How to Fix Punky Wood #128

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • Take a piece of rotten/punky wood and make a beautiful bowl using nothing but MinWax Sanding Sealer and sawdust, watch.
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  • Belia Krouse
    Belia Krouse Month ago

    I'm sure the best wood makers instructions is on woodprix website.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Month ago

      Wouldn't know about that. I do know that my method works like a charm. Thanks, Larry

  • Robert Miles
    Robert Miles 2 months ago

    Thanks for that video that really helped me a whole lot you make it look too easy though

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  2 months ago

      It is easy Robert. Don't be afraid to fail. Figure out what you did wrong and start again. Everytime and I mean everytime I have a problem or get a catch, I stop and find out what really happened and try not to repeat. That's how you make it look easy. Thanks and keep it up, Larry

  • Wile E. Coyote
    Wile E. Coyote 2 months ago

    A very nice bowl. Thanks for the process to get rid of the punkiness. Do you think a shellac based sanding sealer would do just as well? Thanks again.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  2 months ago

      It might work better, being that it will dry quicker. Thanks, Larry

  • Jerry Zakariasen
    Jerry Zakariasen 2 months ago

    Wow that is so impressive how you did that! The finish is amazing! Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  • Nicholas Gallo
    Nicholas Gallo 2 months ago

    Thanks. Really enjoyed your presentation

  • pvb123451
    pvb123451 2 months ago

    Larry ,I ave been tuning for 35 years and have turned a lot of punky white birch and others using Mix tung oil , soakin the blank over night and the next day it hardened the wood rock hard and turns easily and does not pull the grain , leaves a very smooth finish . Try a small piece of punky wood ,put in a dish with MW tung oil or equal and watch the wood sosk it up. Take it out of container ,drain , let it cure over nite or until it has cured then turn and see the results, it is amazing how it turns with no punkiness ,but as a hard piece

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  2 months ago

      Do not know what Mix Tung OIl is, Tung oil, yes, but mix with what? Thanks, will look at it. Larry

  • Trurex007 Lee
    Trurex007 Lee 4 months ago

    Very beautiful bowl. Thanks for the great tips, some of the best psalter wood that I have found is punky but with your technique I'm ready or tackle those chunks.

  • Roberta Hubert
    Roberta Hubert 4 months ago

    I am loving it.

  • Moon Woodworks
    Moon Woodworks 4 months ago

    That's very interesting, sanding sealer to harden up punky wood. Thanks for sharing. I cut some maple last night and found it extremely punky in the center and was afraid it was wasted. Now, I'm gonna try this trick. Thanks my friend. Mind if I reference you in my video as I attempt my maple bowl?

  • notatechie
    notatechie 5 months ago

    Punky wood is my favorite wood.

  • June Bingham
    June Bingham 5 months ago

    great video, can you tell me if you water down the sanding sealer or use it straight from the can please

    • June Bingham
      June Bingham 5 months ago

      @The Wood Whirler .thanks Larry, We can't seem to get the minwax water based sanding sealer here in Australia and I have been using Feast & Watson oil based which is quite thick so we dilute with what you call mineral spirits. Not sure I would get the same results using it

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  5 months ago

      June, I use it straight out of the can, it is pretty thin anyway. Thanks, Larry

  • mike pruett
    mike pruett 5 months ago

    ill have to try my d a also havent thought of it

  • wakely wanderer
    wakely wanderer 6 months ago

    I just finished a bowl using this method. It will be my go to way of turning spalted bowls from now on. Thanks for this information. Very useful.

  • Larry Jacobs
    Larry Jacobs 6 months ago

    Extremely informative thank you. I had this exact problem.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  6 months ago

      It works, you might have to do it twice. Thanks, Larry

  • Daryl Storer
    Daryl Storer 6 months ago

    New boy on the block, love your work mate, thanks for shearing cobber.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  6 months ago +1

      Welcome, you will love woodturning once you get going. Hint, watch all the woodturning videos you can. That's how I learned. Never had a lesson in my life. thanks, Larry

  • NinjaMel Gaming
    NinjaMel Gaming 7 months ago

    So you used the super glue and wood shavings for the cracks and then you used minwax sanding sealer and wood shavings and a second coat of sanding sealer? And that will be a good fix for punky and cracked wood?
    I think that asking the guys that have been doing this for longer than I've been alive is always better than going to the home depot or whatever local hardware store and asking some pimple faced punk that has no idea what they are talking about....

