Buying Food (1950)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2011
  • • SUMMARY •
    A 1950 educational film about smart shopping habits and tips, which probably shown in Home Economics classes of the time.
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Comments • 409

  • Djavidian Mx
    Djavidian Mx 9 days ago

    1:36 Hipster Doofus

  • Solo Jo
    Solo Jo 25 days ago

    There are different grades of milk??

  • AdrianK Starz
    AdrianK Starz 2 months ago

    am i the only one who thinks if i were born back then i'd be seeing in black and white... like the steak is black and white and the hamburg is grey. i dont know if id be able to buy that if it was gray even the fruits and vegs are grey. lmfao i'd go insane. lmfaoo

  • Dead Pizza
    Dead Pizza 2 months ago


  • Sometimes Manic
    Sometimes Manic 4 months ago

    My husband went grocery shopping with me yesterday... I think my husband is Henry Slinkman.

  • Mike Delzoppo
    Mike Delzoppo 4 months ago

    "Henry, I'm going to sleep with a negro if you don't stop acting like a fool". Henry's wife.

  • Cameron Wilson
    Cameron Wilson 4 months ago

    3:11 I FORGOT in the 1960's you either baked it yourself.

  • Cameron Wilson
    Cameron Wilson 4 months ago

    Henry don't have 2 ducks shits and rabbits ass of what he's doing. Grab a pack of lucky's and a beer, he's like me :) I cant shop for shit

  • Mark Janssen
    Mark Janssen 5 months ago

    Henry Slinkman was subsequently arrested and charged with three felony counts of Impulse Buying.

  • Veronica Bolanos
    Veronica Bolanos 9 months ago

    I wasnt born till late 60's but, it was a better life then..So sad how the family has been broken and infiltrated into todays idea of a family. ill say no more..

  • God
    God 9 months ago

    5 years after WWII now you know why...

  • Bacon Cat
    Bacon Cat Year ago

    2:15 - Rape face.

  • karen marie
    karen marie Year ago

    LOL. I love this. Love looking at the styles,prices and how the man speak about women.

  • j walkin
    j walkin Year ago

    All vegetables look weird, the weirder the better.

  • Jerald Collins
    Jerald Collins Year ago

    Henry left the oysters in the refrigerator for 2 weeks before they had them again, and they both died of botulism poisoning.

  • Jerald Collins
    Jerald Collins Year ago +2

    I save money by buying my rutabagas by the ton.

    • Bacon Cat
      Bacon Cat Year ago

      Jerald Collins 😂😂😂

  • Jerald Collins
    Jerald Collins Year ago +2

    People were very excited in 1950, cuz it was the year food was invented. Prior to that you had to eat bugs and grass. For Christmas, dinner was a platter of gravel. It might sound icky, but it beats those horrible Jello molds they made later in the 50s.

  • Spontaneous-Vulgar-Lingual-Combinations

    Henry's a fucking moron 😂

  • Rals Becket
    Rals Becket Year ago

    I guess this was before 'leftovers' was a thing.

    • MagnusOmegusYesBorisNo RFRR TBC ECT FURRIES
      MagnusOmegusYesBorisNo RFRR TBC ECT FURRIES 3 months ago

      Sakura Kasugano not surprised, back then, if you wanted to store leftover foods, you would have to stuff them in a jar. And those jars were better made for fruits.

  • Mandy Simmons
    Mandy Simmons Year ago

    Is it me or is Henry Slinkman kinda hot?? LOL I've just had two chitty weeks in a row...due to idiots doing stuff I could not anticipate. So I've thought back to Henry Slinkman more than a few times and I had a nice little laugh. Those oysters make me think of da World famous Gene's Oyster Bar in my second home town of Panama City Florida. sigh.

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave Year ago +1

    We seriously need an updated video with this same information (except pricing of course), but have the same tricks and tips ideas to shopping. Kids today aren't taught, most kids aren't taught these important skills for daily living. I was fortunate to have most of my education within Special Ed., which means I had more reliable, sensible, real-world experience education, than my general/gifted counterparts did. I have people who are amazed by my buying habits and shocked at how much stretching my dollars can do. :) People would be amazed at how much one can buy healthily if they followed the steps shown in this video. I just wish this video had a modern day version, in color, so that I can pass on the knowledge to the next generation, who would properly find this black and white film rather dull and boring, even though the information presented is essential. Home Economics is just not an enforced subject matter in most high schools, especially not enforced in many cities and communities where the people need it the most. :~(

  • atomic3939
    atomic3939 Year ago

    If Henry hadn't married the old hag to begin with...he could eat whatever the hell he wants.

