Here's why we need to rethink veganism

  • Published on Feb 2, 2018
  • A brief climate change video essay on the environmental impacts of veganism, and how we can reframe going vegan less as a lifestyle and more as an aspiration. While eating a plant-based diet does greatly reduce your carbon footprint due to the meat industry's rampant fossil fuels use, going vegan is sometimes not accessible to all.
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Comments • 2 176

  • Playne Jayne
    Playne Jayne 35 minutes ago

    what specialty items though? There are tons of videos showing how cheap vegan food is...

  • Scott Lewington
    Scott Lewington 7 hours ago

    Grazing animals have been on our planet since time immemorial. Billions more before humans were on earth. It was when we massively cleared forests for grains, vegetables and fruits, gigantic forests and habitats were destroyed, billions of animals killed in harvesting and the health and lives of many more animals curtailed or, as in the case of humans, made dependent upon pharmaceuticals, chemicals and the medical industrial complex in order to deal with all the high carb derived problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, colonic and general inflammation.

  • KoRn circal
    KoRn circal 7 hours ago

    what if your girl friend wanted to tea bag YOU would that still be vegan

  • Thavie Keary
    Thavie Keary 11 hours ago

    A lot of people in the comments are saying that it’s cheaper to buy produce than meat where they live, and that’s dope that where they live has those types of prices. But not every place has the same kinds of prices on the same kinds of things. Like the video said, eating a plant-based diet, let alone a healthy diet, can be especially difficult if you live in a food desert - in that case, even if produce is cheaper than meat at the nearest market, the money or time used on transportation could negate the money saved on food.

  • Oriana Ngabirano
    Oriana Ngabirano 15 hours ago

    Most of the roadblocks you name have solutions, talk about plant based rather than Vegan as it an identity as opposed to a diet.

  • Amer Nahhas
    Amer Nahhas 21 hour ago +1

    Vegan means abolition of daily torture to animals worldwide.

  • Amer Nahhas
    Amer Nahhas 21 hour ago

    Meat means torture. It's not about Just killing but about those creatures are treated by humans during their life.

  • Om Mallick
    Om Mallick 23 hours ago

    This video doesn't focus on many aspects of Veganism, and the stats are also wrong for the carbon emissions by cattle farms. You say veganism is not possible for many? It should be corrected as 'not feasible'.
    Just think about a society where human females were raped by some monster like creatures, and milked and forcefully made to give birth and all the male children were killed as soon as they grew up, to be feed upon by these monsters!
    That's whats happening if one sees the animals POV!

  • G G
    G G Day ago

    The fact that people promote this idea that a vegan diet isn't most in line with what would be the most efficient use of land resources as an argument blows my mind. Who the hell is deciding what they should eat based on what would be the most efficient use of land resources if everyone did it? Who the hell thinks it's good environmental policy to have all of our land resources being used to produce food? You made a whole video with crisp graphics and you didn't think about that???

  • Matthew Hoffman
    Matthew Hoffman Day ago

    You can be vegan/vegetarian without spending lots of moiney on expensive substitutes. Also, if healthier foods and local produce were subsidized the same way livestock production is, it would be far more accessible than it currently is

  • Jose Figueroa Canales

    If anything, being vegan is cheaper if you don’t eat outside. Just don’t be lazy and cook your own food.

  • Ethan Gill
    Ethan Gill Day ago

    I'm black so I have reason to not be vegan.

  • Lorenzo Pepo Fiumi

    This is bro-science, complete bullshit..

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia Day ago

    This isn't a very good analysis. The diet you choose must be obviously according to your context and your living area, but, think about the traditional american feeding habits. You've been the first meat consumer in a long time. Going vegan in Europe is pretty easy. There is a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits from little sellers. And talking about climate change, there's no way you can argue that not eating meat is worse for the planet.

  • Harkeill
    Harkeill Day ago

    Vegans are the lowest of the low. They're not even people in my opinion. Tie them up on a spit and roast them alongside a pig!

    • Harkeill
      Harkeill Day ago

      +Siearben If you still have to rely on your mother to tell you things, then you're NOTHING but a little pussy yourself.

    • Kala Namak
      Kala Namak Day ago

      Edgy. Why?

