Stephen A. wonders if Aaron Rodgers will ignore Matt LaFleur | Stephen A. Smith Show


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    TANK SHERMAN 14 дней назад

    Idiot hot take. Like any leadership position, McCarthy lost Rodgers over the years because he failed to explain the “why” when designing the offense. McCarthy’s fundamental breakdown in leadership was a failure of buy-in from his QB. If LaFleur can get buy-in from Rodgers, then they will win games.

  • HighC2001
    HighC2001 20 дней назад

    Mike McCarthy should have never been fired, rodgers is the reason we failed last year #TradeAaronRodgers

  • Aaron Zepplin
    Aaron Zepplin 21 день назад

    This is boring. Do you trust this guy who has "no clue", or the Packers organization that spent the last six weeks of the season digging into this hire. Gimme a break. Stephen A. is a Rodgers fan, but he's fucking clueless. What a waste of time.

  • Kelly Blevins
    Kelly Blevins 23 дня назад

    And I have one more comment before I don't really care either way am I calm it is is Stephen A Smith Des told the records for last two seasons is not made the playoffs and you mean to tell me is Aaron Rodgers not going to listen to a head coach bull

  • Kelly Blevins
    Kelly Blevins 23 дня назад

    You know it doesn't matter what and all this is ESPN people whoever is in NFL talks about NFL one thing about it a coach is bigger than what your quarterback is and if her car ficht Aaron Rodgers will go just like if it's conflict in Kansas City with the quarterback Patrick Mahomes will go no player is above a head coach and I don't care what ESPN or anybody else says that's the way it goes in all sports

  • steve elliott
    steve elliott 29 дней назад

    If you have no idea what's going on shut the hell up lol and walker was out

  • Jordan Uecker
    Jordan Uecker Месяц назад

    I think Aaron will not have the chance to go against the new head coach just purely because of all of this media attention about him being difficult to work with. Even if he wants to retaliate he will know he can’t because the SECOND he does the media will be on that shit

  • Tennesseekayak D
    Tennesseekayak D Месяц назад

    Aaron Rodgers doesn’t need coaching.

  • Jack Williford
    Jack Williford Месяц назад

    Is S. Smith the most abnoxious sports commentator today?

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez Месяц назад

    Stephen you a Rodgers fan or not? Whats up with this slandering?

  • Richard Tracy
    Richard Tracy Месяц назад +3

    Aaron Rodgers is the main reason why the Green Bay Packers will go down hill from here, it’s a ‘’WE GAME’’ not a ME game.....👈🏼

    • Richard Tracy
      Richard Tracy Месяц назад

      Exactly: He’s old, he’s injury prone, his salary cap is killing the team and he’s bringing the team down, 👈🏼 they need to get rid of him...F off dump ass, You be lucky to be 8 and 8 next year, everyone is passing you by, while I’m at the BREWERS SUCK TO!!!!

    • Sean wall
      Sean wall Месяц назад +1

      Yeah its such a me game he was willing to risk injury after he almost tore his acl in week 1 and played every game and even after being eliminated from the play offs still kept playing risking injury which ended up in a concussion. But yea hes a "me" player right stfu you dont even know wtf youre talking about

  • Dan Roberts
    Dan Roberts Месяц назад +1

    Could you turn him up more I can't hear him

  • xnreyescj
    xnreyescj Месяц назад +7

    Why is he hollering? The mic is right there ?

  • Steven M.
    Steven M. Месяц назад +1

    Stephen, as usual is missing the bigger picture. The Titans offensive numbers last year are irrelevant. Mike McCarthy came from a LAST RANKED offense in SF and did just fine. What Stephen A is saying is "Mark Murphy and Gute are stupid." I disagree. They aren't giving Rodgers $150 million to throw his weight around either. He WILL work WITH this coach, or he WILL fall by the wayside. Lets wait and see huh.

  • dylan gross
    dylan gross Месяц назад +4

    29th worst is the 4th worst...