  • Uriah Peep
    Uriah Peep Year ago

    Ol' Henry's wife ought to slap him next time he pulls this caper!

  • EraseMeWhole
    EraseMeWhole Year ago

    Damn. And that generation makes fun of mine because we put warning labels on everything. I didnt have to watch a video on how to buy food when I turned 18 and went out on my own..

  • GreedoUT
    GreedoUT Year ago

    It's a woman's duty.

    BEAVACUDA Year ago +34

    Lol, Henry:
    What the hell are these?
    Better get two.

  • auaiao9
    auaiao9 Year ago +5

    Henry and his wife don't like cake? What's wrong with them??

    • Sean Furlong
      Sean Furlong Year ago

      It was a shop cake, back then most cakes were homemade so maybe they only liked homemade but didn't have enough money to bake one every day.

  • Tara Guidry
    Tara Guidry Year ago +4

    8:23 frozen food section. Today at Walmart the freezer section is five isles.

    • Sean Furlong
      Sean Furlong Year ago

      Fresh vegetables would have been seasonal. But yes you are correct that canned vegetable were widespread. Here in the UK canned fruit was popular too.

    • Jerald Collins
      Jerald Collins Year ago

      Everybody ate canned vegetables back then. They were mushy and repulsive - except for corn. Frozen veggies were more of a luxury item, and fresh were very limited and pricey.

  • Captain Yooper
    Captain Yooper Year ago

    Damnit Henry, were those oysters worth the divorce? Now you're on the street with a moldy cake while your wife is running around with an excess of oysters. You fool

  • White Dove
    White Dove Year ago

    rutabaga is very popular in my country eaten in soup or boiled with kale :)

  • Mack W.
    Mack W. Year ago

    so I take it this was made before the invention of the leftover?

    • Sean Furlong
      Sean Furlong Year ago

      They didn't like the food so they didn't want to save it for leftovers.

  • j.denino57
    j.denino57 Year ago

    This is depressing, thank God Julia Child came along and made food interesting.

  • amberola1b
    amberola1b Year ago

    Did anybody notice at the end of the film the eye of the Eagle looked like the symbol for the ussr

  • Brittany Bailey
    Brittany Bailey Year ago

    yeah because I can taste the fruits and vegetables through the screen

  • Hema Gurunh
    Hema Gurunh Year ago

    Henry's gonna be humping everything like an Asian kid on aderol.....

  • Canny Lou
    Canny Lou Year ago +5

    At least Henry took his ass to the store! I didn't think men were "allowed" in the 50's. 😂😂😂

  • Mia
    Mia Year ago

    Ahh damn it Henry

  • Eli Foust
    Eli Foust Year ago +1

    Remains good advice today.

  • Alvin E.
    Alvin E. Year ago

    At 5:48 these tomatoes are more colorful 😂

  • Chupacabra
    Chupacabra Year ago

    Henry's a dumbass

  • brian hixson
    brian hixson Year ago

    uhhhhhhhh why the Russian symbol????is the eye of the eagle is beyond me. wow!¡!!!!!!!!!! mind blown. booooom.

  • Thomas Chaplin
    Thomas Chaplin Year ago

    Henry is hungry so he buys 3 cans of Oysters? Wtf?

  • Canny
    Canny Year ago

    Ugh... lima beans....
    I also noticed the similarity to the Soviet hammer-and-sickle in the eye of the eagle at the beginning.

  • Learning To Fly
    Learning To Fly Year ago

    Henry Slinkman still eats 4 pints of oyster to this day.

