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Cowboys fans voice their frustrations after playoff loss: 'Terrible since 1995'

  • Published on Jan 15, 2022
  • As the referees sprinted up the tunnel and distraught fans launched full bottles and cans of $10 beer onto the turf, the Dallas Cowboys looked around in hopes there would be one more play to keep their season alive.
    There wasn't one. And they only have themselves to blame.
    The Cowboys' season ended on a 17-yard scramble by quarterback Dak Prescott.
    It's a sight Dallas Cowboys fans have been seeing for years -- a great regular season but nothing to show for it in the playoffs. STORY: bit.ly/33oZrdS

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  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 4 months ago +1284

    Imagine say you got robbed in a game you didn't lead in for a single second 🤦‍♂️

    • roachtoasties
      roachtoasties 3 months ago

      That also sounds like Trump.

    • Juan Guerrero
      Juan Guerrero 3 months ago

      @RedEyeSmit money shot for reals. 😂😂😂

    • GeneralShadow
      GeneralShadow 4 months ago

      @Kimani Williams The NFL made Dak hand the ball to the center instead of the ref?

    • Kimani Williams
      Kimani Williams 4 months ago

      Refs cheated you,the NFL controls who's in and who's out

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 4 months ago +553

    This brings so much joy

  • Blackmegagun
    Blackmegagun 4 months ago +109

    I love how no one mentions the 14 PENALTIES committed by the cowboys. There's just no excuse for that many penalties

    • Benito Mazzaro
      Benito Mazzaro 3 months ago

      @JayDogTitan 1464 Thank you! Exactly! Being a sloppy team you can only go so far.

    • JayDogTitan 1464
      JayDogTitan 1464 4 months ago +1

      Try being a Raiders fan for the past 48 years.

  • AdonaldTrumpler
    AdonaldTrumpler 4 months ago +191

    Don't blame the refs when your team runs a QB Draw down the middle of the field with no timeouts left in the final seconds of the game

    • King Listosas
      King Listosas 3 months ago

      @John Connor Yeah running is what you do when you have the lead; chew up clock. You don't do it when you have no timeouts and are losing.

    • King Listosas
      King Listosas 3 months ago

      @mrawdog Running is the last thing you want to do if you have no timeouts.

    • John Connor
      John Connor 4 months ago

      I am not an expert but who was responsible for the final play decision to run with the ball? The coach or the QB ?

    • victor mendiola
      victor mendiola 4 months ago +1

      Exactly they always find a reason to blame the refs your team is trash.

    • kassy E
      kassy E 4 months ago +1

      Refs also don’t explain poor offense play.

  • The Real X Clan
    The Real X Clan 4 months ago +100

    Cowboys fans at the beginning of every season: This is our year!
    Cowboys fans at the end of every season: Next year is our year!

    • The Last Don
      The Last Don 4 months ago +1

      @italiarose12 facts

    • M.C.Martin
      M.C.Martin 4 months ago +2

      @JayDogTitan 1464 Sounds like the NFC East has the most unrealistic fans 😂
      Everyone in the NFC West holds their breath the whole year

    • M.C.Martin
      M.C.Martin 4 months ago +1

      @italiarose12 Most are realistic and expect a playoff appearance at the very least.
      Only Brady and Chiefs fans have the right to expect a SB every year. Bills are close, and Titans want a SB appearance at the very least.
      Only Cowboys Fans, who make the playoffs seemingly every other year, expect a SB when they haven’t been to the NFC Championship Game since 95’/96’ season

    • JayDogTitan 1464
      JayDogTitan 1464 4 months ago +4

      Try living in Washington, The fans get fired up after they go 1-0 in the preseason.

  • GeneralShadow
    GeneralShadow 4 months ago +1504

    Keep in mind the Jets have made the AFC championship THREE TIMES since the Cowboys last appearance. THE JETS have had more success than Dallas over the last 25 years.

    • Austin Madore
      Austin Madore 25 days ago

      @aye G same number the cowboys do in 30 years

    • GeneralShadow
      GeneralShadow 3 months ago

      @SurferGuy That's also true! XD

    • SurferGuy
      SurferGuy 3 months ago +1

      And don't forget they're also in a 3 game winning streak against Dallas!

    • Daniel Kaczmarski
      Daniel Kaczmarski 4 months ago

      @Justin Chapman jags have been to 3 afccs

    • Nala!
      Nala! 4 months ago

      @Daniel Kaczmarski nobody cares if it’s not nice!

  • Ed Fulginiti
    Ed Fulginiti 4 months ago +76

    Love when "America's Team" loses...and their fans cry...and Jerry Jones frowns from his lofty thrown. Love it!

