We FINISHED the $100,000 PC! - 6 Editors 1 CPU Pt. 6

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
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    After all the kinks have been worked out, we finally build and watercool the 6 Editors 1 CPU PC - let's see if it works!
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Comments • 6 631

  • Big Semmo
    Big Semmo 19 hours ago +1

    yea but can it run roblox

  • deep khona
    deep khona 19 hours ago

    Give One PC Not Computer Mouse Etc I Want PC Please Normal Any PC IF You Can Please Sponsor Me One PC please Brother

  • Bruce Mega
    Bruce Mega 20 hours ago

    i dont know i am sure you could build 8 pretty smashing computers for 100k o.o

  • Veber_MGaming
    Veber_MGaming 21 hour ago

    Thats nice but can it run crysis?


    I'm kinda done with Kingston bought one of their ssd's and after a year it doesn't work

  • Casey
    Casey Day ago

    NSA called...they want their supercomputer back

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    Not even a PC at this point, that might as well be a server

    MUM VANOSS Day ago

    Where those monster gone after the video

  • Philippe Berube
    Philippe Berube Day ago

    linus :" we dont have the platinum because i droped it."
    me *stare at a chair for 2 min processing that*

  • Waffles_animates101 101

    Dude can u make me a pc (I play on a asus laptop that struggles to run roblox) I also don’t know much about pc

  • Rezki Man
    Rezki Man Day ago

    How pewdiepie’s computer looks like...

  • Gavin Baker
    Gavin Baker Day ago +1

    Can it run Minecraft tho

  • Günther Mahlzahn

    I think that is better than a Mac Pro lol

  • priyatham priyatham

    Was expecting u would play a game but awesome vid anyways

  • Jonathan Asdell
    Jonathan Asdell Day ago

    I didn't understand most of the words in this video but I'm still drooling a bit.

  • adam alaoui
    adam alaoui Day ago

    What about a dUaL tHrEaDrIpPeR

  • Tim Seidel
    Tim Seidel Day ago

    4:25 Without overclocking XD

  • Jake Zubyk
    Jake Zubyk 2 days ago

    Just think about how this is the best a regular computer can possibly do (purchasable that is), and possibly soon we may be seeing Quantum Computers that make this look like a joke

  • Les The Great
    Les The Great 2 days ago

    He dropped it lololololol

  • abbes k
    abbes k 2 days ago

    Enough RAM to hold 2 times chrome :)

  • Exo Shaker
    Exo Shaker 2 days ago

    I’m lucky enough to have a pc that can open up this video

  • Dead Panda
    Dead Panda 2 days ago

    Insane and stupid build... Why not to buy dell server ?

  • YoungGroup
    YoungGroup 2 days ago +3

    Linus : 384gb ram!!!!!
    Mac Pro : xddd

  • michael smith
    michael smith 2 days ago

    100k computer that looks like shit. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • GeneralStryker
    GeneralStryker 2 days ago

    We spent so much time asking if we could, that we didn't ask if we should

  • An7iX CK
    An7iX CK 2 days ago

    And I'm sittin over here with not even enough money to buy an SSD for my laptop :(

  • Ethan Moore
    Ethan Moore 2 days ago

    but can it run minecraft

  • Nano '
    Nano ' 2 days ago

    Give it to me!

  • canVas
    canVas 2 days ago

    Run 3dmark timespy with it please

  • Raiquia
    Raiquia 2 days ago

    Yeah, sure. Good luck with your electricity bill.

  • James Whitehead
    James Whitehead 2 days ago

    When do we get to see six editors working on this box?

  • Kyfrel
    Kyfrel 2 days ago

    I wish I had a pc

  • Benja Boscatto
    Benja Boscatto 2 days ago

    You can hace a $100.000 PC bit you do not have Windows activated

  • SteveAkaGoatpile
    SteveAkaGoatpile 2 days ago

    I will never understand the whole RBG/Gamer thing. the PC sits under the desk, and you look at the monitor. we are building computers here, not Christmas trees.
    whats wrong with plain honest green chips?
    finding a decent Case you can knock on nowadays is such a fucking hassle among all these unventilated edgy dustmagnets and fragile glass walls.

  • Slaternator
    Slaternator 2 days ago


  • Le Chen
    Le Chen 2 days ago +3

    It run gta 5 240 fps 8k ?

  • IIAndersII
    IIAndersII 2 days ago

    that is a very expensive room heater

  • Paul Omega
    Paul Omega 2 days ago

    can this thing finally run crysis?

