Brad Pitt Speaks Out About His Split With Angelina Jolie | TODAY

  • Published on May 3, 2017
  • Actor Brad Pitt has broken his silence about his breakup with Angelina Jolie. In a candid interview with GQ Style, Pitt opens up about stopping drinking, starting therapy and coping with the split. Will Welch, editor-in-chief of GQ Style, tells TODAY that Pitt may be going through “a dark night of the soul.”
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    Brad Pitt Speaks Out About His Split With Angelina Jolie | TODAY

Comments • 475

  • MaryLou Hilborn
    MaryLou Hilborn 3 hours ago

    What a joke ! Old News ! Delete !

  • Sonia Soto
    Sonia Soto Day ago

    Yea u need to drink with all of those kids..

  • Sonia Soto
    Sonia Soto Day ago

    Yea way too many ungrateful kids..

  • Kanin Maneepairoj
    Kanin Maneepairoj 2 days ago


  • Cecile Verster
    Cecile Verster 4 days ago

    She is beautuful, but I think and have always have thought shes EVIL 😈

  • Janice Greenwood
    Janice Greenwood 12 days ago

    They are individuals and need to be the stars they are.
    They have a family time to grow.
    It’s time for the next chapter in their lives.

  • Esmeraldito Prishka
    Esmeraldito Prishka 13 days ago

    Tha......paroume......tis......dikes.......sou......agaphmenes.......trixes.......kai.......tha......tis.......dwsoume......sthn.......prifth.’ 👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🇩🇪🇫🇷🇨🇺🇺🇸🕰

    • maserati 3500
      maserati 3500 4 days ago

      Listen m8 we haven't time for patchwork quilts wtf

  • Donna King
    Donna King 15 days ago

    How is his personal life anyone’s business? I just don’t think it is.

  • Maria
    Maria 28 days ago +5

    Even despite admitting his substance abuse, she's STILL vilified in the media😤
    They're now joint custody & will hopefully resolve their issues privately

  • wyswyg Sommer
    wyswyg Sommer Month ago

    It must be felt like family members die. It will be never the same again.

  • Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows Month ago

    But I always found strange was they stayed together and somehow she got him to marry her and a year later files for divorce. What is she getting out of this instead of splitting with him before a divorce I mean marriage

  • K M
    K M Month ago +1

    Brad and Angie should get back together; they are still in love with each other.

  • Ha Dang
    Ha Dang Month ago

    I think Bratt the same as Ben Afflects has a drinking issue. Their husband even love them but as a mother, they have to put their children first. It is very difficult that divorce happens not because that love ends but because of the addiction

  • Monterey Harris
    Monterey Harris Month ago

    Ironically, Angelina files for divorce two years after they have been married. I’m not surprised because she has never been in a marriage for more than two years or three years- if that long. I don’t feel bad for Brad because he screwed around with the seductress, Angelina, back when she was a mother of one and still somewhat wild. He was intrigued by that until he got sucked into the 5-6 kids & he loves being a father. He doesn’t love Angelina being a passive mother. The kids have no rules and regulations and he’s the only disciplinarian. I don’t think he still loves her and I don’t see how he could because it’s clear with the separation that the only person Angelina is thinking about is herself and then the children. If she wanted to work things out with him, he’s been clean and sober now for six months to a year, & Angelina really did love him, she would except him back into what she calls “ their family”

  • Tap Bal
    Tap Bal 2 months ago +1

    I wasnt shocked 😂 This guy has something mean inside! How he broke up with his first wife is telling it all

  • swiss miss
    swiss miss 2 months ago

    My guess he had to quit to regain half custody of his kids. Brad it gets better as time goes on.

  • Joy Ali
    Joy Ali 2 months ago +1

    i really love them to gather 🙁🙁

  • Patrick Saulo
    Patrick Saulo 2 months ago

    I still hope for their reunited....

  • vic twenty
    vic twenty 3 months ago +2


  • gemgirl1995 gemgirl1995
    gemgirl1995 gemgirl1995 3 months ago +3

    He's still so handsome but has aged quickly,
    but having a 1/2 dozen children will do that.

    • Monterey Harris
      Monterey Harris Month ago

      gemgirl1995 gemgirl1995 yes & drinking too. Angelina has aged quite a bit herself but I believe it’s from the kids. She had problems with Bell’s palsy one year and usually steroids and medical treatment will correct that side of the face that is drooping within about six months. Angelina is really really thin compared to what she was 10 years ago. She did have that double Mesec to me five or six years or so ago and I thought that was awfully brave of her. She tested positive for that genetics test and ran the risk of getting this horrible type of breast cancer so she decided for a double Mastectomy & reconstructive surgery. That is brave but She had Brad to count on to help take care of the kids - unless he was drunk all the time and she was left to care for them while recovering. I’ve been there and I had a horrible husband who lived at the gym and didn’t do crap- except what he wanted to do. With both of our children I was the one that got up just feed and change diapers every couple of hours all day long and he would change a few diapers during the day “sometimes”. When my daughter told me that she and her husband rotated nights getting up with their first child and my grand child, I was like “ what the heck is this rotating business?” It was the first I’d heard of it because when I was having kids in the 80s and 90s loose women that all of the work in the middle of the night & work full-time also

  • Sharon Blevins
    Sharon Blevins 4 months ago

    Anjoli wore Brad out. Man he looks old now.