    • In God We Trust
      In God We Trust 4 months ago


    • Poker Joker
      Poker Joker 4 months ago +3

      I miss the Houston Oilers.

    • JayDogTitan 1464
      JayDogTitan 1464 4 months ago +2

      Jerry Jones reminds me of the way Al Davis used to be, The team sucks but in his mind they're a Super Bowl contender every year, The Cowboys unfortunately are a team that lives off their past and it shows.

    • Shawn Smith
      Shawn Smith 4 months ago +1

      @Vincent Spiese you forgot hof, 3 time champion 🤷‍♂️ state facts 👍

  • VM I
    VM I 4 months ago +184

    As a shamed Giants fan for many years now, I always rely on the Cowboys to make me feel better at the end of the season and they never fail to disappoint. Thanks Cowboys! Same time next year? Bawahahahaaha

    • Jay Tee
      Jay Tee 4 months ago

      I love the Giants knowing they denied the Patriots of 2 SBs. With that being said, Cowboys only have 4 playoff wins since '95. That's pathetic given they are supposed to be "America's Team".

    • Lebrun
      Lebrun 4 months ago +1

      Hey, How was Joe Judge?

    • GeneralShadow
      GeneralShadow 4 months ago

      @JAY co wow

    • JAY co
      JAY co 4 months ago

      @GeneralShadow there's something going on , I guess they have until 2025 to move to New York, there is a lawsuit

  • Jack Cade
    Jack Cade 4 months ago +41

    Love it! The cowboys scored almost 100 points against the eagles alone this season, and their season ended on the same day!

  • Poeticjustice
    Poeticjustice 4 months ago +13

    The problem is not they underperform it’s that they are overhyped. They are a average team and have mediocre talent in the worst division which makes them appear better than they are every single year.

  • Frank S
    Frank S 4 months ago +160

    Can't believe they are not use to losing! Only home team that lost so far. Curse of Jimmy Johnson is here to stay in Dallas!

    • Jorge Zuniga
      Jorge Zuniga 3 months ago

      What I never said that statements about the fans are terrible whom ever posted that statement please respect me..

    • Carlos Baez
      Carlos Baez 4 months ago

      @ibleedblue56 what is your team? And we are the best team in NFL

    • Frank S
      Frank S 4 months ago

      @Jorge Zuniga The fans are terrible.

    • Jorge Zuniga
      Jorge Zuniga 4 months ago

      The only jinx are those blasphemous pathetic fans whom are always want more.
      The clouds of negativity from the fans and others are the problem and that starts with a arrogant. Selfish Quaterback #4.

    • Carlos Baez
      Carlos Baez 4 months ago

      @ibleedblue56 who is the best team?

  • Rod Manhammer
    Rod Manhammer 4 months ago +21

    Showing all of those crying cowboy fans on national television was hilarious.

    • Paul Folkner
      Paul Folkner 4 months ago +1

      Yell and it should have been the cheating team the forty miners with there friends the referee

  • Artemis A-24
    Artemis A-24 4 months ago +3

    This loss was all in the Cowboys. Don’t blame the refs when you keep making the same mistakes and costing your team yards over and over again and then to top that off, decide to run the ball instead of throwing it

  • Andrea Bryan
    Andrea Bryan 4 months ago +43

    Both teams were trying to lose but it seemed like.the Cowboys wanted to lose more. The mistakes these teams made made it unbearable after a while. I was like I have no vested interest but could someone just win the game..please?🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    • Martin Ayre
      Martin Ayre 4 months ago +1

      Totally agree and I'm a 9ers fan play anything like this against the packers will be in serious trouble

    • S.T. Santos
      S.T. Santos 4 months ago

      Ouch! LoL!

  • BC Blue
    BC Blue 4 months ago +14

    “The refs stole it from us twice.”? No, the SF 49ers are simply a better team.

    • Angel Sandoval
      Angel Sandoval 4 months ago

      As a Cowboy fan, You're speaking facts!!!

  • floxy20
    floxy20 4 months ago +3

    Cowboys fan: "I'm done with this. I think I'll watch hockey and cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs."

  • BayTown
    BayTown 4 months ago +40

    1:10 are you serious.. the respotted the ball to help the cowboys. 2 seconds magically appeared after that 4th down penalty (Kyle called a timeout with 38 seconds and all of a sudden there was 40 on the clock). Jimmy tried giving you guys the ball more times than I remember just in the last 7mins alone. What more could you want for an opportunity to win a game??

    • Plen122
      Plen122 4 months ago

      @Gerard Mackan yes, I have to go back and watch that again. And, when you have to rely on the very last minute of a game to win and you couldn't do it the rest of the game, then something is wrong.

