This Is Why DC Has A Brighter Movie Future Than Marvel

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
  • Will The DCEU Surpass The MCU?
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    Everyone knows that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the heavy-hitter when it comes to raking in money at the box office. But let’s not forget about the DC Extended Universe! Now that fan favorite MCU characters like Iron Man and Black Widow are gone, could the DCEU manage to emerge victorious? We all know the Infinity Saga was quite the accomplishment but now that Avengers: Endgame is over it seems like the DCEU might actually have a chance. Forget about the Justice League movie and think about how many great comic book characters there are on that roster including the Green Lantern, Batman, and Superman. Phase Four might sound exciting but there are some reasons to be apprehensive about it. While movies like Birds of Prey might actually be able to go the distance and get people excited about the DCEU. The new Disney+ streaming shows could be great or they could end up taking some of the best characters out of the films we have come to love so much!
    What do you think about the future of these two popular movie franchises? Do you think one will manage to surpass the other or will the onset of superhero fatigue will prevent either from reaching their full potential? Make sure to tell us what you think will happen in the comment section, and let us know which side you’re rooting for! Then click on the subscribe button to get access to more of the latest and greatest videos from us here at CBR.
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Comments • 3 913

  • Paul Arancis
    Paul Arancis 2 hours ago

    90% MARVEL
    10% DC
    the guy cannot build up DC without comparing it to Marvel's successes. He himself is not a smart speaker.

  • Sub 2 pewds !!!!! _
    Sub 2 pewds !!!!! _ 3 hours ago

    short answer- it isn’t
    even shorter answer- Brie Larson as Captain marvel

  • j105isanthosh
    j105isanthosh 5 hours ago

    dc u r joking

  • VzG_VybZz
    VzG_VybZz 6 hours ago

    U haven't seen phase 4 and phase 5 movies did u

  • Thembinkosi Brian Sibanda

    uyanya lo

  • Saurabh Gajjar
    Saurabh Gajjar 17 hours ago

    lol what's goku and vegeta doing in marvel poster at 0:34

  • the derp samwich

    0:08 wasn't dc more popular when it started

  • Connie Neko
    Connie Neko Day ago

    im way more a dc fan. marvel is okay but i just like the dc characters and thier stories better. the dc stories are mostly darker than marvel. but i do admit that dc movies can be shitty due to low budget etc. i hope dc starts releasing more movies like wonder woman and joker

  • GeekX sir
    GeekX sir Day ago

    For a video that’s supposed to be about DC you said a lot about the MCU and how it could fail after Endgame. Way to stay on topic with your title 👎🏽

  • Mark Llerena
    Mark Llerena Day ago

    Title: DC having a brighter movie future than marvel..
    Me: waits for the ad.

  • Dragone Flix
    Dragone Flix Day ago

    so essentially the argument is marvel did something ballsy by killing off iron man and cap, and now the DCEU can just copy what marvel has done to beat them... like what they have been trying to do, and yes they stole a marvel director but again... its a marvel director so again there only success is copying marvel. i think super hero fatigue will set in before DC even gets the chance to make a come back. my bet is that super hero movies will start to slow down in the next 4 years, will become a super hero nerd fandom only thing by 6 years and then become no longer profitable by 7-8 years.

  • Hammad Khan Khan

    Your video made hollow in my gut like a tension about marvels future

  • Steve Nightfall
    Steve Nightfall Day ago

    CBR : "This Is Why DC Has A Brighter Movie Future Than Marvel"
    Everyone else: "...why?"

  • King Brown
    King Brown Day ago

    Comics😂😂😂😂 both Marvel and DC will be fine I love both.

  • Irfaan Talukder
    Irfaan Talukder Day ago

    If genies were real
    I would want to make one wish to make mcu supireror forever

  • Arkamedix
    Arkamedix 2 days ago

    DC has better good characters (Sups, Batman,Flash,The Martian,Aquaman,Cyborg,Wonderwoman, Teen Titans, Hawk species, Green Lantern and the Corps, Dr. Fate + Zatana and the other "mages", and so many more) and they also have the best villains (Joker, Brainiac, Doomsday, Darkseid,Lex Luthor,Vandal Savage,Grodd, and many more). Also they have a good "history" in animation movies and series, topic that Marvel lack a lot.
    To be honest, untill MCU Avengers movie i never knew about Thanos and what a important villain he is in the Marvel Universe. That was the first time i heard about him.
    I am a huge fan of "superhero" movies or animation and sadly, untill MCU movies appeared, i didn't knew about MCU heroes. The only one i knew before the MCU movies was the X-men franchise and Hulk.
    DC has huge potential to crush MCU in box office if they start to do properly a series of movies. If they would hire young and new cast actors, they could make a series of 20-30 movies in a span of 7-10 years from now. I hope they will do that, because i love DC characters.

