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Brawl Stars World Finals 2021 Day 3

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
  • Brawl Stars World Finals 2021 Day 3, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Grand Finals
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    Tribe Gaming vs INTZ 13:00
    Queen Nai vs Navi 1:20:17
    Reply Totem vs STMN eSports 1:52:30
    AC Milan Qlash vs Zeta Division 2:40:24

    INTZ vs Navi 3:20:13
    Reply Totem vs Zeta Division 4:07:12

    Grand Finals
    Navi vs Zeta Division 4:58:32

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Comments • 1 563

  • BenTimm1
    BenTimm1 Month ago +1350

    Love my tribe but wow… ZETA OP

    • Cesar Martinioli
      Cesar Martinioli 6 days ago

      The chinese are boring 😪😪😴😴

    • Shyrete Bugari
      Shyrete Bugari 18 days ago

      BenTimm1 swag mode is also op

    • GorillaGamer
      GorillaGamer 24 days ago

      Same I was rooting for Tribe but really couldn’t ignore ZETA they are insanely good

    • DarkFox
      DarkFox Month ago +1

      Love Tribe Forever

    • DarkFox
      DarkFox Month ago

      You r my favourite RU-clip

  • sushma chaudhary
    sushma chaudhary Month ago +647

    The best thing about ZETA is how much calm and composed they are under the pressure. And even when they won, they were so calm it didn't look like they have won the finals😂

  • Edmundo Paulino
    Edmundo Paulino Month ago +162

    Shooting Star: 4:58:41

    Shooting Star: 5:01:58

    Shooting Star: 5:06:02

    NAVI 1-0 ZETA

    Gem Fort: 5:11:22

    Gem Fort: 5:14:41

    Gem Fort: 5:19:13

    NAVI 1-1 ZETA

    Backyard Bowl: 5:23:59

    Backyard Bowl: 5:28:49

    Backyard Bowl: 5:31:04

    NAVI 1-2 ZETA

    Ring of Fire: 5:36:30

    Ring of Fire: 5:38:53

    Ring of Fire: 5:41:38

    NAVI 1-3 ZETA

    Pit Stop: 5:46:06

    Pit Stop: 5:48:52

    NAVI 1-4 ZETA

  • Jesus Docmac
    Jesus Docmac Month ago +239

    felicidades a NaVi, aunque quedaron top 2 tuvieron un muy buen desempeño en su primer mundial ❤

    • ❄Данил Туров❄
      ❄Данил Туров❄ Month ago


    • Emiliano Fernandez
      Emiliano Fernandez Month ago

      @OP they're not easy teams, but in the other bracket was AQM, STMN, Totem and Zeta.
      Navi performed really well though

    • OP
      OP Month ago +1

      @Emiliano Fernandez You think that tribe eu and intz easy team??
      Bruh kid, just admit navi was really good in this championship

    • UrAverage Gamer
      UrAverage Gamer  Month ago

      Why does NaVi look like INTZ in last year

    • Emiliano Fernandez
      Emiliano Fernandez Month ago +1

      Essy bracket for Navi

  • Bobby
    Bobby Month ago +143

    5:53:03 ZETA left the trophy- but came back for it laughed so hard!!

  • Samuel Lai
    Samuel Lai Month ago +211

    1:09:03 The funniest yet disappointing moment in Brawl Stars history.

    • Robin Pari
      Robin Pari 16 days ago

      @captainminecraftist lol fail

    • Matt Tube
      Matt Tube 18 days ago

      Wow if so its really messed up

    • Samuel Lai
      Samuel Lai 22 days ago

      @Matt Tube Tyrant was overconfident that he thought he would have won that round but INTZ catch up and defeat Tribe.

    • Matt Tube
      Matt Tube 22 days ago

      Why and how that happened though??? That was too strange

    • Julio Gomez
      Julio Gomez 26 days ago +1

      @captainminecraftist Zeta division ended up winning,the prize pool was 1 million dollars,Zeta got 400k of that,you would've know that if you saw the whole thing

  • Mr. Катерилл
    Mr. Катерилл Month ago +247

    Navi красавцы❤ афигенно отыграли, первый раз и уже топ 2❤

    • Синеко
      Синеко Month ago

      @zapetaq ahhahaha classic noob comment🤡👎

    • zapetaq
      zapetaq Month ago

      @itz they cant play anything other than tanks 😹👎

    • itz
      itz Month ago

      @zapetaq hahahahhaha navi sucks because they playing in home hahahahahah

    • Фришку Тимур
      Фришку Тимур Month ago +1

      @zapetaq ущемленный чел, который болеет за зету и хейтит нави🤡📸

    • Toad without girlfriend
      Toad without girlfriend Month ago

      @susඞ you are a kid doh

  • Daniela B
    Daniela B Month ago +227

    Zeta won without BMing a SINGLE time! Not even when they were at their most dominant moment, showcasing that being toxic and disrespectful is nothing compared to what really matters, SKILL and RESPECT! Amazing finals!

