Nintendo's Abandoned Game - Inside Gaming Roundup

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
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Comments • 440

  • TheMowens
    TheMowens 20 days ago

    I was able to snag Death Stranding at my local RedBox for $24.99. Couldn't believe I got it for so cheap. And I'm absolutely loving it.

  • Baron Of Hell
    Baron Of Hell 29 days ago

    Was that a talking turd in that game?

  • RubberDucky
    RubberDucky Month ago

    Gamer entitlement at an all time high.

  • Darke Exelbirth
    Darke Exelbirth Month ago

    It really, really needs a few more boards. It's a good game, but the paltry selection of boards isn't made up for by the other gamemodes. 2 or 3 more boards would be greatly appreciated.

  • Aquilux R.
    Aquilux R. Month ago

    Star Fox fans aren't surprised at all.

  • Mister Mack
    Mister Mack Month ago

    No new Mario Party content because they need to sell 1, 2 Switch which is Mario Party sans Mario


    It’s a Mario party game. It’s not supposed to be good, it’s just supposed to be a cheap mini game compilation with the Mario IP slapped onto it

  • Wuzi Mu
    Wuzi Mu Month ago

    Nintendo is like an abusive spouse

  • stitches
    stitches Month ago

    I find it's a shame but understandable that bird box is getting out of the gaming business. Personally I will always be happy for the fact that I found Darksiders 3 for $5, and Arkham Knight for around the same price as well. Rarely did it happen in my area but I was glad when it did

  • Clickbait37
    Clickbait37 Month ago

    Makes me miss the know...

  • Footde Coulde
    Footde Coulde Month ago

    i disagree mario party hasnt been good sense 2

  • Remington Haynes
    Remington Haynes Month ago

    This shit makes me sad I’d love to have some new boards to play with my kids 😢

  • Dalton Cook
    Dalton Cook Month ago

    Ah man I miss hastings

  • S1CK AF
    S1CK AF Month ago

    I had a hastings rip

  • SpyroGems
    SpyroGems Month ago

    They they need to make the boards big again

  • Pr Rocker
    Pr Rocker Month ago

    Super mario party hasn't done any kind of damage to the franchise if mario party 8 9 and 10 didnt kill the franchise a competent but flawed mario party like super mario party isnt gonna kill the franchise and all those people complaining they're not gonna buy it are just like Myatt saying they're not but then immediately buy it cause their complaining is stupid tbh

  • Saifojio
    Saifojio Month ago

    Mario Party for switch is fairly bad if you ask me, I'm surprised it sold that well

  • Uriel Acevedo
    Uriel Acevedo Month ago

    You can really see how disconnected Nintendo is becoming with it's audience

  • TheErnieforss
    TheErnieforss Month ago +2

    Mario party franchises has been hurting for a long time. Since like the 2 second game on the gamecube

  • TheErnieforss
    TheErnieforss Month ago

    Yeah Brian. And the weekly round up. It's like going to the candy store when you are a child

  • x Riizo
    x Riizo Month ago

    Mirror is GOTY! played it on steam. Really is GOTY contender!

  • Yami Yugi
    Yami Yugi Month ago

    When theres post DLC ppl cry/boycott... 💁🏻‍♂️
    /no post DLC ppl rage 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Tripps_on_Knives
    Tripps_on_Knives Month ago

    i had a few hastings near me. i miss it so much. They had a week long refund policy for all products. i had pre-ordered multiple games then beat them day 1-3 and refund them for full price back to hastings lol.

  • Alex R
    Alex R Month ago

    Every smash brothers fighter in a mario party game.

  • Joel Purdue
    Joel Purdue Month ago

    dude... fucking hastings, first place I rented a full console in the 90s lol

  • Chris Kaschafsky
    Chris Kaschafsky Month ago

    I just got "elected " to run the video game room for a convention. I got a switch and a few older systems that I can leave open for play. I was just going to get Mario party along with cart and smash. Now that I see this on mario party I will not waste my time.
    Thank you for saving me the egg on the face.
    Taking ideas for games

    AGGRO XR Month ago


  • Fluttershy Stays High420

    So the RE3 remake is getting the multi-fuck treatment? Of course.. so much for being excited about that game. And i was really looking forward to the mercenary mode too, FUCK YOU Capcom.

  • biggyvo
    biggyvo Month ago +2

    Why does this guy sound like hes yelling but in an inside voice?

  • Zack Kenin
    Zack Kenin Month ago

    What was that voice crack at 8:03

  • David P
    David P Month ago

    It’s a mini game collection. What you expect

  • Kyru82
    Kyru82 Month ago

    Redbox around here never has games in stock. It's surprising when there's more than one or two in stock, and even then it's usually call of duty. They haven't taken their video game selection seriously for years.

  • Yeti
    Yeti Month ago

    Is this brain in the laptop ?

  • The Kasimkage
    The Kasimkage Month ago

    Farabel’s description reminds me vaguely of a game idea a heard some years back. I can’t remember what convention’s livestream I was watching, but they had some game developers on-stage and they had audience members rapidly pitching ideas to them. The idea it reminds me of is one where a woman thought to turn the idea of characters getting stronger throughout the game on its head, so instead your character would become progressively weaker. I’ve mulled this idea over in my head since and I can’t remember if this was her idea or if I came up with the concept of it being a girl in a war zone who was wounded at the start of the story, and you’re trying to either get your little brother to safety or escape the war zone with them while progressively bleeding out throughout the entire story. Maybe it’s just my brain trying to make links where there are none.

