Mindfulness: defeating distraction and amplifying awareness | Richard Chambers | TEDxUniMelb

  • Published on Aug 23, 2017
  • Today’s world surrounds us with so many sources of distraction, which make us less engaged and less effective, and can even lead to mental health problems. In this talk, Richard Chambers explains how mindfulness is a tool for increasing self-awareness and how it can help create a generation of young people better equipped to solve the problems we are facing in the world today. Dr Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist, mindfulness consultant, author and speaker. He started practising mindfulness in 1999 and since then has been increasingly involved in integrating it into mainstream education. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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  • Maria Malhotra
    Maria Malhotra Month ago

    The concept of mindfulness comes from Buddhism.

  • DrMateen36
    DrMateen36 3 months ago +5

    Thanks man! All this is just what i wanted to know about mindfullness. IMO this is the best talk on Ted about mindfullness.

  • umesh bansal
    umesh bansal 4 months ago

    superb video

  • Base Camp Guest House
    Base Camp Guest House 5 months ago +3

    Im trying to pay attention to this but I keep getting distracted.

  • jacky biscuits
    jacky biscuits 7 months ago +1

    1.I don't like the argument 'we need mindfulness more than ever because of the pace of life'. No matter when you lived this would be true. The pace has been growing since the dawn of man.

    2.Who is sold the myth of multitasking? Among intelligent people it's well known multi-tasking doesn't work.

  • mdMedom XcelZ
    mdMedom XcelZ 8 months ago +1

    That baby at the end look like a demon no offense.

  • Zee A
    Zee A 8 months ago +2

    Great talk we need to be ok with being bored rather than constantly getting distracted. Taken a break from social media Instagram, snapchat, Facebook and twitter and I am feeling more alert present and relaxed.

  • Pedro Pinheiro
    Pedro Pinheiro 9 months ago


  • omar perez
    omar perez 11 months ago


  • Kenny1Savage 21
    Kenny1Savage 21 Year ago

    Loved this talk , thank you .

  • Mindful Moments
    Mindful Moments Year ago

    Yes. Thank you!

  • Lost in Another Reality

    Did you know that the average person is exposed daily to more information now than someone in the 15th century had in their entire life ? 01:43 Mental

  • David Dahl
    David Dahl Year ago +1

    My mind was wandering a lot watching this, I kept having to bring it back.

  • Kaban
    Kaban Year ago +12

    Too much filler, not enough how to. The world is full of people telling us what we need to do; the real question is how.

    • rares mircea
      rares mircea 5 months ago +1

      Jon Kabat Zinn is one of the best prepared and skilled teachers of mindfulness. He has books, audiobooks, appears in apps with audio guidance, and, you will also find lots of youtube videos with him.
      So, i'll roll the problem further: the biggest problem is not "not enough how to", but people's inability to be committed to a practice. Initial excitement and enthusiasm worth nothing. The internet if full of essays and comments about the wonders of meditation and mindfulness, and if you ask the writers about how they are currently doing they reply that "something.. something.. i couldn't continue". What makes people so positive in the early stages (making them talk & write about it) is the excitement of doing a new thing and the high hopes they have, which after a while get back to the normal levels.
      One can enter a practice even with apprehension, as long as he's committed to doing it for a year to see where it leads. Commitment is the secret, but people usually focus elsewhere.

    • Juan Giraldo
      Juan Giraldo 11 months ago

      I can tell you how!

  • Mad Ashell
    Mad Ashell Year ago

    nothing makes sense to me...i wish something would grab me and help me. save me from myself...,..ugh 53 yrs of limbo.

  • Ridhi Choudhary
    Ridhi Choudhary Year ago +1

    Sir can I use earplugs during mindfullness breathing meditation

  • Yahu Yahu
    Yahu Yahu Year ago +2

    Ted talks is becoming more of a marketing platform.

  • Rohini Malhotra
    Rohini Malhotra Year ago +3

    Very clear and concise talk. Thank you. I know firsthand how mindfulness has lifted me out of suicidal depression.

  • Falcon Britt
    Falcon Britt Year ago +1

    And read Grain Brain. Grains create brain fog, according to this doctor. Especially if you turn out to be allergic to gluten. Or celiac.