  • Loana Crap
    Loana Crap 4 months ago


  • Wandering Free
    Wandering Free 4 months ago +1

    Aniston seems to have dodged a bullet

      EYES WIDE OPEN 2 months ago

      Stupid comment. People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. Look at your own life

  • Anna R
    Anna R 5 months ago

    Best wishes for 2 beautiful people and their great children!

    LINDA CAMARA 6 months ago +3

    Hmmm, he didn’t care that he cheated on Jen, Angelina didn’t care that she got involved with a married man, and now we’re supposed to feel sorry for them???? You can’t cover the sun with one finger, people! Just not possible.

  • caramelbilquees
    caramelbilquees 6 months ago

    He looks heartbroken poor guy

    • lenia markou
      lenia markou 4 months ago

      Confused because of his stupidity...just now he woke up.

  • Mo Ana
    Mo Ana 6 months ago

    I don’t have a twin ....???!!!

  • Hazema Adattini
    Hazema Adattini 6 months ago

    She loves him he dosent care about him self drinking is his love you cant compete it makes you sick

  • Diamond Lil
    Diamond Lil 7 months ago

    Go home Brad 🚨

  • Maryann De luna
    Maryann De luna 7 months ago

    So weird at behind the glass hehe

  • Avan Nasim
    Avan Nasim 7 months ago

    i love this Coupil ..was verey beautiful..👍 💘 Anglena & brad

  • Alejandra Fidalgo
    Alejandra Fidalgo 8 months ago

    well.... about time dud

  • Ghany Sadoon Architects sadoon

    I wish a good health to Angelina jolie.hope so sadoon architect.riba

  • mick taylor
    mick taylor 8 months ago +3

    angelina is one mean women to live with...i hope brad makes it out of this mad relationship

    • Amardeep Grewal
      Amardeep Grewal Month ago

      U know this how? U don't know either of them n which one is harder to live with.

  • Asante Sana
    Asante Sana 9 months ago

    Jen was blamed for not having children Ange had children and it's still not perfect aaaaah

  • Jeffrey Harris
    Jeffrey Harris 9 months ago

    Did I miss something I did not hear
    Mr Brad Pitt say anything?? on this
    Fake new channel, Lol do you have to lie in your heading now to get people to watch? Well you fooled me , Lol

  • Lisa Devisfruto
    Lisa Devisfruto 9 months ago

    Create shockwaves & find y'alls way back. Neither of you will ever be happy again not even mentioning the kids who would also benefit.

  • Sunshine Day
    Sunshine Day 9 months ago

    My prayers are with both of them. They are people like everyone else. I pray they work tthings out. I truely believe in marriage and your vows.

  • Greeneyed Gemini
    Greeneyed Gemini 9 months ago


  • andrea lynell
    andrea lynell 9 months ago

    I wish him and angie could make it work at some point both beautiful both great

  • nividi kevichusa
    nividi kevichusa 10 months ago

    Omg those annoying people at the back waving.hello we dont wana see you lol.

  • Menina DoMato
    Menina DoMato 10 months ago

    Slimy Matt Lauer

  • JotaCeCulotte
    JotaCeCulotte 10 months ago +1

    always editable award type os

  • JotaCeCulotte
    JotaCeCulotte 10 months ago +1

    excuses about the type awards allways forecast

  • JotaCeCulotte
    JotaCeCulotte 10 months ago

    awars the smiler styler rythms above your side thrills dupe over funck dude!

  • JotaCeCulotte
    JotaCeCulotte 10 months ago +2

    frame motion to Bradd ropes rythm funk to hindle

  • alma navarrete
    alma navarrete 10 months ago

    Nunca mencionaron a Dios

  • M.B O
    M.B O 11 months ago +1

    If you obtained a man in a shady way, committed adultery, then you should expect the same to happen to you. Why wouldn't it, and why wouldn't you deserve it?

  • Laikiu Garland
    Laikiu Garland 11 months ago +1

    good looking? who?where?

  • Alex Bisou
    Alex Bisou 11 months ago +1

    Poor little Brad. He cheated on his first wife than cheated on his new wife, now he is the victim because he mentions his kids. Brad had abused his kids emotionally he ruined them. is all about him.

  • Antonia Faheerty
    Antonia Faheerty 11 months ago

    He has to be Robert redfords love child! Just has to be..

  • ES
    ES 11 months ago

    I wonder if the kids feel this is all for their concern as its promoted

  • Pet Lover
    Pet Lover 11 months ago +1

    He really does look like a heavy drinker.