    • Blue Hoodie Guy
      Blue Hoodie Guy Month ago

      @XX ' GG bruh you should have seen them last year......

    • PH30NIX - Roblox
      PH30NIX - Roblox Month ago

      Only at 5:50:33 did tensai throw out a thumbs down but they just won 400,000 a second before that so I don’t blame him at all

      NAGENDRA L PRASAD Month ago +12

      @XX ' GG No Bro they BMed other teams too not only tribe... With that attitude I don't think they will ever win brawl stars championship

    • XX ' GG
      XX ' GG Month ago

      @NAGENDRA L PRASAD INTZ has never being disrespectful.. not this year or last, they had to do that because of how Tribe acted on them.. I mean, anyone would've done the same

    • Hasta-La-Vista
      Hasta-La-Vista Month ago +2

      They are very polite indeed :), true e-sportsmanship [if thats a word xD]

  • ♡ly•wツ
    ♡ly•wツ Month ago +73

    ❤️NaVi, thanks for making it this far! Congratulations to ZETA, you were able to take the championship. Navi in ​​hearts! 💛🖤

  • Oliver Li
    Oliver Li Month ago +228

    Guys, sitetampo is definitely the goat in bs, his skills are insane and I think no one is better than him. And I like his attitude, if u notice, Tensai and Achapi actually doesn’t play well in the beginning, He straight up carry them and help them. He deserves much more recognition. Congrats Sitetampo, u prove yourself that u are the best in the world

    • anime af
      anime af Month ago

      "Tensai and Achapi actually doesn’t play well in the beginning"
      Lmao no, that's just their playstyle. Sitetampo rushes in to the enemy base while tensai plays a safe mid.
      Tensai is an actual god at dodging

    • The Sensei
      The Sensei Month ago +2

      Why is sitetampo so shy lol he wouldn't show his face to the camera or celebrate

    • Hydro64
      Hydro64 Month ago +3

      They are the first 2k penny and 2k max

    • Gerson Eric Pereira Rafael
      Gerson Eric Pereira Rafael Month ago +2

      @Hensos That's how it is. What I saw is playing all three in a phenomenal way, without significant mistakes and always very intelligent. It was a true teamwork ... Sure, Sitetampo is a crazy player, but without the great help of his comrades, the triumph would not have been achieved. Take a good look at the games and you will see the synergy of this great team. Without a doubt the best in the world

    • Hensos
      Hensos Month ago +4

      Sitetampo is incredibly talented, but he didn’t carry. Tensai and achapi both played very well in the beginning

  • Piggii
    Piggii Month ago +109

    This was such a fun experience! Congrats to everyone and zeta you were outstanding.🔥❤️

    • aDuckGod
      aDuckGod Month ago

      @MEGALODON I’m japanese and we’re not those people that shout and get excited. We like to be calm that’s all

    • Lîquîd72_bs
      Lîquîd72_bs Month ago +2

      @MEGALODON They are not Intz that they will just shout on wining, zeta loves to focus instead of just givibg emotion or shouting

    • SED PEPE
      SED PEPE Month ago +1

      @MEGALODON nah man it's not like that they know how to handle the situation and they were calm

    • DarkBlade
      DarkBlade Month ago +1

      @MEGALODON They gotta focus

    • Disney Channel Scandinavia
      Disney Channel Scandinavia Month ago

      Cat Burglar Jessie

  • XX ' GG
    XX ' GG Month ago +38

    That Spin from Tyrant was Legendary

  • MibadAlex [MAGOA]
    MibadAlex [MAGOA] Month ago +70

    Нави, вы большие молодцы! Гордимся вами, ВЫ ПОКАЗАЛИ ДОСТОЙНУЮ ИГРУ против зета! Не расстраивайтесь!

  • (ง •_•)ง
    (ง •_•)ง Month ago +35

    Zeta finally won! Probably the most deserving team to win. They literally just formed a new team and stomped out so many great teams just like that. But hey Navi did a pretty good job too. Props to both of 'em.

