(mukbang vlog) RAMYUN @1AM ...SALTIEST Italian food , CLEANSING w. Spring rolls

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
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Comments • 216

  • Hello My name is
    Hello My name is 3 months ago

    7:16 lmao 😂 I laughed way to hard at just that 🙃

  • piglette0928
    piglette0928 6 months ago

    I love how you eat your noodles . You don’t over stuff you mouth like Fran or Dorothy mukbang

  • Ainz Alvarez
    Ainz Alvarez 6 months ago

    I also
    Love watching
    Love and war😂😂mother-in-law vs husbands wife😂😂😂

  • Alyssa Garcia
    Alyssa Garcia 6 months ago

    Great video keemi i love your vlogs because i love seeing what you do during the day

  • Evon T
    Evon T 6 months ago

    Why can u eat so much and not get fat? So envy😂

  • Elise Blair
    Elise Blair 7 months ago

    The amount you can eat is insane 😲

  • Grace Nam
    Grace Nam 7 months ago

    Come visit Sapori Trattoria in Lincoln Park! You’ll love it! Big portions 😊

  • Jannelle Rivera
    Jannelle Rivera 7 months ago

    You look like Yoon Eunhye with your crazy hair. Hahahahaha.

  • Rayan Asmar
    Rayan Asmar 7 months ago

    Hmm.. these eating habits got me thinking youre pregnant😊😂😂

  • Sarah Jeyaseelen
    Sarah Jeyaseelen 7 months ago

    You’re watching love and war first grade daughter in law right😂😂😂

  • Vivian Descham
    Vivian Descham 7 months ago

    Lucky I really love salty foods😅

  • kimi latif
    kimi latif 7 months ago

    Not seeing keemi swallow, every time shes about to swallow its cut out.. dont tell me shes becoming one of those fake mukbangers !! 💔

  • JS Lee
    JS Lee 7 months ago

    To those saying she may be preggo cause she said the dishes were salty, her sister also said they were salty. Js. Or yal think they both preggo now?

  • Samara Morris
    Samara Morris 7 months ago

    OMG you are totally in my hood! I hope I meet you one day

    CYRINTHIA212 7 months ago

    Your hair has grown so much

  • May Shan Fang
    May Shan Fang 7 months ago

    I wish I could eat like you and still be of normal size like you!

  • babybluex
    babybluex 7 months ago

    You blurred the women out in the first restaurant and then you didnt blur her out lol

  • Наталка xx
    Наталка xx 7 months ago

    bad food day.

  • Martha Moreno
    Martha Moreno 7 months ago +1

    I’m going to Chi town in June so I’m loving your recommendations. If you read this, please send me all the musts of the city. Luh you!

  • Nemrac
    Nemrac 7 months ago +1

    I envy your metabolism! I wish I could do this but I breakout and gain weight like crazy!

  • Rhea Chand
    Rhea Chand 7 months ago

    You could be a super taster (A supertaster is a person who experiences the sense of taste with far greater intensity than average)

  • Ashley N
    Ashley N 7 months ago

    Omg I love anastasia

  • nun of yas
    nun of yas 7 months ago

    Unpopular opinion: KEEMI was the one who basically started the putting cheese on things tend

  • Jasmine Franco
    Jasmine Franco 7 months ago

    oh my gosh eataly is so salty but i also noticed italian food in italy was so much saltier then the US.

  • Amanda Rotela
    Amanda Rotela 7 months ago

    You are soooooo pregnant xD

  • Luminoous
    Luminoous 7 months ago

    keemi you look so good!!! ugh can you do a day in your life (working out and stuff when you're not eating mukbang

  • jazmine riva
    jazmine riva 7 months ago

    omg ur watching that eat korean food on Netflix!! lol I heard the halmoni’s voice😅🤣

  • Gacha Gurl
    Gacha Gurl 7 months ago

    Yea Keemi don’t eat without the bread like people said bread is yummy and don’t you like bread?

  • okki oktaviani
    okki oktaviani 7 months ago

    Keemiiiiiii, please mukbang indian food🙏💜💜

    ASMR-RUSSIA 7 months ago

    *HI) cool show💕 💞)NICE*

  • Nee Nae
    Nee Nae 7 months ago +1

    Taste buds are changing? Ohhh maybe a lil keemi or dong on the way?... Jus knw...y'all would be the best parents..lets us knw the out come lol....u got love n support from us💜

  • 285 Soulja
    285 Soulja 7 months ago

    U eat too much

  • yoshinosakura
    yoshinosakura 7 months ago


  • Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez 7 months ago

    Keemi: zooms in to her boobies bouncing
    Me: 👀👀🥴

  • Kiri
    Kiri 7 months ago +37

    The pregnancy comments are soooooo f*cking rude. That's such a personal topic.

