Minecraft, but every block FIGHTS BACK

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • It's Minecraft, but this time instead of breaking the blocks... the blocks broke us.
    Friends in this video:
    Condi: ru-clip.com/user/ElusiveCrawfish
    Grizz: ru-clip.com/user/GGrizzelly
    Schlatt: ru-clip.com/channel/UC2mP7il3YV7TxM_3m6U0bwA
    Thank you guys for being cool and watching this video
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    ♩ Giorno's Theme (Kiraramagic Remix)
    ♩ Xenoblade Chronicles - Gaur Plains
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    ♩ Stardew Valley - Spring
    ♩ Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Counterattack
    ♩ Terraria Calamity OST
    ♩ Giga pudding
    Datapack creators:
    Ziplaw (ru-clip.com/user/ZiplawDev)
    Roarkcats ( Roark_Cats)
    Check out my friend trying to survive with this pack: ru-clip.com/video/f36cjOJ4SO8/video.html&
    Minecraft, but the blocks fight back
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  • jschlattLIVE
    jschlattLIVE 26 days ago +9634

    sorry about the whole pudding thing

  • mW_Rulez
    mW_Rulez 9 hours ago

    Episode V:
    The Blocks Strike Back.

  • GoldenGamer Studios
    GoldenGamer Studios 9 hours ago

    jschlatts mic never returned to a normal state after that whole evil demon incident

  • Slippity Slaps
    Slippity Slaps 9 hours ago

    I want to see what happens when you break a scaffolding tower with this resource pack

  • Fixy's Gaming world
    Fixy's Gaming world 10 hours ago +1

    After watching this video I was scared of apples for a solid 2 days

  • DiscountPikachu666
    DiscountPikachu666 11 hours ago

    5:36 Natural Spawn'd Cross 😂😂😂 XD!

  • ·Kai· ·WildCraft·
    ·Kai· ·WildCraft· 11 hours ago

    Grizzly is a small bean that needs to be protected xD

  • EnderShots
    EnderShots 12 hours ago

    If you look up Giga Pudding then this video comes up 2nd or 3rd

  • Impossible Inc.
    Impossible Inc. 15 hours ago

    What shader pack is that?

  • Specdrawl
    Specdrawl 17 hours ago

    since anything you mine fights back wheres 'everything you craft fights back'

  • Rehyr _
    Rehyr _ 18 hours ago

    “Maybe on of these will be on your grave”

  • The duck lord
    The duck lord 18 hours ago +1

    this video drained my energy faster then a whore who got paid extra.

  • Shy Pony
    Shy Pony 21 hour ago

    this is why i have one brain cell

  • kpop lover3605
    kpop lover3605 Day ago

    giga puddin

  • that one guy
    that one guy Day ago

    Slime:Hi Schlatt

  • Nelly. idk
    Nelly. idk Day ago

    *A P P L E*

  • Dakota Jay
    Dakota Jay Day ago

    I was eating and the ending almost killed me

  • ninja8077
    ninja8077 Day ago

    tbh schlatt's mic kills it for me. It's just annoying.

  • KV Productions
    KV Productions Day ago +1

    I watched this while having pneumony and each time they did the coughing joke i laughed and started coughing hard af but for real
    very immersive

  • C.J. Skulls
    C.J. Skulls Day ago


  • DonatesSquash 21

    I was on the giga puddi vid and this was recommended

  • Tella oof
    Tella oof Day ago


  • Emma Bryson
    Emma Bryson Day ago

    These are so chaotic holy shit

  • anthony simpson
    anthony simpson Day ago +1

    this entire video is just the in america in russia meme

  • Lucas Schipper
    Lucas Schipper Day ago


  • JJ V
    JJ V Day ago

    This is a giga pudding replay moment

  • Edgy Adult
    Edgy Adult 2 days ago


  • Sam Boots
    Sam Boots 2 days ago

    How dare you put the Stardew Valley theme over this chaos

  • The Last noob
    The Last noob 2 days ago

    Giga pudding

  • Dragon's Library
    Dragon's Library 2 days ago

    Hey, I know how to give a mental breakdown to these people:
    RLcraft but the blocks fight back, there's a disaster every 5 minutes and drops are random.

  • ItzCaet
    ItzCaet 2 days ago +1

    ¡Puddi puddi! ~

  • Ethan Crook
    Ethan Crook 3 days ago

    this video sent me into crisis thank you

    OASIS 3 days ago

    You sound like deku from my hero academia

  • Ju
    Ju 4 days ago

    Dnd: Minecraft edition

  • Asriel NightCast
    Asriel NightCast 4 days ago

    I keep thinking you're saying Gandhi instead of condi

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One 4 days ago

    The sheer amount of puns in this video should be illegal XD

  • SnailCat
    SnailCat 4 days ago +2

    You didn't have difficult life unless you fought with weat and apples to eat smth😔

  • luis serpas
    luis serpas 4 days ago

    Isn’t his skin meliodas as a demon

  • alex r
    alex r 4 days ago

    I wanna know what shlatts mic is

  • Twisted Wizard
    Twisted Wizard 4 days ago +1

    The black lung bit was priceless

  • That Unnamed Speedster

    *giga pudding*

  • Zebadiah Salek
    Zebadiah Salek 4 days ago

    whats the texture pack

  • Karnage the Kannibalistic Killer Klown

    I would use a tnt nuke and make the 🌎 attack you all

  • Alcor The Wise
    Alcor The Wise 4 days ago

    I dont know what im watching....but I can't stop watching.

  • Léla Nelson
    Léla Nelson 4 days ago +2

    "If you bite into us, we would have the same crunch!"
    The quote that ends racism in 2020.

  • Kasey Kitten
    Kasey Kitten 5 days ago

    'Bulids a dirt tower in minecraft and stands on top of it'Puddi puddi-

  • Cutie Marionette
    Cutie Marionette 5 days ago


  • Tmb1112
    Tmb1112 5 days ago

    So. Many. Great. Puns

  • the srg
    the srg 5 days ago +1

    I’m pretty sure I contracted a brain tumor from watching this

  • Gacha Alk
    Gacha Alk 5 days ago

    I love how
    “I will enhance the flavor!”
    Can be seen 2 ways

  • uff, sarah
    uff, sarah 5 days ago +8

    there are only two genders: black lung and giga pudding

  • The Resident Erm
    The Resident Erm 5 days ago

    I really appreciate the Terraria Calamity mod OST

  • PoliceBird Growtopia


  • Smug Hat Kid
    Smug Hat Kid 6 days ago

    Jschlatt's mic is just wonderful

  • Deku 4224
    Deku 4224 6 days ago

    So can u make a song about Minecraft disaster in giorno’s theme

  • that one commenter
    that one commenter 6 days ago

    Minecraft: *Night of The Living Blocks*

    Soon in theatres

  • Mayz wolf
    Mayz wolf 6 days ago


  • Pickle Robertson
    Pickle Robertson 6 days ago

    These singing intros keep getting better and better.
    (Case in point: 0:26)

  • Ramen Noodles
    Ramen Noodles 6 days ago

    no one is going to mention giorno's theme?

  • Marge Simpson
    Marge Simpson 6 days ago +1

    I like how in the past video Schlatt was an unforgiving God, set on murdering his unholy subjects. Now he's got black lung, fighting literal dirt, and blasting giga pudding like a child.