  • Ariel Yaying Zheng
    Ariel Yaying Zheng Year ago +27

    Wow! This is amazing. The education system needs more mindfulness. I thought about the similar thing earlier. I am 15. I attended six different schools in three years in China and America. Seeing how various types of school motivate students differently, I realized that our education system didn’t just help us to acquire knowledge, but it also shaped our mindset in different ways.
    Schools in China have a very strict testing system and motivate students to work very hard to rank higher among all the students. American education system encourages students to do more extracurricular activities in order to get involved in the society. Although both systems sound very well organized and can well prepare students before they go into the real world, many students still don’t truly enjoy school activities or studying. The majority of students in China study just for the sake of scoring higher on a test. They felt like they were just studying machines. Some American students are completing tests and do all sort of things just to meet college’s standardizations. And often times, we fell into the mindset of comparing and our minds drifted to the “should have done better” past, or the “I need to do this, this, this, and this” future. Rarely, our minds stayed in the present moment and enjoyed what we are learning or doing.
    I felt like that as well. I was mindlessly completing tasks and hoping for an abstract future. Sometimes I felt lost and could not find true joy in learning. That caused me a lot of unnecessary anxiety.
    So I started meditating and reading personal development books, while I was going through an uneasy time moving to America alone. Being aware of my thoughts and studying psychology helped me to stay more present. I learned to put meanings into the dry and busy work that I used to do; and amazingly, the things that used to frustrate me did not annoy me anymore. I tried to jump out from the box my environment set for me, so I started consciously changing perspective of things and put meanings in them. I started to become interested in things we learn, not because they will benefit my grades, or look good for my college application. Walking down the street, I would wonder what was the people walking here like 300 years ago; I also found myself looking up the history of my neighborhood...not to complete anything or impress anyone, but that I was truly curious. My mind did not drift to the future or dwell in the past. My thoughts focus on the “now” that I can change, the “now” the I enjoy.
    What I learned from my experience is that our environment shapes our mindset; but we can always free ourselves by creating our own internal environment. Nowadays schools can cause plenty of stress, especially when we didn’t learn how to handle our negative thoughts. By meditating, doing personal development, we will be more mindful of our thoughts and consciously shift our perspectives on situations. Instead of struggling to chase one deadline after another, or blaming ourselves on what we could have done better, we can focus on the “now” and notice how everything can be interesting.

    • Ammar Ahmed
      Ammar Ahmed 7 months ago

      @mdMedom XcelZ This is exactly I was about to write and as soon as I opened the replies, I found you wrote this already :) @Ariel Yaying Zheng, you are a very bright young boy. All the best in your future endeavors my friend.

    • mdMedom XcelZ
      mdMedom XcelZ 8 months ago

      Damn you 15. God bless ur vocab💯

    • Valeria B-612
      Valeria B-612 10 months ago +2

      You are so right. You seem a very intelligent person!

  • Lucan Screed
    Lucan Screed 2 years ago +14

    Enjoyed this talk by Richard Chambers. He's one of the course directors for Monash University's Mindfulness for wellbeing and Peak Performance - available online through Future Learn.

    • UZB
      UZB Year ago +2

      YES ME TOO - I really love and respect Craig and Richard

    • Sunny Martin
      Sunny Martin Year ago +3

      Hi Lucan. I'm addicted to these courses now as I learn new things every time. Thanks for posting to add to promoting of this course :)

  • Денис Голубев
    Денис Голубев 2 years ago +28

    Let me save a little time of those who, like me, will start searching to learn more about the topic. The speaker has a personal site, it's easy to find by searching for "drrichardchambers" in Google (the very first link in the results). And then in 'Publications/Media' section of the site there are tons of stuff on the matter.

    • Sandy Ellis
      Sandy Ellis 5 months ago +1

      Thank you :) Very kind of you to leave that comment

    • Manish
      Manish Year ago +3

      Денис Голубев Thank you :)

  • Stefano Cresto
    Stefano Cresto 2 years ago +1

    Great! Huge and propositive way of thinking and hopefully a new social way of life...

  • Blocker Yoga
    Blocker Yoga 2 years ago +4

    Great talk! Thanks for sharing and advocating for mindfulness in education.