    • Gerard Mackan
      Gerard Mackan 4 months ago +1

      My son pointed out the 2 seconds they added back on the clock. They lost even when cheating 😜😜

    • Plen122
      Plen122 4 months ago

      @BayTown yeah it's not right..grrrr.

    • BayTown
      BayTown 4 months ago +1

      @Plen122 yeah I like the way you put that. It was painful to watch because it was bringing me flash backs of our last super bowl. Idk what goes on in Jimmy’s head when the third quarter is coming to an end. It’s like he’s trying to do so much and he just creates chaos. I hate that statistics favor him. Poor Lance is never going to get to spread his wings.

    • Plen122
      Plen122 4 months ago +2

      So true, I thought for sure my Niners were going to lose. Both teams pretty much tried to lose that game LOL

  • TheGr8Bambino
    TheGr8Bambino 4 months ago +10

    My Dallas Cowboys are gone along with my Texas Stadium! I’m so grateful I got to see the real Boys growing up! Those are just distant memories now! From legends to choke artist lol 😂 The white towels were just to surrender 🏳

    • John Loye
      John Loye 4 months ago

      As a Steeler fan I can totally relate to what you are saying. I am old enough to remember the glory days of the 1970s for the Steelers but the coach that they have now has just led them into mediocrity

  • Fabian K
    Fabian K 4 months ago +3

    As a 49er fan, it gives me great joy to watch this video! 😁

  • Ryver Rogers
    Ryver Rogers 4 months ago +13

    There’s nothing better than the cowboys losing in the playoffs we love watching them faceplant.

  • Frankie Clayton
    Frankie Clayton 4 months ago +2

    We as fans must realize that Dallas is going to let us down

  • Violent
    Violent 4 months ago +2

    As a life-long fan of the Lions, I can relate to the loyalty of a Cowboys fan.
    Keep on keepin' on brothers & sisters!

    • arnold rolen
      arnold rolen 4 months ago

      lot of heavy drinkers in detroit................all lions fans

  • DeVstatrOmga
    DeVstatrOmga 4 months ago +423

    *27 years* - That's how long the Cowboys haven't sniffed an NFC Championship game let alone win a Super Bowl. That's approaching 3 decades. *People paid for a BILLION DOLLAR* stadium, merchandise, season tickets. And this is what they put out on the field? Meanwhile the fans are paying for Jerry's life style, his Yachts and private Helicopters. I ask, why are people still going to the games? Why are we rewarding Jerry for almost 30 years of failure? Draw the line in the sand folks!

      CAPTAIN LEVI 18 days ago +1

      Blame Jerry. The guy is the gm and head coach

    • Muffs 55mercury
      Muffs 55mercury 2 months ago

      I could be wrong but it doesn't look like anything's changing any time soon. They have the players to do it but the coaching decisions and the front office meddling only bogs everything down.

    • Rey Ybarra
      Rey Ybarra 2 months ago

      After 5 Superbowl appearances in the 1970's, the 1980's were considered a Massive failure!! The Coqboys were only in 3 straight NFC Championship games and then only made it to the division playoffs for the next 4 years!!! How jones has lived off of both Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson!!! No worries though!! He has taught his son Huey all that he knows!! So for the next 3 decades you will have exactly the same !!!!!😡😡😡

      INDRID COLD 2 months ago

      Jerry had the money even before buying the Cowboys.

  • Mr. Salazar
    Mr. Salazar 4 months ago +3

    Ahhhhhh this is my antidepressant. Cowboy's fans misery. Here's to 50 more years of this🥂

  • rclines001
    rclines001 4 months ago +1

    I love my Cowboys, and I love Dak, but that loss is on him. I haven't seen him play that bad for a while. Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn half the game, and then holding onto the ball too long like a rookie and getting rocked. And then we have that last run, with no timeouts, down the middle of the field, that nobody else in the league would have even thought about doing... SMH...

  • Desth Issues
    Desth Issues 4 months ago +13

    As a cowboys fan I apologize for some of our fans incapable football knowledge, those fans usually spawn from oak cliff. Obviously the ref has to have the ball before every play, this was all on Daks part on him being consumed by the pressure, and McCarthy being the head coach. Lincoln Riley was always the preferred pick for me.

  • Dee_ageis⛩
    Dee_ageis⛩ 4 months ago +12

    As a Giants fan this video puts a smile on my face❤️

  • MrCarterFX
    MrCarterFX 4 months ago +455

    Watching the Cowboys game is like watching a boxer getting into the ring and hit themselves with uppercuts And left hooks

    • Henry Smalls
      Henry Smalls 4 months ago

      Ha ha, beautiful Mr.CarterFX beautiful.

