Woodturning - The 'Continental' Vessel

  • Published on Jun 19, 2018
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    The vessel has been sold. For interest in this particular design: info@tagwoodworking.com
    This project was made possible, thanks to the 2 species of wood supplied in an exchange project between 3 woodworkers in Portland Oregon, U.S and 3 woodworkers in Utrecht The Netherlands. utrecht-portland.com/ The idea for all involved was to make an object with slabs of 2 species. Oregonian Myrtle wood and local harvested Maple combined. The largest part of inspiration comes from the native tribes in Oregon,and by looking at some old symbols the tribes use(d).
    The name 'continental' was inspired by the project itself, and the lines and colors in the wood used.Which i found looking like a map.
    The stopper was inspired by where the maple came from, a tree on a childrens playground in Utrecht. It also resembles the merging of the 2 species for me. The Process - this wasMy more a project that evolved slowly, as i went along. The basic idea i had was to make something tribal. I really enjoy this type of process, letting your thoughts and choices at each particular stage decide the final outcome. Without forcing yourself to stick to pre-made drawings/designs.

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  • Clyde Balcom
    Clyde Balcom 19 hours ago

    Was this also a representation of the Native American drums? It's phenomenal. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


    Cool..! Beautiful work.
    Support back to my chenel..

    LE GALL DAVID 3 days ago

    Very beautiful piece of art. A lot of work to make it. You are a true artist.👍👍👍👍👍

  • Florent Huck
    Florent Huck 4 days ago

    c'est jolie sa sert a quoi?

  • Christopher allen
    Christopher allen 5 days ago

    look why doesn't anyone 1 dry their wood in a kiln instead they leave it lying around or even outside where it fluctuates between wet and dry..sure the mealy wood accepts stain better but back in the day [ when people used wooden bowls ] there was an art to doing it right not merely for decoration...and they were truly beautiful...

  • Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson 5 days ago

    Wow Just Wow

  • KnoxTheBox
    KnoxTheBox 7 days ago

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    Please wake up and spread the word and do your own research, stop believing others.

  • Kobie Kaasjager
    Kobie Kaasjager 10 days ago

    Anton I have now watched this for the 4th time and it still amazes me. It is stunning and beautiful and awesome every single piece in there is magnificent. You really are an amazing youngman.

  • علي سنافي الكهربائي

    ممتاز جداً .. عاشت الأيادي ,, أحسنتم

  • www.PumpkinsFreebies.com

    What is the vessel used for?

  • Jayson Rabago
    Jayson Rabago 19 days ago

    Man + tools! = amazing

  • Николай Соколов

    très merveilleux !!!!!

  • Suvan Akula
    Suvan Akula 25 days ago


  • Adrián Sanabria Sanabria

    That's awesome, but still the video is too long.

  • evelyn jara
    evelyn jara 27 days ago

    Excelente trabajo . Felicidades !!!!

  • Leland Lewis
    Leland Lewis 28 days ago +1

    Amazing workmanship and design. It's not my "cup-of-tea", but, it is a beautiful art piece made with love and a lot of thought. (Unlike other people, I don't insult other people's work just because I don't like it or wouldn't have done it that way. It isn't necessary and is extremely inconsiderate.)

    I understand letting the project evolve rather than planning. I make pens and people always ask me how I came to the finished shape. My answer is always the same, the wood and the pen type dictate it. I always look at the grain and colour to give me an initial thought, but, often, as the exposed grain changes while turning, that initial shape changes and I end up with something altogether different. Even while looking at wood at a local hardwood speciality store, I either see a pen in the board or it goes back. Sometimes the ugliest piece of wood makes the most beautiful and unique pen. I have had certain pen blanks for months before I "see" the pen it is intended for.

    To paraphrase something that has been quoted as being said by many artists, "I didn't make the pen, it was always there, I just take away what isn't a pen." 😀

    • Thomas Anton Geurts
      Thomas Anton Geurts  28 days ago +1

      Thanks so much Leland. I'm glad there are people that understand this. I honestly remove the insulting ones, just because of what you mention.

  • Trevor Berg
    Trevor Berg 28 days ago

    Killer incense burner bro, little rough

  • luxomni
    luxomni Month ago +3

    Impressive workmanship, but not an attractive piece.

  • kromiq kromiq
    kromiq kromiq Month ago

    Great, beautiful work, but video is too long, i think thats way is so much downs

  • gyanendra mohan
    gyanendra mohan Month ago

    🇮🇳HATS OFF.🇮🇳
    Gyanendra Mohan,
    09711141360. (Mobile).
    Pune, INDIA.

  • TK Dřevohrátky
    TK Dřevohrátky Month ago

    annoying music.

  • hank hill
    hank hill Month ago

    What is it?

  • charlie poyner
    charlie poyner Month ago

    To bad it cracked at 15:36..need a life if I was the only one who saw that lol

  • David Gagliano
    David Gagliano Month ago

    Beautiful piece of Art!!!!