    • Elizabeth Martinez
      Elizabeth Martinez 11 months ago

      Pet Lover Nobody is talking about that aspect of himself. Everyone is just trashing Angelina at this point in time. It was because of him she filed for divorce.

    • Pet Lover
      Pet Lover 11 months ago

      Elizabeth Martinez yeah he just looks like that kind of man. No offense to him.

    • Elizabeth Martinez
      Elizabeth Martinez 11 months ago

      Pet Lover Well, he was an abusive alcoholic. He went to rehab after she filed for divorce.

  • Jane Farquharson
    Jane Farquharson 11 months ago +3

    love you Bad now you are free, adopt me lol

  • Jackie
    Jackie 11 months ago +1

    "break up that shocked the world"

  • Shar Roon
    Shar Roon 11 months ago

    Sad how many people are happy to see their family broken apart.

  • Cynthia Hawkins
    Cynthia Hawkins 11 months ago +1

    My hubby lived at the Pontalba and worked in New Orleans for 35 years, as a marine longshoreman, and was still there in 2005 during and post- Katrina. Film shoots have always brought huge monies to The Easy, and Brad Pitt was involved often, with that. Also, his building homes for the Ninth Ward got folks back into the nabe, and safely into new housing. He did HUGE stuff for New Orleans. Brotha Brad be praised and blest for it! As far as his marital troubles, should be no concern of anyone's. I wish him sober, and clean and happy. Angie as well. The rest, just ain't my beeswax...

    • Monterey Harris
      Monterey Harris Month ago

      Cynthia Hawkins it’s nice to hear that so much was done for Louisiana because New Orleans really needed it! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Kim Backus
    Kim Backus 11 months ago +1

    Angelina is a husband stealer and she kept Brad on a ball and chain. I always knew their marriage wouldn't last. I'm glad Brad finally came back to his senses and went back to Jen

  • Sharon Scott
    Sharon Scott Year ago

    You can see her and Madonna are owned . Getting multi colored children. Anything for the new world order

  • Burn them all!!!! !!

    Are they together again

  • Julia Stepanova
    Julia Stepanova Year ago +2

    Pay back time for hurting Jennifer! I cannot believe that he leftJen this ***** ** *****!

  • Gigi Gigi
    Gigi Gigi Year ago

    Pitt and Jolie, should to their therapy get better and go back together, they love each other...

  • Tanell Hendrix
    Tanell Hendrix Year ago

    He still look handsome

  • Gloria Sibanda
    Gloria Sibanda Year ago

    I wish they can get back together

  • Virtual Insanity
    Virtual Insanity Year ago

    SHe is a horrible human being! I think she is dangerous to leave kids with.

  • cl2814
    cl2814 Year ago

    He’ll be back with Angie they have more to gain with their family. Hope his drinking, women, drugs is behind him.

  • Dee Dee Winfrey
    Dee Dee Winfrey Year ago

    If they do it with you, they'll do it to you. .. she deserves what she got.

  • Calla Antoinette
    Calla Antoinette Year ago +26

    Angelina is nice. They both seem fairly nice. The people that talk crap about her are just hateful.

    • sofia2moro
      sofia2moro Day ago

      @Pamela C. loved the old wild Angelina .... hope she gets her fire back

    • Anna Banana
      Anna Banana 13 days ago

      OK I guess part of her life is nice.

    • Pamela C.
      Pamela C. 16 days ago

      Yeah, wearing blood around your neck like a necklace, and showing PDA with your brother is so nice.

    • Monterey Harris
      Monterey Harris Month ago +1

      Calla Antoinette she’s nice but she’s grown up a lot and isn’t the wild rebel that she once was. I don’t think she loves Brad anymore because he has gone through so much therapy and quit drinking. She says they are all a family but if she really loved him after everything he’s done for himself, The kids and her by going through counseling therapy & no drinking, “ she would take him back” as she called him family. I don’t really think so and I will leave that she thinks that she and her children or family and Brad is family but going to be outside of the house and he’s family by way of the children they have together. Angelina is a good mother and humanitarian. Brad is a good actor and a good father, he makes the kids clean up after themselves where as Angelina just lets them go wild. Hopefully Brad will get beyond what he thinks is still love for Angie. Nooo!!! Their relationship started solely on chemistry and it was just sexually based alone from the very beginning. They were brought together to make a family and have kids.

    • Becca Stephanie Thornqvist
      Becca Stephanie Thornqvist 2 months ago +2

      Mrs. Ben exactly.... she wanted him...and didn’t care he was married and who she destroyed on her way...

  • LGM
    LGM Year ago

    Alcohol and drugs had been a part of Brad’s life even when he was married with Jen. Since they didn’t have a child at the time, Jen was more patient. Angie has too many kids to worry about to put up with his crap.

  • Zdenko Krpan
    Zdenko Krpan Year ago

    Bježi od te luđakinje !