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  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
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    Question 1 : What's the name of Bill Clinton's wife who stood beside him through his sex scandal?
    Answer a: Barbara
    Answer b: Hillary
    Answer c: Laura
    Answer d: Michelle
    Question 2 : What are people from Denmark known as?
    Answer a: Danish
    Answer b: Denish
    Answer c: Denmarkian
    Answer d: Dennian
    Question 3 : What is the name of the newspaper where Clark Kent works in 'Superman'?
    Answer a: Daily Planet
    Answer b: Daily Bugle
    Answer c: Global Metropolis
    Answer d: Metropolis News
    Question 4 : Russia has a border with which of the following countries?
    Answer a: India
    Answer b: Iran
    Answer c: Japan
    Answer d: Kazakhstan
    Question 5 : What happens to its sound as an object vibrates faster?
    Answer a: Becomes silent
    Answer b: Higher pitch
    Answer c: Lower pitch
    Answer d: Nothing
    Question 6 : The Thought Police and Big Brother feature in which famous novel?
    Answer a: 1984
    Answer b: Animal Farm
    Answer c: Homage To Catalonia
    Answer d: The Road To Wigan Pier
    Question 7 : What is the young of a dragonfly called?
    Answer a: Dragnet
    Answer b: Dragonlet
    Answer c: Nymph
    Answer d: Nymphet
    Question 8 : Which of these is NOT a column in the periodic table?
    Answer a: Alkali metals
    Answer b: Halogens
    Answer c: Koble gases
    Answer d: Noble gases
    Question 9 : The Marvelous Mrs Maisel' is set in which decade?
    Answer a: 1950s
    Answer b: 1930s
    Answer c: 1970s
    Answer d: 1990s
    Question 10 : What is Bob Dylans real name?
    Answer a: Allen Ginsberg
    Answer b: Robert Allen Zimmerman
    Answer c: Robert Steven Zimmerman
    Answer d: Robert Allen Dylan
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