  • Enzo 8mmSA
    Enzo 8mmSA Month ago

    What.... on.... earth...

  • Tom Stclair
    Tom Stclair Month ago

    Absolutely beautiful amazing quality craftsmanship that's a piece deserving of a museum

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith Month ago

    Incredible... It will be counted as part of the master collection... Thanks for sharing...

  • Theodore Barrett Sr.

    Love what you do

  • Jerome Baucher
    Jerome Baucher Month ago

    un travail de dingue

  • denis Holden
    denis Holden Month ago

    That was a total joy to watch. Amazing!

  • Robert Alva
    Robert Alva Month ago +1

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! A labor of love is definitely an understatement! I thoroughly enjoyed EVERY second of this video. Great job! GOD bless, my friend!

  • Christina B
    Christina B Month ago


  • Sadik Review
    Sadik Review Month ago

    Its different amazing work

  • AkQLLA
    AkQLLA Month ago

    Что это за кусок говна? 40 мин жизни в некуда

  • Nick Burt Woodturning

    This vid of yours has just come up on my feed. I am so impressed by how you implemented your final design..really excellent product well done. Nick Burt

  • Fahriddin Salmanov
    Fahriddin Salmanov Month ago

    Это что турбина для сушки

  • nessundorma
    nessundorma Month ago

    so relaxing, the music, the wood sounds...

  • wolfie498
    wolfie498 Month ago

    Beautiful, but are the small pieces holding it together or keeping it apart? These are the mysteries of life lol :)

  • Robert Ray
    Robert Ray Month ago

    Awesome! What an interesting piece and procedures. I would love to try making one but adding something of my own to it. Do you mind?

  • Doreen Dargon
    Doreen Dargon Month ago

    Put your safety glasses on!

  • Manojkumar Varsani
    Manojkumar Varsani Month ago


  • Susana Mancho
    Susana Mancho Month ago

    Ambazonia southern cameroon

  • Donald Hill
    Donald Hill Month ago

    speechless....... wow

  • Robert Kohut
    Robert Kohut Month ago


  • Jack Wise
    Jack Wise Month ago

    I started to watch this video and I HAD to finish it! Mainly because I had no idea what you were doing, but I will say one thing: you have the patience of Job. I truly admire that. I love carving but I'm 73 and don't see very well anymore to carve details. So I watch others. Great job, my man!

  • M7656King
    M7656King Month ago +1

    That is one ... rare looking engine

  • doris jeffers
    doris jeffers 2 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you, enjoyed the whole video!

  • Clifford Dalton
    Clifford Dalton 2 months ago


  • Stephen Kelly
    Stephen Kelly 2 months ago

    What can be said i watched every minute from beginning to end brillient. There are some wonderful turners on here but in a competative way you beat them all and i know it wasnt a competition but your design and hand skills are brilliant. Also and very very important you allowed us to enjoy the whole journey without having to put the video on mute all of the gentle music was appropriate, once again thank you for this marvellous experience.

  • Игорь Александрович


  • Пррооа Тьлм
    Пррооа Тьлм 2 months ago


  • Joan Whiteside
    Joan Whiteside 2 months ago


  • Frank Lowe
    Frank Lowe 2 months ago

    AND ???

  • khargrar n'rhan
    khargrar n'rhan 2 months ago

    This was mesmerizing. I watched it from the beginning to the end with no pause or timeline click. Thank you for sharing.

  • wood & epoxy working
    wood & epoxy working 2 months ago

    nice job

  • Per Sakariassen
    Per Sakariassen 2 months ago

    Absolutely insane! Tip: I would speed the film up a lot more. Video could have been a lot shorter. Otherwise high production value.

  • christina morris
    christina morris 2 months ago

    I dont know what the continental vessel is but that's pretty flippin awesome

  • Excavator Video
    Excavator Video 2 months ago

    great video :)

  • csomby13
    csomby13 2 months ago


  • Paul Rivera
    Paul Rivera 2 months ago

    Really beautiful

  • Ian Harris
    Ian Harris 2 months ago

    very delicate and skilled work

  • Isi Faiem
    Isi Faiem 2 months ago

    4:01 The wood cum out!


    Tanto trabajo para que de una patada se lo bote a la chingada.

  • Роман Михайлович

    Что это? Я думал типок лампу делает:) сделал какую-то не то вазу не то чудо горшок))) короче бредятина! Не тратьте час времени на просмотр!

    • Olken Henry
      Olken Henry 3 months ago

      Не задумка нормальная, похожа на авиационный двигатель, но нафига эти крестики по бокам, он где-то заморочился на мелочах типа пробки но пропустил важные темы типа рисунка дерева

  • The Gaming Mellow
    The Gaming Mellow 3 months ago

    Wow. I have watched this video a few times and you have a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing your work. It was a joy to watch. Truly.