  • LeadUR Subconscious
    LeadUR Subconscious 2 days ago

    benchmarks are this drug users choice , who gives a shit , unused power in the real world , haedly much of it is ever used. they just get off from a picture popping out n throwing a number losers

  • Nylo
    Nylo 2 days ago

    100k PC
    100k electricity bill

  • LeadUR Subconscious
    LeadUR Subconscious 2 days ago

    mac pro is nicer all i need screw ur weirdo pointless experiments dreamer fag canadian , noone wants or will buildthis pointless machine ever, i can d better with 1000x times less the cost or your junk over bought toys and jammed together, does not make you an innovator or engineer

  • LeadUR Subconscious
    LeadUR Subconscious 2 days ago

    how you manage to destroy a 9k chip you imbecile??? money could have gone to hungry people starving you spoiled brat, bite me

  • LeadUR Subconscious
    LeadUR Subconscious 2 days ago

    whats next the 1 million pile of metal trash PC?? bite me

  • Pinto 11
    Pinto 11 2 days ago

    You should have just bought 6 $10k computers and have them each build their own instead of going through all that, would have saved a couple thosand too!!...

  • Alien Yo
    Alien Yo 2 days ago

    But can it run minecraft at 60fps

  • MaL3K_XD
    MaL3K_XD 2 days ago

    What’s the point of building it when you can’t afford a Windows 10 activation key

  • joelperry997
    joelperry997 2 days ago +5

    Linus: *builds $100,000 fully watercooled PC.*
    Also Linus: *leaves rear case fan slot empty*

  • Magi191
    Magi191 2 days ago

    Fuck your fucking adverts. I skip them every time. Save your breath no one gives a shit.

  • joelperry997
    joelperry997 2 days ago +1

    $100,000 PC: *has twice the computing power as the mac pro*
    Linus: *compares the $100,000 pc to the mac pro* TaKe tHAt MaC pRo.
    Mac pro: *half of the computing power (still a lot), almost the same power in some areas being under 1/8 the cost*

    If you think about it why didn't linus just get 6 cheese graters?

  • Serronyx
    Serronyx 2 days ago +1

    Can it run google Chrome while gaming?

  • Emense Freak
    Emense Freak 2 days ago

    But can it play minecraft

  • Hayden Hill
    Hayden Hill 3 days ago +3

    Question is, can it play Minecraft?

    HYDROGEN GRAGAS PH 3 days ago

    Expensive than diamonds.

  • LookingGlassProject
    LookingGlassProject 3 days ago

    "I dropped one"
    That's so Linus

  • thecockycow
    thecockycow 3 days ago

    That segway made me giggle.

  • GoldenBoosh
    GoldenBoosh 3 days ago

    lol i thought my 873 euro pc was alot

  • Tristan Barefoot
    Tristan Barefoot 3 days ago

    Why not get 6 computers?

  • Killer Clean
    Killer Clean 3 days ago

    Me: watching Linus making a $100,000 pc
    Also me: searching online if my i5-2500k with 4gb of ram can run Minecraft

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 3 days ago

    Now to make this better get a 3rd gen threadrippers

  • Eldralzi Harvadraak
    Eldralzi Harvadraak 3 days ago

    6editors 2 cpu

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming 3 days ago +2

    I'm surprised you didn't just use a RAMdisk with battery backup instead of 2 optane drives

  • Dane DeArmond
    Dane DeArmond 3 days ago +2

    I mean, it's cool and all, but is it really better / cheaper than building 6 solid stand alone editing stations? Couldn't you get a hell of a station out of $15k ( x 6)?

    • Tech Junkie
      Tech Junkie 2 days ago

      It's a project, it's not meant to replace their existing workflow. It's a proof of concept, and a damn interesting one at that

  • Arun Singh
    Arun Singh 3 days ago

    They can finally run google chrome with 6 people on the same pc

  • see louder
    see louder 3 days ago

    Drool. Can you please see how fast Redshift3d and/or Octane run?? Congratulations!!

  • If you don’t subscribe your gay

    you should see how many fps it gets on games

  • Tighe Matthew
    Tighe Matthew 3 days ago

    I dont understand half the stuff your talking about but its still awesome to watch .