    • Siearben
      Siearben Day ago

      wow cool you are one of these famed internet tough guys that my mother always warned me about

  • Eliza Almaguer
    Eliza Almaguer 2 days ago

    So I did a though experiment a while ago, need to go back to it to add some corrections and look into additional aspects. It started as an interest in the statement that a vegan can be fed for a year on 1/6 acre of land while a vegetarian would need 1/2 acre, and someone that actually ate meat would need 3. So far I have only looked into space used and water needs but it is doesn’t properly translate to a real world scenario. I had to create an imaginary world where I had no limitations on crops grown due to altitude, soil type, daily sun, etc. so I could make a little farm in which I would be able to grow the most efficient crops I could find, it also assumes everyone has a similar patch of land for themselves therefore you could trade livestock with neighbors for breeding purposes and possibly trade some crops to get a higher diversity in diet. I also based the desired total yields on a properly balance diet with the help of a nutritionist, so it is generally a lower level of meat consumption than what several people might actually consume.
    Vegetarian and meat consumers did best space wise (by little) because I could have beehives, could use vermicompost, I could use aquaponics systems, bird coops (chicken or duck) could have a shallow garden roof, and the birds themselves could be used as pest control. Quite simply, I got the chance to create a fairly balance little ecosystem.
    Water wise, vegetarian did best overall. Followed closely by vegan and dead last the meat option.... if the first year was considered. Long term, meat option came second (catching up at around the eight year) and vegan last. This was because for the first year it was considered that I had to make and fill the pond for the fish (something that wasn’t required for the vegetarian option), but from then on the pond became an efficient rain collector that could supply the animals, and potentially a portion of the crops, with water if there was a decent amount of rainfall during the year. In a situation with limited rainfall though, the pond would cause more grief for the meat option since it would be necessary to bring in water to maintain the level.

  • Aus Bare
    Aus Bare 2 days ago

    Climate change is caused over population. Earth can only sustain a finite number of things. People, animal, plants all. Need space.

  • Jeremy McAdams
    Jeremy McAdams 2 days ago

    At 2:58 you are incorrect. Dried beans cost $.80/lb, can easily be shipped and last a long time. If that's not affordable protein I don't know what is.

  • Odyssey Willow of ConstiTUITION

    What this video fails to mention is that there are solutions to all of the 'issues' it addresses. For example, veganism alone in an industrial society might not be able to feed as many people, but making the choice to be a self sustaining vegan would. Growing our own food would not only provide our needs, but on 1/10th of an acre you can grow enough food to support 20 people. This does not include any livestock or food for livestock, meaning a self sustaining vegan lifestyle would offset any industry waste produced by creating vegan products. Furthermore, permaculture would allow us to turn deserted areas into thriving oasis, and with more green planning, we could eliminate the "need" for livestock entirely.
    This video is very black and white and does not go into depth on the veganic lifestyle, which can solve the issue.

  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar 3 days ago


  • Blu Pam Marshall
    Blu Pam Marshall 3 days ago +1

    Call yourself plant based if becoming Vegan scares you. It's time to wake up and save our future on the planet folks. Lentils beans, rice, potatoes, carrots, oats, are affordable even the humble pea is a great source of protein. If eating foods like quinoa is too expensive don't buy it.

  • Lu
    Lu 3 days ago

    I think that the radicalization of some (vegans) is necessary to move society in a certain direction (consumption of less animal products)

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 3 days ago

    “For some people of colour, food traditions.....” what a pile of wank, it’s a tradition to eat meat for almost every part of society. Why for people of colour does it mean that they should be more likely to keep eating it and more justified for still eating....

  • Gillenz Fluff
    Gillenz Fluff 3 days ago

    Not using hair dye would help the planet.

  • leutrim topalli
    leutrim topalli 4 days ago

    Being vegan isn't expensive. The cheapest foods are plants and beans and rice. Which are staples all over the world.

  • mark heyne
    mark heyne 4 days ago

    Try telling 1.3 billion people in India that they should stop drinking milk or eating their wonderful milk sweets. Ghee, curds, lassie, Ras Malai, the list goes on. 'Pure Veg' is good enough. It's the meat industry that is the greatest culprit, and vegans , if they really wish for an achievable outcome, should avoid inflexible all-or-nothing attitudes. 'Eat less meat' is a good slogan which can have a positive effect. Lobby for better conditions for animals. Otherwise this well-meaning movement is just another bourgeois fad for virtue-signalling Western millennials with no understanding of actual conditions in the third world.

  • Mpumelelo Bangose
    Mpumelelo Bangose 4 days ago

    Cholesterol kills thousands every year and is only found in meat products

  • Trace Fleeman Garcia

    "A brief climate change video essay on the environmental impacts of veganism, and how we can reframe going vegan less as a lifestyle and more as an aspiration."
    Yeah, cuz the animals will totally appreciate only being killed *some* of the time

    • Siearben
      Siearben Day ago

      the dude specifically said he will only focus on the environmental aspects of veganism in the video, my dude

  • Julia 1984
    Julia 1984 5 days ago

    Last time I checked, grownups do not take the United Nations seriously. Kids, do you know about Alger Hiss, the Soviet spy that helped establish the U.N with the Marxist ideology that somehow only seems to benefit the corrupt in Moscow? Look it up and look up Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov while you're at it.

