Building a Viking House with Hand Tools: A Bushcraft Project (PART 1)

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • We build a bushcraft viking house in the woods using hand tools only. Part 1 focuses on cutting the cedar logs for the foundations of the viking house. The foundations are only going to be two cedar logs high. The hand tools we use are an axe, saw, hammer, and wrecking bar. We begin by using an axe and saw to create saddle notches to make the log cabin foundation. We are only building the foundation two cedar logs high, because the timber frame of the roof will come right down to the forest floor. We use 10 logs overall for the foundation of the viking shelter. We burned the ends of the support stakes using Shou-Sugi Ban. An ancient wood preserving technique invented by the Japanese. It helps to evaporate any moisture in the wood and creates a sealed, protective layer to help prevent it from rotting as quickly. Cedar is pretty rot proof and is often used in Log Cabin building. We cook up some food over the fire and then finish the foundation of the Bushcraft Viking House in the woods.
    In Part 2, we will be focusing on building the timber frame of the structure. Using cedar logs and hand tools. We hope to build a viking long pit, raised beds, a door and a porch. Eventually we hope to cook venison and other food over the open fire inside the viking camp. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next episode!
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  • TA Outdoors
    TA Outdoors  5 months ago +83

    Watch PART 2 Here:

    • Hùng Nguyễn Quang
      Hùng Nguyễn Quang 8 days ago

      where are you?

    • Jason Viper
      Jason Viper 12 days ago

      weird, i didn't know the Vikings HAD the internet hmmm. also end of the world HAHAHAHA burning contaminated wood would be the last thing u'd wanna do.

    • John Remily
      John Remily 3 months ago

      making a viking house then you ate that makes me hungry "sad" why

    • artistchase7 miller
      artistchase7 miller 4 months ago

      I've been waiting till you had a few episodes uploaded. I've been really looking forward to this build. This Summer, I'm going to do the over night Bushcraft with my nephew in my backyard. Thx, your friend from New Jersey, Doreen

    • Hindu Goat
      Hindu Goat 4 months ago

      if you are going to use modern tools and vehicles and techniques...
      whats the point?
      just bring in earth moving machines and lay a concrete slab and connect electricity, just like the vikings did!

  • battlethebollocks Rodgers

    The older you get your perspective dilates. And you realize how myopic your youth was. This is the foundation for our civilization. If we can't master that. We shouldn't go to the point of no return. But for some reason, we always do. I want the air in my lungs, and the food in my stomach. And anymore should offset the balance. How funny now everyone is unbalanced, but that's the normal. Could they craft their way into clothing? Mortal coil fear & loathing? Just saying, we should all be familiar with basic infrastructure, b4 we stock market. Oops we did it again......... .... Annihilation. Press f whatever to restart!. Not ' do what thou wilt' Crowley philosophy. Do what needs to be done. Fuckin duh

  • John Osborn
    John Osborn 22 hours ago

    Congratulations, you're building the first environmentally friendly single wide trailer house !

  • Дмитрий Целитель

    Обычная русская срубленная хата

  • Kelton Sanderson

    What does pre burning those stakes do?

  • Oneshot Onekill
    Oneshot Onekill 3 days ago

    Bacon, how to make me float through the air cartoon style. Awesome video, thanks for not talking alot or annoying music.

  • timothy jones
    timothy jones 4 days ago


  • Brian McGill
    Brian McGill 7 days ago

    Looks like you need some proper axes . would make this a lot easier. Just a suggestion

  • Brian McGill
    Brian McGill 7 days ago

    Love that Brown coat . what brand is that please . I would love to get one. The guy in the black cap

  • Paul DeJohn
    Paul DeJohn 8 days ago

    I would love to know what brand of axes you used and what type of hand saw was that you used as well. Please share.

  • Joe Mead
    Joe Mead 8 days ago

    waste of time make it one 30 minute video … high quality gets you 44k I guess

  • Daniel Ryslink
    Daniel Ryslink 8 days ago +1

    Erhm... well... technically, vikings were only those norsemen who actually left their houses and sailed on a ship to loot and pillage and murder. Once they returned to their house, they stopped being vikings the very moment and reverted to ordinary Danes, Swedes, or whatever nation they originated from. In other words, there were viking ships, viking raids, viking swords and axes, and viking songs, but probably nothing like viking houses, because the time you spent sitting in a house, you are not technically a viking... just saying...

  • Watches88
    Watches88 8 days ago

    What kind of watches would you recommend for bushcraft?

