10 WTF Things Found in Kids TV Shows!

  • Published on Feb 18, 2018
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Comments • 4 235

  • Brittany Stack
    Brittany Stack Year ago +2424

    Matthew Santoro, you are absolutely the hardest worker/RU-clipr I have ever watched! You are constantly trying to help brighten other people’s lives. I couldn’t be more grateful that you are in the world sharing your creativity with the world. :))

    • 지금 Really
      지금 Really Month ago

      watch nigahiga

    • Folium Aqui
      Folium Aqui Month ago

      And thanks to the rest of the team of course!

    • ding dawng
      ding dawng 5 months ago

      He is absolutely not the hardest working youtuber but he does work hard

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H Day ago

    Haha, nice.... btw Oscar is the monster in the garbage can, not Grover.

  • Rage on Athens
    Rage on Athens Day ago

    *clears throat* I believe you mean "nasty patty"

  • Vero Pineda
    Vero Pineda 3 days ago

    R.i.P Tom and jerry

  • Fargo The Elite
    Fargo The Elite 3 days ago

    Lol the nasty patty episode was great

  • carnage6649
    carnage6649 4 days ago

    @Matthew Santoro About half of your list should've included literally any episode of 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' which was literally nightmare fuel.

  • Arleen Fackina
    Arleen Fackina 7 days ago

    Oscar live in the trashcan not Grover.

  • Myss Doubleu
    Myss Doubleu 13 days ago

    Nasty Patty was a Halloween episode 🤦

  • Nia's Bae
    Nia's Bae 15 days ago

    The nasty patty is still my favroite episode, at 19

  • Nia's Bae
    Nia's Bae 15 days ago

    Yo, that thomas one still makes me feel uneasy

  • Heidi CHRIST
    Heidi CHRIST 20 days ago

    Pink lost galaxy ranger's death.

  • Isaiah Jackson
    Isaiah Jackson 20 days ago

    You need your own tv show I love watching your channel

  • Jeanine Nassar
    Jeanine Nassar 20 days ago


  • cj haynes
    cj haynes 21 day ago

    I am a kid!!!!!

  • The Cyborg Tank Engine Productions 78 The Point

    Sir Topham Hatt is not a mayor, he is The Manager of the North Western Railway, and Grover dose not live in a trash can or say "Grover" he says "I" and Oscar lives in a trash can, and Elmo uses his pronunciation as "Elmo".

  • Þorn broþ
    Þorn broþ 24 days ago

    Your weird but funny

  • Brevin Nation
    Brevin Nation 24 days ago

    Ok stop, the witch wasn't meant to be scary; it was supposed to be a good change for the character. Besides, it wasn't as scary during testing when kids watched it in color. Also, the garbage creature liked the witch

  • Brevin Nation
    Brevin Nation 24 days ago

    Ironically, the guy who bought the tapeworm is their boss.

  • Madalyne
    Madalyne 25 days ago

    I remember the mr.meaty episode I watched as it aired!! SHOCKED!!!

  • Miguel E
    Miguel E 26 days ago

    Anybody remember that episode of spongebob where they went out on a night of debauchery?
    That should've been on this list too

  • Bike Sandwich
    Bike Sandwich 27 days ago

    Can you tell me how to get, how to get to therapy street

  • Chloe Gallardo
    Chloe Gallardo 28 days ago +1

    No joke bert was holding a book titled fifty shades of oatmeal in a more recent episode

  • Lorenzo Quiros
    Lorenzo Quiros 28 days ago

    The vampire was counting sheep and bert couldnt sleep so the count kept counting so the vamp didnt drink his blood it was because the vampier didnt stop counting sheep So it was berts fault.

  • Ansli Eubanks
    Ansli Eubanks 29 days ago

    Omg that was one of my favorite spongebob episodes lol
    I was (still am) a weird person

  • Holly Barnes
    Holly Barnes Month ago

    Go canada

  • Elizabeth Bowlby
    Elizabeth Bowlby Month ago

    I remember Mr meaty and that specific ep. You're right. Disturbing 😂

  • Simi
    Simi Month ago +1

    I believe it isn't fair to put multiple episodes from Sesame Street.

  • Billy Hudson
    Billy Hudson Month ago

    That's some messed up stuff, thanks for ruining my childhood memory cartoons holy cow what a warped cartoonist LOL, but the Tom and Jerry that's the worst of all the one that you left until number one! You are amazing bro keep it up!

