adithi Year ago


  • รารา นานา


  • Aaron Ng
    Aaron Ng Year ago

    Oh wow 0.12 she had tattoo

  • Emerald The Sneezy Boi

    i am single and i am craving for singleness

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    Galaxy Pawed Year ago


  • Alexa L.
    Alexa L. 2 years ago

    okay a little machist don't you think?

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    Fafa Fararespect 2 years ago


  • Nocturnal
    Nocturnal 2 years ago

    what music is that during after clubbing

  • CyberAtlant
    CyberAtlant 2 years ago

    Ooooooh MELODY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessamy jane
    Jessamy jane 2 years ago

    omg that 2nd farting one is so real 😂😂😂
    most of the time we compete for it lol

  • Fafa Fararespect
    Fafa Fararespect 2 years ago


  • Mike Wu
    Mike Wu 2 years ago

    Dayum, that GTR bro.

  • Adan Sanchez
    Adan Sanchez 2 years ago

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  • guna rake
    guna rake 2 years ago

    Single on watching movie is the best part.

  • Arindam Sarkar
    Arindam Sarkar 2 years ago


  • Fafa Fararespect
    Fafa Fararespect 2 years ago


  • KiwiStuff
    KiwiStuff 2 years ago

    1:48 Definitely the best part.

  • Harry Smart
    Harry Smart 2 years ago +7

    awesome pair of milk jugs!

  • jj Scorcan
    jj Scorcan 2 years ago

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  • Adrian Andhika
    Adrian Andhika 2 years ago +1

    and after she got married she still crying XD

  • hari presad Presad
    hari presad Presad 2 years ago

    Melody low super

  • linguistic rice
    linguistic rice 2 years ago

    2:45 pick me pick me pick me up, pick me pick me pick me up, pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me up

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    Desert Cobra 2 years ago

    Alien...!Alien...!! 1:26

  • Ian Donahue
    Ian Donahue 2 years ago +3

    "Farting Girl" was a hilarious actress.

  • eldarmario presario
    eldarmario presario 2 years ago +1

    melody is indeed pretty- even without her apparent pointy nose job and breast fat graft augmentation

    • K O
      K O 2 years ago

      lol she got surgery ? where is the hospital ? south korea/seoul is famous for plastic surgery

  • Zhe Tzen
    Zhe Tzen 2 years ago

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