  • Coral Pearce
    Coral Pearce 8 days ago

    I don't understand, what is the purpose of burning the ends of the wood?
    Or am I too stupid

    • Mama97054
      Mama97054 8 days ago

      Maybd. to put a cresote type of coating to keep out insects and make it more waterproof? Just a guess!

  • EmtronVenger
    EmtronVenger 9 days ago

    Oml this is brilliant... I need you to build me one lol

    • EmtronVenger
      EmtronVenger 9 days ago

      Once I buy myself a bit of Northumberland forest that is 🤦🏼‍♀️🤞

  • treemonk
    treemonk 9 days ago

    Interesting. There is another "ancient wood preserving technique" you might try if you want the 'house' to last more than a few years. All logs should be de-barked else beetles and ants will live under the bark. They and the bird and animals that live on them will destroy the logs. Honza Šenbauer mentioned de-barking also. The tool for this, a large 'chisel', 3+ ins (7.5cm) wide with a 4 ft. (1.3m) handle, is called a "spud" in this part of N. America. But an improvised "draw knife" from a flexible long bladed kitchen knife with the pointy end wrapped with duct tape works well. One makes an "X horse", two stakes driven into the ground to form an "X". Then lash the joint, or add support under the "X". Lift one end of a log onto the "X" and strip away the bark with the two-handed flexible knife - "easy, breezy"

  • Nielle Kalawakan
    Nielle Kalawakan 9 days ago

    Stop cutting trees for youtube videos.

  • Pastor Peewee
    Pastor Peewee 10 days ago

    Fantastic video great sounds for ASMR

  • nguyet thu
    nguyet thu 11 days ago

    2 little boys bullshit.

  • Илья Еремин
    Илья Еремин 12 days ago

    Пила появилась только в начале 18 века! всю чашку топарами вырубали, тесали

  • Nicholas Lacovara
    Nicholas Lacovara 13 days ago +1

    How did the wall logs get cut with a flat face ?

  • Reza Golestani
    Reza Golestani 13 days ago

    At 3:35 why they half burned the pins?

  • Scot-Free
    Scot-Free 13 days ago +1

    The sound of the traffic was strangely relaxing.

  • Nathaniel&Keren Weaver

    why are they using a hatchet two handed? A log club or even a big rock works far better to hammer large steaks in than a hatchet.

  • SeaJay Oceans
    SeaJay Oceans 13 days ago

    Loki better not make the roof leak ! Frigga Protect our home ! :-)

  • Jay Music
    Jay Music 15 days ago

    why make it so difficult on yourselves when people back then had a variety of wood working tools?

  • Kim James
    Kim James 15 days ago +2

    TA Outdoors, Will there be more projects with your dad? and more projects periode?

  • kevin church
    kevin church 16 days ago

    The vikings didn't have saws

  • HardknocksPHD
    HardknocksPHD 16 days ago +2

    Your dag wants to help so much. 😂

  • Madden Master
    Madden Master 16 days ago

    writing more of a reminder for i find myself outdoors over doing it// at 69 ..have built cabins have to stay away from heavy lifting and hard work..body can not take it enjoy your young strong bodies..for me i will hire strong young -Not a dog owner ..but just house watch & dog watch for plp ..Enjoy & have fun with other plp`s dogs..and N0 responsibilities ..Living on very low income - I can not effort a dog & KNOW it ..not like many plp , some homeless that have dogs..But they`ll say..we just love dogs ..and can not stay in homeless shelters because of their dogs ..HEY plp take care of your needs -shelter-medical First ..I never feel soory for these stupid poor or homeless dog owners

  • Tyler Underwood
    Tyler Underwood 17 days ago

    Eh this isn't realistic , Vikings wouldn't have used cameras they would have painted it and wrote it in books

  • Vasif Hesenov
    Vasif Hesenov 17 days ago

    lets go )

  • OscarApplegate
    OscarApplegate 18 days ago

    promise by ben howard is a good song to listen to with this video

  • Lucho Luengo
    Lucho Luengo 18 days ago

    Vikingos con. Motosierra, ni siquiera saben usar el hacha

  • . takka
    . takka 20 days ago


  • Area51Gregos
    Area51Gregos 20 days ago +1

    Was that a bacon slapper sandwich you were eating? Ha! I'm a "sepo," but when in the UK, I love those those things! I wish we had your bacon "over the pond!" Cheers
    Up the Irons!

  • George from Texas
    George from Texas 20 days ago

    A Viking house from chainsaw strewn logs!

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart 21 day ago

    What a beautiful stand of cedar trees.

  • david ross
    david ross 21 day ago

    This whole video could have been covered in a few minutes, what a complete waste of time...

  • david ross
    david ross 21 day ago

    Saying a single word about what your doing would be very helpful, a single bit of explanation...

