Plant Cells: Crash Course Biology #6

  • Published on Mar 5, 2012
  • Hank describes why plants are so freaking amazing - discussing their evolution, and how their cells are both similar to & different from animal cells.
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    Table of Contents annotations:
    1. Re-watch the whole video 0:00
    2. Introduction 0:00
    3. Plant Evolution 0:56
    4. Eukaryotic vs. Prokaryotic Cells 2:33
    5. Cellulose and Lignin 3:58
    6. Plastids and Chloroplasts 7:05
    7. Central Vacuole 8:10
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  • Lynn Lewis
    Lynn Lewis 4 hours ago

    not appropriate for school aged children, as inappropriate language is used

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    tiffany the potato 16 hours ago

    Real question..when McDonald's have donut burgers???

  • Andrew Caddel
    Andrew Caddel 2 days ago

    bruh moment

  • C33s3 H.
    C33s3 H. 2 days ago

    When he shook the trees branch as shaking his hand for his “hard service” I lost it😂😂😂😂

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain 3 days ago

    so basically plant cell and every living thing have cells some life structures have more cells than the other while others cell the same, plant cells have a nucleus (like all cells) cell wall comprised of cellulose, cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell and etc plants can make there own food because of the chloroplast and chlorophyll turns the plant green. It can do this due to photosynthesis when the sun shines on the plant and then water is evaporated turns into carbon dioxide and then reabsorbed to make oxygen

  • Ally Feduniak
    Ally Feduniak 5 days ago

    What grade is this biology? Im in 9th and LOVING this!

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  • amuzikyX0
    amuzikyX0 12 days ago

    "plants weren't born yesterday" that tone and sass had me cracking up in my cubicle

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    Kirti Parihar 12 days ago +1

    Where u wanted to go is dog is after u

  • Mahi Patel
    Mahi Patel 12 days ago

    please update this

  • Bobby Poly
    Bobby Poly 13 days ago

    geek trying to be funny.

  • Ben Drohan
    Ben Drohan 15 days ago

    who else is doing this for homework

  • Isaac Anton
    Isaac Anton 20 days ago +1

    But, didn't mosses come on land before lycophytes? They're also plants

  • Totavo
    Totavo 21 day ago

    I can tell Hank hates when people pronounce nucleus wrong. Haha.

  • tomyourmom
    tomyourmom 22 days ago

    False. Not everything you've eaten in your life. Salt and water are not organic. And then there are some synthetic chemicals that are food additives.

  • kassie lea
    kassie lea 27 days ago

    shake its hand a thank the plant for its hard work XD

  • Aeron james Ortiga
    Aeron james Ortiga Month ago

    good I know it

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    Michael Peter Month ago +1

    i'm watching this video to finish my freshman honors biology summer hw (high school)

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    Hongjojo Lol Month ago

    It burns

  • TiLL Kai Nikhil
    TiLL Kai Nikhil Month ago

    you are THE best teacher

  • Lightning Gamer MC and more!

    it would've been hilarious if when hank shook the plants hand, the branch snapped and hank went "oops. welp we're all gonna die"

  • Harvey Sun
    Harvey Sun Month ago +1

    “Shake a plants hand.”
    Just dont shake a cactus

  • Rekha Kushwaha
    Rekha Kushwaha 2 months ago

    Who else is watching this video just for fun???

  • Veronico Villanueva
    Veronico Villanueva 2 months ago +1

    10/10 intro

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    Dude, you are one of the good nerds.

  • Rotten Cheese
    Rotten Cheese 2 months ago

    Usefull to us humans
    Me:Oh God his burning evidence

  • huda aslam
    huda aslam 2 months ago +1

    your explination is Wow

  • huda aslam
    huda aslam 2 months ago

    you may talk slowly
    and loudly.. plz

  • kumari Fernando
    kumari Fernando 3 months ago

    plasmids not plastids ok

    Athena TAMAYO LUISCE 3 months ago

    What does it need a mitocondria for?

  • Shyam Narayan Nayak
    Shyam Narayan Nayak 3 months ago +3

    Hank green is a mixture of chemistry and biology....he is the hulk of crash course🤣🤣

  • ThatSpicyFoodMoron
    ThatSpicyFoodMoron 3 months ago

    I have finals in 2 weeks so I'm binge-watching the whole series

  • Luis Gustavo Nicolau
    Luis Gustavo Nicolau 3 months ago

    Wait a minute, plants evolved from algae that evolve from more primitive procaryotic cells. But what about Mitochondria? Didn't it happened only once on the evolutionary process? How do plants have them? Shouldn't them have evolved from the same eucaryotics than animals?

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter 4 months ago

    So if I have a plant and I reduce it down to tiny particles those cells that make up the particles still photosynthesize and create sugars until they run out of water?

  • Aryaveer Singh
    Aryaveer Singh 4 months ago

    Ughh! this is so hard to understand, Blast it, Umm I mean PLASTID!

  • Franchesca Mia
    Franchesca Mia 4 months ago

    So is Hank Green photosynthesizing?

  • Tezahh
    Tezahh 4 months ago

    Who else is here not even 12 hours before the Ap test in 2019

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    DeathbyPixels 4 months ago

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    Danny 4 months ago

    so technically we are all vegans?

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    Kylie Hemnes 4 months ago

    Out of all the dinosaur extinction theories, that is my favorite. Flowers are deadly!!!

  • LetsTerriblyPlay
    LetsTerriblyPlay 4 months ago

    I'm watching at .75 speed to take notes. Makes him sound drunk.
    Shouldn't they be prekaryotes :P Thanks, i'm here all week.

    ABHINAV RAJESH 4 months ago

    *cough* Nuculus *cough*

  • سيد شاه جھان
    سيد شاه جھان 5 months ago

    I'm eager to know, Which are the tools used for editing this video?

  • Jade Howes-Jensen
    Jade Howes-Jensen 5 months ago +1

    6:32 when he said this is what would happen in our stomachs for a minute I thought he ment we would spontaneously combust

  • nazhifah himatul ulya
    nazhifah himatul ulya 5 months ago

    does that mean cows and goats are able to eat papers?? wow come to think of it

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    This guys a nerd lol

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    Belle Gatcha 5 months ago

    The only thing I remember in this Educational vid is that
    the trees are wizards and that everytime you see one, shake its hand ;-;

  • Maithly Dhawan
    Maithly Dhawan 6 months ago

    I love and appreciate you. thank you for this.
    - from a struggling biochemist.

  • thot chocolate
    thot chocolate 6 months ago

    Nucleus Nucleus

  • Weird Potato
    Weird Potato 6 months ago +1

    Am i the only one that altered the speed down to 0.75 because he speaks too fast?

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    "all the popular kids" 😂

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    Oh!!!! Your left eye!! Like the left eye of Odin! Odin gave up his left eye for knowledge.
    I've seriously seen this 3 times and just got it.
    Well played Hank, weeelll played.

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    Farhana Shahrom 6 months ago

    "So that i could hang loose" !?!?! AHHAHA

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    Abbey Hayashi 6 months ago

    The girl in the background working the register at McDonalds made me laugh so hard XD other than that thank you for the info!

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