  • Jeff Dodd
    Jeff Dodd 2 days ago

    If done right black adam, and esp injustice league were they face earths best then darkseid &steppenwolf get full powerpoost bring in aries and hercules .

  • Ryan Page
    Ryan Page 3 days ago

    My opinion is Marvel shouldn't of killed off iron man permanently... super hero's and action hero's shouldn't be dying permanently… this is what goes on with all movies now.. the good guys die.. just makes films depressing, pointless to have watched it and very sad that the good guy/s won but does not get to live the rest of there life for what they fort for ... if I wanted such I would watch drama thrillers and horrors... DC films im quite a fan of the all the batman and superman movies from late 70's until now... especially the Dark Night series I really enjoyed them... DC and MARVEL have produced some amazing films.. looking forward to watching Joker... Heath Ledger's joker was really good,, proper gripping... Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor I like a lot of films he's in.. Joker 2019 is gona be great...

    • Ryan Page
      Ryan Page 2 days ago

      @Le Person I know Iol I just haven't watched it yet...

    • Le Person
      Le Person 2 days ago

      It makes since with their story arc. They want spiderman to lead the avengers. This type of tragedy is always what sets super heroes on that path, and it's working so far.
      P.S. Joker already came out?

  • Jonathan Fanba
    Jonathan Fanba 3 days ago


  • crazydaveo3
    crazydaveo3 3 days ago

    Me: (reads title)

  • sujin suresh
    sujin suresh 3 days ago +1

    DC or Marvel whatever it may be . Don't bring Joker in between these superhero movies and stop comparing it . Does anybody thinks that joker is a superhero ? He's just a psychopath villain.

    • Le Person
      Le Person 2 days ago

      Superhero movies don't need a superhero main character. Look at Venom, Deadpool, or anything else like it.

  • leone ochieng
    leone ochieng 3 days ago

    Wow they just took fanboyism to a whole new level.

  • Clasher X - Clash Of Clans

    Was DC Even Paart Of This Video? All I Heared Was Marvel

  • baby yoda
    baby yoda 3 days ago

    A movie doesn’t have to be funny to be good (joker proved that)
    So let marvel do kid friendly movies
    We want dark movies from dc....

    • Le Person
      Le Person 2 days ago

      Look at where that's gotten us. Everyone wanted a dark movie and we got that with Zack Snyder. It messed with so much and made some of the worst DC movies

  • KR/Legos
    KR/Legos 4 days ago +1

    I want more stand-alone movies. The Extended universes are getting kinda boring. Crisis was anticlimactic and we need more one-offs like Joker and The Batman.

  • Danny Benhur
    Danny Benhur 4 days ago

    If Warner bros had good planning, Crisis on Infinite Earths would have been in theatres...

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 4 days ago

    hi there

    • Le Person
      Le Person 2 days ago

      I'm actually watching a playthrough of gta 5 again. Huh

  • ABD creations
    ABD creations 4 days ago

    bro shut up

  • Kshitij Tiwari
    Kshitij Tiwari 4 days ago

    you have made no point

  • wuaffiliate
    wuaffiliate 4 days ago

    Marvel is organized and consistent. DC is literally the opposite. They will never be able to compete until they get their heads out of their asses and build a viable DCU.

    • Le Person
      Le Person 2 days ago

      They need to ditch Zack Snyder and keep Todd Phillips

  • Garkis Bloodlust
    Garkis Bloodlust 4 days ago

    Captain Marvel sucks but besides her the MCU is way better then DC.

  • karen Boone
    karen Boone 4 days ago

    If dc started making great movie along side marvel, i don't think marvel would have been as successful. Why should they compete. Give marvel with the less popular characters time to shine. dc characters are all ready household names and can drawl in the big bucks. The names might be different but the people with stock in both companies don't want there money to compete. Now its dc's turn.

  • Sean Im
    Sean Im 5 days ago

    6:03 wait wait wait John Cena is in the new Squad??
    Now i gotta look this up.

  • Vikalp Gupta
    Vikalp Gupta 5 days ago

    I played Roblox

  • Gearoid Collins
    Gearoid Collins 5 days ago

    What a pointless video

  • Alan Ponce
    Alan Ponce 5 days ago


  • David Bush
    David Bush 5 days ago

    Talk about the mcu the whole ass vid I got baited

  • w41duvernay
    w41duvernay 5 days ago

    Who came up with this post Don't make me laugh. If you sad tv shows, I could have taken you seriously.

