$163 Chipotle Burrito Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
  • We joined Mythical Chef Josh in the kitchen to bring a $163 Chipotle Burrito to life, and give our personal orders the fancy fast food treatment. GMM #1381
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Comments • 5 210

  • Lyn
    Lyn Year ago +8617

    "We're fine and we're fine and we're calm and we're fine."
    Josh is the best.

    • JC Denton
      JC Denton 7 months ago +1

      Josh liked hearts this

    • MarioZeldafan42
      MarioZeldafan42 7 months ago

      We're still good! xD

    • Zeretox
      Zeretox 9 months ago +2

      Josh looks left out and innocent, man I feel bad for Josh, he needs more attention

    • Atlas Z
      Atlas Z Year ago

      Lyn Just like talking to two startled old men🤣

    • Aspecct
      Aspecct Year ago

      Lyn jesh

  • enigma cars
    enigma cars 3 days ago

    He should definitely use saffron

  • PewDiePie Hit 100 Mil
    PewDiePie Hit 100 Mil 4 days ago +1

    A normal chipotle burrito with quac is more expensive than that $163 burrito

  • 16BitBoy
    16BitBoy 5 days ago

    Needs more mustache

  • Seanathon
    Seanathon 6 days ago

    the first time i watched this episode i was sitting in my college cafeteria eating dinner and thinking both "wow i wish i could eat something that good" and also "wow that seems super ridiculous"

  • kirk mcclean
    kirk mcclean 8 days ago +1


  • Aditya Sarkar
    Aditya Sarkar 10 days ago

    5:45 my sleep paralysis demon

  • Tweek The Mighty
    Tweek The Mighty 12 days ago

    13:54 that is all.

  • Kyle Pasqualetti
    Kyle Pasqualetti 12 days ago +1

    I firmly believe nothing should ever be cooked in a bag lol. Gross.

  • Lazaro
    Lazaro 15 days ago

    Why’d that fire look fake

  • Robert Roberts
    Robert Roberts 16 days ago

    Josh is my favorite!

  • Danielle Scorgie
    Danielle Scorgie 21 day ago

    Note: When using alcohol for fire in cooking, you should not pour directly from the bottle because the fire may go up into the bottle and cause an explosion. Always pour from something separate. Safety tip for anyone watching.

  • Lexi Russell
    Lexi Russell 21 day ago

    I love Josh's personality so much 😂

  • estevens2011
    estevens2011 24 days ago

    I love how much joy Josh clearly gets from both cooking and sharing his food with Rhett and Link... he’s just so dang wholesome!

  • Tyler Wootan
    Tyler Wootan 25 days ago

    Mythical chef josh is a great guy

  • Evan Sweeney
    Evan Sweeney 28 days ago

    Josh is living a chefs dream working for them, he just gets to make the craziest stuff with fancy or super obscure ingredients.

  • peyton the undertale lover

    Jurassic pork

  • Kris Hanson
    Kris Hanson Month ago

    FAKE FIRE!!!!

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    wow josh actually got yoked

  • TheTrenya
    TheTrenya Month ago

    When Rhett & Link watch how vacuum machine thing so attentively & expecting something to happen..

  • Jack Li
    Jack Li Month ago +1

    When he said "Hey Google," my Google Home Mini responded

  • Mr. Boyer
    Mr. Boyer Month ago

    Josh is the best.

  • Smooth Finisher
    Smooth Finisher Month ago

    My google home activated at 4:21 lmao.

