Adam Ruins Everything - Low-Fat Foods Are Making You Fatter

  • Published on Jul 19, 2017
  • Adam Ruins Everything - Adam busts some dietary myths wide open. Turns out fat isn't the only thing that makes you, well, fat.
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    Adam Ruins Everything - Adam Conover, CollegeHumor's resident know-it-all and major bummer, takes on society's biggest misconceptions.
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Comments • 8 610

  • mean bully
    mean bully Day ago

    i love the taste of Chalk and Styrofoam

  • human !
    human ! Day ago

    Bamboozled by the sugar industry

  • No Name
    No Name Day ago

    Thank god my childhood eat low sugar

  • Dinostorm55
    Dinostorm55 2 days ago

    Capitalism is just the worst

  • James VerHulst
    James VerHulst 3 days ago +1

    Just cut out Both, and excerise more often.
    The simplest solution is usually the best.

  • John Man
    John Man 3 days ago

    I just realised that you snapped the guantlet before thanos

  • Barış ALTUN
    Barış ALTUN 3 days ago

    Okay, then... What was fat industry doing back then?

  • TzoiEd
    TzoiEd 3 days ago

    Holy shit

  • FBI Undercover Loli
    FBI Undercover Loli 5 days ago

    They both fat themselves

  • Shane McInerney
    Shane McInerney 6 days ago

    Collage humour predicted Infinity War 3:40

  • Rohan Shetty
    Rohan Shetty 7 days ago

    Mr yudkins, I don't feel so good

  • Zoe Obua
    Zoe Obua 7 days ago

    These guys definitely don't have sponsors for this series

  • The mink
    The mink 7 days ago

    Who else is watching this while eating spoonfuls of sugar

  • Games & Stuff
    Games & Stuff 8 days ago

    Communism isn’t America’s enemy, it’s marketing!

  • Aras B
    Aras B 9 days ago

    Snackwells?, turns out it's really Turdwells!

  • Natplzye Gaming
    Natplzye Gaming 10 days ago

    3:40 infinite war spoilers with no context

  • Master Revali
    Master Revali 14 days ago

    Ever heard of metabolism, people?

  • Gaming & Animating Pigeon

    I like salt

  • xXwolf_playsXx
    xXwolf_playsXx 15 days ago

    3:39 basically the end of infinity war

  • Tristan Koivisto
    Tristan Koivisto 15 days ago +1

    3:40 :O thanos snap!!!!

  • Jaxon Powell
    Jaxon Powell 15 days ago

    Sugar may be terrible for your body, but meat and saturated fats directly cause heart attacks. You Adam are a wolf in sheep's clothing trying to hide the actual truth that people are literally eating themselves to death. I bet this fat actor will die of a heart attack just like many Americans, but you won't be laughing then.

  • baotoan nguyen
    baotoan nguyen 17 days ago

    I think it's common sense that foods that are stripped of their natural nutrients would be bad for you, it's just that people are too unaware of what society is doing and the way they're going about losing weight.

  • Big Doge
    Big Doge 17 days ago

    3:40 college humor guessing infinity war

  • Ruben Aguilar
    Ruben Aguilar 17 days ago

    3:40 Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good

  • Peachy_ Avacados
    Peachy_ Avacados 17 days ago


  • Fancy Horse
    Fancy Horse 19 days ago

    Also: if you eat fatty foods AND sugar, your body burns the carbs first and all that excess fat just raises your cholesterol.
    Bacon and eggs: good
    Bacon, eggs, toast, and OJ: not so much

  • NameYourUser
    NameYourUser 19 days ago

    Mr.stark i don't feel so good 3:39

  • Ded _pul
    Ded _pul 19 days ago

    I like this I actually learn stuff but school I learn nothing useful this is series is useful

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore 19 days ago


  • Izaak Cabacungan
    Izaak Cabacungan 21 day ago

    Yupkin: Mr. Adam, I don't feel so good

  • Radical Larry
    Radical Larry 21 day ago

    3:40 proof image of thanos snap in infinity war

  • H Kay
    H Kay 21 day ago +5

    3:40 one of the first victims of the snap
    (Avengers infinity war)

  • Aria Invictus
    Aria Invictus 22 days ago

    refined carbs and fat make people fat. one creates excessive insulin spikes and the other causes insulin resistance. Added sugars in refined food lack the water, fiber and nutrients when sugar is present in whole foods.