  • Gifted Images LLC
    Gifted Images LLC Месяц назад +1

    wouldn't it surely behove him to at least give him a chance??? And if it was really that coveted of a job, wouldn't far bigger names be in the mix for it? ....Like McDaniels, for example?

  • jonathan
    jonathan Месяц назад

    Bruh really mad Aaron's not in the steelers lol🤣💀

  • Broski 123
    Broski 123 Месяц назадвидео.html
    said The Same Exact Thing about Sean McVay

  • Devin Cheatham
    Devin Cheatham Месяц назад

    I'm not sure yet either, there really wasn't much of big names for HC that would've been home runs for this team. Not one sexy name was truly out there.

  • Trebor Ortiz
    Trebor Ortiz Месяц назад


  • Treyton A.
    Treyton A. Месяц назад +3

    No. Lafleur could have stayed in LA this year and he would have without a doubt be the #1 coaching candidate for all teams! He went to Tennessee to take the next step to becoming a head coach. He's ready and is able to lead.

  • Hunter Mielke
    Hunter Mielke Месяц назад

    apparently Lafleur got a call from Aaron Rodgers before he actually got an offer

  • Majik0715
    Majik0715 Месяц назад

    That's right Stephen A you "don't know what the hell is going on". Shut your big ugly face. LOL.

  • packr72
    packr72 Месяц назад +2

    The media is amazing. They can make a guy who played under the same coach for 13 years into a coach killer.

  • Mike Stanecki
    Mike Stanecki Месяц назад

    S.A.S. doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground.

  • txusmc69
    txusmc69 Месяц назад

    Why does he act like Marcus Mariota it's on the same level is Aaron Rodgers? Did he ever think maybe it wasn't the offense but just maybe it was because he has a quarterback that's only been in the league of few years and it's still basically learning the ropes. It's not like when Rogers went out last year Brett Hundley came in and play like Aaron Rodgers.

  • Falcon
    Falcon Месяц назад

    To quote you, you clown: "Let's pump the brakes!"

  • ramon g
    ramon g Месяц назад

    He left out like 3 A's tho when he was saying baaaaaaaad man lmao

  • Taylor Harris
    Taylor Harris Месяц назад

    00:02 - 00:03
    I thought my internet cut out.

  • Craig Leavy
    Craig Leavy Месяц назад

    No issues but all negative comments SAS give him a chance and you fail to mention his personal in TEN

  • True That Boxing
    True That Boxing Месяц назад +1

    Well Stephen A. unfortunately for you the Packers care less for what you think. This is the guy they hired and nothing can change that. So all that can be done is hope for the best.

  • Nath John
    Nath John Месяц назад +1

    Not even a Packers fan... But why is everyone ignoring the fact Marcus Mariota is utter trash? The fact the Titans had the 7th ranked rushing attack is a huge plus considering teams would just stack the box against them, LaFluer isn't a bad hire at all IMO... Stephen A really is a dumbass.

  • Detroit Mi Dunkin
    Detroit Mi Dunkin Месяц назад

    Fuck Aaron Rodgers

  • jake08311
    jake08311 Месяц назад

    The real question is, does or should anyone care what another idiotic rant Stephen A shouts out have any meaning whatsoever? There really is a simple answer. This guy is so full of himself that he doesn't have a clue when he is spinning off the rails. Unfortunately, Stephen A is turning into a very bad mirror image of Colin Cowherd and that is just sad.

    LIVE FREE ORDIE Месяц назад

    Rodger's will never be in another Superbowl. S.A.S. is just pissed one of his BROTHERS didn't get the job.