    • Sergio Ranirez
      Sergio Ranirez 4 months ago

      @Big Ru Ventriglio two weeks passed. What were you saying ? 😁

    • Travis Welbourne
      Travis Welbourne 4 months ago

      @TheBatugan77 QQQQQQQ

    • JARBOR7
      JARBOR7 4 months ago

      And then comes the “Haymaker” the final play of the game… the QB sneak… it was sneaky because no one would’ve ever called that play… only in Dallas!!!

    • TheBatugan77
      TheBatugan77 4 months ago

      'Before Jimmy started shooting himself in the foot...'
      In other words, the other guy is right.

  • 0415Hunter
    0415Hunter 4 months ago

    I felt the last dude with all my heart 😭

  • Hunter Bidens crack pipe
    Hunter Bidens crack pipe 4 months ago +7

    I’ve said it for the last two years, I’ve said it all this year. Dak Prescott has never won a meaningful game. He’s not the type of quarterback that can take the team on his shoulders and win a game. He’s not Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers

  • Jared Grimes
    Jared Grimes 4 months ago

    Every season my beloved Cowboys take a piece of my heart 💙😢💔

  • Truth Serum
    Truth Serum 4 months ago +7

    This brings so much joy and warmth to my heart 🤠😂😂😂

  • Jeff Sisco
    Jeff Sisco 4 months ago +3

    The 49ers should've played their practice squad players I'm sure they would've won. Dak and Romo have alot in common they both know how to lose a playoff games

  • teresa nunez
    teresa nunez 4 months ago +1

    I’ve been a Dallas fan and watched every game since I was 6 yrs old. Now at 36 smh I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack just watching them play. I didn’t bother watching this game cause I already knew Dallas would lose. Sadly it’s something that is predictable.

  • Forever The Lewis's
    Forever The Lewis's 4 months ago +1

    I want to take the second to say your content Connects with everyone all over the world and it is very much appreciate DONT never stop being great 👍 👍👍

  • Erik Gonzales
    Erik Gonzales 4 months ago +3

    Pitiful and pathetic performance. All this talent on one team and they pull this. They should be embarrassed to even call themselves a professional football team. Another year being a Cowboys fan equals another year of misery. Pathetic

  • SurferGuy
    SurferGuy 3 months ago +2

    My Niners haven't won a Super Bowl since '94. BUT we've made 2 Super Bowl Appearences, made 6 appearences in the Conference Championship winning 2, 13 playoff victories, and a notable victory over Dallas all of this ever since Dallas's most recent Super Bowl appearence! Man we've had more playoff success then the Cowboys!

  • Ru-Dy
    Ru-Dy 4 months ago +5

    Prescott and Zeke = over 200 million of wasted money! Zeke carried 12 times for 31 yards, 2.5 per rush lol!!! He can't run his way out of a wet paper bag. AS for Dak, that last run was beyond ridiculous, he is a big slow runner, and should not have even tried to do that with so little time on the clock. Aside from that, he can't throw a ball in to the Grand Canyon if he was standing next to it!

  • DFini in
    DFini in 4 months ago +12

    Not the ref's fault, blame Kellen Moore and McCarthy, you can also blame Dak for not going down sooner. Some people blame the refs, sorry people, it wasn't the refs, get over it

    • pep
      pep 4 months ago

      Many times, it is the refs, but not in this case.

  • FDC 1
    FDC 1 4 months ago +1

    I was a senior in high-school the last time the cowboys were a super bowl caliber team. I can't stand the cowboys but they could have and should have won the game. I'm still trying to understand why they chose that last play. The refs didn't cost them the game. That play choice and execution did.

    LABRYA 4 months ago +426

    The Jaguars have more playoff wins in the last 25 years than the Cowboys...

    • M.C.Martin
      M.C.Martin 4 months ago

      Mark Sanchez has 4, the Cowboys have 3. Sanchez retired in 2018

    • Imu Sama
      Imu Sama 4 months ago +1

      The 1999 Jaguars could have won the superbowl if they had beaten Tennessee in the afc championship

    • CJ
      CJ 4 months ago

      Jets Texans, Bears and Vikings too

    • Zo Wattz
      Zo Wattz 4 months ago


    • Shawn Smith
      Shawn Smith 4 months ago

      Lls why are you talking about the playoffs if the superbowl is not the end of the story 🤔

  • BryanCerrosRBLX
    BryanCerrosRBLX 4 months ago

    I'm just glad we had a 12 - 5 record and scored over 50 points in two separate games. We were lucky to make the playoffs.