    • Siearben
      Siearben Day ago

      wow are you one of those asshole russian bots

  • dontaskme
    dontaskme 5 days ago

    Much of what was said here is based on biased data. Also, why would anyone eat a plant based diet when it's not optimal for the human body _(i know, most have been led with old biased studies to believe it's healthy.....i've been there)._ Not only that, why focus on cows when our air, water and soil are heavily bombarded with aircraft jet fuel pollution - no, it's no longer just vapor condensation. The fuel property for these aircraft have changed many years ago. Look up at your sky.

  • Cian19
    Cian19 5 days ago

    As a passing vegan I am heavily offended by this video also I'm vegan

  • Clark pies
    Clark pies 6 days ago

    Everything will be plant based sooner than you think.

    SANGWOO DIED? 7 days ago

    Bih im vegan just for my skin idc bout animals i hate dogs

  • kamran102
    kamran102 7 days ago

    Who are these "we" ? You eat what you like. I'll do that too..

  • Leon Kiss
    Leon Kiss 7 days ago

    Hello everybody! I´m a vegan wildlife photographer and I enjoy being on this planet :)

  • Oliver Lipsdorf
    Oliver Lipsdorf 7 days ago

    "When a vegan says he wears size 9 shoes, thats misleading as many people dont wear that size or have no feet at all."

  • Le Dékou
    Le Dékou 7 days ago

    Quite some good points in this. I would add that there is little sense in living vegan when relying on "superfoods" that have to be carried across the globe to just get to you. I know not only vegans are targeted by this marketing fad. But ever since I switched from vegetarian to vegan several months ago, I have encountered a lot of fellow plant eaters who are really hyped up about their environmentally friendly lifestyle with lots and lots of avocados, quinoa, goji and açaí berries etc. Most of those plants cannot be grown where I live, so basing your nutrition on those is hardly the answer if your goal is to contribute to saving the climate. It would rather be: Go get yourself a harvest calender to know which locally grown plants are ripe right now and building your meals around those. Then there is nothing wrong about the occasional avocado, at least not in my mind.

  • GodHatesEveryoneWhoDoesn'tReadTheBible

    You know what's even better for the environment?


  • Hero Jay Luo
    Hero Jay Luo 8 days ago

    While Vegan and plant-based diet are related, they are not quite the same thing.
    Quote from the description: ' reframe going vegan less as a lifestyle and more as an aspiration'; however, inspiring to live differently is a lifestyle choice.
    Downwashing the importance of eliminating animal agriculture is not a good idea, one may see it similar to asking people to stop smoking, if we can't make everyone stop smoking, it might be better to just ask them to smoke less; this is the same concept as the person in the video spoke with. The idea of that itself is not unreasonable, but when one is dealing with life and death, and not one's own life but many others, then it is not something that we should downwash about.
    If we were talking about the lives of dogs or cats, it is less likely people can still think the same as just 'reducing' consumption, or similarity, asking a murderer to kill fewer people is the path to save more people is unthinkable.
    Rather than downwashing the importance of action we need to take, we should reinforce it, because if not so, when one's local business doesn't provide you with what you need, we are likely to go with whatever else they provide, regardless of either moral or not. But let's say - if the local business only provides dog/cat meat, and people are against such an organization, then the citizens are likely to take action to either protest, or create their own business/grow they own food, and that is how we should act in this revolution, industries and governments were never the ones to start, and we need to be able to hold accountable for our own actions(not determined by law but by oneself).
    Reducing the consumption in the process of transition is understandable, for there is an ultimate goal where one should reach, but the concept of downwashing is dangerous because it is telling people that doing less is enough, but not think about what we should and need to do.

  • Vlady C.
    Vlady C. 8 days ago +2

    Not hard at all. You do it this way:
    1) understand the environmental impact of animal products (facts = logical argument)
    2) see at least 20 minutes of slaughterhouse footage (killing pregnant mother cows, flesh, crying squeal = emotional argument).
    Then it's not a matter of 'can' or 'cannot' - you simply don't want to be a part of it.

  • Aaron Hase
    Aaron Hase 8 days ago +1

    2:50 "beeing vegan is not a possibility for everyone" & "fresh produce is unavailable"
    Well then shouldn't the argument be 'a healthy, balanced diet is not an option for everyone' if people can't afford or have access to wholefoods? Dont think eating meat is making the diffrence here.

  • Zippy Winchester
    Zippy Winchester 9 days ago

    if everyone went vegan, wouldnt food prices eventually have to lower? there would be massive competition between brands; lowest prices would be an important way to gain competitive edge. also this doesn’t mention the use of refrigeration and plastics that come with animal based products; which are necessary for those but not necessarily for plant based (they can help keep food longer but overall not really). not to mention how much easier it is for people to grow their own food in really any home, rather than owning a farm and a massive bit of land for animal products (i live in the city and although it’s not much, have herbs and lemons growing): this then lowers peoples carbon footprint.
    ultimately this video does show some decent points about veganism, however it fails to show all the benefits that veganism.

  • justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth 9 days ago

    eat rich people.