  • Dreb23
    Dreb23 Месяц назад

    Maybe that’s why Aaron Rodgers hasn’t made it to super in the past decade because he doesn’t respect people he being too head strong

    • Computer
      Computer Месяц назад

      How many championships has your quarterback won😪

  • ThatOneGuy 123
    ThatOneGuy 123 Месяц назад

    Lmao they took someone from the TITANS! The suck dick and the Packers will be worse lmao

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay Месяц назад +9

    6:12-6:16 Stephen A 😂😂😂

  • Jed I. Knight
    Jed I. Knight Месяц назад

    I hope he gets traded or something. They doing him so dirty. Like why tf they doing that!!😭😭😭😭

  • Juan Romero
    Juan Romero Месяц назад

    Bench his bitchass till he learns some respect that's all you gotta do lmao

  • sam reddy
    sam reddy Месяц назад

    Yes for sure you don't know anything

    • Metro Tmobil
      Metro Tmobil Месяц назад

      U white people don't like a black man to speak his mind one day u will pay for ur actions maybe not here but when u leave this world

  • Gary Ridgeway
    Gary Ridgeway Месяц назад

    Stephen a just mad they didn’t hire a black dude I promise you he wouldn’t be bashing Matt if he were black

    • Metro Tmobil
      Metro Tmobil Месяц назад

      No he wouldn't u are a racist

  • Sunmad Parkcir
    Sunmad Parkcir Месяц назад +1

    Packers just likes M Name

  • llewylnmoss
    llewylnmoss Месяц назад

    You are definitely knocking him by continuously bringing up his record.

  • Mr. Josh
    Mr. Josh Месяц назад +1

    sorry stephen a. but youre not a real steelers fan. Plus big ben won us 2 superbowls and rodger has only 1.. against the steelers which sucked but we had the chance to get 3 and could have won that game too.

    • omieg89
      omieg89 Месяц назад

      Mr. Josh Big Ben was atrocious during the Steelers super bowl 40 run. They won in spite of him.

  • Bobby Walsh
    Bobby Walsh Месяц назад

    You don’t think he talked with him? You don’t think ownership went straight to Rogers and said are you good with this? I’m confident they did.

    • cpk1994
      cpk1994 Месяц назад

      No because they already told him he had no say. The law needs to be laid down with Rodgers and make it quite clear he is not above the team and his selfish antics will no longer be tolerated.

  • Geoff Thompson
    Geoff Thompson Месяц назад +4

    People are forgetting Matt LaFleur helped create a wining system in Tennessee, to the point that losing Marcus Mariota in their final game cost them a spot in the playoffs. The Colts got an easy touchdown when Tennessee had to gamble on a 4th down late in the game. And they also got easy points, along with the points the Titans lost, with 2 picks Marcus Mariota wouldn't have thrown. That's a 14 to 21 point swing, with Tennessee easily winning the game. The rankings of their offense don't matter because they created a winning formula, including Matt LaFleur's play calling, as Mike Vrabel talked about. LaFleur also coached the Rams and knows the system from an offensive juggernaut.
    The Packers made a good move.

    • Mark s
      Mark s Месяц назад

      +Load¡ng wrong Titans would have won with Mariota. Coming from a Patriots fan. Titans are extremely talented and underrated. They just couldn't pass without Mariota

    • Load¡ng
      Load¡ng Месяц назад

      Colts were the better team , even if Titans had Mariota healthy

    • George Ismail
      George Ismail Месяц назад

      You might have to rewatch this segment again from SAS cause apparently you weren't listening!!!

  • Jan Nelle
    Jan Nelle Месяц назад +1

    People act like Aaron Rodgers is a horrible person and doesn't want to be coached.

  • K K
    K K Месяц назад

    He also beat the playoff teams like cowboys, patriots, eagles, Texans. He is not bringing Marcus Mariota to throw the ball up here.

    • ThatOneGuy 123
      ThatOneGuy 123 Месяц назад

      K K those were all flukes except for the Eagles because Philly sucks dick

  • Laura m Rutledge
    Laura m Rutledge Месяц назад +1

    I bet Rodgers would listen to me

  • Techno-mage
    Techno-mage Месяц назад +1

    Apparently Rodgers thinks he should be the coach and QB. You can't coach a guy who wants to go rogue.
    Just maybe GB would've had a better season if Rodgers actually did what he was supposed to; cuz clearly his rogue ways ended in failure.