  • TheRenaissanceman65

    1. Make a list
    2. Don't buy a big can if you won't use it all.
    3. Buy what's in season. (Just coming to the end of asparagus season here in the UK at the moment - love the stuff but soon that will be all until next April.)
    4. Know your meat and know how to make a good meal from cheap cuts.
    Hmmmm apart from graded cans, which no longer exist, still all good advice. Nothing ever really changes. All you'd need to add to this these days is the possibilities of discount supermarkets, like Aldi.

  • Texas3Step
    Texas3Step Year ago

    I guess most people didn't eat leftovers in 1950. We sure did, and my mom didn't give a shit whether we liked it or not. Clean your plate at dinner, or have it cold for breakfast, even the mushy, canned asparagus.

  • Donna DeQuire-Rios
    Donna DeQuire-Rios Year ago +12

    I just love watching these type of videos. Love the black and white film.
    I wasn't even born during this time,but i love them.

    • Jedimasterken
      Jedimasterken 2 months ago

      +Megan Curley yup same I don't know why. Born in 2002 everything here seems like a different world

    • Megan Curley
      Megan Curley 5 months ago

      Me too. Its relaxing.

  • Rosemarie Kury
    Rosemarie Kury Year ago

    And this was before frozen foods too.

  • Rosemarie Kury
    Rosemarie Kury Year ago

    That husband looks like Eddie Fisher.

  • Rosemarie Kury
    Rosemarie Kury Year ago

    This is how the old mom and pop grocery stores were. Nowadays the oysters probably would be canned too. Love those prices too.

  • The internet stole my soul but it gave me Overwatch

    Go to Walmart if you wanna save money.

    Dumb bitch.

  • ezrabrooks12
    ezrabrooks12 Year ago

    The one thing that I picked up on was (depending on a House Wife's Worth).What the Hell does that MEAN? I remember one year my Wife (A HOUSE WIFE/VERY SPOILED AND VERY WELL TAKEN CARE OF).She gave me a Card for my Birthday that said,I'll FUCK,SUCK,COOK AND CLEAN,BUT I DON'T DO WINDOWS! SHE went on to add a list of other things on the card, that she was WILLING AND WANTED TO DO! I looked up and said, I'LL WASH ANY DAMN WINDOW YOU WANT.Still Married,Still Fun.My HOUSE WIFE has a very HIGH VALUE!She gave me the card and a NIGHT I STILL REMEMBER!

  • Daphne
    Daphne Year ago

    Long before it was mandatory to mention all ingredients.

  • multisomebodyelse notme

    fucking nobs aren't they
    they've always told us what an how to buy and picked our choices for us

  • multisomebodyelse notme

    fucking nobs aren't they
    they've always told us what an how to buy and picked our choices for us

  • LadyDragonsblood
    LadyDragonsblood Year ago

    Wrong advice about the beans.... the larger can is cheaper for everyone.... what haven't heard of left overs? Who would throw away left over baked beans? Some of this is very confusing information.

  • Com005
    Com005 2 years ago

    Remember to update the canned goods in your fallout shelter every six months!

  • Scott Wiler
    Scott Wiler 2 years ago

    women back then douched so their husbands would come home to a nice smelling whisker biscuit and that's one of the reasons they stayed together so long back then

  • JDS12451
    JDS12451 2 years ago

    22 cents for that can of beans when now a days that would be almost $4.

    • jeffw1267
      jeffw1267 Year ago

      At Kroger's we can still buy all kinds of canned beans for 69 cents a can. They're Kuner's, which are as good as any other. 69 cents is for the small can of course.

    ART NIGHT 2 years ago

    Oh Henry you fool.

  • donna m
    donna m 2 years ago

    Notice their was no GMO healthy food

  • CubeSnake
    CubeSnake 2 years ago

    This was produced by Herk Harvey, of "Carnival of Souls" fame....

  • Erin Parker
    Erin Parker 2 years ago +14

    Henry is my hero. Oysters, rutabagas, and a cake... Sounds like he was either shopping to audition for "Chopped" or he just smoked a big fattie. You go, Henry Slinkman!

  • That's me
    That's me 2 years ago +15

    Back in those days they sold quality frankfurters. I wonder if Henry's wife was hopeful she would get a quality frankfurter later that night.


    Oysters and jumbo turnips again!?
    What the fuck, Henry ... you do this shit every night! smh.