  • Dennis Müller
    Dennis Müller 23 days ago

    there is lowfat food without added sugar

  • Vulky
    Vulky 23 days ago

    Yudkin got Thanos snapped

  • Reupload hub
    Reupload hub 23 days ago

    4:52 lol that escalated quickly

  • Brooklyn Barker
    Brooklyn Barker 24 days ago

    I watch this as I eat a bunch of cookies

  • iiJ_mes
    iiJ_mes 25 days ago

    I'll send out this to my obese freinds

  • luke lee
    luke lee 25 days ago +3

    "These sugar coated capitalists" were just as covered in blood as any other parasitic capitalist.

  • Ivan Gonzalez
    Ivan Gonzalez 25 days ago

    Adams the type of guy to say vaccines cause autism

    • Mr.bleach
      Mr.bleach 21 day ago

      Why? Please do elaborate

  • Michaelflash123s stuff
    Michaelflash123s stuff 25 days ago +1

    Just like juice, margarine, and candy bars.

  • Joshey vlogs
    Joshey vlogs 25 days ago

    That jab at Paula Deen though.

  • Nerendiflyer880 x
    Nerendiflyer880 x 26 days ago

    3:40 he done a thanos

  • Viktor Maes
    Viktor Maes 27 days ago

    Can we get an F on chat for John Yudkin

  • foop
    foop 28 days ago

    3:40 Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good.

  • Jailee Studio
    Jailee Studio 28 days ago

    No wonder im not fat even if i eat meat 24/7 i only eat sugar 4/10 of the tine

  • snaif hassnan
    snaif hassnan 29 days ago

    3:39 Thanos snapped

  • Enkhee B
    Enkhee B Month ago

    Adam Ruins Adam

  • Finlay Lerpiniere
    Finlay Lerpiniere Month ago

    Infinity war spoiler lol

  • Timmy Anamation
    Timmy Anamation Month ago +1


  • Lucas Fonseka Koon
    Lucas Fonseka Koon Month ago

    Yudkin got Thanos snapped

  • Sgt.Howdy
    Sgt.Howdy Month ago +1

    there is something you cutting up.
    D O S H

  • Galixi
    Galixi Month ago

    He got thanosed

  • Coconut 505
    Coconut 505 Month ago

    Just add a little sugar. Me every time I make something

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell Month ago

    Wrong show, I know, but 'um, actually, Julius Ceaser would never have said 'Et tu, Brute?', as he would have spoken Classical Greek. Instead, he would have said 'και συ, Βρυτε?' (and you, Brutus?), or as Suetonis reported 'και συ, τενκον?' (and you, child?)'


    3:39 mr adam, i dont feel so good

  • Cat On Fire
    Cat On Fire Month ago +1

    *"Oh look, an egg timer!"*
    When my ADHD kicks in

  • Universe of Stupidity

    anyone else eating sugar right now

  • John Eskins
    John Eskins Month ago +2

    The real culprit is corn syrup. US industry needed to shift megatons of the stuff. Now it’s in everything, from yogurt to ketchup.

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez Month ago +1

    WRONG! Caloric surplus is what makes you fat. Period. End of discussion

  • Too busy dying to live
    Too busy dying to live Month ago +13

    Thank you for posting this video. More people need to know about this. Sugar also causes diabetes which has been on the rise, along with the insulin prices...

  • Sylvestor
    Sylvestor Month ago +3

    I sorta feel bad for that scientist dude. ;(

  • ItsChev notJeff
    ItsChev notJeff Month ago +1

    Adam predicts the avengers:infinity war ending

  • YouTube Official
    YouTube Official Month ago +1

    Wait so I can eat infanite McDonald’s and not be fat
    Seems legit

  • Ivan Cipta
    Ivan Cipta Month ago

    I eat sugar, meat, fat. Lot of things. I eat a lot
    Yet, i have no fat. 176 cm and 42 kg.
    I need some fat to cover up my muscles and bones. Pls help

  • Nathan Eaton-Benterud

    3:38 damn Thanos got to him

  • Common Knowledge
    Common Knowledge Month ago

    well Adam didn't say it cause things got racial (Martha stewert if you remember).
    Brown sugar is actually all Natural.
    White sugar is processed and is what actually causes heart disease and obesity.

  • Common Knowledge
    Common Knowledge Month ago

    To sum it up.
    sugar really does makes you a crack head.

  • alli14938
    alli14938 Month ago

    I love Adam Ruins Everything and I know he has a good point, but why keep saying "the sugar industry"?? Point fingers! Hershey's? Kellogg's? Mars? Who is behind this?