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  7 months ago

      Yes and Yes. No substitute for experience. Thanks, Larry

  • Ron Alcock
    Ron Alcock 9 months ago

    nice tutorial, I just watched another turner creating a bowl who should have watched this video first

  • Trevor Little
    Trevor Little 10 months ago

    Thanks I've got the very piece of timber I'm going to try that on.

  • Cougar125
    Cougar125 10 months ago

    Hey Larry! Great video. I'd never thought about using sanding sealer. I figured rough turn and then have the bowl stabilized before finishing. I'm going to have to try your way.
    As far as the cracks go, would you get a better fill/glue-up if you filled the cracks with sawdust and then used a thin CA to leech down into the crack?

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  10 months ago

      Thanks. CA is probably stronger, however the down side is that after CA no other finish/stain will take and it leaves a stain. With sealer you don't have that issue because you are using the sealer all over. The down side there is it is best to wait several hours before continuing. The sealer drys very hard. Take care, Larry

  • Dean Cramp
    Dean Cramp 10 months ago +2

    Friend, the damage you are forced to repair is caused by your carbide tools!..........if you use traditional gouges which cut the wood gently instead of scraping and tearing at it as the carbides do you'll find that you can get a clean undamaged finish.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  10 months ago +6

      What you are referring to is when I rough. I don't care about the rough finish. The next cut(s) using a shearing cut cleans up the finish as well if not better than traditional gouges. I am quite well adapted to the use of traditional tools. That is all I used for a long time before I started using carbides. I am very satisfied with my method. However, I do appreciate you opinion. And thanks for viewing, Larry

  • tony toomey
    tony toomey 10 months ago

    Hello Larry, just happened upon your video and enjoyed your presentation, explananotory, simplistic approach and easy listening. Bandsaw sawdust, such a simple but good idea, recycling sawdust that matches the piece, 2 birds with one stone as they say - which I'd seen this earlier ! ! Kind regards, Tony(UK)

  • hypnoray thompson
    hypnoray thompson 11 months ago

    really great video, cheers mate for posting. Have a good Christmas from across the pond.

  • Michael McCarty
    Michael McCarty 11 months ago

    I didn’t quite get the mixture you are using to stabilize the wood.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  11 months ago

      Minwax sanding sealer and saw dust or shavings. That's it, no more. Thanks, Larry

  • Steve Gunderson
    Steve Gunderson 11 months ago

    what are you putting on it Varnish, epoxy???

  • Cynthia Delafuente
    Cynthia Delafuente 11 months ago


  • Cynthia Delafuente
    Cynthia Delafuente 11 months ago

    What does punky men?

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  11 months ago

      That is just before it turns rotten, still soft but usable as you saw. Rotten is just gone, gone, gone. Thanks, Larry

  • Michael McCarty
    Michael McCarty 11 months ago +1

    Next time turning punky wood mix a good wood glue with water till it’s milky but not thick. Penetration and binds very well.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  11 months ago +1

      That works, but you don't get any color. I've tried that. I like my way better. Thanks, Larry

  • isa ibrahim
    isa ibrahim 11 months ago


  • John Olynyk
    John Olynyk 11 months ago

    I really enjoyed your video, thanks for sharing, Can I ask what kind of stamp did you use at the bottom, and where can I get one?

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  11 months ago

      It's not a stamp, it's burned with a laser. Here's a link to my video on it,
      Thank you, Larry

  • Todd Weller
    Todd Weller 11 months ago

    Great job! It looks awesome! I just subscribed!

  • Glen Rugh
    Glen Rugh 11 months ago

    That is a really Beautiful piece you've turned there and I really appreciate all the tip's you give during the whole process . May I inquire as to how much you would be willing to sell that piece for ? Again you did a really nice job on this as with so many of your other work's of Art . Thank You for sharing your talent's with the rest of us out here .

    • Glen Rugh
      Glen Rugh 11 months ago

      @The Wood Whirler Oh , Ok Larry . Thank You for the response . Keep up the great work .