  • Darkspawn Gaming
    Darkspawn Gaming 4 months ago +7

    It's almost as frustrating as listening to cowboy fans😂. Seriously I'd feel bad for them if their fan base wasn't so toxic and annoying.

  • peasantkiller
    peasantkiller 4 months ago +3

    The refs even TRIED to give the cowboys the game and it still didn't happen...

  • IceSword1728
    IceSword1728 4 months ago +1

    Cowboys fan motto for twenty years, ".just wait until next year!!!"

  • Is Az
    Is Az 4 months ago +135

    The way it ended was perfect from a comedic standpoint 😆

    • winston rollins
      winston rollins 4 months ago +2

      Do you remember Tony Romo muffed the snap, and tried to run in the endzone. Hilarious. lololol.

    • William Jones
      William Jones 4 months ago +2

      I know that last play deserved some benny hill music

    • Scrotum Scratcher
      Scrotum Scratcher 4 months ago +4

      @Stephen Adams crazy how cowboy fans think we give a f about any of them when in fact we get laughs outta just seeing teams beat them 😂

    • Dusty DiCiurcio
      Dusty DiCiurcio 4 months ago +7

      I thought it was hilarious myself to watch The Hourglass run out of sand on the Cowboys season ⌛🤠😂😂👏🚮

    • Stephen Adams
      Stephen Adams 4 months ago +8

      Today the most popular team in the NFL won, and that teams name is “whoever beats the Cowboys”

  • Johnnieroq
    Johnnieroq 4 months ago +14

    Jimmy G got more playoff wins than the cowboys do the past 20 years. Lol. How about them boys.

  • ZeldaSnake300
    ZeldaSnake300 Month ago +1

    “It’s all about who wants it more”
    PFFFT, that’s a laugh. Both teams want to win just as badly, that’s how every game goes. It’s really more about chance and luck. Just because you lost a game, that doesn’t mean you wanted it less.

  • GlyntTheCat
    GlyntTheCat 4 months ago

    "The refs stole it from us."
    Soooo no comments about how 49ers had time taken from the clock after being inches from 1st Down?

  • Buddy Hampton
    Buddy Hampton 4 months ago

    Now you know how the Seahawk fan’s feel. With Pete Caroll it’s been one and done in the playoffs. For the last six years.

  • terell davis
    terell davis 4 months ago +1

    I was depressed about not getting tickets but this makes me happy I missed the game. I will buy tickets when Dallas hosts a NFC Championship whether I’m still alive is the only question.

  • Chris Sugg
    Chris Sugg 4 months ago +1

    Been a fan my whole life. It’s all I knew. Gave it up 2 yrs ago when they went political. Never looked back. Never will.

  • Corey Czech
    Corey Czech 4 months ago +1

    "The refs stole it from us twice"🤣🤣🤣

  • Fredrico Sanchez
    Fredrico Sanchez 4 months ago +1

    When I die, I want the cowboy's to be my pallbearers!
    So they can let me down one last time!😁

  • Durell Jones
    Durell Jones 4 months ago +188

    Why are Cowboy fans surprised? It's like this every year. They beat up The Giants, Eagles, and WFT in the regular season and then wonder why they lose when they play real contenders in the playoffs.

    • mrawdog
      mrawdog 4 months ago +1

      @Michiel de Ruyter Since the year 2000, the Eagles have went to 2 super bowls, won 1, and have 13 playoffs wins under their belt. Cowboys literally have 3 playoff games since 2000.

    • Shawn Smith
      Shawn Smith 4 months ago +1

      Not a cowboy fan 💯 but they do have 5 rings so I can see why.

    • Glenn Cooper
      Glenn Cooper 4 months ago

      Eagles fan here for the record they don't beat up on us every yr

    • Plen122
      Plen122 4 months ago +1

      @My Bad same

  • Assertive707
    Assertive707 4 months ago

    “The refs stold it from us twice” speaking like a true loser

  • Voice of REASON
    Voice of REASON 4 months ago +18

    I mean, the Cowgirls are horrible. I live 90 mins from Dallas and I can't tell you how many times I hear, "How bout them Cowboys?" throughout the year.... at least I don't have to hear that for the next few months!! 🤣

  • Cha
    Cha 4 months ago +11

    The crying and hysteria of Cowboys fans is worth every penny of the 160 million that Jerry Jones gave Dak Prescott. Thank you , Thank you.

  • Abram Ramirez
    Abram Ramirez 4 months ago

    I feel your pain my peeps! I feel your freaking pain!

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S 4 months ago +144

    Dak is mad at the ref but bruh you can’t run the ball with under 20 seconds left on the clock SMH

    • Charles Logan
      Charles Logan 4 months ago +2

      It probably was a designed run play to get them closer, but he waited too long to slide and time ran out.