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams 22 days ago

    Did they use green wood ?

  • Beerded
    Beerded 24 days ago

    This made me sleepy. Great video !

  • Fidel Gómez Güell
    Fidel Gómez Güell 25 days ago +1

    Absolutely beautiful vid. Kind regards from Cuba 🇨🇺

  • Baha Dalgıç
    Baha Dalgıç 25 days ago

    Do you know what the blood eagle is ?

    • Baha Dalgıç
      Baha Dalgıç 24 days ago

      TA Outdoors Absouletly, can u guys show us 😂😂

    • TA Outdoors
      TA Outdoors  24 days ago

      Splitting someones back open while they are alive?

  • Roland's Durendal
    Roland's Durendal 25 days ago

    NEVER FORGET YOUR PAST. You are a noble people.

  • Sixten the Nihilist
    Sixten the Nihilist 26 days ago

    Finally I have a solution for the ridiculous housing prices over here in Sweden when I go to university.

  • trevor  cauler
    trevor cauler 26 days ago

    I’m a yank & all I can say is: ” yeah, that’s bang on!” 👍🏾

  • Will Wade
    Will Wade 27 days ago

    The way you are building it is the traditional log building way but there is another way. That would be where the corners are made from vitical logs split lengthwise into quarters and pinned o the ends of the wall logs wit wooden pins through hole drilled through the corner post into each horizontal log end. It is best to make the corners vertical post out of a log twice the diameter of the wall logs that way when lt is split each quarter is the same width as the wall logs.

  • Will Wade
    Will Wade 27 days ago

    Remember that people didn't spend all their time inside their homes back then. They mostly used their houses for sleeping and getting out of the cold/rain between chores. Most of their time was spent out doord even when cooking so most people didn't need large homes.

  • Hugh M9
    Hugh M9 27 days ago

    True youtube content doesnt need hyper music, yelling, and annoying intros. This is true content.

  • Jay Dubya
    Jay Dubya 27 days ago

    Maybe I missed it in the video but why are you burning the ends of your timber?

  • dan b
    dan b 27 days ago

    not sure if I consider a chain saw a hand tool

  • Veli-Pekka Kultanen
    Veli-Pekka Kultanen 28 days ago

    You have a quick hack. Dry the logs one year, put'em'on qorner stones and there you have it. (put some planks, as easy they are, and you have a Hall for Kings).

  • Skillet Mage
    Skillet Mage 28 days ago +1

    20:42 Seeing and hearing him quietly skin these logs...This is TOTAL ASMR for me!!! :) Thank you and this is something I have always dreamed of doing myself! Bucket list for sure!

  • TPM GanG
    TPM GanG 28 days ago

    Плюс если ты из России, не понимаешь что они говорят, но очень интересно 🤔

  • Dakota bailey
    Dakota bailey 28 days ago +1

    Totally something my dad would do 😂😂😂

  • y ِDigari
    y ِDigari 28 days ago

    You are three peoples and can make a home!!! really !!!... you are baby . pleas go home at your town and dont see this movies film .

  • Glenr
    Glenr 29 days ago

    Nice dog you have

    MAX WTF Month ago

    Красавы луцк

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Month ago +3

    If anyone is thinking of doing this as well, don't lift with your back like they were, but also, grab a first aid kit that is packed with some of just about everything. It's more of a "just in case" thing, and nobody is above it.

    • Diane Greene
      Diane Greene 19 days ago

      It's an always thing. Trust me on this. :)

    • Crystal M
      Crystal M 27 days ago

      Isaiah - I was also in pain watching that.
      (also watching so many different diameter logs from one end to the other making corners, that would drive me nuts every time I looked at it😱)

  • wayne kerr
    wayne kerr Month ago

    Nothing says bushcraft like a camera and the Interwebs

  • Lane Maness
    Lane Maness Month ago

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  • Tee Simon
    Tee Simon Month ago

    That truck sounds super weird...

  • Catherine Leslie-Faye

    Bad form regarding fire safety and incorrect use of tools... this video make me cringe.

  • Храмой Джо

    купите безопилу! быстрее пойдет, и сил больше будет

  • Alex Eastwood
    Alex Eastwood Month ago


  • Kim Morley
    Kim Morley Month ago +3

    Nowt like a bacon butty after a hard day grafting .

  • nathaniel scott
    nathaniel scott Month ago

    What kind of person downvotes these videos?

  • Random Slaps
    Random Slaps Month ago

    12:28 king Alfred's burnt buns

  • Tim Turner
    Tim Turner Month ago

    What saw are you using? The pole saw with the black handle. Does it fold up?