  • Supercell Science
    Supercell Science Month ago +11

    💛 🖤NaVi... Вы теперь в моём сердце) я вас обожаю!!! Молодцы! Вы только вошли, так сказать, в курс событий BSCH, и уже в финале... Я вас обожаю! У вас в команде кто-то же еще гражданство то-ли сменил, то-ли перепутал-и ввел не свое, а Русское) мо-лод-цыыы

  • Morskoy Lev
    Morskoy Lev Month ago +87

    Эхх жаль что НаВи второе место. Но 2 место это уже что-то очень сильное. Даже СК и АКМ не дошли, ещё НаВи впервые на ЧМ, так что это довольно хороший результат.
    И помните "Главное не победа, а участие"

    UPD: Wow 49 likes? Thanks)) Айм сори, не много в англичана прикинулся.

    • Dante Thunderstone
      Dante Thunderstone Month ago

      @NaVi wtf? Some of my best friends are Russian, I’m not a russophobe i just don’t think Navi deserved to make it to the finals, if it had been up to me then Navi, queen nai and China teams would have been disqualified for not going to the lan and it would have been group stages which Navi never would have gotten through, Navi did get lucky

    • Dante Thunderstone
      Dante Thunderstone Month ago

      @Fixer CL zeta was the best team there and it wasn’t even close, Navi was no where near even top 4 teams there, they didn’t go to the lan, they were sitting comfortably at home with way less pressure, Navi got lucky

    • NaVi
      NaVi Month ago

      @Dante Thunderstone you're saying this because you're a Russophobe (sorry for my English, I'm just still learning)

    • Fixer CL
      Fixer CL Month ago +2

      @Dante Thunderstone The Zeta has a conter peak every other game, and you say anything about luck? Simply stupid

    • Dante Thunderstone
      Dante Thunderstone Month ago

      @Fixer CL Navi got lucky and played from home, next year they’ll be lucky to make it past round 1 or 2

  • Sıradanımsı Kişi
    Sıradanımsı Kişi Month ago +175

    Sitatempo deserves huge respect.

  • Rooren
    Rooren Month ago +2

    It was my first time to watch world finals and I'm so amazed how Zeta played! Just wow!

  • FleDy ツ
    FleDy ツ Month ago +2

    нави, молодцы!!! не вздумайте расстраиваться!!! 2 место! вообще замечательно, звёздное появление на чемпионате, ещё и на 2 место вышли, много кто не дошел, вы просто красавцы!!! ❤️❤️🤘🏻

  • Toad Man playz
    Toad Man playz Month ago +38

    CONGRATULATIONS ZETA ur hard work payed off and well played NAVI to make it to the final

  • Mr. TheJam
    Mr. TheJam Month ago +100

    Congratulations for ZETA, I bet on NAVI because the most of people did. Congratulations for both tems

  • Nub who lives under a rock

    Zeta is so OP,managed to win their first world finals they've been in!

    • 歩く自然災害
      歩く自然災害 Month ago

      Jupiter = Zeta Division

    • Halit Efe Önder
      Halit Efe Önder Month ago

      @XX ' GG Nub isn't wrong,this is the first time they've been in world finals

    • Hydro64
      Hydro64 Month ago

      @random guy on youtube i mean at monthlies

    • random guy on youtube
      random guy on youtube Month ago

      @Hydro64 lmao last time only Tensai was at worlds and he did not play back then

    • Hydro64
      Hydro64 Month ago +1

      @XX ' GG yea they lost to psg (team flash rn) and jup before

  • siyyn
    siyyn Month ago +1

    So happy for zeta, they deserve it 🎉🎉

  • ismaeil mohammed
    ismaeil mohammed Month ago +71

    I love how ZETA were calm and smiling and just chillin' while they were under pressure and that they even won
    one of if not the greatest comeback I've ever seen

  • Unnamed Minterlogist

    NAVI красавцы, Хорошо отыграли для первого раза, надеялись на первое, но пойдёт и второе ❤️

  • Michel Kalongo
    Michel Kalongo Month ago +34

    I voted Zeta because they helped me get the Jessie skin after they beat AQM and they've gone and impressed once again!! Ontop of that they weren't getting cocky like a team i won't mention so the win was well deserved!!

    • Урист Макдварф
      Урист Макдварф Month ago +1

      @TheCannibull but tribe na spinned at sk gaming in the first day

    • TheCannibull
      TheCannibull Month ago

      tribe na only spun because intz are known for spinning and being toxic in comp. he shouldnt have done so until he surely had the win though

    • XX ' GG
      XX ' GG Month ago +1

      😂😂😂 I think I know who's that team

    NNM CLUB Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Month ago +4

    NaVi ВЫ ЛУЧШИЕ!!! Занять ТОП 2 и переиграть таких сильных игроков - это очень большое достижение. Я искренне рад за ВАС!