    • Mik D
      Mik D 4 months ago +7

      @Jeff Robinson yea, he did. He pretty much praised the fans for throwing stuff at the refs

    • mindless monk
      mindless monk 4 months ago +3

      He had like :07 seconds

    • Stephen Adams
      Stephen Adams 4 months ago +3

      How dare the ref literally do what his job is? The nerve.

    • America_113
      America_113 4 months ago +1

      You can do it but you have to leave time on the clock to spike it. You can't run more than 10 yards and expect it to work. That was on him for going for more than 10 there

  • Justin Czech
    Justin Czech 4 months ago +1

    Ah yes the best time of year. From now until FA, the delusional fans fall from the fury they got themselves into

  • Angel Sandoval
    Angel Sandoval 4 months ago +2

    The Cowboys all season lost to the better teams, they lacked discipline and failed to execute. No one is talking about Zeke's dismal performance, or all the penalties by DC.

  • Big Daddy Rikka
    Big Daddy Rikka 4 months ago +8

    As a WFT fan, the ending of this game had me laughing hysterically

    • kindsplash 21
      kindsplash 21 4 months ago

      @Mark DeLoatch atleast we made the bucs game interesting as well as this one

    • Mark DeLoatch
      Mark DeLoatch 4 months ago

      After my Eagles got plucked by the GOAT, watching the Cowgirls lose was refreshing.

    • Dats a paddlin
      Dats a paddlin 4 months ago

      Same…I enjoyed it…very very much.

    • Dynamic Dave
      Dynamic Dave 4 months ago

      Im a huge wft fan too… this loss gave me big pleasure too as well as eagles loss

  • pep
    pep 4 months ago

    AS a Chief's fan, I know what you mean. But you still had so much winning for decades that most never got. But I understand.

  • War Hawk
    War Hawk 4 months ago +322

    Football is a team sport. Stop blaming the quarterbacks when they lose and giving them all the praise when they win. Your defense allowed the 49ers to extend drives therefore, the clock was ticking.

    • KM
      KM 4 months ago +3

      If it was a normal loss, yes, but Dak is largely responsible for losing this game. And he's a $75M/year QB. He's not worth that much.

    • Big Ru Ventriglio
      Big Ru Ventriglio 4 months ago

      That’s how you can tell the difference between people who are former players of the game and people who are just the casual fan. We know better then to use punch lines from ESPN

    • Google User
      Google User 4 months ago

      @Beer4U&U it all doesn't mean anything if you can't score in the playoffs.

    • Beer4U&U
      Beer4U&U 4 months ago

      Can't deny the Cowboys top scoring offense was padded on lesser teams 😂😂

    • Beer4U&U
      Beer4U&U 4 months ago

      Exactly. I thought the Cowboys had the best defense?
      According to their fans

  • ironknuckle143
    ironknuckle143 4 months ago +1

    and STILL...next year's...champion of the WOOOOOOOORLD! The Dallas Cowboys!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Glock2201
    Glock2201 4 months ago +2

    Just think about how many cowboy fans were concerned about the kicker losing the game for us.

  • MatthewP64
    MatthewP64 4 months ago +2

    Everybody outside the Dallas area is laughing. 😂🤣

  • Joe
    Joe 4 months ago

    Aww this is so sad. Made my day!

  • Eduardo Zamora Corral
    Eduardo Zamora Corral 4 months ago +170

    Refs didn’t steal anything lol who does a QB draw on a situation like that ?

    • Lebrun
      Lebrun 4 months ago

      Apparently mike

    • snwrist3
      snwrist3 4 months ago +1

      That's just Cowboys fans rehearsing their excuses before the game. 😆

    • Frank Dascoli
      Frank Dascoli 4 months ago +1

      The ref literally ran through a wall of humanity to try abs set the ball. It’s 100% on Dak and the OC

    • Bryan Leaf
      Bryan Leaf 4 months ago

      @Jay C fax. Like would you rather do that or try a 50 yard Hail Mary? The Hail Mary probably would’ve been just as successful as what the Cowboys did, but people don’t keep it real.

