8 YouTube Channels That Are Too Creepy To Visit

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • We've all tried to visit the weird part of RU-clip, and these are 8 RU-clip channels that are simply too creepy to watch or visit.
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Comments • 673

  • Sir Spooks
    Sir Spooks  Year ago +175

    Hey guys, hope you enjoy this *top 8* video. A different number than 5?! Blasphemy!

    • Cookie_ Cat
      Cookie_ Cat 6 months ago

      Sir Spooks oofoofoofoof

    • Jennifer Barnes
      Jennifer Barnes 8 months ago

      *LOVE when you make longer vids!*

    • Aaron Goulette
      Aaron Goulette 10 months ago

      Sir Spooks #6 is clearly a mask.
      Plus you just got a new subscriber.:)

    • Christina Unipan
      Christina Unipan Year ago

      For one of the channels R.I.P. headphone users

  • Lani Theromp
    Lani Theromp 5 hours ago


  • Thomas Pittman
    Thomas Pittman Day ago

    What the hell is creepy on here

  • Susan Fanter
    Susan Fanter 2 days ago

    Ok.ive seen some creepy stuff on utube, but...those are just bizzare.Good video Sir Spooks

  • Buddy Lee
    Buddy Lee 3 days ago

    Why don't you link any of these

  • ThatJelly Dude
    ThatJelly Dude 5 days ago +1

    Creepy person:"YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE"
    Me:"ya says you kid, PEACE"
    *jumps out window and runs*

  • 420Country Brooke
    420Country Brooke 5 days ago

    First one was dumb how's that spooky just dumb

  • Pablo Serrano Ortiz
    Pablo Serrano Ortiz 6 days ago

    Who imagines😄 a Meatsleep archives crossover😮 with 0A51COD?

  • Pablo Serrano Ortiz
    Pablo Serrano Ortiz 6 days ago

    Who imagines😄 a Don't hug me,i'm scared crossover😮 with Howtobasic?

  • Pablo Serrano Ortiz
    Pablo Serrano Ortiz 6 days ago

    Who imagines😄 a Nana825763 crossover😮 with Jack Torrance(Foundmedia23)?

  • Dary Babilonia
    Dary Babilonia 6 days ago

    The Chinese girl on first list is hot

  • We Watch From Below
    We Watch From Below 7 days ago

    We are continuing to watch

  • Ovi Bucur
    Ovi Bucur 10 days ago

    why not make proper videos. this are all fake. lame.it is nothing to look at whatsoever. time wasted

  • wd harvey
    wd harvey 11 days ago

    totheark has a scene with that doll in Marbel Hornets. And, there is MUCH more content that just Marbel Hornets and totheark...there are many other references in Marbel Hornets..

  • wd harvey
    wd harvey 11 days ago

    I started watching Marbel Hornets last night...about 4 hours in, I fell asleep, with about 4 more hours to go...it was playing in the background...I had nightmares in the middle of the night, and knocked EVERYTHING off my bedside table. Now, I REALLY enjoyed the show...and need to finish it. It was so well done, for an independent film.

  • Stephan Bitner
    Stephan Bitner 11 days ago

    The most the most stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life

  • Chalyn Fernandez
    Chalyn Fernandez 11 days ago +2

    sir spooks: so what made him stop?

    me: he popped, that's why he stopped.

  • wd harvey
    wd harvey 11 days ago

    Watching "Marble Hornets" right now..not sure if it's not a knock-off...but, it looks pretty creepy....

  • Carsen Critchell
    Carsen Critchell 11 days ago +1

    happy late spooktober

  • darren p
    darren p 12 days ago

    #2 is the end result of fetal alcohol syndrome.......

    TOO MANY CHICKENS 12 days ago

    Sir spooks "this chanel is creepy as fuck". Me instantly looking for it.

  • jesse haaland
    jesse haaland 13 days ago

    Number 2 spot is the only one that doesn't seem like an art school type stuff or bored country ppl..it seems like a group of twisted homies making a fake movie but they are actually a little off.in a bad way!

  • amyjohg
    amyjohg 13 days ago

    People are this bored? Ten years popping balloons....fake kidnappings....

  • Tammy L
    Tammy L 13 days ago

    Balloon dude o'd on laughing gas

  • Scotty miller
    Scotty miller 14 days ago

    These sad people are in some serious need of attention

  • ZenTeT
    ZenTeT 14 days ago

    i actually dont know how to prepare a cake for baking. and im almost 35 lawls looks like i have to learn this skill soon im getting old psst psst where is the scary stuff this is explainable its not even real

  • Kathy Bieber
    Kathy Bieber 14 days ago

    Wtf...how did I get here? 😳😳😳

  • thirdgengta
    thirdgengta 15 days ago

    Sorry. Lost interest because of the ads.

