Black pearl. Trailer.

  • Published on Sep 26, 2017
  • Unique project, fantastic design, speed and elegance, brand-new Y-712 on Louis XIX channel

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  • a p
    a p Hour ago

    mines better

  • Hal
    Hal 2 days ago +1

    the man is living the life... dating a girl 40 years his junior and cruising the seas in such a beautiful yacht... two things you can only afford if you are really rich

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 2 days ago

    10k price tag

  • POSITIVE Negatives
    POSITIVE Negatives 3 days ago

    single handed sailing ? no problem. cool boat.

  • MrKramble
    MrKramble 3 days ago

    It will take me a lot of time.. but the first episode of rebuilding the Fletcher is with English subtitles right now !! Check it out:

  • D Stuart
    D Stuart 4 days ago

    Motor boat a-holes are such snobs about sail (below). It's because all they know to do is turn a key and drive drunk into the sunset. They wouldn''t know a sheet from a bed sheet. This is a piggy boat, but it's cool the super rich are building big sailboats again and saying a symbolic f.u. to fossil fuels.

  • P K
    P K 4 days ago

    Dutch glory

  • Lilac Tortoise
    Lilac Tortoise 4 days ago

    Three mast sailing ship......brand new concept....never been done before.....pffft

    • KrakenUnleashed
      KrakenUnleashed 4 days ago

      what concerns me is that I only see 3 mast fully square rigged, even with all the rotation it would make the ship heels a lot and it would looks way better with some staysails in beetween masts, especially for a 3-masts square rigged ... and it would be way more agile downwind, also no even a bowsprit too, well well well

  • steamgeezer
    steamgeezer 4 days ago

    The Black Pearl was of the Onedin line, one of few steamers. She was taken by pirates and James and his officers were adrift in the lifeboat. Come on chaps, it was only forty years ago. I recall Jim Baines telling James Onedin, dont worry sir she won't go far I put sand in the engines.
    Good stuff or what.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 4 days ago

    Why the coin at the bottom of the mast?

  • ryan fish
    ryan fish 5 days ago

    Not expensive enough for me

  • Господин Пабло

    Великолепная яхта. Просто космос.

  • Владислав Богомолов

    Is it the Nikolay II coin?

  • Penny Foreman
    Penny Foreman 5 days ago

    Shes beautiful

  • 音乐疗愈
    音乐疗愈 6 days ago


  • Joey Jamison
    Joey Jamison 6 days ago +3

    Remember...if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

  • Ob1sdarkside
    Ob1sdarkside 6 days ago +1

    To be able to run a modern vessel, with all the modern gadgets and technology that goes in to it with no fuel used is impressive.

  • Ob1sdarkside
    Ob1sdarkside 6 days ago


  • Erik
    Erik 6 days ago

    Will it blend? That is the question.

  • Peter benn pan
    Peter benn pan 6 days ago +1

    Looks like a modern day pirate ship!

  • reef37
    reef37 7 days ago

    Love at first sight

  • MusicClassicalVideos
    MusicClassicalVideos 7 days ago +21

    Proudly owned by Russian oligarch Oleg Burlakov purchased with the money stolen from Russian people.

    • who cares
      who cares 5 days ago

      As where most "oligarchs" came from.

  • Flumpi
    Flumpi 7 days ago

    yeah ... but its so ugly

  • Dan McCarthy
    Dan McCarthy 8 days ago

    No fuel use? I can do that in my Kayak, carry some cargo and show us no fuel use.

  • pastor of muppets
    pastor of muppets 8 days ago

    Beware of the Kraken

  • 112477fm
    112477fm 9 days ago

    Noah's ark: how many live stock can yours hold
    Black pearl: kets go back to the drawing board

  • Angelo Seghesio
    Angelo Seghesio 9 days ago


  • David
    David 10 days ago

    3:48 She looks even nicer without the masts...

  • Bob smarts
    Bob smarts 11 days ago +2

    1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue,
    sponsored by Evinrude lol

    • Greg Dimas
      Greg Dimas 7 days ago

      The Vikings did it before Columbus did.

  • Sasha Z
    Sasha Z 11 days ago

    God I want to be as rich as the owner of this yacht!

    • Darren Kastl
      Darren Kastl 8 days ago

      You might want to get started asap! Make sure you only eat one meal a day, that'll get you there quicker.

  • E620SE
    E620SE 11 days ago

    I bet its slower than a cat

  • Frogman Smith
    Frogman Smith 12 days ago

    I never thought I'd actually want to fuck a sailing yacht.

  • john marker
    john marker 13 days ago

    8 minutes to explain nothing

  • Discharge Summary
    Discharge Summary 14 days ago

    @ 00.03 I spy a chemtrail

  • immanuel legend
    immanuel legend 14 days ago

    It's long like a ferry boat but it can accomodate just 12 people!

