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DC Young Fly Wants to Buy All the Gold Rolexes at Icebox!

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • DC Young Fly is back at Icebox!
    In this week’s episode, 85 South's DC Young Fly is looking to purchase his first solid gold Rolex Day-Date watch. Watch as he negotiates and upgrades his watch collection!
    DC has the entire Icebox Showroom laughing, again! Enjoy this episode full of laughter with DC Young Fly and the Atlanta Icebox family!
    Let us know WHO you want to see in Icebox next!
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Comments • 738

  • @locsadventures1121
    @locsadventures1121 2 hours ago +1

    This man is a national treasure

  • @greffrice9917

    Hands down one of the best episodes of the year. With genuine down to earth dude like DC living legend. Give him his flowers while he still here

  • @sal1urbandesign

    He should come over more often, he actually makes the videos fun to look at.

  • @duecediego1895

    DC is the perfect example of never forgetting where you came from. Much love to that mane

  • @user-eh2hv7id8d

    DC is always gon keep it real 😂💯

  • @trmuj
    @trmuj 15 hours ago +1

    Love how people like their watches without diamonds. That's a sick watch without them.

  • @user-mz2fe2oq4b
    @user-mz2fe2oq4b 4 hours ago +2

    Dude is the smartest person to ever be on the show, those diamonds are over priced and kill the resell value of the watch and he knew it. Mans be around the right types of people, plane janes increase in value buss downs lose their value as soon as you buy them,

  • @shawn0336

    Love how he stands on what he stands on. They push that bullshit on him and he’s not going for it.

  • @realraw4757
    @realraw4757 2 hours ago +2

    Plain Rolex ❤100%

  • @brybry8037

    Don’t hate the player hate the game, DC gonna tell it how it is.

  • @user-ns9rj7vh8i

    His realness makes him genuinely funny.

  • @brooklynjongkind6110
    @brooklynjongkind6110 7 hours ago +5

    The one and only time I was at Ice box I said I would never return. Ya'll are greesy hustlers. lol Not to mention they have ruined all their watches by putting aftermarket diamonds on them. BIg ups to DC for knowing whatsup, stand firm King, don't let these fools talk you into a bussdown

  • @user-zw2vj1xb9f

    They tried they hardest to depreciate that watch 😂

  • @ChivasKimber

    This is a dude that understands wealth. I can tell hes been mentored by someone that is crazy wealthy.

  • @andrewmikos1210
    @andrewmikos1210 2 hours ago

    Super super super humble I like that

  • @TheSessionCA

    I see DC I click. Simple. He the 1st person to have standards and he bagged sumn mid video. Legend

  • @BillyGOAT83

    He don’t want nothin aftermarket - he’s been schooled 👌🏾

  • @Skateandsmoke420

    LMAO 😂 Will is too much when he said: "He's expecting something over night." 💀🤣

  • @user-od4ot7vy2o
    @user-od4ot7vy2o 4 hours ago

    dc a real pimp don't need no diamonds man just the gold playa

  • @elprezidenteclarke5417

    Like the fact DC keeps it simple in his jewellery collection..