      Thank you for pointing that out.
      Maybe I can teach you little something if you'd like to read on...
      I write for a living, mainly tech manuals but I'm an educated writer. I try to write in a way that will flow for the reader by using what is called "cadence". That's a rhythmic movement in writing created by choosing and using certain words or their synonyms based on syllables and "decoding", which is the blending of letter sounds. All good writers do this naturally.
      "Rutabaga" and "jumbo turnips" have the same number of syllables. However, "rutabaga" is an "uncountable noun" which means the plural of "rutabaga" is "rutabaga", no "s" is required to describe a group of rutabaga. It's like the word "information".
      Saying "jumbo turnips again" has a better cadence than saying "rutabaga again". "sah" versus "ah ahh".
      It's such a minor detail for most but for me it's subconscious habit.
      And since I was just writing a joke I didn't feel any need to be so specific about what they were actually eating only that they've been eating whatever it is every night.
      There's your lesson on writing for the day, young lady. Hope you learned a little something from it :)

    • animecats77
      animecats77 Year ago

      ᏙᎠ ᎠᎰᏚᏟᎾᎡᎠᏙᏁᎢᎰᏙ ᏚᏤᏚᎢᎬᎷᏙ ᏁᎾᏚ ᏚᏙᏞᎢᏙᎢᎾᏒᎰᏴᏌᏚ were u guessing or do u not know the word rutabaga

    • Colt T
      Colt T Year ago +1


  • Quezbot Entertainment
    Quezbot Entertainment 2 years ago +1

    12 cents for a can of beans..fuck that!

  • Lisa Evans
    Lisa Evans 2 years ago +16

    Oysters, rutabagas, and white cake. Yum

  • Swagless P
    Swagless P 2 years ago +20

    Slinkman is out of control...

  • Jennifer Kosanke
    Jennifer Kosanke 2 years ago +79

    lmao who the hell impulse buys oysters?

    • Juci Shockwave
      Juci Shockwave Year ago +2

      A man who invaded and survived Normandy. Duh! Keep in mind the majority of adults in the US during 1950s survived 1930s Great Depression and 1940s WW2 as teens and young adults. They grew up in scarcity. Now they have all this abundance of food and items... it can be overwhelming. This video clearly was made and directed to that group to not splurge their hard earned cash freely like our modern day people are. We seriously need an updated version of this video to teach our kids about self control and being wise with money.

    • Erato IsYourMuse
      Erato IsYourMuse Year ago +5

      Ummm.... I do. It's guilty pleasure :)

    • That's me
      That's me 2 years ago +17

      Jennifer Kosanke Henry Slinkman does.

    • Health&Glitter
      Health&Glitter 2 years ago

      +Daniel Calzada lol

    • Daniel Calzada
      Daniel Calzada 2 years ago +3

      +CoonShoot I don't know why this is so funny.

  • Ogre
    Ogre 2 years ago +6

    If you look at the eye of the eagle on the film logo it looks like a hammer and sickle representing Communism.

  • Molly H.
    Molly H. 2 years ago +2

    how did i get here

  • videoblast
    videoblast 2 years ago +28

    Don't be a Henry Slinkman

  • connie ewing
    connie ewing 2 years ago +1

    How am I suppose to know what they look like?? If it is A,B, OR C!! It is in black and white?? I guess the answer some what right on those peaches!!

  • j.d. di giusto
    j.d. di giusto 3 years ago +1

    I like the Mussolini "M" in the lower right hand corner of the screen. : )

  • Kyoodo
    Kyoodo 3 years ago +2

    I mean if you didn't see the difference between grade A and grade C peaches depending on their taste and degree of ripeness - as shown in this picture - you're basically a terrible house wife. Or a terrible Henry. Screw you, Henry - by the way!

  • Tássia Aroucha
    Tássia Aroucha 3 years ago +28

    Watching this video made me save more money and Eat wisely. I really like those vintage videos, we can learn the real value of quality, instead of quantity.

    • j.denino57
      j.denino57 Year ago +1

      wmnoffaith1 Your bathrobe is older than most of the people commenting on this video!