  • jordan johnson
    jordan johnson Month ago

    A guy who dances for his beans is a guy who loves his beans 😂🤣

  • Partially Blind
    Partially Blind Month ago +1

    My google home freakin answered you guys😂

  • joe-b-one kenobi
    joe-b-one kenobi Month ago

    Good mythical kitchen

  • joe-b-one kenobi
    joe-b-one kenobi Month ago

    Make for food

  • joe-b-one kenobi
    joe-b-one kenobi Month ago

    Josh is a wizard

  • Tabsky v
    Tabsky v Month ago

    God damn it Link

  • Cody Rios
    Cody Rios Month ago

    My alexa actually tried to answer link😂

  • Blastoisie
    Blastoisie Month ago

    This video was hilarious need more like this

  • Piercing Sirens
    Piercing Sirens Month ago

    Josh is my Mythical Chef Daddy

  • Random Tom
    Random Tom Month ago

    Im glad they made this into Josh's show. I love Rhett and Link but Josh has a flare I love when he is the star.

  • Casey Smith
    Casey Smith Month ago +2

    Lol, link said "Okay Google, cook duck" and my phone looked up how to cook duck. Priceless. XD

  • Of Course Little Boi
    Of Course Little Boi Month ago +1

    Sooo just a regular Chipotle Burritos price?

  • blunk778
    blunk778 Month ago

    Theyre going to flowers for algernon their tastebuds

  • Alucard Helsing
    Alucard Helsing Month ago

    Does it come with E-Coli?

  • voidremoved
    voidremoved Month ago

    Everything in the entire universe is interconnected. With that in mind 7:35

  • Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris Month ago +1

    So nobody going to say nothing about link deep throating that..... no what just forget it

  • Nathaniel Lee
    Nathaniel Lee Month ago

    Tell josh to send the duck taco recipe
    Like if you want the recipe too

  • Chloey Simmons
    Chloey Simmons Month ago

    My Alexa turned on when they were talking to it😂😂😂

  • Montanna Collins
    Montanna Collins Month ago

    Love Josh's work!!

  • Nrastra08
    Nrastra08 Month ago

    Barb uh coa

  • Darryl Shaffer
    Darryl Shaffer Month ago

    Josh is the man! i enjoy his cooking methods . im a chef myself and love food . hes quite entertaining

  • DubbleBubblePillows

    I need Josh in my life at all times

  • Forrest Hampton
    Forrest Hampton Month ago

    Really want to use that wood chip smoker for recreational purposes 😌

  • Andrew Bledsoe
    Andrew Bledsoe Month ago

    I can't be the only one who would use that smoker for.. other things..

  • PWTR Dalton
    PWTR Dalton Month ago +1

    I will go on record saying that I love their fancy fast food series but this is the best episode they've had. Josh is hilarious 😂

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders Month ago

    I cook a lot of steak but I’ve never tried wagyu but I heard it’s the worlds best cuts of steak in the world so I want to try it bad

  • Alicia Kaitlyn
    Alicia Kaitlyn Month ago

    4:14 Now Alexa is explaining to me why she can’t convert cm to Fahrenheit 😂

  • Lui Main
    Lui Main Month ago

    the size difference between rhett and link lmao

  • axeyguitar888
    axeyguitar888 Month ago

    You know Josh is a certified chef when he cuts a burrito elegantly with precision and finesse
    Joshpoltle needs to happen

  • Good Scott
    Good Scott Month ago

    When link said "okay google" it activated my phone's Google assistant 🤣

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James Month ago

    I’m the bean man

  • Awkward Steve
    Awkward Steve 2 months ago +1

    Who else had their Google Assistant activate when Link said "Okay google"?

    • Kim Raudenbush
      Kim Raudenbush 3 days ago +1

      Everyone who has one and wasn't using headphones.

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 2 months ago

    The heart effects made everything funnier, good job editors! 😂👍

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 2 months ago

    Rhett: Josh I wanna kiss you right now.....but I won't.
    Josh: thank you

  • parker yokem
    parker yokem 2 months ago +1

    Link: “ Needs more Mustache.”


  • Vincent Pinkert
    Vincent Pinkert 2 months ago

    Amazing trio.

  • Oprah's lost pik ,
    Oprah's lost pik , 2 months ago +1

    Me: Can I get guac on that
    Chipotle employee: yeah that'll be 100$