  • Anti-Everything
    Anti-Everything Месяц назад

    You coach him

  • Austin
    Austin Месяц назад +2

    Stephen A Smith is retarded

  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj Месяц назад +5

    I dont believe this will make a difference

  • kaream ghanem
    kaream ghanem Месяц назад +9

    He said the same thing about Sean mcvay. How he came from the Redskins offensive coordinator look at him.

  • Charissa Thompson
    Charissa Thompson Месяц назад +9

    This could be disaster

  • kenneth burke
    kenneth burke Месяц назад

    Matt Floor😂😂😂

  • SaucE ScrillA
    SaucE ScrillA Месяц назад +3

    Everybody relax 😭

  • Carlos Inda
    Carlos Inda Месяц назад

    I wonder when will Stephen a smith get aaron rodgers dick out of his mouth?

  • Hail-Mary J
    Hail-Mary J Месяц назад +9

    Rodgers is great, but his ego is TOO damn big to listen to anybody. If I had a dollar for everytime I've seen him roll his eyes at somebody....

    • Sean wall
      Sean wall Месяц назад

      +Massachusetts Sports Central then i must be mistaking you for someone else

    • Massachusetts Sports Central
      Massachusetts Sports Central Месяц назад

      Have never once ended an argument with "5 Rings"
      That is a BFD but that isn't a be all end all.

    • Sean wall
      Sean wall Месяц назад

      +Massachusetts Sports Central no because i was the one using stats where you said 5 rings and ignored performance or talent around players. Not that it matters its an opinion everyones entitled to it, idk maybe you did have a good argument but way too many people just use 5 rings and nothing else

    • Massachusetts Sports Central
      Massachusetts Sports Central Месяц назад

      +Sean wall if you remember someone that likely gave a shit ton of stats and facts to support any point that I made to scores of ignorant idiots, then yes same guy.

    • Sean wall
      Sean wall Месяц назад

      +Massachusetts Sports Central oh i remember your ass with all that ignorance if youre the same massachusetts sports central from months ago

  • youngboy3082
    youngboy3082 Месяц назад +21

    Damn ESPN putting SAS to work

  • Anthony Slazas
    Anthony Slazas Месяц назад +1

    Aaron will give a chance one preseason game if he doesn't like what he hears he be tuning out Matt and doing what he thinks is best. Arizona might not be the only team to fire a coach after 1 year.

  • Domingo Viera
    Domingo Viera Месяц назад

    This guy Matt has no resume. Titans offense sucks and beat bad teams in 2018.

  • Frankie Russell
    Frankie Russell Месяц назад +4

    Aaron Rodgers might step on Matt Le Floor.

  • Revy's Bitch
    Revy's Bitch Месяц назад +61

    I think people are blowing Rodgers "ignoring" McCarthy out of proportion. Seems to me like he just didn't like a particular play and changed it, I think almost every veteran QB in the league does that. Also Stephen A sounds just like he did when McVay got hired and we all know how that turned out. Maybe he should wait and see before criticizing.

    • Theaxecutor
      Theaxecutor 12 дней назад

      Revy's Bitch he is the sexiest coach in the league tho

    • Techno-mage
      Techno-mage Месяц назад +1

      +Droid6689 To be fair, there is no way of knowing which plays were rogue and which weren't. Therefore I yield to that.

    • Droid6689
      Droid6689 Месяц назад +1

      +Techno-mage How do you know his rogue plays ended in falure? The only one I know of was a 40 yard bomb to MVS. The legendary toss to Jared Cook in the playoffs years back was also reportedly a "rogue play"

    • Revy's Bitch
      Revy's Bitch Месяц назад

      +cpk1994 Someone sounds biased...

    • cpk1994
      cpk1994 Месяц назад

      There is a difference between changing a play at the LOS because of the defensive look(which is what all the other QB's do and Rodgers undermining his coach by changing plays he doesn't like before he even looks at the defense. Rodgers quit on McCarthy and it shows him to be nothing but a selfish piece of garbage..