  • Alpha Warrior
    Alpha Warrior Month ago

    For the love of god right if the game is exclusively on Epic like you used to do for god sake

  • David Lee
    David Lee Month ago

    Forget new boards!! How about some controller options rather than solely using crappy drifting zl zr dead useless joycons!

    STONEY STONE603 Month ago

    I'm still waiting for a true Rick and Morty game I think it would be amazing the things they could come up with if they did it right it could be one of the best sci-fi games in a while

  • Cody
    Cody Month ago

    I’m wondering if inside gaming is testing the impact of their journalism by reporting on the lack of updates by Mario party.
    Seeing if Nintendo will now comment or the fans will put more pressure on the company.

  • godxxofxxwar22
    godxxofxxwar22 Month ago

    When I look at you guys I only see Ashley 😭
    Boooooo what happened!! I wish I wanted to watch these videos like I use to, weird thing is I actually love Funhaus, so like what the hell.

  • Daniel Higgins
    Daniel Higgins Month ago

    I was never peeved about any quality of life issues with mario party. But Im surprised they never released new game boards as dlc. Id totally buy it

  • Richard Avelino
    Richard Avelino Month ago

    I know they've been lagging on this game, but this vid is incredibly click-baity

  • Philip Nicholson
    Philip Nicholson Month ago

    If Nintendo had promised new boards and content and failed to deliver, I would understand the problem. If you bought the game *hoping* it would become worth it to you, then you fooled yourself.

  • Jaqen H'Ghar
    Jaqen H'Ghar Month ago

    "permanent damage to franchise" You do realize you are talking about Nintendo fans right? These are the people that willingly pay $60 for games that game out almost 3 years ago and don't complain when practically none of the games for the switch get discounted to anywhere close to their competitors. Nintendo is the most anti-consumer friendly of all the big 3 and none of their fans care in the slightest. In fact that adamantly defend their practices and will vehemently attack anyone who dare criticize Nintendo or any of their first party studios for anything they do wrong.

  • Zeke That Gamer Geek

    I remember going to Blockbuster on Fridays with my parents and getting a different GameCube game to play on the weekend and after school that week. That was my childhood gaming fun!

  • andrew Willms Woelcke

    hey im looking for halo helmets to decorate my room, where did you get that one?

  • Jr Ruiz
    Jr Ruiz Month ago

    Ohkay. So uhhhhh, Mirror? Is that like streight up Hentai??? XD
    I see plenty of Characters from videos ive already seen n games ive played! I mean what?

  • jeff Sifrit
    jeff Sifrit Month ago

    Ooh Sony going multiplat woohoo that will piss off all those fanboys who used MLB in the exclusive list. Cant use MLB as an exclusive after 2021 😆

  • jeff Sifrit
    jeff Sifrit Month ago

    The real problem is why would you pay $60 for a party game. Those should be $30 at best.

  • OzoneGamerStation
    OzoneGamerStation Month ago

    Brian is letting himself go.

  • B J
    B J Month ago

    Mo-no-tiz-ation potential dictates post release dev time nowadays

  • BurntFaceMan
    BurntFaceMan Month ago

    It's not "Mario Party". It's SUPER Mario Party. Mario party 1-10 were on other consoles. the switch version is specifically SUPER Mario Party. people just don't read properly.
    The next version logically would be Super Mario Party 2.

  • Sean B.
    Sean B. Month ago

    Good to see Brian. They should do a show bringing all the former cast members back - even if over Zoom / Skype.

  • Sparticus13
    Sparticus13 Month ago

    The real problem was mario party on the switch was booty. No online normal map games just minigame competitions, few minigames and they were either too easy or obnoxiously hard from motion controls, really small maps that were way to quick to navigate, abusable shop replenishment of items from high rolls with power items like gold mushrooms and star pipes in them every time without a rotation, and the imbalance that occurs from character dice creating a tier list effect for characters who naturally would have higher or lower rolls on average. They also pumped up nothing mattering until the final few rounds even more than past games. I'd rather them make a new better mario party that resembles the older games then support that hot mess for years.

  • Patrick A.
    Patrick A. Month ago

    this ep reminds me of THE KNOW, where they would talk about more than ONE story. its nice.

  • Aeladya
    Aeladya Month ago

    You can't copyright dance moves. You can't sue for them period.

  • Frogfish999
    Frogfish999 Month ago

    Nintendo just doesn't do content updates. I wouldn't call that "abandoning'

  • Umbra's Mercy
    Umbra's Mercy Month ago

    Oh Wow Epic can steal content and sue you for it now. Plus the monetization epic looks like a baby EA folks.

  • BornSlyAsAFox
    BornSlyAsAFox Month ago

    You really were paying $110 for Party because you have to buy a set joy cons and that means a lot when you only use the other set for when friends are rarely over.

  • Bluesgamer
    Bluesgamer Month ago

    Well... Being honest, Super Mario Party in terms when it comes as side games it really doesn't needs to be fixed and I mean for that is the kind of game that you get what you obtain once is purchased.
    That allows developers to focus in other proyects and reserve ideas for further titles, and besides, Mario Party never has been a game for DLC or updates. It's just that, a board party game with Mario characters.

  • Arsin At Dawn
    Arsin At Dawn Month ago

    Glad too see Brian