    • wmnoffaith1
      wmnoffaith1 2 years ago +4

      I agree. I would rather my a Liz Claiborne dress at a thrift store for $5.00 which is brand new and still has tags, than buy a $15 rag from Walmart that won't survive 3 washing without the seams ripping. Quality is always better. I have a bathrobe that is silk paisley, 30 years old, that still looks like brand new.

    • Tássia Aroucha
      Tássia Aroucha 2 years ago

      No more "junkie food" for dinner... ;)

    • Michael Lee
      Michael Lee 2 years ago +1

      Golly Ms. A, it sounds like you'd make a swell housewife.

  • ackamack101
    ackamack101 3 years ago +3

    Where the hell was Henry's wife all day? Poor guy. He's learning to never go grocery shopping while hungry. He was working hard all day and the wife can't go shopping and prepare a meal? What was she doing? Henry being guilty of impulse buy is not his fault. He found out about impulse buying becaus his wife sent him shopping without a list when he was starving. Not Henry's fault.

    • MagnusOmegusYesBorisNo RFRR TBC ECT FURRIES
      MagnusOmegusYesBorisNo RFRR TBC ECT FURRIES 3 months ago

      You have to watch this again, Henry's wife told him to get "Anything good", so, she basically told him to buy anything.

    • PeachWookiee
      PeachWookiee 3 years ago

      +ackamack101 It probably should've been mentioned.

    • ackamack101
      ackamack101 3 years ago

      +PeachWookiee This is true. There may have been extenuating circumstances that weren't shown.

    • PeachWookiee
      PeachWookiee 3 years ago

      She might be sick.

  • elyseny
    elyseny 3 years ago

    I see. The wife is responsible for making the grocery money go farther. The man buys foolishly and impulsively. He probably rarely picks up groceries and has no list. No stereotypes here.

    • baashdi hobstocking
      baashdi hobstocking 2 years ago +1

      i rather like the lifetime sized bottles of advil it helps with headaches the wife gives me, i swear . . . .she is trying to break me....

    • wmnoffaith1
      wmnoffaith1 2 years ago +3

      Well I hate to add to a stereotype but most men are like this. It took 10 years of marriage to break my husband of shopping mistakes. I would give him $40 and say get 2 meats 2 side dishes 2 cans vegetables and a small bottle of Advil. I would explain that I would be doing full food shopping in 2 days and this money had to last 2 days. He would come home with 10 dollars of ice cream a 25 dollar life time supply of Advil and a jar of spaghetti sauce because he likes ice cream and spaghetti. No matter what I ever asked him to get he would buy the largest bottle they had.

    • PeachWookiee
      PeachWookiee 3 years ago

      This was made in the 1950s. More women didn't work outside the home. Men were much less likely to do the shopping.

  • Blaneʚ Steph
    Blaneʚ Steph 3 years ago

    I like the name Henry

    • jeffw1267
      jeffw1267 Year ago

      Nobody is named that anymore. Even when I was a kid there were no Henrys. It seems a shame.

  • dat Pianoguy
    dat Pianoguy 3 years ago +62

    fucking henry get your shit together

  • Furby Gender
    Furby Gender 3 years ago +4

    I had watched this video last year, it really helped me to get the best deals by looking at the price per ounce method and shelf life stability.

    • Lorien M
      Lorien M 2 years ago +6

      I agree. Have you noticed that the bulk items are starting to be more expensive per ounce then the small packaged items. Sometimes i buy a few of the small cans because it cheaper rather than buying in bulk.

  • Bonnie Kuhn
    Bonnie Kuhn 3 years ago +59

    Tired of the cake. Are you kidding????

    • Sean Furlong
      Sean Furlong Year ago

      It was a shop cake, keep in mind back in the 1950s the vast majority of cakes were cooked at home from scratch. The shop cake probably wasn't very tasty.

    • Tássia Aroucha
      Tássia Aroucha 3 years ago +5

      Bonnie, that's a mistery for me too! :)

  • retnavybrat
    retnavybrat 3 years ago +36

    Of course the details are out of date, but the general lessons from this still apply today.

    • chamboyette853
      chamboyette853 Year ago

      Except they never mentioned giving preference to good on sale.

  • John Booker's Full spectrum

    weird to see people WITHOUT a phone in their hand.