  • Peri Dorkster
    Peri Dorkster 10 days ago

    A few people not eating meat doesn't changr anything

    • Felix W
      Felix W 8 days ago

      But a few have to start

  • Vegan Ariel
    Vegan Ariel 11 days ago

    I am doing a video on why I do not care about the environment and why it matters in terms of the environment. Should be out in the next few days.

  • Andy Pandy Hodson lala

    I have grown up to hate vegans and vegitarians they are stupid and it is not natural,we have been eating meat since the stone ages and if we turn back time you wouldnt see them say, "ooh i say i could either have a nice jucy mamoth or a cabbage " " mmh i will have a cabbage"

    • Andy Pandy Hodson lala
      Andy Pandy Hodson lala 8 days ago

      +Jeremyth dont get me wrong as i am a young farmer at the age of 13 but this is what i have been told , since the beginning of time we have been eating meat WITH tools and have never been botherd by it so because we have been eating meat since it all started it is no longer a natural thing for us not to use meat. In England i can assure you that there is no crulty in any meat or dairy industry. Yes in dairy we take away there calfs but at mine anyway we take them away when its there natural time to stop drinking at around 6 to 9 months when they are strongenough . And at meat farms they spend around 10 weeks inside and then they go out playing around as young little calfs with their mums befor they 5hen go playing and grazing in the oposite feild.

    • Jeremyth
      Jeremyth 9 days ago

      What do you mean with "it's not natural"?

  • Tara Hughes
    Tara Hughes 11 days ago

    This has so much misinformation

  • Nabil Saleh
    Nabil Saleh 11 days ago +2

    Lame excuses. Anyone can go vegan. Anyone can afford rice, beans, bananas and greens. You don't have to buy 'special vegan products' or only expensive fruits as strawberries to thrive.

    Killing animals for food in our day and age is totally unnecessary.

    • Aquaman 03
      Aquaman 03 8 days ago

      Nabil Saleh Lmao ur missing out on some nice juicy naturally slaughtered meat i have here in my town from the butcher store.

  • Jamie 2015 Youtube
    Jamie 2015 Youtube 11 days ago

    I love sushi, burgers, and burritos to much to depart from my meat-loving ways. Sorry, animals.

  • MyLife
    MyLife 11 days ago

    How about we eat more insects? They are more environmentally friendly, easy to farm, low carbon, high protein and nutrient density. They are also more efficient at converting feed into meat.

  • Dave Cullins
    Dave Cullins 11 days ago

    I just despise the taste and texture of most vegetables and fruits. It took me months to force-eat my way through so large amounts of a certain vegetable that it eventually began to just taste neutrally or boring instead of badly.

  • ahri
    ahri 12 days ago

    Veganism seems like an extreme to me. It means no animal products AT ALL. But I see nothing wrong with eating animal products raised and killed and an ethical way. As for how meat eaters can reduce their carbon footprint: just eat less animal products. I have at least 1-2 vegan meals a day, but I'm not a vegan. No one is saying you HAVE to give up meat, eggs, etc.

    • Race Lever
      Race Lever 10 days ago +1

      There is no ethical way to needlessly kill a sentient being that wants to live... The Ethical thing to do is not kill it... This is a pretty simple and straight forward truth... ;-)

  • David Zafra
    David Zafra 12 days ago

    omg that voice is so boring, i almost felt asleep.

  • Marina
    Marina 12 days ago +1

    It is very easy to twist results towards your own bias, and manipulate research data... I wish that every single person who is watching this video, also watches this one to gain a real picture of the above mentioned research.


  • SuperSaltyFries
    SuperSaltyFries 12 days ago +1

    You make going vegan sound like this expensive and very difficult thing. I eat beans and rice with greens everyday. I've never felt healthier and it's dirt cheap. I have noticed that most people who come up with these arguments are not wanting to let go of meat or dairy because they simply are addicted. Maybe I'm cynical because I've grown up in Texas my entire life, where we have as campaigns like "Meat Loving Texans" and family members will get defensive over the fact you've told them a thousand times you're not going to eat their chicken fried steak.

  • Bee
    Bee 12 days ago

    This is only US problem. The rest of the world knows how to balance their diet.

