Autotuned Cat [the original]

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • "Yass" version is here:
    Autotuned the cat because he won't shut up in the mornings. I don't know how this helps but I did it anyway.
    Yes, he's a Bengal, his name is Elton. I used an app called Voloco for iOS to make the autotune sounds. And no, he's not thirsty, he just happened to be by the faucet in part of the video because I was brushing my teeth. This is his "love me now" voice, he comes to bed in the morning to knead and purr and loudly meow to get some scritches.
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  • LukasStuff
    LukasStuff 6 hours ago


  • CrisandBit
    CrisandBit 13 hours ago

    What did you use

  • Samet Dagasar
    Samet Dagasar 2 days ago

    Biran ezel şarkı söylüyor sandım

    ANYTHINGonKIKO 4 days ago

    Rappers in 2019 be like:

  • Jakub Š
    Jakub Š 6 days ago

    You're genius

  • DiegoAlissaPlayz The Wanderer

    A new celebrity

  • millsub xxx
    millsub xxx 8 days ago

    proof that anyone with '' Lil '' in front of their name is equally talented

  • Mr. Jigsaw
    Mr. Jigsaw 8 days ago

    I how do I get auto tune

  • IzayoiSakuya
    IzayoiSakuya 10 days ago

    This is T-pains cat

  • Criruz - Senpai
    Criruz - Senpai 10 days ago

    Jajaja lo mejor!

  • MJZD :D
    MJZD :D 11 days ago


  • Xx_ gachatuber_xX
    Xx_ gachatuber_xX 11 days ago

    Soumd like a broken Sega Genesis

  • 10penny
    10penny 11 days ago

    Lil Uzi Vert cat:

  • Jordy 229
    Jordy 229 11 days ago +1

    Epic rapper

  • Lennie Mora
    Lennie Mora 11 days ago

    This is what my teacher sent me on google classroom

  • Pamela Biral
    Pamela Biral 12 days ago

    I just absolutely love your gorgeous cat and his meow. You are creative and funny. Keep doing it. Enhancing his beautiful meow meow I just loooove it. Have a little fun. There was this Italian musician who made a album with his Greyhound dog or like it. In the studio his would tune there little voice overtures. He was love his fellow dog musician and put him on the cover of his album. Super great. Like slot keep being creative . For sure cat is happy. Hooman is crazy know he loves me....treat please... I worked for it. Me. Ow. Me. Ow. Ya

  • carocatho
    carocatho 13 days ago +1

    Why do I always watch these vids when people are sleeping. 😂

  • Tom Hannah
    Tom Hannah 14 days ago

    Delightful!!!!! I love cats anyway, so this is a shoo-in... Nice!!! :)

  • SirPrize
    SirPrize 16 days ago +1

    I use this to call my cats from across the house. Works every time 😹

  • Flying Computer
    Flying Computer 16 days ago


  • Jamie Goldenseal
    Jamie Goldenseal 16 days ago

    i come back to this every few weeks it make me wanna keep living if u take this down i will hang myself

  • Suleros
    Suleros 18 days ago

    This is just the Portal turrets

  • Chris
    Chris 22 days ago

    Your cat sounds like a very distorted harmonica

  • The Wolves Gang
    The Wolves Gang 22 days ago

    When you open any can in front of cat

  • Robloxlover
    Robloxlover 22 days ago +1

    This Is My Kind Of My Party :D 🐈

  • Eric Davison
    Eric Davison 22 days ago +1

    you're so talented. I am proud of you

  • RandomVidz TV
    RandomVidz TV 24 days ago +1

    I use the same auto tune app as you

  • s u c c
    s u c c 25 days ago +1


  • Jon Burns
    Jon Burns 25 days ago

    I still use this nearly daily to get my cat to come over from another room

  • PreeD
    PreeD 25 days ago

    Faudrait pas qu'il attrape une maladie avec toutes cette autotune :0

  • Adekdote Beats
    Adekdote Beats 26 days ago

    Cat of Travis Scott

  • StraightThaFuckUp
    StraightThaFuckUp 27 days ago


  • Sniper And Scanty
    Sniper And Scanty 27 days ago

    Cat's Good 😐😞

  • bossboy191919
    bossboy191919 27 days ago +1

    Could easily sell 100 000 copies nowadays

    RSARAMC 28 days ago

    From 0:16 on it sounds like a french ambulance 😂😂

  • Benjamin Farias
    Benjamin Farias 28 days ago

    My cat came out of hiding when I put this video on.

  • Cinnacake / Espetuber
    Cinnacake / Espetuber 28 days ago

    The first meow sounded like a turret from portal

  • William Suarez
    William Suarez 28 days ago


  • Experiment Master
    Experiment Master 28 days ago

    sounds an accordion being played a demon

  • Squishyderpy
    Squishyderpy 28 days ago

    Finally, someone using autotune for something other than you know... being shit, and covering the lack of well, anything. It does sound rather awesome to be honest :D

  • deathwing015 playz
    deathwing015 playz 29 days ago

    editor: how much autotune do you want
    cat: meow

  • luke lawless
    luke lawless 29 days ago

    I play this to get my cats attention.

  • Tooth Negative
    Tooth Negative Month ago

    this new Travis Scott album lit!

  • Joseph Buccelli
    Joseph Buccelli Month ago

    Dr. Dre's Cat.

  • Squeguin Quack
    Squeguin Quack Month ago

    Other than the auto tune, that’s a pretty adorable cat

    JAM_KETI Month ago

    Lil pussy

  • Dark Storm
    Dark Storm Month ago


  • sıbe tv
    sıbe tv Month ago


  • ThePlasticBear
    ThePlasticBear Month ago

    played this and my cat flew at me out of nowhere and lost his damn mind, trying to eat my phone

  • Liz Mowrey
    Liz Mowrey Month ago

    That made me laugh too much

  • sunshineriptide
    sunshineriptide Month ago

    It’s 3AM and I am enjoying this way too much

  • JungKooksMom
    JungKooksMom Month ago

    0.75x speed you’ll love it

  • Squid!
    Squid! Month ago

    I remember watching this once, I was sick and I was staying home from school and laughed so hard I started coughing and had to take some cough medicine lol

  • Pokey the Two-Tailed Husky

    _Cats (2019)_

  • TigerBoi
    TigerBoi Month ago

    Patrick Star: “That cat has the most beautiful voice.”

  • Kyongsuk Ri
    Kyongsuk Ri Month ago

    Ah I always wanted to know what Tpain was up to these days

  • Aleksander Kaźmierczak

    0:12 0:20-0:39 g major cat

  • Tim Montes
    Tim Montes Month ago

    Geykume’s cat

  • The God of Heinz Tomato Ketchup

    Better than Lil Pump