    • Roberta Muldoon
      Roberta Muldoon 4 months ago

      The Giants would have

  • BUGZY 100
    BUGZY 100 4 months ago +1

    watching this hurt 😢 we had all the tools to win the Super Bowl 🏈 it was supposed to be our time! if we couldn't get it done with this team, which seemed like our best team/chance in years " who knows if we'll ever see our boys win a Super Bowl " !!!! one and done instead, that's the Dak Way !!!! what a joke 🙄 Dak isn't the solution!!! and Jerry is literally stuck in Jerry Land .... somewhere far from earth 🌎 on another planet

  • flashy5150
    flashy5150 4 months ago +2

    If Glen Campbell was alive, he would reword his biggest song “Rhinestone Cowboy”. He would sing “They’re the Dallas Cowboys, sittin’ home on the range with golf clubs and the radio, they’re the Dallas Cowboys”.😜😆😂🤣

  • Anthony Stroman
    Anthony Stroman 4 months ago +17

    Ive never in my life time and I'm 65 seen a fan base this delusional and arrogance.

    • Rzo139
      Rzo139 4 months ago

      @Buster Highman *Patriots.

    • Buster Highman
      Buster Highman 4 months ago +3

      I guess you've never met Packer fans.

  • Abhay Shrestha
    Abhay Shrestha 4 months ago +1

    I was at the game. There was so many 49ers fan it made me sick. Cowboys fans have lost faith in their own team. And the management has a bad juju against them, especially Jerry. It was sad to see jerrah world half red.
    No run game, no vertical try’s, I did not see one screen play. This game was lost in the beginning coz our team was not hungry enough. Dak is not our leader.

  • Jermell Stepheny
    Jermell Stepheny 4 months ago +4

    I LOVE IT!!!!
    LET'S GO 49ERS!!!!

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom 4 months ago

    Cowboys fans at the beginning of every season: This is our year! Cowboys fans at the end of every season: Next year is our year!

  • Red Boy
    Red Boy 4 months ago +5

    It's almost as if the cowboys think they're on the field by themselves. Always excuses!! You guys got beat! Plain and simple.

  • Mara Jaded
    Mara Jaded 4 months ago +9

    If that was your son's first ever Cowboy game, he better start getting used to it.

  • Alex Fu
    Alex Fu 4 months ago +122

    Folks, with 14 seconds left on the clock and no timeout, running the ball/QB draw just isn't a thing. It was an absolutely insane and reckless playcall, if indeed that was what Kellen Moore called instead of Dak deciding to do his own thing. If that was what Kellen Moore called, then you have another problem because that is terrible coaching. If you still have a timeout and you want to risk it, fine. But, no timeout? Just no way.

    • Mr. panch wetshaving
      Mr. panch wetshaving 4 months ago +2

      They couldve gotten 2 hail marys with 14 seconds

    • Paul Varjak
      Paul Varjak 4 months ago +6

      The moment Dak took off up the middle I knew it was over. I couldn't believe that was the call. With no chance to stop the clock you run up the middle? It's exactly the *wrong* thing to do.

    • mario Jimenez
      mario Jimenez 4 months ago +2

      @Gaming what McCarthy didn't have a team ready, or disciplined no way, cough cough Packers NFC championship vs the Seahawks. At least Rodgers was elite enough to carry him there.

    • Gaming
      Gaming 4 months ago +3

      The coaching was horrible, head coach did not have the team ready, defense and offense.

  • still2nd2none
    still2nd2none 4 months ago +4

    Dude said they need a QB that wins playoffs games but had a Romo jersey on 👀 😂 aww Dallas fans lol

    • The Censored Muscle
      The Censored Muscle 4 months ago

      Romo has the most playoff wins in nfl history with the playoff sack average he has. The guy had historically bad olines in playoff, not to mention his receivers fumbling and dropping passes that hit them in the arms and chest. About as far as a trash team could go. Obviously if he had this team since 2016 he would have a few super bowls.

  • Taz
    Taz 4 months ago +3

    We just gonna forget about all the holding calls on the o-line and d-line they need to get rid of Connor Williams and find a replacement for Tyron Smith

    • Hondas R D Best
      Hondas R D Best 4 months ago +1

      Bruh connor williams must be kin to jerry jones. Ain't no way he should be in the nfl. I've been saying this for 4 years. Dude is weak and his footwork is poor.

  • Blaze Pokemon card channel

    Lets go Washington we never went out like that 😂 😂 😂

  • Wx Chaserz
    Wx Chaserz 4 months ago +1

    1995? Only 1995? My Chiefs went 50 years, 1970 - 2020, being one and done. I wish it was only since 1995 for the Chiefs. Save your tears.

    • antcantcook
      antcantcook 4 months ago

      They won the Super Bowl in 2019, what are talking about?

  • D Mack
    D Mack 4 months ago +275

    Dak played like trash. His decision making and pocket presence is/was mediocre at best.