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  11 months ago +1

      Sorry I don't sell my work. Thank you, Larry

  • Silvie Sturmova
    Silvie Sturmova 11 months ago

    Very nice. Thank you for the video. I definitely try the sealer on my another bowl project

  • Jim Jakosh
    Jim Jakosh Year ago

    Nice job. I tried some of the rotton wood treatment that soaked through the wood but it was a ll gummy and I could not sand it ever after week. I threw it away and the bowl!!

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago

      If you used Minwax sanding sealer, it should have dried. Was you rot wet? Other than that, it beats me, never had that problem. take care, Larry

  • Giorgio Palmas
    Giorgio Palmas Year ago

    Wow- looks like marble!

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago

      Thank you sir, Larry
      P.S. The problem with turning off the auto focus is that I forget to turn it back on, then it is really fuzzy. So I just leave it on.

  • gary witkin
    gary witkin Year ago

    where did he get the round plastic multi-size centering piece to use next on his band saw? Anybody know?

  • Edwin Leach
    Edwin Leach Year ago

    Great idea. Will do this in my own shop. Thanks for the videos.

  • kraig post
    kraig post Year ago

    great bowl Larry, i am also a wood turner and its your lathe that really have my eyes on i think you should buy a new one and throw your old one my way lol.

  • AffordBindEquipment

    is breathing those spalting and punking spores a good idea?

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago

      I don't recall smelling anything. I guess if you smelled enough of it every day for 20 years it might not be a good idea, otherwise I don't let it bother me. Take care, Larry

  • gregonline6506
    gregonline6506 Year ago

    I like your calm way of explaining things. Thx for sharing.

  • Maryke Dykhuizen
    Maryke Dykhuizen Year ago

    Beautiful work and good info. Thankyou

  • Ron Alcock
    Ron Alcock Year ago

    great stuff Larry, I watched part two of this first, thanks for your tips keep em coming please. Ron

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Month ago

      Boy, I sure missed this one a year ago, thanks anyway, Larry

  • Arturo Verde
    Arturo Verde Year ago +4

    It all looks great 👍,but !!,you are not really fixing the punky wood ,only covering it over ?and a massive failure could still occur. PS thanks for the “”no music” tutorial.🦖

    • Uncle Tim
      Uncle Tim 10 months ago

      @The Wood Whirler That does work. Mostly I'm finishing stair treads etc and by the time I do 2-3 they are already dry. Can't imagine Hot humid Georgia summers have any thing to do with that :) But that is a good observation Larry, take them out and wipe off the excess.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  10 months ago

      @Uncle Tim I don't get a white residue, you wipe it off before it dries. Larry

    • Uncle Tim
      Uncle Tim Year ago

      You could try a 3x3 piece and let it soak for several hours in the water based sealer. Then take it out pat it dry. Let it air dry for a couple hours, cut it in half and see how deep the sealer penetrated. It would give you a good idea how long you may need to let a piece soak for full penetration. This would be similar to soaking in a wood hardener, just much cheaper.

    • Uncle Tim
      Uncle Tim Year ago +1

      @The Wood Whirler Yes it does. That is a big down side of the oil based. Typically I let it dry overnight. Not one hour like the water based. I don't get the white residual from oil based like you get from water based. That's a plus. But you need to be working on multiple pieces or the long dry time can drive you crazy. I don't often use sanding sealer for turning unless I plan to put on a poly finish. Which I use a lot on bigger pieces and CA on small pieces like pens and ornaments.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago

      @Uncle Tim Does the oil based dry a lot slower?

  • Phillip Musich
    Phillip Musich Year ago

    Larry, I very much enjoyed this video and it presents a way for improving my finish of spalted maple bowls. However, the contents of the Minwax sanding sealer seem like there may be toxicity worries if it is used to finish making bowls that will contain food. Is this a problem, or are bowels finished this way safe for serving/displaying food?