  • Thomas Ineson
    Thomas Ineson 12 days ago

    I think you made decent points however as far as i have researched, the reason for the Vegan movement being a 'either in or out with no in-between' movement, that you are saying it should become, is due to the philosophical foundations of Veganism. Veganism supports a human centred ethos where they have pushed the boundaries of species that effectively have 'human rights' out to include all animals but stopping at the point where biologically plants, fungi and bacteria branch from animals. by doing so (and the reason for the black and white perspective on are you vegan or not) if you eat a single piece of chicken you are betraying a moral principle. This is where veganism should take a step away from Environmentalism since environmentalism encapsulates a huge variety of movements however due to the temporal scale of climate change many of these movements have both ethical but also pragmatic perspectives on solutions. just as there is a diversity in perspectives on the solution needing to be reformist change or radical systemic change. The point is, for a environmentalist diet you would need to consider - Your local food capacities, production externalities, transport externalities, environmental externalities, animal welfare, health of the ecosystems which are effected by producing produce, human externalities (rainforest indigenous communities getting evicted due to demand for palm oil), food waste and so on. Add to this that we dont have long to change our practices means that for the environmentalism as a movement, it needs to be effective thus the solutions(within which diet plays a large part) need to be a collaboration between pragmatism and idealism/principleism(ethics) just as a collaboration between reform and radical change needs to happen. The problem of veganism being seen as the environmentalist diet is that whilst you are not killing animals you might be supporting huge carbon emissions from transport of vegan food - especially to europe. more over that soya that replaces meat might also be grown in areas where rainforest is being chopped down to create space which could, in terms of brazil be killing indigenous communities as well as eradicating animals and their habitat.
    So - what you are advocating for at the end of the video is an environmentalist diet where one balances - your own health, food waste, food miles, foods effect on animals, foods effect on the environment and foods effect on other humans.
    Veganism only deals with one and then shows the ecological benefits of it when its ethical principles get shot down by others.
    Personally, I eat mostly a vegetarian diet, however, if supermarkets throw meat out in their bins contained in its packaging i would go pick it out and eat it since food waste is a huge problem. thus i dont have a ethical problem eating meat but i dont want to contribute to the demand for the meat industry due to its co2 emissions. Moreover, in the times when i cant find meat, ill go to the local fish market and buy fresh local (non-endangered) fish once every 1-2 weeks and that is enough to stay healthy. being vegan is totally fine but it is not a environmentalist diet, which is what you were describing at the end - eat mostly vegatbles and the minimum requirement of fish to stay healthy (fish balances co2 emissions,ecological impacts and the richest nutrients thus a very small amount is needed). everyone of us is creating harm but its about finding that minimum where life makes sense as well as you causing the least amount of harm. In that sense Veganism is not the only way of eating environmentally conscious and in some contexts has glaring oversights.

    However any environmental beneficial change that anyone makes should be commendable and encouraged as fast as possible.

  • Lukson
    Lukson 12 days ago

    if vegans eat all of our grass then we will run out of oxygen and fu$%$# die

  • James Wood
    James Wood 13 days ago +2

    Vegan is the key, vegan is the future. Disagree with some of the points in this video. Veganism is not expensive... please.

  • Jamestown
    Jamestown 13 days ago

    I'm not giving up my hamburgers.

    • Race Lever
      Race Lever 10 days ago +1

      Try the beyond burger or the impossible burger... ;-)

  • living meme exe
    living meme exe 13 days ago +1

    "not everyone can go vegan" honey whats this bullshit you don't have to pay $100 at a restaurant every day to be vegan rice and beans are the cheapest foods out there

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 13 days ago +1

    One of the points I feel was missed was with the commentary on how certain culture traditions involve eating meat and dairy. When culture and tradition no longer makes sense and are morally wrong it needs to be adjusted or changed. It’s easy to see it if it’s not your culture, for example killing elephants for their tusks and dog meat festivals. But that also includes your Christmas dinner. It’s not okay and it needs to change.

  • Michael Payne
    Michael Payne 13 days ago

    I'm not vegan, and don't plan to be, but mostly these are pretty week arguments for not eating a plant based diet.

  • Traeumeer
    Traeumeer 13 days ago

    I find the point made at about the 4 minute mark very important. It is heartbreaking for me to see that a big part of society, which is capable of practicing veganism, doesn't do it. May it be out of ignorance, misinformation or mere refusal. So, as a consequence, vegan politics aim for the reduction of meat consumption, since it is the constant reminder of the horrible conditions in the slaughter houses, the objectification and degradation of living beings what makes people question their habits, prejudices and standpoints in the first place. Without radical politics no change would be achieved. It is the radicality of vegan politics that change the view on the political object and not the taming of this radicality.
    Having this in mind, it is clear that veganism can not be about moralization. Veganism is an ideal that can practically not be achieved in all parts of the world as of now. We need a change in the organization of global economics to make this possible. It is easy to look at society with contempt, but this mindset doesn't help the animals, whose suffering vegan politics intend to put an end to, and it doesn't help in convincing the majority of the people, whose compassion for other living beings can be increased. The commodification of the human begins with the commodification of the animal, and that is the reason we should try to realize the vegan ideal, even if the implementation encounters resistance, because our ideals are the reason for change in the first place.

  • Yayi Suppa
    Yayi Suppa 13 days ago

    Could you do something around agroquimics and their impact on the environment?