  • Kyoodo
    Kyoodo 3 years ago +19

    I love how colorful the grade A tomatoes were. I mean, you could practically taste the red!

    • MrWolfSnack
      MrWolfSnack 9 months ago

      Nah, that was the pesticide you were tasting. Does good for your bones! And when you sweat, no mosquitoes will touch you!

    • Jerald Collins
      Jerald Collins Year ago

      Actually, grocery store tomatoes in the 50s were forced ripened and tasted like Styrofoam.

  • Daniel Morse
    Daniel Morse 3 years ago +3

    The problem is most people today have no idea. They just go to taco hell and eat crap.

    • jeffw1267
      jeffw1267 Year ago +1

      People didn't exactly eat healthy back in 1950, either. Maybe there were less processed foods but people still ate lots of fatty meats and bacon and lard. My great-grandmother made her pies with lard and wouldn't think of substituting anything else. But she did live to be 92.

  • Beth Di Bartolomeo
    Beth Di Bartolomeo 3 years ago +7

    As a worker at Wal-Mart, let me say, lists do NOT always keep you from going $100-200 over what you had on the list.

    • CologneCarter
      CologneCarter 3 years ago +7

      +Beth Di Bartolomeo Making a list isn't enough. You have to stick to your guns and only buy what's on the list. Since it still common to pay cash in Germany, I have another trick as well. I just take a certain amount of money with me. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't spend more.

  • Frank Brazil
    Frank Brazil 3 years ago

    thises is for stupid poeple lol. i would hat to be born in the united stats of amrica. haha why theise show to thes??

  • Glenn Lindberg
    Glenn Lindberg 3 years ago +11

    henry burned a doobie before he went to the market....

  • StoneCold75
    StoneCold75 3 years ago +6

    1:00 How old is this housewife?.. She looks 16

    • StoneCold75
      StoneCold75 3 years ago +1

      +Zane Smith Shes most assuredly deceased and yeah

    • Zane Smith
      Zane Smith 3 years ago

      +owner 600 I bet if you saw what she looked like today, she wouldn't be a milf

    • blooduhz
      blooduhz 3 years ago +6

      Back in the 50's people tend to marry young as 16. But average first marriage for women is 20 years old during that era. My grandma said if you were still not married at 23, you are considered old and unwanted. haha oh how time has changes.

    • Cool 5.0
      Cool 5.0 3 years ago +3

      She's a milf

  • Mr. Hand
    Mr. Hand 3 years ago

    How are supposed to tell the taste and tenderness of graded products just by looking at them?

  • OrneryPossum
    OrneryPossum 3 years ago +92


    • My My
      My My Month ago


    • Juci Shockwave
      Juci Shockwave Year ago

      I was thinking the same upon seeing and hearing that. Henry worked all week and survived war. He deserves to be impulsive now and then, but this video isn't about that. It is about being economical and controlling impulses at times when you had to stick to the home budget of things. Keep in mind Henry grew up in times of rationing and saving. It took the US time to overcome such upbringing, but people still had to be careful about overspending. Nothing like todays' society, which people obsessed with overspending and buying it all on credit.... being impulsive everyday is the danger.

    • Mandy Simmons
      Mandy Simmons Year ago +2

      Ya gotta love a guy named Henry Slinkman. Oyster eh?? Wife better watch out. LOL

    • niftyswell
      niftyswell Year ago +6

      Cake and oysters otherwise known as Man-Chow.

    • Tom Yazel
      Tom Yazel 2 years ago +3

      long live Henry Slinkman...

  • Julietta Alice
    Julietta Alice 3 years ago +7

    I use grocery list and calculater.