  • MANDY Long
    MANDY Long 7 months ago +1

    Could u link ur green Adidas tshirt? So cute! I want!! You look so beautiful lately ... like ur glowing!! The natural black hair really looks awesome on you!! ❤

  • Che' Monae
    Che' Monae 7 months ago

    You might be pregnant

  • Jane uMm
    Jane uMm 7 months ago

    Keemi How you been? On with the Italian Foodies I know just doing some noodles and with doin careers.

  • Marijo Brant
    Marijo Brant 7 months ago

    I don't think Keemi will answer any comments about pregnancy especially if she's in her first term. Right Keemi? 😉🙂

  • millehk12
    millehk12 7 months ago

    I love these vlogs so much!!

  • Tony Hyon
    Tony Hyon 7 months ago

    i also want to know how her face doesnt bloat eating two packs of ramen at 1 in the morning ?!

  • Tony Hyon
    Tony Hyon 7 months ago

    i wish ramyun wasnt soooo small. literally, ramyun for me is like 5 bites. i wish they would make em a little more bigger

  • Panda B
    Panda B 7 months ago

    When Keemi said that the Ramyun tasted like Ppushu Ppushu, it reminded me of when Stephanie sang the Ppushu Ppushu song... forgot which video that was tho

  • Abigail Kim
    Abigail Kim 7 months ago

    Please do a makeup tutorial! I love the part in your last video where you did your makeup! Please share some products!!

  • soymilk
    soymilk 7 months ago

    lol r u pregnant?

  • Kenya’s View
    Kenya’s View 7 months ago +2

    I was wondering what your new method to losing weight is i know you mentioned intermittent fasting could we get a video you going into more detail

  • PlumpNJuicyBabe
    PlumpNJuicyBabe 7 months ago

    Omg I saw that ramen in the store the other day and picked it up. I went “Oooooooo bulgogi ramen I’ve never seen this before” and bought it. I haven’t tried it yet.

  • xxbettyboiixx
    xxbettyboiixx 7 months ago

    I love this restaurant! 🤗🤗

  • Elizabeth W.
    Elizabeth W. 7 months ago

    Keemi, the Argentinean shrimp from TJ are so good. They're uncooked but alreeady peeled.

  • dorqy
    dorqy 7 months ago

    Keemi can you do apartment tour? I'm so curious to see how you organize everything and all the cute things you collect!!!

  • jody月亮
    jody月亮 7 months ago

    i enjoy watching ur mukbang vlogs, especially whenever i come back home from a stressful school day T-T!! love u keemi💗😊

  • Cutie MSP
    Cutie MSP 7 months ago

    I LOVED this video and I will start watching your videos more! This is my 4-5 video I watched on your channel so far, and already love it 😍

  • Aimesio
    Aimesio 7 months ago +2

    I love these videos, such a chill and welcoming vibe but still with attention to detail like showing the food close up, describing them and telling us the price! I feel like I'm out for dinner with you lol

  • Samantha Nakyonyi
    Samantha Nakyonyi 7 months ago

    Hi, can you please share which spring roll wraps you use? I’m looking for some quality ones ❤️

  • terrorux
    terrorux 7 months ago +14

    keemi: this is very salty/sweet
    y’all: 🗣 I can’t believe 😳 she’s pregnant😍🥰

  • v9mpire
    v9mpire 7 months ago

    Anastasia on broadway 😩 i always wanted to go!!! i loved the movie as a kid ugh!!!!!

  • Aurélie D
    Aurélie D 7 months ago

    You might be pergnent if you're tasting everything intensly... Congrast!!!

  • sandy
    sandy 7 months ago

    been really loving these vlogs, keep them coming

  • SailorBri
    SailorBri 7 months ago

    Hi Keemi! Just wanted to say that I absolutely love this style of vlogs and your content is always enjoyable to watch. :) Have a great day

  • jasmine cote
    jasmine cote 7 months ago

    Why do your videos have to be so annoying with the old video game sound?