  • Kenndols Videos
    Kenndols Videos Month ago

    Can tell me how to get? How to get therapy? YAY!

  • Placo Games
    Placo Games Month ago


  • Placo Games
    Placo Games Month ago

    Matthew I think Ernie was tired because count didn't stop counting the sheep so loud I don't think he bit him and turned him

  • Feature
    Feature Month ago

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stolen photo from the internet of spongebob

  • Wakefieldgamer
    Wakefieldgamer Month ago

    I love spongebob

  • zahria
    zahria Month ago

    Come on. We all survived worse.!
    There's kids living on the streets alone. 3 years old.
    Life is not a pink bubble. What they are talking about here?
    You forbid Kinder eggs. You fear psychological damage from a few scenes on kids tv?
    Like there have not been scary tales for kids from Grimm to Roald Dahl or Dickens! Such is life!
    Learn to face it. Learn to think. Learn not to take everything at face value . Do not be so simplistic.
    But hey. You teach them to shoot! Frecking survival! Give them war games. Have them go to middle east as soon as they are out of their pampers.. That os not traumatising?
    THAT is perfectly normal and sain.. .?!

  • Mister NoExist
    Mister NoExist Month ago

    man the adults messed us up how u think we gonna be a ok with things like theses haunting us as in our youth

  • Nukleon_238
    Nukleon_238 Month ago

    Mister Nobody looks looks like an Earthbound enemy. There’s even a freaky background to go along with it. It’s like it was make for the Mother series.

  • Sven Buzz
    Sven Buzz Month ago

    I was 4 years old when I saw Henry get got bricked up I got a bit nervous

  • Ella Mulder
    Ella Mulder Month ago

    in conclusion, sesame street is complete fuckery

  • AfricanSeñorita
    AfricanSeñorita Month ago

    The dinosaurs episode was heartbreaking.... not WTF. Just me

  • Animefan7153 0
    Animefan7153 0 Month ago

    On the tom and Jerry one ,I watched that episode and after watching this I was confused cause he said it only brought misery from children.....not for me though cause I laughed ,especially at the part when Jerry joins tom on the tracks.....and I knew they were committing suicide ,dont tell me I'm a bad person cause I already know I am👌

  • jim young
    jim young Month ago

    thx for giving me nightmares

  • Leroy dent
    Leroy dent Month ago

    him and shane need to calab

  • TheLegened Darkness

    *Sends therapy bills; 1.200$*

  • Dino Elasz
    Dino Elasz Month ago

    I saw the tapeworm episode😂

  • Jane King
    Jane King Month ago

    Omg I love the episode nasty patty! Lol.

  • FoxBoyFunky
    FoxBoyFunky Month ago

    I dont think number 9 is scary
    Bcus that was sad

  • Eskil Riis-JOhansen

    Perfect lessones for Kids: You take drugs, you die.

  • Eskil Riis-JOhansen

    Perfect lessones for Kids: You take drugs, you die.

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl Month ago

    I’ve never seen Sesame Street...

  • Twenty Øne Jøshler

    Im so thankful you didn't show them

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer Month ago

    No worries, MatPat already ruined my childhood.

  • Green Boi
    Green Boi Month ago

    What would have made the ending of the dinosaurs a bit happier would have been seeing a caveman or something similar standing up in the snowy land thus giving the viewers hope that life will go on... but nope we just got them being sad as hell and dying of cold!

  • Sarah Harrell
    Sarah Harrell Month ago

    7:36 oh come on that ep wasn't that bad I loved that ep!!

  • woof woof
    woof woof Month ago

    I wish I was a teen

  • flyingscotsman91 91

    As a thomas fan. At number 9 is overused as Henry is released a few episodes later. But the attention to detail is great 👍

  • Afro Atheist
    Afro Atheist Month ago

    Wow. Just wow. 😥😥

  • Ian K
    Ian K Month ago

    I'm not gonna send you my therapy bill

  • ammilan74
    ammilan74 Month ago

    love your vid

  • Delia Hopkin
    Delia Hopkin Month ago

    My siblings are watching care bears right now......

  • Tina Zanjani
    Tina Zanjani Month ago

    Matthew you're so funny you make things less awkward and less uncomfortable lol😂😂😂