  • Jojo Alvarado
    Jojo Alvarado 13 days ago

    Thank you for including the cultural importance of meat for some people of color. As someone who consumes less meat for environmental reasons, I find myself not going fully vegan because of that reason. Great video

    • Race Lever
      Race Lever 10 days ago

      Appeal to tradition/culture fallacy is a known logical fallacy for good reason and certainly not a good excuse to needlessly enslave and take a Sentient Beings life... Imagine someone saying I find myself not fully giving up human slavery and murder because it's in my culture and my ancestors did it... There's a reason appeal to culture is a known fallacy that represents unsound reasoning... ;-)

  • HardWarUK
    HardWarUK 13 days ago

    The fact is, obvious points are never made. Many vegans do not think about where the fruits and vegetables come from, yet many comes from 1,000's miles away on ships and planes - having a huge impact on the environment. Also, many vegetables and fruit are high water users during the growing season, causing water shortages - another huge environmental problem. Lastly fruit and vegetables take three times the acreage of meat producing to feed the same number of people. Long before we reached 2 billion vegans we would run out of space worldwide, leaving no space for chickens or beef at all. Yet 7 billion could not be fed! A mix of meat (preferably chicken, pork or fish), fruit and vegetables is the most environmentally conscious way of eating.

    • Race Lever
      Race Lever 10 days ago

      Your comment is nonsensical and backwards... First the huge Animal Agriculture and even small animal farms use plenty of shipping... Next growing plants requires far less resources than growing Animals does especially when those animals require more plants and water than a human does... Do you think you require as much plant food or can drink as much water as a huge a*s cow... ;-)

  • Jule Caesara
    Jule Caesara 13 days ago

    When people ask me if I'm vegan (I wear leather boots and a leather jacket, but cook and order vegan food 95% of the time) I usually answer "No, but I eat vegan." And then I need to explain.
    I began to do vegan (I like this expression, thanks) when I was diagnosed a milk intolerance, and before that I had resolved to eat no more meat than twice a week. I informed myself and have come to a personal compromise: I eat everything that is served to me when invited, though I always inform people of my intolerance upfront. For myself I cook vegan or vegetarian (how I love goat's cheese) and I will eat my favourite organic meats on special occasions. But not on a daily basis. Perhaps I will be able to transition to an even more plant based diet, but for now I'm happy I'm able to do what I have achieved so far. Even my parents and grandparents are trying to eat less meat and more vegetarian foods, and I think overall there is a tendency to eat less meat and if, in better quality.

  • Kiyarose3999
    Kiyarose3999 13 days ago

    People living in desert areas are the ONLY people who rely on animals, but as is seen in many reforested parts of Africa’s deserts. Those people could make life so much happier, easier and healthier!. The Sahara desert for example has nomads that are reliant on animals such Camels, and animal flesh. BUT the Sahara is only a 1000 years old and was largely created by the ancient Egyptians when they build the Pyramids and organised in centralised agriculture based civiliasion way.. Now the Sahara is being reforested those dependant on animals will no longer be, and will live from food forests thereby cooling the regional climate change!. As for US and other grasslands, don’t you think if those animals wasn’t grazed in that land, that it would naturally regenerate into forests that can be partly adapted to being food forests, in doing so free people from the totally unnecessary slaughter of animals and being slaves to the animals, as they are enslaved to them. We need to reforest the earth anyway to build Carbon sinks, so why not use food forests to feed everyone.

  • Pauline Smit
    Pauline Smit 13 days ago

    You make some great points. I'm living a low impact lifestyle (zero waste, local, seasonal) in a cold climate. This means that i mostly eat plantbased, but i do eat eggs from the pet chickens to get enough proteins. Soy, nuts and most beans simply don't grow here and have to be flown in by some very polluting plains or ships.

  • Conscious Rhythm
    Conscious Rhythm 13 days ago +1

    It seems the whole thing has become a battle between Vegans and Meat Eaters... What ever happened to regular Vegetarianism? Its a good middle ground!

  • Eduardo Alvarez
    Eduardo Alvarez 13 days ago +1

    Nah, the goal is to stop eating animals

  • Chark
    Chark 14 days ago +2

    as someone who earns under 1000$ a month i eat vegan as it's cheaper for me personally than buying meat and dairy.

  • Margaret Kalkstein
    Margaret Kalkstein 14 days ago

    As a vegan, I realize that I must recognize how lucky I am to be in a position where I can modify my diet. While having everyone simply minimize their animal based product consumption may be enough to resolve many of the issues veganism targets, I think we all know that there are many who refuse to even consider such a change. These are not the people who aren’t in a position to be able to go completely vegan, but rather those who just don’t want to give up their licestyle they’re living. It is to balance out these people that I thing absolutely veganism is a worthy cause and why I choose to live my life that way, but I also think, as a community, vegans have a responsibility to change their hostile reputation as to widen their impact.

  • Goat_ cat
    Goat_ cat 14 days ago

    I'm prepared for the ignorant and uneducated comment section, ready for a good laugh.

  • Sofia Strawder
    Sofia Strawder 14 days ago

    how do I know if my meat is from meat lots?