    • Robert Schedler
      Robert Schedler 10 months ago

      Phillip Musich b8

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago +1

      I think it's food safe. It is water based. I think maybe any finish is food safe given the proper time to fully cure. My opinion is that people tend to over react to "food safe". Even if it weren't food safe, you would probably have to eat 1000 gallons of salad or whatever to hurt you. Just my 2 cents worth. Thanks and take care, Larry

  • Ryan Bombard
    Ryan Bombard Year ago

    I just finished a spalted maple that had a nice void in it. Filled with sawdust and CA glue. It got so hot, so fast that it actually took flame. Gave me a little mini heart attack.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago +1

      I guess you learned that you can't use much CA at a time. Need to layer it, one layer at a time. Wait until you get a blob of CA on your skin that you can''t get off. Cooking time!!!, Take care, Larry

  • Kevin burrows
    Kevin burrows Year ago

    Very pretty bow 👍. 🇬🇧

  • Edward Wargo
    Edward Wargo Year ago +1

    Hey Larry,
    I just happened to find your video on punky Holly. I recently came across punky Holly and after turning it down to toothpick size trying to get past the punky I tossed it into the firewood pile.
    I have two questions:
    Is the sanding sealer the only adhesive being used to hold the saw dust onto the bowl?
    Would a mixture of Shellacl, Denatured alcohol, and BLO work as the sealer?
    I am always appreciative of the time guys like you have given to share and advance knowledge in the crafts.
    Ed W

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago

      Sanding sealer is it. Sure your sealer would work. But, seems to me a lot of trouble for the same result as I get with Minwax. Thanks and take care, Larry

  • Ron Alcock
    Ron Alcock Year ago

    Nice job Larry

  • Beau st john
    Beau st john Year ago

    very nice work larry!

  • Ron Roberts
    Ron Roberts Year ago

    Hi Larry, greetings from from Australia. Thanks for sharing your work, that bowl process was amazing. Can you tell me please the ingredients of the sealer.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago

      I looked on the can and it doesn't list the ingredients. It's MinWax Sanding Sealer. It's water based. I get mine from Amazon about $50 US for a gallon. Here's the link. Take care, Larry

  • nick dispensa
    nick dispensa Year ago

    good job

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago

      Thanks Nick, it works for me. I like it better than using CA glue, not near as expensive and works. Take care, Larry

  • Larry Rizzo
    Larry Rizzo Year ago

    Your tips on repairing pulpy wood and the use of wood sealers was very helpful to me.

  • Anthony Cammilleri

    Larry, what kind of scraper did you use in the video? Is that a carbide cutter attached to an old HSS scraper?

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago

      No that's a home made tool I call the "Beaver". Here's the video I made on it a couple of years ago. I should be selling them in a few months., Thanks, Larry

  • Angel Luis
    Angel Luis Year ago +1

    Mi amor.

  • Angel Luis
    Angel Luis Year ago

    Mi amor

  • Paul Gibson
    Paul Gibson Year ago

    Larry, I know you published this video months ago, but life and work being what it is, I haven’t stood at my lathe at all during that time. I am spending a little time now catching up on what I’ve been missing. This video is just the inspiration I needed to make the time to get back there. I’ve had spalted pieces of a large branch that broke off one of my trees a couple years ago sitting in my rack for a couple years. I had tried working with a chunk and couldn’t overcome the punkiness. Now I know what to do, thanks to your video! Also, I’ve decided that I need a Beaver. Do you mind if I copy your design? Thanks again for your effort in putting together these videos for us.. Paul

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  11 months ago +1

      Yeah, that's sort of on hold. Go ahead and make you one if you want. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Larry

    • Paul Gibson
      Paul Gibson Year ago

      Oh wait. Now I see in the following video that you will be selling the business end of the Beaver! That’s perfect! I’ll go figure out how to buy one. Thanks again, Larry!

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller Year ago

    Great informative video. Awesome bowl.

  • Charles Odom
    Charles Odom Year ago

    Loved the way it turned out and thank u for the tip. About ready to give some a try.

  • Gary Dowley
    Gary Dowley Year ago

    This is great! Thank you. Would you please tell me about that monster cutting tool? It sure can make some chips.

    • The Wood Whirler
      The Wood Whirler  Year ago

      Yeah, that's my beaver. Hope to be selling them soon. Keep watching, I will do a video on it again when they are ready. Here's the original video. Thanks, Larry

  • RJsWoodcraft Metalcraft

    Nice job. I can see that I need to be more patient on the application of my sealer. I need to quit rushing it. I have been using the wood hardener. I will switch to your way. Good lesson. Thanks

  • art Gustafson
    art Gustafson Year ago

    Very nice bowl, thanks for the information on the wood sealer and sharing.