  • Claude Champignon
    Claude Champignon 3 months ago

    Meisterwerk, anderes Universum

  • Gabrielle Glaser
    Gabrielle Glaser 3 months ago


  • I Created An Account For This

    I kept thinking what is going to happen next. My main talent is leaving comments on RU-clip videos.

  • Rodger Hall
    Rodger Hall 3 months ago

    Had to stop after work. 2.30.
    Couldn't bear the pinging noise.
    No doubt some would say it was music.

  • divers life
    divers life 3 months ago


  • Gundula Meistermacher
    Gundula Meistermacher 3 months ago

    und was soll das ganze nun? 20min.Lebenszeit vertan.

  • Pat Tilley
    Pat Tilley 3 months ago

    ASTOUNDING, the best 45 mins I have spent in a long time, you are a GENIOUS Thomas, just one question, what is it, it has a cork and I don't understand why. xxx

  • Jay Bruner
    Jay Bruner 3 months ago +1

    My jaw was hanging open for most of this video. The incredible precision and detail you exhibit is absolutely amazing, and the end result is beyond goegeous. At every step, i was left wondering, "Wow, what is he doing NOW? What could he possibly do to top that last step?" And then you did. I lack the vocabulary to adequately describe my awe. Thank you for making this, and for posting the video.

  • Normal Guy
    Normal Guy 3 months ago

    Yeah, but what is it?

  • freezed31
    freezed31 3 months ago +7

    The phrase “A labor of love’” came to mind while watching you make your beautiful vessel👍🏼 I really enjoyed the video! Thank you😀

  • lessota R
    lessota R 3 months ago

    The top part is so complicated...the remaining space between the curve shaven holes need much control of pulse... if me, I could have easily ruined it😂and combining pieces by pieces, such imagination...
    The Art made by The Artist🤗🤗🤗

  • Gary Fletcher
    Gary Fletcher 3 months ago +1

    Now that's talent for you!
    The 2.2k who disliked must have all been dyslexic and was trying to say,

  • Duane Williamson
    Duane Williamson 3 months ago

    a true craftsman and artist wow

  • Helene Logan
    Helene Logan 3 months ago

    Beautiful, and I loved the music you chose to accompany the build--it added to the zen of it all!

  • Swami White
    Swami White 3 months ago

    Wow it's beautiful - I'd love to buy it and burn incense in it! You made so much work for yourself and it all paid off in the end! Well done

  • Nand Singh Rajput
    Nand Singh Rajput 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing .
    So much beautiful .
    Good job.

  • Олексій Павлюк

    Слава перемотке!!!

  • Без Компаса
    Без Компаса 4 months ago

    Без КЦ не полетит.. Но гравицапа хорошая..)))

  • Sevdaim Tahiri
    Sevdaim Tahiri 4 months ago


  • Sevdaim Tahiri
    Sevdaim Tahiri 4 months ago


  • Handyman Jim
    Handyman Jim 4 months ago

    Great music

  • I'm Listening
    I'm Listening 4 months ago

    Telekinesis 😂

  • Usman Noor
    Usman Noor 4 months ago

    How much I want this

  • michael haas
    michael haas 4 months ago

    clearly the master. been watching wood turning vids for a good hour now (skipping through) and this is by far the best work ive come across. what a piece! great vid and editing as well. cheers

  • John Davison
    John Davison 4 months ago

    Wow that was wonderful to watch.thanks.

  • Kobie Kaasjager
    Kobie Kaasjager 4 months ago

    Anton I am not Dutch but my husband is from the Netherlands he is 78 and I am from South Africa and Afrikaans speaking and I am 72. I enjoy every minute of every woodturning video I watch. Why don't you talk in your videos I love it when they explain what and why they do. You have a very calming way of working I love it.

  • Kobie Kaasjager
    Kobie Kaasjager 4 months ago

    Anton it is the third time that I look at this it is simply stunningly beautiful and amazing.

  • János Kertész
    János Kertész 4 months ago

    Netán fakalapács amatőr ????

  • Lucy Norman
    Lucy Norman 4 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Amazing!!!.....😊😊😊👍👍👍

  • Владимир Курнаев

    Гигантская работа!!!

  • Canal a natureza é perfeita

    si é top é like

  • Chris Gray
    Chris Gray 4 months ago

    This was an inspiring piece of work, Any one watching this should take the plunge and have a go, their are so many different woods available with colour and grains. Well done Thomas stick with it and you will get your dream

  • Erik Kovacs
    Erik Kovacs 4 months ago

    The most beautiful uhm.... wooden turboencabulator I've ever seen!

    TRUMPRUM 4 months ago

    Туповатый, не опытный, безвкусный имбецил.

  • spitzerone
    spitzerone 4 months ago

    What a beautiful piece of art! American craftsmanship at it's finest. You won't find anything from a furniture store like it. All they carry is cheap Chinese shit.