    До последнего болел и надеялся. Но я знаю что Achapi как-то первым апнул пчелу на 2000, Тенсей и Сенсей тоже не промах. Очень плотный и сильный матч. На всех четырех аккаунтах, где 2200 очков - ВЫ МОЯ ЛЮБИМАЯ КОМАНДА!!!

    Вы очень хорошо себя показали! ВЫ ЛУЧШШИЕ!!!!!!! ДЛЯ МЕНЯ И ДЛЯ ВСЕХ НАС!!!!

  • Gustavo Santos
    Gustavo Santos Month ago +3

    F INTZ
    Mas de toda forma
    Parabéns Zeta ❤️

  • Денис Солодовников

    Navi, thank you for the emotions presented.The second place is already a victory.I hope that after your brilliant performance at the championship, the EECA region will be respected, as well as given more slots, because your region deserves it.Cube,Jason,MMA, I congratulate you and wish you further success!♥️♥️♥️

  • Samuel Lai
    Samuel Lai Month ago +36

    First, I accidentally picked ZETA division as my favorite team due to lag so I have to pick them for my predictions, but wow, they surprisingly won, and besides, I also got the Jessie skin because of the OP, joyful team.
    Thank you and well done ZETA division!

    • Paras Gathani
      Paras Gathani Month ago +2

      @Dan Chan I think QN had delay in their match against Navi hence easy win for Navi, otherwise it would be a close match Imo.

      That being said Zeta is definitely the superior team from all these top teams

    • Dan Chan
      Dan Chan Month ago

      Yeah same I picked zeta but then I thought about how Navi dominated queen NAI, and didn't know if I regretted it

  • Алексей Зыков

    ❤️NaVi, thanks for making it this far! Congratulations to ZETA, you were able to take the championship. Navi in ​​hearts! 💛

  • Angela
    Angela Month ago +3

    i'm emotional. i've been rooting for navi but.. this time, they didn't got it.🙁 otherwise, they did a great job but zeta is just phenomenal 🙂

  • Xx xX
    Xx xX Month ago +26

    So happy I'm so glad zeta won i put all my hope in them and they dominated all of their games. Almost lose the skin if it wasn't for zeta

    • SavageChocolate06
      SavageChocolate06 Month ago

      @Jose TheClassicStarWarsFan Hating a team just because you didn't get the skin, you don't deserve to get it then.

    • Av Mosquito
      Av Mosquito Month ago

      @Jose TheClassicStarWarsFan they don’t have a thing about your dumb choices…

    • Marcus Wong
      Marcus Wong Month ago +2

      @Jose TheClassicStarWarsFan lol imagine underrating them or just not wanting to vote for them

    • Hunter - Brawl stars
      Hunter - Brawl stars Month ago

      @Jose TheClassicStarWarsFan sat up

    • XX ' GG
      XX ' GG Month ago +5

      @Jose TheClassicStarWarsFan So you believe in prédictions from the net 😂😂 you a fish

  • Bibus08
    Bibus08 Month ago +5

    Tribe vs INTZ was the best match in brawl stars history. Change my mind.

  • Me Hung Lo
    Me Hung Lo Month ago +4

    Humble in victory and defeat. Congratulations Zeta well earned.

  • Tom
    Tom 9 days ago +1

    I am Japanese and I was discriminated against when I traveled to Europe. It hurt my heart very much. But Zeta has given me the courage to be the best in the world. Of course, I also respect the European team. Even in the East Asian Championship, ZETA did not win everything. Japan has many possibilities of being the best in the world. Next year, the world will try to capture ZETA. Good luck Japan!

  • Yuko
    Yuko Month ago +2

    Our boi Sitetampo looks so shy hahaha 😆
    Congratulations ZETA, you guys did so well. GG

  • Renan Sylva
    Renan Sylva Month ago

    Vai com tudo INTZ dessa vez a taça e nossa

  • Iskorkina frands
    Iskorkina frands Month ago +4

    Navi огромные молодцы, я за них очень сильно болею, надеюсь они победят и заберут кубок себе!