  • O P
    O P 14 days ago

    Why not talk about how it is bad for the environment to ship fruits and vegetables across the world? Everyone should only eat locally to minimise the travel of food.

  • Red X
    Red X 14 days ago

    I hate vegans.

  • Interesant
    Interesant 15 days ago +1

    Yes you should rethink again.. watch this
    And watch "earthlings" and "what the health"

  • abc katieb
    abc katieb 15 days ago

    I’m not vegan but, I was vegetarian for a year but didn’t see a point for it anymore. While I’m not vegetarian I don’t like meat that much

  • Amanda Bhakat
    Amanda Bhakat 15 days ago +1

    So I agree with may of your points, but there are actually a lot of vegans promoting reducitarian, flexitarian and freegan lifestyles to those who can't or wont fully commit to veganism. I feel like the whole video was "yeah veganism is good, but vegans are too narrow minded..." sorry, not all of us are, but thanks for the blanket stereotype.

  • abbie bulmer
    abbie bulmer 15 days ago +1

    you don’t need meat alternatives to be vegan. You can get all the nutrition you need from fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates, grains, nuts, etc. Meat alternatives are good for encouraging veganism in those who find it difficult to go without meat, for enjoyment purposes, but it is not necessary.

  • The Amateur
    The Amateur 15 days ago

    Well-made video! Most vegan videos do nothing but scream at people and insult then for eating meat (looking at you, VeganGains).
    I used to think vegetarianism or veganism might be a good option but... Unfortunately, humans are not herbivores. At all. In fact, we're probably closer to carnivores than anything.
    So my proposed solution is to only buy good, organic, pasture-raised meat, eggs, and dairy. That way, I can help the environment and work for positive change without turning against my own dietary nature and harming myself.
    You should check out the work from the Weston A. Price Foundation. Their research has changed my life and it may inform you, too. Cheers!

  • DashFlash- The Life
    DashFlash- The Life 15 days ago +1

    Vegans when they go 5 minutes without telling someone they’re vegan

  • André Fernandes
    André Fernandes 15 days ago

    The trick is to use sheep and goats in order to substitute cows. They release less methane and are more benefit for the environment and even for our health.

    • Race Lever
      Race Lever 10 days ago

      The trick is it's beneficial to go Vegan and not kill and devour your fellow sentient beings like goats... ;-)

  • Calamari
    Calamari 15 days ago

    Also, planting crops uses up huge amounts of land, and harvesting them emits quite a bit into the air, so idk if I buy that it will reduce your carbon footprint by that much.

    • Charlotte Rose
      Charlotte Rose 14 days ago

      Calamari there are thousands of sanctuaries opening up around the world that are providing homes for farm animals to live their lives freely, yes the number of farm animals would decrease because they’re not being forcefully bred at the disgusting and damaging rate they’re being bred now, but overall the species will suffer a whole lot less. Don’t act concerned about the farm animals lives now when you support an industry that tortures, mutilates, rapes and kills them? I do believe one day (a long long way away) the meat industry will amount to nearly nothing, the world has to go vegan eventually because we physically won’t be able to feed the rapidly growing population anything other than a vegan diet due to the fact vegan diets require less space to grow food and significantly less water.

    • Calamari
      Calamari 15 days ago

      Charlotte Rose But as the video said, its not really possible to get rid of the meat industry entirely anyway. Also what are we supposed to do? Allow the farm animal species to just die off? They are not wild anymore.

    • Charlotte Rose
      Charlotte Rose 15 days ago

      Calamari most crops on the planet are used to feed the 56 billion farm animals we go through annually, so by buying meat a lot more crops are being used than if you just buy plants to eat yourself!

    META MUTT 15 days ago

    Shut the fuck up and go Vegan. All your excuses make me 🤮

    KOHAZEN 15 days ago +1

    My family consist of pure vegetarians , we have not eaten meat for thousands of years and we will continue this in future also, I have no offense to non-vegetarians , it's just my personal choice.

  • Nina Namaste
    Nina Namaste 15 days ago +1

    Areas where protein is not accessible? I am sorry but I cannot imagine a place where one wouldn't be able to get beans, lentils or soy after all life stock is being fed soy so if they can get it so can you...

  • Benami Ark
    Benami Ark 15 days ago +1

    Bullshit. Vegan diet feeds 735 mil and dairy diet feeds 807. Obvious carnist bais there. What about lactose intolerance increasing BLANK

  • Skalicky
    Skalicky 15 days ago +1

    The cost point is ridiculous. If not for government subsidies animal products would be more expensive than specialty vegan products. Also, "specialty vegan products" arent necessary for a plant based diet. The other point if food deserts is odd because we have transportation for food stuffs and when considered in a plant based diet still has a much lower effect on GHG emissions than a omnivorous diet. The only thing I can concede really is the culture point because like mentioned it is important for minority groups to embrace the cultures if they choose to stave off assimilation. In essence I heavily disagree with the cost problem and food desert issue due to regular and dried vegetables almost always being cheaper than animal products and always being available due to transportation.