  • Аб Абырвалг
    Аб Абырвалг 15 days ago

    Это не Черная жемчужина. Это Черная каракатица хаха😂

  • 00.00.01
    00.00.01 15 days ago

  • 00.00.01
    00.00.01 15 days ago

    Maltese Falcon yacht !!!!

    9 LAZARUS 16 days ago

    Ugly ugly and, ugly... You take it anywhere, and you're noticed everywhere...

  • Sedonascape
    Sedonascape 16 days ago

    Copied from ancient China ocean going vessal, what a shame.

  • NotMyGuns
    NotMyGuns 16 days ago

    I bet they make you take off your shoes to enter....does the captain even have to know basic seamanship or does he just program the computer to set sail? Kinda takes the fun out of it huh?

  • Veixios
    Veixios 16 days ago

    haha wtf, i thought it was a new Priates Of The Carrabien movie lol

  • Ronald Arthur Dewhirst
    Ronald Arthur Dewhirst 16 days ago +3

    Jacques Cousteau built something similar as far as I remember. I think the mast bearings failed. Bailed out at 3:00 due to intrusive music score - why do interesting videos get spoiled by soundtracks?

  • ram64man
    ram64man 16 days ago +1

    Interesting craft but I wonder how well it would handle major Atlantic storm, in storm force 5 or higher conditions using wind alone

  • Regis Riley
    Regis Riley 17 days ago +2

    Honestly that's the most beautiful yacht because burning no fuel and having the huge sails is so luxurious.

  • henrik Slotta
    henrik Slotta 17 days ago

    Knusperfotzeknaben jaja!!

  • Edward Diaz
    Edward Diaz 17 days ago +1


    JACKIE MOON 17 days ago

    You don't get to see the inside, everything is an optional extras so the boat really coast 100000x more.

  • Derek1978
    Derek1978 19 days ago

    that boat is ugly AF

  • best vip
    best vip 20 days ago

    Music is terrible 😭 c'mon guys

  • Shane C Hostetler
    Shane C Hostetler 21 day ago

    I think it looks better without the masts.

  • OlymPigs2010
    OlymPigs2010 21 day ago +1

    .....It looks like an Anorexic Chinese Junk !

  • XxAtomic646xX
    XxAtomic646xX 21 day ago

    is the coin in the hole of the mast some come of sailor good luck charm?

  • PLO 8
    PLO 8 21 day ago +14

    We're predicting we can do transatlantics - no fuel use."
    Christopher Columbus: "Hold my Beer"

  • Acme 05
    Acme 05 22 days ago


  • TheGolfdaily
    TheGolfdaily 23 days ago

    She is the most STUNNING mega sailing yacht I have seen to date!
    Congratulations to all the people who have worked on the project and the owner! 👍

  • Haim Ben Avraham
    Haim Ben Avraham 23 days ago

    O.k I'll take it.

  • Andaril
    Andaril 23 days ago +1

    Scared to ask how much lol

  • First Last
    First Last 24 days ago

    But can it do this? *Folds Pewdiepie chair down full 180degrees flat* Your Move Black Pearl...

  • sick pork
    sick pork 24 days ago +1

    looks exactly like the Maltese Falcon which has been around for a couple decades

  • Doris Berns
    Doris Berns 24 days ago

    Amazing view

  • Carobinson Robinson
    Carobinson Robinson 25 days ago

    Impressive , what dose the inside look like?

  • Farm Dog
    Farm Dog 25 days ago

    I remember so clearly it was the mid seventies the world was facing a fuel shortage big news at the time. I was attending school in New Zealand. One of he class subjects for obvious reasons became fuel saving idea's. We all had our idea's mine was to stop racing vehicle's ironically something i ended up doing later on. No one in the class suggested going back to sails until it was the teacher's turn to give his idea. This is the part i remember clearly when he asked us what about Ocean liner's? after all our country is surrounded by oceans and they use a lot of fuel getting here but we all looked puzzled. This is when the teacher said you will see Ocean Liners with sails in the future, i think most were still puzzled. Sad but the teacher has past but his prediction is showing signs to becoming fact. It's funny technology is moving fast but those idea's always find reason's to never happen.

  • Giacomo Lavino
    Giacomo Lavino 25 days ago


  • Daphne_488
    Daphne_488 26 days ago

    holy sh**! 👀

  • RE Haylock
    RE Haylock 26 days ago

    I'll just get my cheque book!

  • Takuyiddin Biruni
    Takuyiddin Biruni 27 days ago

    Kullanmadığın zamanlarda bende kalabilir mi?

  • Michael Mayes
    Michael Mayes Month ago

    yes the vikings did do it , but not in such style, they had to row part of the way whilst this ship could do it all the way without oars. If you look at this ship it is marvellous that such a big vessel can travel so far on a zero carbon footprint, other than what it caused to make it. I love it.

  • ian long
    ian long Month ago +2

    When I heard "we can do transatlantic with no fuel use" I was impressed. Then I remembered it was a sail boat and we have been doing that for centuries

  • Hambo Nesome
    Hambo Nesome Month ago

    30 knots...prove it..!