  • WertyBil
    WertyBil Month ago

    Hm ok
    Well I don't get it

  • WolfJarl
    WolfJarl Month ago +1

    Randian antics at their finest. If you have money, altered truth or lies become the truth.

  • Mr Pure Rage
    Mr Pure Rage Month ago

    3:40 thanos snapped

  • Lukas Graphen
    Lukas Graphen Month ago

    How can this video use a Infinity War meme in 2017? It should be physically impossible.

  • Mike G.
    Mike G. Month ago

    This one was good

  • *Enter witty username here*

    Breakdown of the comment section
    *99%* -Infinity War Jokes
    *1%* about the actual video

    • XxTheXboxNoobxX
      XxTheXboxNoobxX 7 days ago

      Luke Skywalker lol I was about to comment that

    • Luke Skywalker
      Luke Skywalker 10 days ago +1

      There were Infinity war jukes above and beneath this comment.

  • Nikkove Wolfe
    Nikkove Wolfe Month ago

    Jüdkin: "I don't feel so good..."

  • Raihan Hasbilla
    Raihan Hasbilla Month ago

    Carbohydrates, sugar, if they are much more than our body needs, they become fat

  • Raihan Hasbilla
    Raihan Hasbilla Month ago

    3:40 what have you done Thanos!

  • Isaac Holliday
    Isaac Holliday Month ago

    3:39 I dont feel so good

  • D Castera
    D Castera Month ago

    3:38 Oh SNAP

  • Logeenth: Live!
    Logeenth: Live! Month ago

    That moment when America is willing to kill their population with heart disease just for green

  • reagan eltus
    reagan eltus Month ago

    3:39 Adam I don't feel so good

  • Kajus Timofejevas
    Kajus Timofejevas Month ago

    3:12 youcan
    was right

  • REplay Games
    REplay Games Month ago

    3:40 Adam infinity war is not for another 1.5 years

  • RazorBlade
    RazorBlade Month ago

    💩Coming from a fat money hungry Adam. I didn't hear a solution, only yapping about blah blah.
    👉 We need to be a lot more active in our day to day

  • Fish The airsoft operator

    5:11 (watch till end screen) I think he’s addicted to sugar,or he’s buying the wrong white substance, well both are addictive.

  • Just An Average Animator

    sugar is just as adictive as cocaine...

  • Tom Bennett
    Tom Bennett Month ago

    Well, of course the corporations are always the bad guys! But, Adam, it’s a little more complicated than some crazy guy saying fat makes you fat! It was more of different people saying different kinds of fat were bad! When each fat ban didn’t end obesity, people began thinking all fat was bad, and corporations started removing fat in droves, making the sugar industry very profitable!

  • This guy is Mr skeleton from steam

    Sugar add fat because you also gain fat by eating rice (cuz there is the stuff.) so instant of eating low fat stuff. Eat salad fish and I’m not saying don’t eat meat but don’t eat it too much. Like eat the (red part)aka the non fat parts thing. On beef (beef is best) or chicken. by the way salad chicken is also good so eat that instant of other meat is healthy.
    Tuna chicken is good. Also a fish fat is actually good for your body so,,,,,,,, you should. Eat rice but only like this emoji 🍚 and salad with salad chicken or tuna chicken with lettuce

  • dudeguy 69
    dudeguy 69 Month ago +1

    So sugar is more addicted than cocaine

    So sugar *IS* cocaine

  • Benjamin Marritt
    Benjamin Marritt Month ago


  • Banana_Boy _Bob
    Banana_Boy _Bob Month ago

    3:39 * snap *

  • Coconutkat uwu
    Coconutkat uwu Month ago

    Adam tells the truth to people so they don’t waist money

  • Sad Lad
    Sad Lad Month ago

    this video is basically a shorter version of 'that sugar film'

  • Abi Chi
    Abi Chi Month ago

    "But where will the love go" - lmaoooooo

  • the crab empire
    the crab empire Month ago

    this proves communism is good

  • Joshguye
    Joshguye 2 months ago

    Replace fat with more sugar. Brilliant!

  • Nerfboi 123
    Nerfboi 123 2 months ago

    Rip sad scientist

  • Carlos Avelar Avelar
    Carlos Avelar Avelar 2 months ago

    3:25 snorts shugar

  • Bash Cannon
    Bash Cannon 2 months ago +1