  • PrInCeSsuk8
    PrInCeSsuk8 15 days ago

    Veganism kills

    • Race Lever
      Race Lever 10 days ago

      ... the evil in the world... ;-)

  • paul jacob
    paul jacob 15 days ago

    I dont understand how you can Say because of desert state they cant eat vegan food??
    What a bullshit you are Talking about?
    I give you answer straght away
    How they bring food for cow ??
    Same Way they can bring vegqtables 🌕🤔understand!!!!

  • pomo 84
    pomo 84 15 days ago

    This is a good attempt but as shown in comments vegans just don't care about any arguments anyone might have. I'm seeing very little empathy around.

    • pomo 84
      pomo 84 14 days ago

      +Charlotte Rose you'd rather be an extremist even if it means convincing less people to reduce their consumption? If you really cared about the animals you'd put the results above ideological purity. If you tell people anything other than full veganism is worthless you're losing tons of chances to convert them.

    • Charlotte Rose
      Charlotte Rose 15 days ago

      pomo 84 it’s because we have empathy for the animals

  • Saskia van Dijk
    Saskia van Dijk 15 days ago +1

    When I move out I want to decrease the amount of meat I eat, I'd love to do that now but my parents aren't having it 😅 welp at least I have a dairy allergy so at least I don't support the dairy industry xD

  • Trinity
    Trinity 16 days ago

    This is fantastic. Non bias, just facts. I'm not vegan but I try to reduce my environmental impact where I can. I try to eat a sustainable diet. I see it as a mostly plant based diet but with animals products from places/farms that are raising the animals in the most eco-friendly way. I think people are naturally omnivores so some meat isn't bad & that everyone single person being vegan isn't necessary, but definitely close to it.

    • Charlotte Rose
      Charlotte Rose 15 days ago

      Trinity if you have access to local grass fed meat, from an environmental aspect that’s fair but not everyone does have that chance hence why factory farms exist. But of course there are ethical and health arguments too that are essential parts of veganism

  • Pothead Steve
    Pothead Steve 16 days ago

    Total bullshit. The simple cultivation of crops kills millions of animals. Veganism is just a fad. It will die once teenage girls discover what actually goes into their food and why its there.

  • The Cosmos Personified

    We are alive today because of the dynamity of our diets. I think it would be risky for us to simplify our diet as a species.

    • The Cosmos Personified
      The Cosmos Personified 14 days ago

      +Charlotte Rose I don't mean we should keep it the same. I believe we should regulate our consumption and waste in ways that are good for our planet and ourselves, and flexibility is a key for longevity.

    • Charlotte Rose
      Charlotte Rose 15 days ago

      The Cosmos Personified why? When such drastic changes are needed to mitigate climate change within the next 20 years why should we not focus our efforts where we can on reducing the impact made by animal agriculture? It’s the leading cause of ocean dead zones, water pollution, deforestation, habitat destruction and so many more (with some sources stating it’s the biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions due to the amount of nitrous oxide and methane the industry causes). Why should we keep our diets the same when we have so much opportunity to make a big impact by changing our diets?

    • The Cosmos Personified
      The Cosmos Personified 15 days ago

      +Charlotte Rose Yes but we don't know what the future holds for us. I am optimistic but I believe we should remain as versatile as possible.

    • Charlotte Rose
      Charlotte Rose 15 days ago +1

      The Cosmos Personified there were times where humans needed meat, but in western societies as a whole, humans absolutely do not need meat and we can thrive off of vegan diets

  • M K
    M K 16 days ago +2

    Even without fossil fuels, we will exceed our 565 gigatonnes CO2e limit by 2030, all from raising animals. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction. We are currently growing enough food to feed 10 billion people. Livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land. Animals produce Enough waste to cover SF, NYC, Tokyo, etc. 414 billion dollars in externalized cost from animal agriculture. 1/3 of the planet is desertified, with livestock as the leading driver. 80% of antibiotic sold in the US are for livestock etc. etc. We can live without consuming flesh and secretions. Visit a slaughter house and smell the shit, blood, and fear.

  • phil hall
    phil hall 16 days ago

    Oh jeez, I live in the worst food desert imaginable, I've been a vegan for 5 years. All of my levels are great, testosterone and b12 included. Also that grass land being used for cattle grazing shouldn't have cattle on it period. Prairie lands are the most endangered land area in the world follows by corral reefs both of which are being destroyed by animal agriculture. If the us population went vegan we could feed all the world's hungry people, how is that not a better use of land. People, do your research, the graph at the beginning of this clip isn't even accurate. Animal agriculture emits more green house gases the all the transportation in the world. GET YOUR FACTS CORRECTED.