    M.RISHIKESH 45 Month ago +2

    Even tho I didn't watch the entire thing


  • Vishal Mylar
    Vishal Mylar Month ago +6

    the chinese and japanese teams deserve respect. they have good manners and dont start getting cocky

  • Erberryyy
    Erberryyy Month ago +239

    Не расстраивайтесь, НАВИ, вы все равно лучше всех!!!!!🥰

    • Heisenberg
      Heisenberg Month ago

      @Noizer The only people still thinking navi is the best team is russians, everyone else are able to appreciate how high zeta has set the bar

    • Noizer
      Noizer Month ago

      @Heisenberg pozer

    • Heisenberg
      Heisenberg Month ago

      @Noizer yes, ZETA is the best team in the world, accept it. Before this point navi have lost to most top eu teams

    • Светлана Медвецкая
      Светлана Медвецкая Month ago

      @amlinaric имеется ввиду то, что для русскоязычного комьюнити Navi лучше, роднее что ли. Тем более MMA (участник нави) ведёт свой ютуб канал с очень полезными советами, подсказками, хитростями. Поэтому для русскоязычного коммьюнити Navi лучшие

    • TheKotyara :3
      TheKotyara :3 Month ago

      @LunarSproot mad

  • -Erick
    -Erick Month ago +5

    Sitetampo es la joyita de estos partidos, tiene un nivel de juego increíble!

  • waveySWAN swann
    waveySWAN swann Month ago

    10/10 content can’t wait for next year and the year after that already whoooooo!! GG supercell loveee ♥️

  • Flip4ik [BS]
    Flip4ik [BS] Month ago +144

    Нави все равно хорошо отыграли 🖤💛

    • imok
      imok Month ago +1

      @Noizer чел, не позорься, пожалуйста, не неси херню, не было лагов

    • imok
      imok Month ago

      @amlinaric isnt 2nd place in the world good 4 u? Arent u just navi hater, kiddo?

    • Noizer
      Noizer Month ago

      @𝐤𝐚𝐮𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐬 best*

    • 𝐤𝐚𝐮𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐬
      𝐤𝐚𝐮𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐬 Month ago

      Navi is the BAD

    • 3人ともおつかれさま!by スタンド使い
      3人ともおつかれさま!by スタンド使い Month ago +1

      @Noizer No. I think NAVI had no lagged. Because they play in same server.Rumania and Russia is East European server Haha.

  • Wilson Dog
    Wilson Dog Month ago +1

    Zeta no me sorprendió, ya que conocía achapi, y Tensai que era de Júpiter, que no se que paso con ese equipo. Pero GG a todos, les bajaron de la nube a los europeos, GG por Latam, NA y Asia.

  • kookie
    kookie Month ago +1

    GG Zeta u guys did a very great job!

  • Poran Dip
    Poran Dip Month ago +1

    ZETA OP! Love their aggressive play style

  • Goshan
    Goshan Month ago +3

    Navi, congrats with second place 🥈

  • Animesh Pati
    Animesh Pati Month ago +15

    From the very first day here, in all scrims Zeta was just schooling everyone, they literally are better at using ur own comps than u, and I loved the way we could interact and predict and thnx for the toxic pins and skin supercell

  • Cloudy
    Cloudy Month ago

    Congratulations for ZETA, but Navi showed the wonderful results! Navi in heart🖤💛🖤💛. I know, in next year, they will win World Cup! Natus Vincere!🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

  • Esteban
    Esteban Month ago

    very well played by ZETA they beat a high quality team AQM has lost touch since what happened with trebor

  • Akul Kumar
    Akul Kumar Month ago +1

    Respects to ZETA DIVISION. They were really OP. They had such a good strategy BUT most of all THEY WERE PLAYING A RESPECTFUL GAME.....
    But be careful ZETA there might be another team entering soon! (maybe next year)

  • Слава Торовцев

    Опустошён вместе в ребятами, даже нечего добавить ко всем комментариям поддержки, а повторяться для хайпа странно и тупо. Выражаю искреннюю благодарность всем сторонам и частям этой большой боевой машины, которая не переставала дарить нам чувства и эмоции на протяжении всего киберспортивного года, особенно на протяжении последней недели, тем более в ласт 3 дня. Пацаны и не только, вы написали историю кровью и потом в дебютном же сезоне. Не знаю и не помню всех причастных лиц к этой команде, но отдельное спасибо игрокам - Пете "ММА", Тёме "Джейсону", Лёхе "Алекзу", Марчелло "Кубу", Богдану "Коту", даже Робу, Холлу, + другим СНГ-топам, без конкуренции с которыми эти 5 лет не дали бы такого исхода событий на данный момент; так же спасибо тренерам, аналитикам, менеджерам, болельщикам, зрителям, спонсорам, каждой организации (но со всеми не сложилось, поэтому в частности НаВи, которые после 2:0 -> 2:2 по месячным победам с преследователями в регионе взяли тиму под опеку и вместе они довели дело до блеска). Все поговорки и фразы для мотивации парни не раз слышали, поэтому можно без них и лучше по факту написать что горжусь ими и жду дальнейших побед и больших высот. Даже если кто-то из них когда-то закончит с БС - всё равно желаю большой удачи и успеха в других начинаниях и свершениях, ну и не забывайте про здоровье и счастье, но если только всё честно и по справедливости к жизни. Увидимся со многими уже скоро в продолжении контент-карьеры, либо на турнирах попозже с остальными. Не опускайте руки, не складывайте головы, надо потеть и тренить всегда и во всём, старайтесь и трудитесь - добейтесь и возьмите своё. | Простите что написал этот коммент в нескольких местах, просто очень хотел поддержать наших, люблю проникаться их атмосферой и обстановкой - "внутренней кухней" про-челов.

