Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
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    Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?
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    Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

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    • WillsIsCool01
      WillsIsCool01 11 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell if we use exotic matter manmade wormholes, wouldn’t we not be able to enter as its repulsive??

    • Pidecinin pideleri
      Pidecinin pideleri 18 days ago +1

      What if a very old person into a black hole? What happen to person?

    • Long Le Thanh
      Long Le Thanh 19 days ago

      Oh grosem I love it.

    • LoGo Team
      LoGo Team 25 days ago

      Video nikola tesla

    • Yeabsera Woldetsadik
      Yeabsera Woldetsadik Month ago +2

      About the video, around 7:40
      you guys meant time loops which could break the laws of conservation and a infinitely repeating time events.
      For example, a movie called "Free birds" is not that popular but represents it very well.

      I'm a fan of possibility and probably others to so please make a video about it, thanks for your time.

  • MrPhange Phange
    MrPhange Phange 23 hours ago

    The 80s and black holes. Both are points in space and time with infinite density.

  • A Random weeb
    A Random weeb Day ago

    Kurzgesagt just killed that kid

  • Gabriel Oliveira

    Eita, deixa eu tomar meu banho agora pra esfriar a cabeça, porque meu cérebro fritou com essa! 😂 Fantástico!👏🏼👏🏼

  • greg li
    greg li Day ago

    16000th comment

  • Maloew Valenar
    Maloew Valenar 2 days ago

    So, I have a hypothesis, I have no idea if the science or math holds up, though, so here it is: if there are wormholes in a black hole and instead of going into a different universe, it just went into the same one, gravity would go through the wormholes and possibly explain dark matter. (Disclaimer: I have no idea if this is possible, I just thought of it while watching this video.)

  • Ticket Tocket
    Ticket Tocket 2 days ago

    Yo lemme get some Nike Moonshoes.

  • Nether Craft
    Nether Craft 3 days ago

    in future mom where is my worm hole

  • RpM NiLo
    RpM NiLo 3 days ago

    Surely if there was negative matter then it wouldn’t be physical as it has no mass and therefore has no properties that physical properties do have such as strength, torsion and flexibility so it wouldn’t be able to resist the force of gravity. Can someone please explain?

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas 3 days ago

    How do you guys make this, seriously? You explain complicated concepts like wormholes using cultural references and make it look so easy. Hats off kurzgesagt

  • Tupei games
    Tupei games 3 days ago +2

    5 min crafts be like

  • Adam Budín
    Adam Budín 3 days ago

    so... its like when you build new nether portal in nether?

  • Hindu Goat
    Hindu Goat 3 days ago

    worm holes dont actually exist in reality... its just on humans wish list because we hate how space is so big we can never hope to travel very far or see very much of it

  • Joel Vuori
    Joel Vuori 3 days ago

    Makes no sense to me

  • Daniella
    Daniella 4 days ago

    The space suit boots are made by Nike lol

  • DinosOnFire
    DinosOnFire 4 days ago

    Scientists: *studies for years and years and conducts different experiments to actually gather useful information*
    Me, laying on my bed, probably high: if peter dinklage were a star, he'd be a white dwarf

  • Muchkinfurbal Kriley

    There is only one way to travel from place to place in space the warhammer way

  • Naughty adventures of mcBrouhaha in a vacuum

    What does time have to do with space? seriously i don't see the connection.
    Time is something fabricated for us to grasp the world around is. It is not real but space is.

  • SpilledAcid
    SpilledAcid 4 days ago

    i saw space

  • Get clapped
    Get clapped 4 days ago

    I'm just gonna act like I know what's happening.

  • Raza Kampono
    Raza Kampono 5 days ago

    I like the outrun style, it suits well with the topic

  • Genuine Basil NT
    Genuine Basil NT 5 days ago

    So you are saying all of these doesn't matter unless you find exotic matter?

  • Alex Rator
    Alex Rator 5 days ago

    Black holes are just black quark stars Lol

  • Alex Rator
    Alex Rator 5 days ago

    Great music

  • Frank Lin
    Frank Lin 5 days ago

    So it's like Rick's portal gun?

  • Ангелочек Caravel

    Planck Length Is 1.616252(18)*10^-35 M Not 10^-35

  • Nelit McKerin
    Nelit McKerin 5 days ago

    That kid isn't coming home

  • ender 324
    ender 324 5 days ago

    What if worm hole's are'nt like wee think maibe its the only whay you can go in a higher dimention?

  • mason kahl
    mason kahl 6 days ago

    Dude that kid is fucking dead, sneakers are not void proof

  • Peter Quill
    Peter Quill 6 days ago +1

    I’ve been in all kinds of “warm holes” 😉😎🚀

  • Unsound mind
    Unsound mind 6 days ago

    *Journalist* : Ladies and gentlemen, you can behold the opening of the first artificial wombhole! From LA to NY in blink of an eye!
    *President* "push the button"
    *Black hole* "opens"
    *Ladies and gentlemen* : Oh shit

  • mark young
    mark young 6 days ago


  • TheIntJuggler
    TheIntJuggler 7 days ago

    One small step for man, one giant leap for oh fuck I think I mistook a black hole for a wormhole

  • Woojin Jang
    Woojin Jang 7 days ago

    I like stellaris...

  • nicky davani
    nicky davani 7 days ago

    OMG, the kids room at the start of the video...many things in be video after the intro, are from the little kids room. I love that. I love how the video starts of kinda realistic but then goes into the kids imagination.