    • D Mack
      D Mack 4 months ago +2

      @Jamar Roby we scored 17 points. 7 in the first half. We average 30 points a game? DAK threw a pic on the other teams 20 yard line. He also fumbled (that he recovered). He missed several throws, looked indecisiven, took unnecessary sacks, not to mention the play to end the game. Oh and we're paying him elite money, (40+ million a year) to be the best player on the team and play well in big games. He didn't and he hasn't done it.

    • Cool Cat Drummer
      Cool Cat Drummer 4 months ago +2

      $70M folks... what a joke

    • Mickey Lee Bluebird
      Mickey Lee Bluebird 4 months ago +1

      Yep, & he's supposed to be the elite. That's why he gets paid the big bucks. I've seen youth football players have more field awareness. He's terrible & he's no Willie Beamen. The "Comanche" didn't work.

    • -Tanner
      -Tanner 4 months ago

      @Ben Rogers I know it was mostly the offense, but the defense wasn’t the best this season for them.

    • -Tanner
      -Tanner 4 months ago

      Dallas’s defense isn’t the best either.

  • Cheese On it
    Cheese On it 4 months ago +3

    Yup blame it of the refs cowgirls...if you dont want the refs involve you win by 30

  • Zarxik
    Zarxik 4 months ago +4

    There its a reason teams don't cover the middle of the field, with little time left. If Dak were playing for the Vikings , there wouldn't be any Minneapolis Miracle.

  • CA Babyboomerq
    CA Babyboomerq 4 months ago +2

    I moved just south of Fort Worth 7 years ago. I had lived all my life in the bay area and I STILL remember the sting of the Cowboys beating us in play off games! Last night, revenge was SWEET, even decades later…….. I was torn on who to cheer for…NOT!…….8-)

    • Tim Moore
      Tim Moore 4 months ago +1

      I am 66, and grew up in the Bay Area too, and lived near DFW when "The Catch" happened. That was a very, very long 5 years living in TX. Now, back in CA. I sure enjoyed the game! Go '9ers!

  • Seahawks76 BamBamKam31
    Seahawks76 BamBamKam31 4 months ago +3

    The last play call run it up the Middle with no timeouts left and like 14 seconds on the clock, hmmm sketchy, and then not have the sense to give the ball to the ref immediately how long have you been playing football to know that you can't spot the ball yourself and then hike it. Brainfart play call and Dak not giving ball to the Ref because if he did they would have had 2 seconds and another play for a toss into the endzone from the 20, but the outcome would have probably still been the same.

  • YayArea
    YayArea 4 months ago +38

    Robbed by the refs ? Dak thought he was a ref and could spot the ball wherever he wanted to.

  • Capone_Spivey
    Capone_Spivey 4 months ago

    I just want to know when is it our time to shine come on cowboys 😫

  • roachtoasties
    roachtoasties 3 months ago +3

    Don't blame the refs. It's not their fault the Cowboys decide to run a play up the middle with no timeouts and 14 seconds left. The clock ran out of them. If the Cowboys have trouble measuring time, they need to go back to kindergarten for another lesson.

    FLAYZER  4 months ago +1

    Keep in mind the Jets have made the AFC championship THREE TIMES since the Cowboys last appearance. THE JETS have had more success than Dallas over the last 25 years. 🤩

    LAMAR THOMAS 4 months ago +2

    It was rich hearing Romo call that botched last play. Mr field goal fumble.

  • She For The Streets
    She For The Streets 4 months ago +207

    It’s a embarrassment to be a cowboys fan right now it’s bout to be 30 years since our last super bowl appearance and can’t even make a nfc championship appearance…. It’s getting embarrassing we the joke of the nfl even if we did advance we was not beating the Bucs…. By the way we played today

  • Michael Ogletree
    Michael Ogletree 4 months ago +1

    Dak lost that game he was late passing the ball when he needed to run he didnt he let the team and the fans down !!! I commend him on coming back from that ankle injury but his play since that Tampa bay game hasn't lived up to his contract pay I say go get Des hawn Watson!!

    jAY STORMZ 4 months ago

    This puts a smile on my face

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia 4 months ago

    That was a tough game to watch as a true Cowboy fan and not want to take a baseball bat to the TV. I was furious and it starts with leadership at the top all the way down to the players.

  • Ernest Brown2
    Ernest Brown2 4 months ago +1

    😂😂😂 come on Dallas cowgirls you know not going 👀 a super bowl ever again 😂😂😂

  • Standard Def
    Standard Def 4 months ago +1

    For decades the Cowboys have been their own worst enemy. Penalties penalties penalties. Undisciplined football wiping out big plays and first downs.

  • Alex Carrion
    Alex Carrion 4 months ago +4

    The worst fans in nfl. BEAUTIFUL 🤣🤣🤣🤣