  • Sreenandh S C
    Sreenandh S C Month ago +81

    Love to see an Asian team won. This is a slap in the face to those who proclaim their region as the best but fail to even reach semi.

    • Mr Bacun
      Mr Bacun Month ago +1

      Lol the sk gaming head claiming sk is the best in the world rings bells

    • dal
      dal Month ago +8

      It’s not about regions or countries, they’re just a team from Japon and eu has amazing teams such as qlash

    • Brandon BrawlStars
      Brandon BrawlStars Month ago +10

      eu with 5 teams only get 1 to semis

    • SED PEPE
      SED PEPE Month ago

      Yea lol

  • TERM Theo
    TERM Theo Month ago

    Gg a toutes les équipes j'ai eu des sueurs froides en voyant certains matchs. C'était magnifique hâte de la finale de 2022

  • Harshal Singh
    Harshal Singh Month ago +5

    Zeta and Sitetampo u have my Salute. What a humongous knowledge these guys have of brawl stars using every those brawlers which r neglected by others 🔥🔥

  • misty
    misty Month ago +6

    i was cheering for na, sk,qlash and tribe eu, but all of them were out, after seeing zeta destroying qlash i saw his potential, speacially sitetampo carrying his team who where a bit hesitate, but then achapi and tensai were more confident and played like the bests, well deserved they are the best, no bming or toxic manners needed.

  • treeuf sk
    treeuf sk Month ago +5

    Sin duda está final y la de 2019 son las mejores, la del 2020 es para olvidarla

  • Posage DeZM
    Posage DeZM Month ago +7

    NAVI, Вы нас не подвели, порой сложно быть совершенным, порой решает удача. Но вам есть куда стремиться и Вы останетесь для всего СНГ самыми лучшими... Мы с Вами

    • SED PEPE
      SED PEPE Month ago +1

      Bro everytime it's not about luck zeta team did so good and they've worked really hard

  • LeGeo
    LeGeo Month ago

    NaVi молодцы.. сколько работы позади... И #2 это оде уровень , тоже своего рода победа... Ведь столько топовых команд обойти... И Европейцев и Американцев... Но как это обычно бывает турниры в компании Суперсел забирают Азиаты))))( также поздравляю ZETA.. я уверен что они были ноунеймами для многих.. а тут такое выдали)))

  • Sekel_CZ
    Sekel_CZ Month ago

    Wonderful tournament !!! Almost everything I thought I know about brawl stars esport was shatered within last 3 days. Heck, I almost did not win cat burglar Jessie skin! Wonderful Zeta team performance ... everybody knows how NAVI loves to play tanks, but only Zeta was able to cope with it. GGs to NAVI anyway. For lot of ppl, they were 1st round underdogs and now they are 200k$ finalist! Big shout for Reply Totem by the way. I did not expect them to be best EMEA team in this tournament, but they played really well!

  • Пабло Великий 4

    Нави красавчики!!! ТАК ДЕРЖАТЬ! Мы В вас верили. Первый глобпл и уже 2 место?

  • Pietro Fiorentini
    Pietro Fiorentini Month ago +14

    27:58 "they might switch like a Colonel Ruffs"
    Tyrant: *nooding*

    The following match: *Tyrant with Ruffs*

    Those are some nice details to be found

  • Androidbio555
    Androidbio555 Month ago +8

    Uffff si que Zeta es imponente, y que bueno que conseguí la skin de jessi

  • Joshua Kei
    Joshua Kei Month ago +29

    Хорошая работа, нави, горжусь тобой

    • kaiifariik
      kaiifariik Month ago +7

      Наконец то, адекватный человек.
      Достало уже встречать либо отбитового фанатика, который обсирает zeta просто так, либо лютого хэйтера, не пропустившего момента осмеять фанатиков и саму команду за 2 место(???)

  • Александр Корольков

    Я плакал на финале и до сих пор реву как девчонка НАВИ В СЕРДЦЕ !

    WEEB NATION Month ago +9

    I love the Fact that Zeta won. They were able to remain calm during all their matches. They always had that Poker Face which I think made then win mentally over the Navi. Also I think they deserve the win way more than Navi for they had to stand up and got little time to rest for the Finals and they were able to cover up their mistakes not always too quickly but intelligently.

