Tajikistan. On Her Bike Around the World. Episode 7

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
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    In April 2017 I left Australia for my trip around the world on a BMW F800GS. I named it “Are We There Yet”, because I don't know my final destination or the duration of this journey.
    Tajikistan was the sixth country I rode through. The legendary Pamir Highway and Wakhan Valley are dream destinations for any ADV rider and the scenery of this country is absolutely breathtaking and indescribable. The whole time I rode with my mouth wide open and almost forgot about my broken suspension!
    If you wish to get more details on my stay in Tajikistan check out my blog post:
    Throughout my journey I'm raising money for a young disabled child in Poland named Franek. Franek was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (weakness of the entire right side of the body) and he will require constant rehabilitation for the rest of his life. All the money raised will go directly to helping Franek and his family lead as normal a life as possible so please donate generously: gogetfunding.com/arewethereyet/
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    8:36 is exactly the reason i'd prefer a 650 for a trip like this. It is way easier to handle and not so heavy. But great videos! Have a save trip!

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      I think I agree.
      She looks great on the F800 though and it fits her like a glove.
      But it did look big with that kid sat on it 4:30 (big and heavy)

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    If it doesn't blow a shock and break the frame it's not a genuine BMW.

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