    • CologneCarter
      CologneCarter 3 years ago +2

      +archstanton Actually most grocery stores don't mark individual items anymore. Too labor intensive, as you said. Instead there is a price label at the shelf. The label has to identify the item by name and producer, ie. Dole - Pineapple. It also shows the price of the product and in small print below that the price of either 100 g or 1 kilogram of said product. So it is easy to compare even if pineapples are sold in different size cans. This applies to non food items as well. Be it toothpaste, shoe polish or laundry detergent.
      Some companies try to cheat people by reducing the price and/or changing the form of the packaging and keeping the price. But at a closer look you see they also put less in than before. Which means the product actually costs more now. So it is always useful to check the price for 100 g/1 kilogram.
      As for my English. I do understand reasonably well. Some dialects give me trouble, but by and large I manage. Writing is somewhat harder as I tend to mix up German and English grammar. I have to re-read what I've written out loud in order to detect the most awkward sentences. And I am prone to stumble across those pesky words that sound the same, but are spelled differently - to, too, two for example. Spelling is a problem in general since I learned English mostly be listening to audio books. Speaking English is more of a problem, since I can't delete and make over what comes out at first try and pronunciation is most likely a dead giveaway. ;)

    • CologneCarter
      CologneCarter 3 years ago

      +archstanton I don't know about excellent, but it is more or less fool proof and for the most part as consumer friendly as possible - in my opinion. Others may feel different.
      I feel it makes a lot of sense to stick on price tags that show the actual price with the tax included, since that is what I have to pay whether I like the tax or not.
      Taxes on food in Germany are complicated and without rhyme or reason. They vary between 7% and 19% depending on what mysterious rule is applied. For instance potatoes are 7% and sweet potatoes are 19%. So since the average German has no clue what rules apply and if it is one or the other that applies it makes even more sense to have price tags with tax included.
      We do have options for cashless payment. Most common is using the ATM card. A lot of people like to use it, I don't. I usually carry only a fixed amount with me. It avoids impulse buying.
      People using government assistance usually pay the same way everyone else does. The either pay cash or use their ATM card. This is in order to avoid stigmatization. On rare occasions the odd one out will have to use a food voucher. Those are like a letter to be handed over at cash out and each is for one time use only. Only discounters will accept those and not all do. So it's a pain in the butt to find one who does. One can't get any alcohol or tobacco products with food vouchers and one has to plan purchases very careful in order to get as close as possible to the amount granted. If there is money left over, it won't be payed out in cash, so it goes to waste for dependent or saves the government some money, depending on one's point of view.
      The check out system in grocery stores is for the most part pretty fool proof. You trundle your cart to the check out point and put all items at one end of the checkout counter. The cashier scans the items and you put them back into your cart at the other end. While items are scanned you can monitor the pieces scanned and check the display of the cash register. The more modern systems show the price of the actual item and also constantly update the total so far. While the scanning is in process you can always interrupt and reject an item you feel you don't want anymore because it will bust your budget or shows a price different from the price tag on the shelf.
      The only way you may cause a traffic jam is if you discover you forgot any means to pay after the cashier pressed the payment button, because they have to reverse scan every item again. This will endear you to everyone waiting to get their turn almost as much as people who want to pay a large total using only small coins. ;)

    • CologneCarter
      CologneCarter 3 years ago +1

      +archstanton I love the way it's done in Germany. Here you win 100% of the time at the check out lane.

      If the price tag says 1.99 it is 1.99 tax included. This means one doesn't even need a calculator, roughly estimating usually gets you close enough, unless you flunked simple math.

      Coupons are rarely used here. If something is on sale it has to have a price tag that says so and gives the correct price.

      We have to bag without help. So it is common to take everything that passes the scanner and put it back in the shopping cart for efficiency sake and in order not to holdup the line.

      Once we have paid, we get the sales slip and stepping away a bit we may check it against our purchases if we feel the need. It's rare to find something to complain. If it happens it usually is that the reduced price for something on sale isn't updated in the scanning system. Oh and since it is common to pay cash you may want to check your change immediately before stepping aside. so no one can accuse you of having pocketed any change already. Mistakes are very rare since the amount of money handed over is typed in the cash register and it calculates the change you get back.

      Forgetting to bag something is hard to do when you do it yourself. It goes from the cart to the car if you are using any) or your shipping bag or shopping trolley. If the cart is empty you bagged everything.

  • ThesexyMrX
    ThesexyMrX 3 years ago +10

    Now days nothing is graded... everything claims to be the best im sick of it.

  • nimer e
    nimer e 3 years ago +5

    impulse buying has become the American way thanks to greedy corporations who pray on the public.