    Also this is my first time watching the whole tournament. Rewards apart this was very entertaining along with the commentary. I look forward to next year for the Next Championship

    Congrats to everybody who got the Jessie Cat Burglar Skin and congrats to participants. You all did a great Job and Thanks to Brawl Stars for being a part of our lives ❤

      WEEB NATION Month ago +1

      @SED PEPE Thanks ☺❤

    • SED PEPE
      SED PEPE Month ago +2

      This was also my first time seeing brawl stars championship and i won jessie skin and i love zeta btw best comment seen so far in this comment section

  • KILLER PRO 0.5 Gaming
    KILLER PRO 0.5 Gaming Month ago +4

    Congrats ZETA!!!!!!!
    Sorry I didn’t manage to watch the end of the finals but congrats to them!

  • ToXxic-Isma
    ToXxic-Isma Month ago

    Consegui la skin por muy poco gracias a que gano zeta y le elegi de equipo favorito

  • Ripe Hermit
    Ripe Hermit Month ago +41

    NaVi my boys, great battles, a lot of emotions … sad that Zeta are the winners, but it doesn’t matter … a lot matter the experience that all the commands got during this championship ggs ❤️‍🔥

    • Ken Miton
      Ken Miton Month ago +1

      @Sillver Games руссиа бротхер

    • Sillver Games
      Sillver Games Month ago +3

      Where are u from, bro?

  • MaYtiX BS
    MaYtiX BS Month ago

    I’ve never think zeta will win they’re so op

  • Drowse
    Drowse Month ago +21


    • Amber
      Amber Month ago +1

      @XX ' GG same and i feel like no one rlly expected zeta to win in the finals like there was alot more ppl voting for navi but i still knew zeta would win

    • XX ' GG
      XX ' GG Month ago +4

      I straight up knew ZETA will win even before Day One. This team has literally 2 best and most underrated pro players ever.. But now they are Famous✌️ WOW !

    • Баястан Ысманалиев
      Баястан Ысманалиев Month ago +5

      Yeah, Jason was very good. If he will be in one team with Sitetampo, they will be crazy team

  • Joshola
    Joshola Month ago +5

    How comes I havent heard much from ZETA? Incredible team with good chemistry

    • L MH
      L MH Month ago

      @Hydro64 and who's the first to get all rank 35

    • Hydro64
      Hydro64 Month ago +3

      Lets just say? Do you remember who is the first 2k penny and max?

    • Marcus Wong
      Marcus Wong Month ago +13

      Coz u r probably from eu or Na and the teams there r overrated compare to other regions. If u r from Asia, u prob alr know how good they are

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt Month ago +1


  • TXG 47
    TXG 47 Month ago +2

    ZETA is now my favourite eSports team after tribe 😃

  • Valkaz
    Valkaz Month ago

    Respect for ZETA 🙏🏻❤

  • Amicable Rift
    Amicable Rift Month ago +63

    1:09:01 The infamous Tyrant bm play, right here, that resulted in throwing their chance at the Championship.

    Oh also, that clutch Bibi bubble bouncing back and forth on the IKE by an inch to win it.

    1:10:11 AWKWARD ALERT

    • Jose TheClassicStarWarsFan
      Jose TheClassicStarWarsFan Month ago +5

      @Meme Ninja yeah I meant In general, anyone who in the championship shouldn’t BM the opponents, it’s childish!

    • Luis
      Luis Month ago

      @Meme Ninja based as hell ive been saying this for a year

    • Meme Ninja
      Meme Ninja Month ago +1

      @M-sly C yea im glad they lost they're so overrated

    • M-sly C
      M-sly C Month ago +1

      For me, Aqm usually bms the most

    • Meme Ninja
      Meme Ninja Month ago +1

      @Jose TheClassicStarWarsFan it was really just tyrant but I see your point

  • Sapnomoy Chattopadhyay

    ZETA OP !! GO ASIA , GO JAPAN , GO ZETA !! 🙌🏆 I believed in them and went against the community voting , I knew they will win the championship and hearts 💖

  • Sushanta Paul
    Sushanta Paul Month ago +1

    Congrats zeta division!!!!🥳🥳

  • Greenytruly
    Greenytruly Month ago +1

    Congratulations Zeta! And NaVI!