  • Brett Allen
    Brett Allen 15 days ago


  • Jessica Coone
    Jessica Coone 15 days ago

    Why did I laugh at the one with the balloons? Lol! 😄😄

  • Bradley Leacock
    Bradley Leacock 16 days ago

    Bunch of dumb videos spooky I think not boring and useless for sure ..people do anything for a you tube channel..

  • Cree Nation
    Cree Nation 17 days ago

    Kinda odd.. Today is Halloween!!..
    No Super scary Video or graveyard, run down building videos??..
    Come on Sir Spooks,
    you have done a ton of Awesome videos!! Even went out of your way too check out some places!!.. @ least give us a really good scare. The kind that makes you look under your bed or in your closet.. before going too sleep!!..

  • Cree Nation
    Cree Nation 17 days ago

    #5.. The reason he Stopped!!..
    Was because, he finally grew into the Condoms that didn't fit.. 🤪
    He found it more Entertaining too Blow them up with laughing gas.. 😈

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 17 days ago

    Once again the creepiest thing I've ever watched is the democratic debates.
    People are actually taking them seriously and cheering. My God....the horror!

  • Herbert Norkus
    Herbert Norkus 17 days ago

    Yet, they routinely delete and ban german music.....but this weird, sick crap is somehow ok?

  • Leonardo Varela
    Leonardo Varela 17 days ago

    i cant read binary

  • Tellem Large Marge Sent You

    How did the word creepy become the meaning of stupid

  • Twiztid YourNutz
    Twiztid YourNutz 18 days ago

    5:19 Bowling Balls
    Hell's Pit
    By: Insane Clown Posse (I.C.P.)

    CRYIPTIC CREEP 18 days ago

    As I drive out of town daily and back thru going to work, I often wonder what it is people are doing just on the other side of their walls. It bug's me out, especially the houses that look like these things could be happening inside.

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 18 days ago

    Except for the girl in the first clip, the rest seem to be on some truly nasty drugs.

  • DDF GhostHunting
    DDF GhostHunting 18 days ago

    Lol #5 was a Balloon fetish video

  • My Time
    My Time 19 days ago

    Why haven’t RU-clip removed these🤔

  • reynaldo valdez
    reynaldo valdez 19 days ago +1

    #2 feels like madness captured on video😵

    • reynaldo valdez
      reynaldo valdez 14 days ago

      @Karson King same hear

    • Karson King
      Karson King 14 days ago +1

      reynaldo valdez same. that video actually gave me anxiety

  • I am A potato
    I am A potato 19 days ago

    Totheark has those numbers that might be in the BINARY Code

    This is just a thought ya know?

  • Char's Fashion-Nation
    Char's Fashion-Nation 19 days ago

    They all need a Young priest and an old priest to compel that shit out of them.

  • blacerebon89
    blacerebon89 19 days ago

    sir spooks sounds oriental. . . .

  • Snapple_Apple _
    Snapple_Apple _ 20 days ago

    Popping balloons is some seriously funny shit.

  • Jianto
    Jianto 23 days ago

    its a mad world

  • Nightmare Invader Dragons& Squids reborn

    Hey that guy in the clown make up was sign languaging to the dummy

  • armpitfuzz
    armpitfuzz 29 days ago +1

    I cannot say I enjoyed this, in fact I found it disturbing.

  • Xtreme Dread
    Xtreme Dread 29 days ago

    You forgot the mighty dreadful demon Xtreme Dread..

  • Kraso Hinchev
    Kraso Hinchev Month ago

    AlisterCrowey are names taken from Supernatural

  • pug rose carrie phone nut

    i have a simple explanation for a few of them: iamxiaoli, aleister crowley, danleggymail & wian treetin were all made by mentally-unstable and/or emotionally-unstable people, hence the weird feeling when you watch these. it's not creepiness or weirdness, it's insanity you're witnessing.

  • Loading Loading
    Loading Loading Month ago

    What about the RU-clip channel "Kujo Links"? you missed that one.

  • NII瘡
    NII瘡 Month ago

    Check 大的性

  • [ c l o s e d ]
    [ c l o s e d ] Month ago

    You're safe Here in the Comments.
    Here have a hug! *hugs*

  • Samantha Dean
    Samantha Dean Month ago

    Oooookay... Whatever lights your candle or floats your boat.

  • the one
    the one Month ago

    So much better than chills.

  • Jyoti Raj
    Jyoti Raj Month ago +2

    I feel safe in comment box even you than like.....

  • Carl Peters
    Carl Peters Month ago

    What kind of a stuck-up puritan holier-than-thou self-righteous prig of an advertiser will not allow you to say the word fetish?