The $1.7 Million Lie

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • The Defy saga continues...A few weeks ago, I told you my personal history with MCNs and how this industry, one that was built to revolutionize entertainment, has instead spent years taking advantage of creators and investors alike. In the aftermath of that video, we've received an overwhelming amount of support from viewers, news publications, and other Creators, and I cannot be more grateful because after months of silence from all relevant parties, that groundswell of noise has finally gotten us a response...though it's not a particularly hopeful one. So today, I want to focus not on Defy, but the response we received from the bank that seized all of their funds -- Ally -- in order to teach you about the way banks work and the tactics PR teams use to direct our attention away from the real issues.
    And as always, thank you for your support as we continue to fight on behalf of all creators wronged as a part of this situation.
    Watch the first video about this situation. ►
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    purple hairs

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    Dear Matt!
    when i was 17 I got diagnosed with a genetic disorder called morbus stargardt, which causes visual impairement. ahd it unknowingly all my life. So I (had to) quit school. I invested all my money my grandparents saved for me all my life for an become a masseur (creative choice for almost blind people, i know). When the day for the final exams arrived I was told that I can't take some of the exams because I am not allowed to use therapy with the help of heat or electricity. So I learned a job i am not even allowed to do. 25k gone for this education without result.

    I am 27 now. I'm not allowed to work at all, I'm not allowed to learn anything else, I'm not allowed to go into Invalidity retirement. I am sitting in my little flat all day long, can only goe outside with a cap, special sunglasses and the will to endure the pain of light.

    Life is unfair...sometimes you have bad luck and more often than not your hands are tied. In my'll lose that fight and even more money, doen't matter how many nerds stand behind you

  • pug gaming
    pug gaming 2 days ago

    Defy don't betraye the hand that feeds.

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    Did this ever get sorted?

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    you are the master of talking

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    where's Bijuu Mike when you need him?

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    MatPat = Eridan Ampora confirmed???

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    you can tell hes like


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    Update pls?

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    I felt bad, I don't understand everything, you are so smart mat pat

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    you should make a channel called mat pat talk for edu

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    hoi peeps i feel bad sorry

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    "don't click off the video" he says.
    I clicked off after typing this message

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    but hey, that’s just a ruptcy... a bankruptcy

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    Exactly at 11:10 my mind was blown.

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    RU-clip REVOLUTION!!!!!




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    MATPAT! IS there any way i can donate to people like you and smosh who are fighting to make a change🤔🤔😊😊👍😁???????

  • robot6644
    robot6644 5 days ago

    The whole part about the loan being related to gambling is actually not entirely correct.
    Legally the person must pay back loans, whether it's a business or another person. The only one making the gamble is the one who took the loan in the first place.
    Technically both you and Ally are in the right in that regard.

    • PixlPlayer
      PixlPlayer 5 days ago

      His main point was that ally had the choice of giving the loan and could investigate the company beforehand, while the creators didn’t

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    He's so theatrical and dramatic. I'm not saying his feelings aren't valid but this man uas a wife? Hes so flamboyantly over the top...

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      dude screw you

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      Literally the whitest dude ever

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      This guys straight? Hahaha what

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    Everyone listen! Everyone copy this video link and the last video and post it on ally bank videos. Then write "we matter" under it. We are a whole and shall not be overseen!!

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    BucketHead Ayala 6 days ago

    For more information on this watch Optimus’s video on this

  • wyatt sorensen
    wyatt sorensen 7 days ago

    But he went to defy. No one made him go to defy. It was a risk he wanted to take no one made him. He should have done due diligence.

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    You know when MatPat is mad someone did something wrong

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    Nice video, but not gonna lie middle school MatPat looks like a mix between a goblin and John Mulaney

  • MKG G
    MKG G 7 days ago

    If there is one person I would recommend to be a lawyer, it would be Matt. I personally know quite a few lawyers and they do several things *like this*
    Matt, even if you don’t see this comment, I think you’re very smart and hope people can understand that instead of them thinking you’re some faceless and expendable creator.

  • sam brit
    sam brit 7 days ago

    every MCN ever: If youtubers don't pay taxes then we are their taxes. Me: but no madder what you have to pay tax so they get their percent of money from your guys's "taxes" and then still have to pay state tax so you're steeling money and saying it's taxes even though they already pay taxes

    Edit: I'm just now realizing how repetitive that was

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    This was after my birthday

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    The video ends at 14:20.....take the one away;)

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    Why do u have purple hair

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    Ally win back the money from Defy😁

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    Defy made an oopsie. Ally😮📱💰💵💰💵 Creator's and you 😄😂.

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    why cant i understand anything he said from the first video to this video my mind is no understandation
    pls i need to know i only under stand loss of money

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    My bank is bether 10 times of ally

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    Sans mode activete

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    Hate them all ally and defye

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    Ally Bank use the same font as Claire's

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    Any update about this story?

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    If it was anyone else i probably think it was gibberish

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    YT Creators:

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    So, it's August 2019. Any further updates on this, MatPat?

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  • ninja kids
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    i am a small creator but i made a video in INDIA visit sometime

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    6:02 i might be off but i think both won... Not sure tho

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    DEFY MEDIA did something horrible!!!
    they messed with matpat!

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    But hey! That’s just a theory! A soap theory!

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    “...and that awkward photo of you from when you were in middle school.” Welp I’m screwed.

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    Broooo omg that moment when he ripped up that response.

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    Matt I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that you get compensated.

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    holy wacamoly ally is really just not getting it :V

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    This is basically a powerful review to show how shitty ally is

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    Guys......this confirmed it.


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    Who ever disliked this must hate matPat or somthing

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    Im so sorry

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    Ally bank, more like enemy bank.

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    Wow, some banks suck.

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    Good Christ. This is awful. RU-clip, Ally, DEFY, basically all MCNs, just...get it together. Please.These RU-cliprs, like MatPat, LIVE off of you people. Stop taking advantage of and ROBBING these hardworking men and women. They don't deserve this. Hurry up and figure yourselves out before you try stealing money from them. DON'T steal these people's money. Because they clearly deserve it more than you do, with all of the thieveries you have committed.
    MatPat, I know I'm late, but I do wish that you and everyone at GT recover. All my best for you guys.

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    Why is Mat not a teacher yet i would totally want him to be my teacher!!

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    You should expose Defy Media

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    Vote Matthew Patrick for President!

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    Alright who are those guys that disliked because this is way more serious than your little minds think

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    Im not a content creator but it makes me incredibly happy to see you and the theorists stand up for what's right, even if it may put the crosshairs on you. You are a defender of your people and i aplaud you greatly.

  • Lee Michaels
    Lee Michaels 23 days ago

    Ally is a bad bank. I have no idea who you are or what your channel does. But I learned so much from this video thank you. And I will be subscribing just for these videos that you are doing in this series LOL. Even though I don’t have a RU-clip channel.

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    Wow, how fucked up is that...

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    Are there anymore videos?

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    So now what?

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    Your freakin smart and was pretty successful making it interesting

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