  • ayana.
    ayana. Month ago +1

    ✨молодцы нави, хорошо отыграли, поздравляю с вторым местом. ✨
    Мортис Джейсона просто секси и сам он краш. 🌚

  • Santana Nguyễn
    Santana Nguyễn Month ago +1

    Congrat ZETA!!! You all played so well, we are proud of u :>>

  • ryanxx
    ryanxx Month ago +2

    i hope tribe next year starts focusing on the gameplay more than the smack talk.

  • ツDanyᗩシ︎
    ツDanyᗩシ︎ Month ago +1

    Увидимся в следующем чм)а так-то нави очень хорошо отыгрывали)

  • twantO
    twantO Month ago

    I really enjoyed watching STU from Reply Totem

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu Month ago

    Congratulations for ZETA, I bet on NAVI because the most of people did. Congratulations for both tems

  • Toty615
    Toty615 Month ago

    Zeta jugó de lo máximo. Tienen bien merecido la victoria.

    KOLYA IC Month ago +58

    2 место тоже отлично, особенно для единственной команды в нашем регионе🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

    • Morskoy Lev
      Morskoy Lev Month ago

      @KOLYA IC а, тогда окей

    • KOLYA IC
      KOLYA IC Month ago

      @Morskoy Lev я это и имел введу

    • Morskoy Lev
      Morskoy Lev Month ago +2

      Не единственная команда, просто нашему региону дали 1 слот в ЧМ, думаю после такого нужно и 2 добавить))

    • 𝐤𝐚𝐮𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐬
      𝐤𝐚𝐮𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐬 Month ago

      @Megu min zeta yeeeah

    • Megu min
      Megu min Month ago +1

      Nice navi

  • Jeff Koh
    Jeff Koh Month ago +31

    Do ppl really underestimate zeta. Why would you vote for Navi when u know zeta is super dominant and end up not getting the skin lol

    • Dante Thunderstone
      Dante Thunderstone Month ago

      @Marcus Wong China was still by far the weakest region and definitely didn’t deserve 3 spots, at most they deserved 1

    • Marcus Wong
      Marcus Wong Month ago +2

      @Dante Thunderstone u see Twitter. They show how laggy Chinese players’ game was

    • Dante Thunderstone
      Dante Thunderstone Month ago +5

      eu thinks eu is best Russia thinks Navi is best latam thinks intz is best, going in 2 of the 4 favourites had very bad brackets, the organizers were brain dead, there was 3 Chinese teams even though the best team in China is worse than every team that just missed a qual in every other region

      Zeta deserved the win but the entire bsc was Mickey mouse

    • ZxZeshnik
      ZxZeshnik Month ago

      Navi was goog too, there weren't any bad choice

    • Josue V
      Josue V Month ago +3

      Bro if you saw the streams of the pro players or tweets, they said Zeta was so strong on scrims, and the coach of AQM said he doesn't want to scrims with them
      If you see all the teams know how strong is Zeta except the audience on stream

  • I'M Sayem
    I'M Sayem 24 days ago

    Zeta is genuinely OVER POWERED!🔥

  • Alex Lim
    Alex Lim Month ago +4

    Don't you guys think NaVi had a big advantage because they sat on a chair throughout the entire tournament? Imagine just standing all the time while being super focused.... Sitting must be way easier/more convenient no? Think they would've made the finals regardless. GG WP

  • Xxxscar
    Xxxscar Month ago

    Zeta best especially in the final showed a good game

  • Даниель Хуснейн

    Жаль что нави не победили(
    Но дойти до финала это уже круто)

  • 陳冠穎ッ
    陳冠穎ッ Month ago +5

    The world finally realized how good ZETA is !!
    Congrats to them and ggs to all the teams.

  • Bang Bambang
    Bang Bambang Month ago +1

    SITETAMPO amazing player carried his whole team!

  • Sümeyye Yazıcı
    Sümeyye Yazıcı Month ago +7

    There were a lot of mistakes on the site. Since the first day, we could not answer any questions. When we asked a question, it looked like the time had expired. If you had kept the times longer, everyone would have answered the questions easily. In addition, I did not receive my score even though I guessed one of them correctly. FINALLY, ZETA deserved the match. They were very talented. Congratulations. It was a very good match.

    • Fulus79
      Fulus79 Month ago +1

      I got the supercell id glitch when it was the last game. I predicted zeta right but didn’t get points. I had to put a verify code but verify code don’t work! If supercell gave me that point then i would’ve got cat burglar 😭

  • Amit 48
    Amit 48 Month ago +2

    Congrats on ZETA for the WIN

    RADNER Month ago +3

    Оооочень жалко что NaVi не заняли топ 1, но и топ 2 тоже отличшейший результат!

  • c_h_i_n
    c_h_i_n Month ago +1

    ZETA DIVISION!!!! So proud of you!