Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • I dropped the most iconic smartphones of 2019 to see which one holds up the best in this durability drop test!
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  • Ayşewine nur
    Ayşewine nur 8 hours ago

    sizin yaptığınız ayıp ama yaa😅

  • AkonPlays
    AkonPlays 8 hours ago

    iphone 11 pro max drop: 1:07
    samaung galaxy fold drop: 2:26
    both: 3:52

  • Ozzy Gaming
    Ozzy Gaming 8 hours ago

    Who’s gonna f ing drop a phone

  • Ellie.x. Grayson
    Ellie.x. Grayson 8 hours ago +1

    Me: Finds a Samsung fold on the stair case broken.
    **looks at iPhone 5**
    **stares at Samsung Fold**
    Me: “GOOD ENOUGH!”and runns of with the Samsung

  • Cain 40 aka Cain 40
    Cain 40 aka Cain 40 9 hours ago

    Warum ? So ein Schrott! Bitte, ich kapiere es leider nicht...

  • zimidar jatt
    zimidar jatt 9 hours ago

    Ehde nalo sanu Dede phone pese khrab kri jna
    Don't waste money give me a phn

  • Della Bea
    Della Bea 9 hours ago

    I'm a girl and I say your watering money!🤨

  • Juleka the Crystal Gem


  • Urmila Daheriya
    Urmila Daheriya 9 hours ago

    Legendary nokia 😂😂

  • TV여리
    TV여리 10 hours ago

    .갤럭시폴드 비싼데....

  • gacha. magic
    gacha. magic 10 hours ago

    Apple won first tound

  • RedDoesVariety
    RedDoesVariety 10 hours ago

    Companies take work and time to create these awesome phones for people and you just destroy it. I don’t care if it’s a test that’s just horrible. That’s like me deleting hard videos you worked on for no reason

  • Random Vids
    Random Vids 10 hours ago

    Wish i could have that phone lol 😂 don't waste it. 😂✌

  • Nikmat ulloh
    Nikmat ulloh 10 hours ago


  • amanda kim
    amanda kim 10 hours ago

    Dari pada di banting, mending buat gua

  • mhac victoria
    mhac victoria 10 hours ago

    akin nalang ung phone sayang

  • KalmarčeK SK
    KalmarčeK SK 10 hours ago

    You stupid

  • M e
    M e 11 hours ago

    To whom is this even in the smallest amount beneficial to..😐
    If you hav too much money donate it or something.

  • S.Sayyad Baqri
    S.Sayyad Baqri 11 hours ago

    If you have too many phones then give me but dont waste them

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  • Nana Sutiana
    Nana Sutiana 11 hours ago

    Keur aing we atuh eta hp dari pada dikikitu

    JAMSHAD KC 11 hours ago

    Iphone and samsung clone phonesss

  • Gacha.C
    Gacha.C 12 hours ago

    Maneras de desperdiciar celulares con el dineral que vale, wey dámelo a mi

  • Rajdeep Mazumdar
    Rajdeep Mazumdar 12 hours ago

    Nice test

  • yang budak biasa
    yang budak biasa 12 hours ago

    Bish you just wasting money

  • Aishah Khanom
    Aishah Khanom 12 hours ago +1

    Who else felt bad for those stairs

  • Mushahid Khan
    Mushahid Khan 12 hours ago

    Aside from dropping them nd wasting them gift it to me 😂😂😂

    ALVIN JOHN JOBY 13 hours ago

    Hi sir,
    I am trying to buy a smart phone worth rs 10000 and i am still working for 3 months to reach that day... your action is actually hearting me..
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    Thank you

  • Prashant Maurya
    Prashant Maurya 13 hours ago

    Are ye boskd chutiya bana rhe h nokia last floor tak gya th jabki doore dono 10stories bhi nhi gye due to air restriction beech me hi gir gye mdrcd saale pagal banate h

  • Vanita Jagdale
    Vanita Jagdale 14 hours ago

    Galaxy fold cracked

  • Christopher Gross
    Christopher Gross 14 hours ago

    Obviously that Nokia was defective

  • rithu aktar
    rithu aktar 14 hours ago

    Hey why you brokd the phone

  • Daisy Arguelles
    Daisy Arguelles 14 hours ago

    No offense I've been dreaming that I have a samsung galaxy foldable and you're waisting it I wish you will give the samsung galaxy foldable.If you will give away a phone please pick me.

  • Prince Taehyung
    Prince Taehyung 14 hours ago +1

    sedihh liatnyaa yaampuun😭

  • Girl gamer edits
    Girl gamer edits 14 hours ago

    Like how can people do this just for views

  • Nick นิค
    Nick นิค 14 hours ago


  • Aadil Shaikh
    Aadil Shaikh 14 hours ago +1

    Nokia just got cracked, if he finds the battery the Nokia would still work

  • Dhruv Mhatre
    Dhruv Mhatre 14 hours ago

    I m just thinking it would have falled in my pocket..

  • Natasia Yamite
    Natasia Yamite 15 hours ago

    i cant even afford to buy new phone i feel bad for this phones..

  • Nasrin sofiya
    Nasrin sofiya 15 hours ago

    Im crying😂😂😂😂

  • bambi Santos
    bambi Santos 15 hours ago

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  • Vincent edward
    Vincent edward 15 hours ago

    Please give me that iphone 11pro

  • Oma Guru
    Oma Guru 15 hours ago

    Ek mobile mujhe be dedo

  • Kantel mohar
    Kantel mohar 15 hours ago

    Kuna ujinga zingine siwezi fanya

  • Super Hacks
    Super Hacks 15 hours ago

    His neighbors be like...

    Wtf is he doing?

  • Turkan Salamova
    Turkan Salamova 16 hours ago

    nooooooooo nooooooooo 😱😱😱😭😭

  • Yong Tze Pat
    Yong Tze Pat 16 hours ago

    you are so fuck

  • rares gamer
    rares gamer 16 hours ago

    Iphone is the winner!

  • Esti Nur
    Esti Nur 16 hours ago

    Jiwa missqueen orang indo bergetar :(

  • Konstanty Janczarski
    Konstanty Janczarski 16 hours ago

    it s not ecologic! I hate this video!

  • UrA Bot
    UrA Bot 17 hours ago

    You can clearly see that the Nokia 3310 made a huge dent on the floor you just can’t see it

  • desi entertainment
    desi entertainment 17 hours ago

    Sir ek phone muje de do agr apke pass itne phone hai to plz mere pass 1 gb ram bala phone hai bahut purana

  • tabiscoolandcute die potato

    Please tell me you take an elevator up

    RIZQI PRIMA 17 hours ago

    Nanaonan sateh

  • Famida Mansuri
    Famida Mansuri 17 hours ago

    Bhai iPhone give me I will give you 2m likes from everyone😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • steezyjøey
    steezyjøey 17 hours ago

    Give me the iPhone please I really want one !

  • Harsh rajput
    Harsh rajput 19 hours ago +1

    Nokia is fake real one can survive even 1000 feet .
    R u crazy it's Chinese phone.

  • Souka Isee
    Souka Isee 19 hours ago

    The test is unfair because the phones fell to different heights