  • Arsenic Pills
    Arsenic Pills 3 days ago

    284 GB of RAM you say?
    Almost enough to load my 2600 mod/asset Cities Skylines save without using the page file
    I have a 60GB page file because i can

  • Nayeoniie
    Nayeoniie 3 days ago

    *opens chrome*
    pc: *crashes*

  • Mohammed Faizaan
    Mohammed Faizaan 3 days ago +1

    But can it play minecraft at 60 fps

  • Nicky Lombreglia
    Nicky Lombreglia 3 days ago

    Could this setup run crisis 3 at 1080 p on ultra?

  • Kyle Andrews
    Kyle Andrews 3 days ago

    Can it run Crysis?

  • 1time email address
    1time email address 4 days ago

    A. Just go to Dell's website and configure a server. You reach 250k in no time.
    B. You guys don't have real tools or what? Using an Allen wrench? Really?

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 4 days ago

    Drops a 10 thousand dollar proccesser

  • Beat Master
    Beat Master 4 days ago


  • Hanzel Moreno
    Hanzel Moreno 4 days ago

    But the really question is...
    Could it run Minecraft?

  • Excile
    Excile 4 days ago

    But can it run crysis?

  • Martin
    Martin 4 days ago

    Can it run crisis though?

  • Jeremy B
    Jeremy B 4 days ago

    Thats $16666.66 a computer idk how you can spend 16666 on a single computer

  • Sir Tobi
    Sir Tobi 4 days ago

    But can it run minecraft?

  • TheMasterBlade
    TheMasterBlade 4 days ago +1

    "Oh you got a new PC? Cool, how powerful is it?" "Oh not too powerful I'm just controlling NASA and the whole government. Not too much" *Laughs while launching a Rocket into space*

  • Akshay
    Akshay 4 days ago

    Can you play Minecraft in this?

  • Unvokem
    Unvokem 4 days ago

    Hey, can someone explain what “bottlenecking” or something like that is?

    • Simen Tyldum
      Simen Tyldum 4 days ago

      when you have a component which is ruining the speed of all other components because of its poor performance. Think like this pc if it had only 8gb of ram, that would fucked the whole pc performance even tho the other components is worth 100,000$

  • Eden Steves
    Eden Steves 4 days ago

    But can it run crisis?

  • Robert Schumann
    Robert Schumann 4 days ago +2

    He forgot to DoWnLoaD MorE RaM

  • Tech World
    Tech World 4 days ago +2

    RU-clip recommendations: "yo fam wanna see how poor you are?"

  • Aidan Lelliott
    Aidan Lelliott 4 days ago +14


  • AmountStax
    AmountStax 4 days ago +1

    Any dual socket ryzen boards? Processing power may be lower, but PCI-E 4 could be interesting. Gives you more bandwidth for your graphics cards and maybe enough left over for your networking.

  • 68dodgeboy1
    68dodgeboy1 4 days ago

    I wanted to see it run Crysis

  • Bradley Milbourn
    Bradley Milbourn 4 days ago

    Monitor with the 4 screens ??

  • ElMariachi
    ElMariachi 4 days ago

    What exactly do you need a Titan for in a video editing workstation?
    For accelerating some few effects rendering that render instantly from CPU anyway? And this although LTT doesn't really use any effects..
    Or for the horrible hardware video encoding quality? For sure you don't use this, either...

  • Killer Mage
    Killer Mage 4 days ago

    You should paint flames on the side of it ... You know .. sex it up a bit !

  • Cashy 1
    Cashy 1 5 days ago

    in 20 years something this powerful wont be more then a few grand

  • Julius Godinez
    Julius Godinez 5 days ago

    Should have used the chiller

  • Sadiq Satar
    Sadiq Satar 5 days ago +1

    But the quation is, can it run fortnite

  • Yovarni Yearwood
    Yovarni Yearwood 5 days ago

    What application are you using to measure the amount of CPU cores being used? Or is that an actual thing in Blender?

    DYZEN TALHA ASLAM 5 days ago


  • Vlad Larion
    Vlad Larion 5 days ago +1

    Мэдимурк конечно круче ПК собирает...

  • Bibo Karrali
    Bibo Karrali 5 days ago

    Bro after 3 years it will be spank by a $2,000 pc

  • davidcianorris
    davidcianorris 5 days ago

    Let me guess: obliterated by a 1/10 cost EPYC setup

  • Vanil
    Vanil 5 days ago +1

    Can u plz plz plz, build me a PC. I've bee. Wanting one for 2 years and a half but my parents cant afford to buy me one. When I heard the budget that they were maybe be able to buy was $400. I have A's in B's and they promised me that they would buy me one if I got those grades but they aren't. Please if u see this plz build me one and keep up the amazing content.