  • Cesar Zayas
    Cesar Zayas 7 days ago +3

    I feel like if objects were coming out on the other side of a black hole the black hole wouldn't have gravity unless its gravity comprises of everything on the other side

  • A Dank Meme
    A Dank Meme 7 days ago

    I’ve been thinking that maybe time is like a neverending piece of yarn that is stretched all the way out. It is straight and we are constantly moving forward on it. If this is true, maybe wormholes don’t bend space, maybe they bend time. A wormhole connects two realities together right? Well what if realities are the same thing as time. If so, maybe our time(reality) is on one point of yarn while another time(reality) is father back or farther forward than ours.
    Another thing I’ve been thinking about that relates to this is that if we time traveled to a “reality” that is farther back on our timeline, and we messed something up, does that mean that you’ve just entered a parallel timeline where that event was always supposed to happen? (This theory also relates to the butterfly effect) .

  • Phoenix Scott
    Phoenix Scott 7 days ago

    4:05 why does this make me hungry

  • Devansh Tyagi
    Devansh Tyagi 7 days ago

    Use dark energy to keep the worm holes open mah dude

  • Phúc Gia Lê
    Phúc Gia Lê 7 days ago

    You mean Portal irl?

  • Jons Huib
    Jons Huib 7 days ago

    I have a few questions.
    1. How will we tear a hole in our universe?
    2. Where needs the exotic matter to be placed. If it is strong enough to keep a wormhole open wouldn’t it repel everything that is trying to go through?
    And 3. How are we going to connect the worm holes? Like you said, if all wormholes connect there will be time paradoxes and duplications.

  • ThatAspieCalledMyth
    ThatAspieCalledMyth 8 days ago


  • defaultthink
    defaultthink 8 days ago

    What's the matter?

  • RJL738
    RJL738 8 days ago

    Who knows what weird phenomena are out there. The Universe is probably bigger in all ways than any extension of any number we could compile.

  • Arturo Guzman
    Arturo Guzman 8 days ago

    How do you get your own bird

  • Markiyan Hapyak
    Markiyan Hapyak 8 days ago

    😍×1062 Again!!

  • dont mess with my
    dont mess with my 8 days ago +2

    to make wormholes, we need to access the 4th dimension

    • flames
      flames 4 days ago

      the forth dimension is time btw so we cant see it but it affects us

  • X Gaming Cities
    X Gaming Cities 8 days ago

    Portal = wormhole

  • Nart Thaqi
    Nart Thaqi 8 days ago +1

    The upside down

    • Jons Huib
      Jons Huib 7 days ago

      I love stranger things.
      Have seen season 3. I love it

  • Keepercraft
    Keepercraft 8 days ago

    7:50 Universe is deterministic, so no time-travel in same universe.
    But you can travel too another universe, where time start different. :]

  • HSRS the hatter #
    HSRS the hatter # 9 days ago

    Not 10^-35 but 10^-34

  • Gazz Maz
    Gazz Maz 9 days ago

    Maybe blackholes are a hole to the 4th dimension which whould be like looking at something at all of its time

  • Nicholas Goeddeke
    Nicholas Goeddeke 9 days ago


  • RU the button eyed cat

    I have a black hole and wormhole theory but its not complete yet so you said you have to go faster than the speed of light, but if there was a wormhole that you can go through could you escape? Still not complete

  • The Engine Head
    The Engine Head 9 days ago

    7:26 Hey, the Tardis is back!

  • Super Grunt
    Super Grunt 9 days ago +1

    man made wormholes are like slipspace from halo

  • 10 OG
    10 OG 9 days ago

    el psy congroo

  • Sheikh Riyaz
    Sheikh Riyaz 10 days ago

    If gravity is the problem, why not create one is space

  • Fredierick Dela Cruz
    Fredierick Dela Cruz 10 days ago

    Wait so Wormhole can be a Portal and a Time Travel thing?

    EVER GREATEST 10 days ago

    6:29 if it can repel such forces, then do you really think that it will allow us to pass through ?

  • Shreedhar Todkar
    Shreedhar Todkar 11 days ago

    So the exotic matter can be strong enough to push the gravitational pressure. So technically, it should also be able to repel anything we try to pass through the wormhole. In short, Exotic matter may keep the wormhole open indefinitely; but no one would be able to pass through.

  • Jose Ignacio
    Jose Ignacio 11 days ago

    love that synthwave take at 7:43

  • bostafu
    bostafu 11 days ago

    groovy music

  • ッBridgeFighter
    ッBridgeFighter 11 days ago +4

    7:37 Rick And Morty

  • Ossie Dunstan
    Ossie Dunstan 11 days ago +1

    wormholes do not appear in reality, we do not know the fabric of the cosmos , wormholes have tear apart the fabric of the cosmos, not the universe of matter , get educated.
    To believe time started at the big is an claim worse than the god claim.
    We know gods bullshit, we know nothing about where time began.
    Less than a hundred years ago white man didn`t even know the cosmos existed

  • Aaron Marks
    Aaron Marks 12 days ago

    The Iconians.... already know your location.

  • BassLover
    BassLover 12 days ago +5

    how to make a wormhole: you need 10 obsidian, and a flint and steel.

  • Ralph Diesta
    Ralph Diesta 12 days ago

    astral projecting is the answer.

  • 田晓燕
    田晓燕 12 days ago +1

    so how much me is there in the universe?

  • Geoffrey Gamez
    Geoffrey Gamez 12 days ago

    So it’s like portals in portal 1 and 2