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Skip Bayless STRONG REACT Eagles defeat Bears 16-15 after missed 43-yd FG - Undisputed

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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Comments • 11

  • Kevin Loven
    Kevin Loven 7 days ago

    I'd kill Parkey be4 I'd kill a child molester

  • Dre-Day 1127
    Dre-Day 1127 3 months ago

    I love this video b/c the Bears have a bad taste in their mouth. As a young team, you 'never' forget a loss like this. Coach Nagy has already said the team is hungrier now than last season. Sometimes a loss like this is actually necessary to catapult you to where you need to go. GO BEARS!!!!!
    Also this is a great video b/c the Eagles and Cowboys blew it anyway going forward. Rams kicked the Cowboy's ass and Magic Foles and the Eagles blew it in the Dome in the 1st half vs the!!!

    • Dre-Day 1127
      Dre-Day 1127 5 days ago

      @Semion Johnson
      The eagles are done! Might not make it to the!!!

    • Semion Johnson
      Semion Johnson 5 days ago

      The eagles own the bears if they meet in the playoffs next season the eagles will end their season once again

  • Glen Draper
    Glen Draper 5 months ago

    How them Rams !! Cowgirls eliminated.for good ..forever .congradulations LA.

  • love is money
    love is money 5 months ago

    When that mascot fainted.....😂

  • Keaton Woods
    Keaton Woods 5 months ago +6

    Didn’t he throw his Dak jersey away or are we gonna keep forgetting that?

  • Daniel Hooker
    Daniel Hooker 5 months ago

    no joke, i had/have the next new episode of the netflix series for the Lemony Snicket books up right now in the next tab over and was just watching this while i pack my bong etc before watching Unfortunate Events and then Shannon Sharpe of all fucking people uses it as an analogy hahaha im dead - but my BIRDS ARENT - FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!

  • layzer80
    layzer80 5 months ago +2

    there is a reaction video on youtube where a little kid is wearing an eagles jersey #17 jeffery. His dad makes him put on a bears jersey mid game, the bears jersey has the name "Hester" #23 same last name as the player that tipped the missing FG ball. believe it....or not.

  • layzer80
    layzer80 5 months ago +3

    Cody did all he could do, but the football gods intervened (doink doink) in favor of their beloved son, St. NICK.

  • BEATZ4DAZ Global
    BEATZ4DAZ Global 5 months ago +6

    I didnot know the guy tip the ball thats why he miss Wow