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith 5 days ago

    Jesus these newscaster sounding yters are everywhere

  • thestunningneil
    thestunningneil 6 days ago

    This is probably the dumbest argument 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Bailey Murphy
    Bailey Murphy 6 days ago +1

    Oh yeah, after 17 more Batman and Superman reboots! DC future is looking great... 👎 Fucking CBR, man. Leave it to them to make the shittiest videos. (Full disclosure: I’m a DC fan, but I’m also a realist and have knowledge of Warner Bros track record) People are going to get tired of watching the same characters being used over and over again. 🤷‍♂️

  • Reece De Rosa
    Reece De Rosa 7 days ago

    Beats Avatar by releasing a directors cut with a poorly cgi hulk which still means avatar is the superior movie

  • munchkin1276
    munchkin1276 7 days ago

    Did nobody that catch they a green lantern daredevil for green lantern

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 7 days ago +3

    Marvel : "We have a Hulk"
    DC Universe : "We have... The Joker"
    Joker : "Wanna hear a joke, marvel ?"
    Marvel : "oh God, no... He's gonna shoot us like he did to Murray! "

  • Creative Destruction God

    😂😂😂 so much cap

  • donDanieru6590
    donDanieru6590 7 days ago

    now marvel is taking breaktime enjoying infinity war / endgame box office's money, n getting ready to take next big leap again, while watching dc getting hype of the joker film, saying "hey dc, hurry up n catch up with us now..."
    come on dc, im a marvel fan, but didnt u see the path marvel had make...?
    learn from ur failure dc, let those director make their movie with their own style...

  • Metin Tatari
    Metin Tatari 7 days ago

    Brighter future because Batman gonna sparkle when he is out in the sun?

  • EasternK1ng
    EasternK1ng 7 days ago

    This is why CBR RU-clip channel hates the great Marvel movies and loves the boring DC movies. Or maybe this RU-clip channel is being paid by someone to promote DC movies 😛😛😛🤮🤮🤮

  • Ashish Kumar Nayak
    Ashish Kumar Nayak 7 days ago

    Justice league rocks

  • Jeff Steele
    Jeff Steele 7 days ago

    Talks about famous DC characters. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lan... wtf did they use an image of Daredevil with latern cosmetics @ 5:01

  • R. G. C.
    R. G. C. 8 days ago

    Are you insane? The Guardians of the Galaxy ran from the early 60s to the late 90s and had cross overs with the Avengers and just about every other group in Marvel comics and DID take part in many cosmic events surely more than the Avengers ever did. Granted that was before the early 2000s reboot that gave us the watered down and re-imagined characters that make up the team today. To say that they were "unknown" and "random heroes" simply shows a serious lack of knowledge of the comics. The original iteration of the guardians ran for 3 decades and centered around multiple timelines and more "cosmic events" than I can even remember clearly. In a nutshell The Avengers were Little League compared to the Guardians in the Marvel Universe, the Avengers were just more popular a kids have trouble following the more "cosmic" plotlines of the original Guardians.

  • That_One_Gamer Official

    I came here to enjoy DC stuff. Instead I got 10 minutes of a MCU shill based script that trashes on DC 90% of the time

  • Philippe Biendon
    Philippe Biendon 8 days ago

    You are out of your mind !!!!
    The past Marvel 10 years movies will never be replicated by Marvel studio but they will always have a brighter future than DC. I would love to see DC succeed as much as Marvel thu

  • Agustin juarez
    Agustin juarez 8 days ago +1

    If Captain marvel is leading the MCU, yeah no thanks

  • catsintexas
    catsintexas 8 days ago

    Now if it was my video, I would highlight the recent successes of Aquaman, Wonder woman and the popular TV show and CABle show which ARE ALL DC run. The "woke" culture will soon be visiting all Marvel movies. DC HAS HAD WOKE CULTURE and wants out of that. Bat-woman failed and they know it. so the next DC superhero movies and TV shows will NOT have the Woke crap. PLUS DISNEY does not own DC and that is a BIG plus.

  • catsintexas
    catsintexas 8 days ago

    Joker actually made more money than AVengers : Enggame and Avatar

  • Julian Biesel
    Julian Biesel 8 days ago

    Marvel vs DC movie but it’s a prequel to where every character is back in the mcu and dcu fighting each other imagine all of those characters fighting each other BIG CASH for BOTH of them

  • boyscout 72
    boyscout 72 8 days ago

    I dunno a few decent to good movies from DC doesn’t sweep away the earlier subpar material. DC needs to be consistent for a few years for me to say they have a brighter future than Marvel.

  • Midnight Beats
    Midnight Beats 8 days ago

    TITLE : I'm All Over Marvel

  • Ryan Peters
    Ryan Peters 8 days ago

    Lets check out all the SHIT shows DC has! All arrows enemies shoot arrows. All flashes enemies speedsters! All super girls enemies have ALL the same powers! ALL DC enemiesare fucking BORING aside from zasz and joker dude! BOOOOOOOORING AND OVER POWERED!