  • Victor Bond
    Victor Bond 3 years ago

    Henry sounds like a good name

  • Armpit Studios
    Armpit Studios 3 years ago +1

    That blonde is a little hotty. She can cook my supper any time.

    • αиɢɛlвʋииʏ
      αиɢɛlвʋииʏ 3 years ago

      +Armpit Studios Off your head today?

    • Armpit Studios
      Armpit Studios 3 years ago

      +*:・゚☆ρɛяғɛcт вʋииʏ ρяιиcɛƨƨ☆・゚:* Off your meds today?

    • αиɢɛlвʋииʏ
      αиɢɛlвʋииʏ 3 years ago

      +Armpit Studios On your period today?

    • Armpit Studios
      Armpit Studios 3 years ago

      +*:・゚☆ρɛяғɛcт вʋииʏ ρяιиcɛƨƨ☆・゚:* So? That makes no sense. And why does it make you LMAO? Do you start every post with LMAO? Probably. Idiot.

  • raerae7273
    raerae7273 4 years ago +53

    Oysters, rutabaga, and cake... Sounds like a normal meal, lol...

  • SuperKhill
    SuperKhill 4 years ago

    Was that a large dollop of butter on the T bone Steak? lol my poor artery

    • Sean Furlong
      Sean Furlong Year ago

      Saturated fat (the fat in meat and butter) isn't bad for you; trans fats (margarine and Crisco) are the fats that clog arteries and cause heart disease.

    • SuperKhill
      SuperKhill 3 years ago

      Yes, definitely more pure than today's food. However, with red meat you still get a high fat percentage.

    • Ursula Smith
      Ursula Smith 3 years ago

      the steak didnt have hormones in it, their food was always healthy.

  • Eszra
    Eszra 4 years ago +6

    I recently lost my mom on News Years Day. So now I take care of the house. She hated it but did it well to take care of it. She had OCD about cleaning, not a scared of germs or things, just it must be done now I"ll just complain that I'm tired later because I won't let anyone have a chance to help me. That was my mom.
    Other then that, we both loved going to the store. We lived with my Grandmother and did a lot for her. Mom hated it, but I loved it. Now that I've lost my mom I buy all the groceries myself. I also buy my Grandmothers things too. I always buy her the smaller can's of veggies. For me I buy both. A large one for the foods I love to eat the most, like spinach. Yum. Other can goods I only buy depending on the purpose. Because my Grandmother and I have limited budgets eating home made is pricey, but lucky for me I'm good at buying cheap and in proper sizes and good quality. Example, my Grandmother loves sandwich's so we need Mayo, I use it too so I get a large mayo so that I can make other things like Chicken, egg, or Macaroni salad. Lucky for us it might look like we waste a lot but really we waste very little. I just hope that my mom is proud of me for taking on all the things she both loved and hated.

    • Eszra
      Eszra 2 years ago

      +Loren Montespino Thank you. Don't worry I have my Grandmothers top recipes, her roasted chicken with veggies in Italian dressing gravy and her holiday cookies. Got them and they are not going anywhere but my recipe box.

    • Loren Montespino
      Loren Montespino 2 years ago +1

      Bless you for caring for your grandmother, I know it can be very hard. Learn all you can from her about home cooking, because that information is so valuable! If she cooks anything you really love, get her to write down the recipes, and if she is able, to let you watch ("help") her cook it. You will be glad you did later. I'm so sorry about your Mom. Mine is gone now too, and there are so many things I wish I had gotten recipes for and asked her about. But life and time go on. Hang in there! Best wishes to you!

    • Eszra
      Eszra 3 years ago

      +Bonnie Woodring Were very low. We will most likely be very low for a long time. Now if you take us both as two people, myself and my grandmother, I'm better at eating homemade, due to certain factors my Grandmother isn't able to as much as me, but I always make sure she's eating well. She 91 so she got the eating habit of a 7 to 9 year old with good manners. She doesn't throw tantrums but you can hear her displeasure over things on bad days even for food she loves sometimes.

    • Bonnie
      Bonnie 3 years ago

      Most excellent to know. I've been trying to put myself and my family on the path to real homemade food. I think it's one of the keys to the healthcare crisis in the US (not sure where you're at).