  • Tyron Wells
    Tyron Wells Месяц назад +4

    Cant wait for us to win as a team not Arod and Adams

    • AGK927
      AGK927 Месяц назад

      +Tyron Wells Yes Sir all the way. Dont forget a out Alexander and even josh jackson they will be really good

    • Tyron Wells
      Tyron Wells Месяц назад

      +AGK927 And Aaron Jones

    • AGK927
      AGK927 Месяц назад

      Dont forget about Martinez he was 2nd in tackles this year and last year he was 1st

  • Sanctimonious Max
    Sanctimonious Max Месяц назад +18

    surely Aaron Rodgers will respond to the demands of a former backup QB for the Omaha Beef

  • Try on Haul page
    Try on Haul page Месяц назад +2

    It wont work out

  • The Future Is Here
    The Future Is Here Месяц назад

    Great analysis SAS
    Hue Jackson deserves this job more than this jabroni
    Why does he deserve the Packers job?

  • Codename Centaur
    Codename Centaur Месяц назад

    I think it's a good hired. Whoever Green Bay decides to go get to be their HC, people are still gonna complain no matter what.

    • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD
      Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD Месяц назад

      Pfft the Offense he worked with was 27th in the league and Titans fans where complaining that they aren't using Derrick Henry correctly.

  • Seikou Sawaneh
    Seikou Sawaneh Месяц назад +3

    That’s last comment about Ben and Aaron Rodgers was so disrespectful 😭 I don’t hear no excuses next year

    Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD Месяц назад +3

    Pfft why is it the same people every time? Can't anyone just get a different coach... The Packers really should've looked deeper for a new head coach. I still don't think Matt LeFleur will fix everything. Joke front office.

  • JD 1
    JD 1 Месяц назад +53

    Aaron Goat Rodgers haters incoming..

    • Ch33seWeasel
      Ch33seWeasel 25 дней назад

      +Walter Sobchak I've watched all of Favre's and Rodgers' careers, and there is no doubt in my mind, that while Favre was arguably more fun to watch, that Rodgers is the better player. More accurate, better on the run, better on the pre-read snap, far less prone to mistakes.
      There are very few losses that I can point to and say; "Rodgers cost us this game." The opposite is true of Favre. I'm not going to sit here and say Rodgers is perfect; He does hold on to the ball too long, last year seemed to be a breaking point between he and McCarthy, he is semi-prone to injury, and it's clear he's no the easiest guy to work with. But to say something this lacking in proof is utterly ridiculous. Rodgers currently has the highest passer rating of all time. He currently has a 4:1 INT:TD ratio.
      Consider this year; Rodgers had a down year, I agree with this completely and wholeheartedly. But a down year for Aaron Rodgers means he threw for 4,444 yards 25 TDs and only threw 2 INTs.
      Quick bit of trivia, and seriously go find the INTs, BOTH passes that were intercepted HIT Jimmy Graham square in the hands before being intercepted by the defender. Neither pick was even his fault.
      Brett Favre threw at least 13 INTs in every season he played in the league, except once; His first with the Vikings (7) Aaron Rodgers on the other hand has only two seasons in which he threw double digit-INTs, His first season, 2008, and the year the won the super bowl, 2010 with 11.

    • Ch33seWeasel
      Ch33seWeasel 25 дней назад

      +kevin w Bill is the Greatest Coach of All Time. Brady might have won a title or two without him.

    • Ch33seWeasel
      Ch33seWeasel 25 дней назад

      +Liftedbari Nope, it's Rodgers, he can make all the throws Marino ever could, but does it way better than he ever did it on the run.

    • Pusha Tee
      Pusha Tee 26 дней назад

      i love it 😂 fk da packers

    • Levi LaBuda gam!ng
      Levi LaBuda gam!ng 26 дней назад

      Codename Centaur fuck you and your small pensi

  • IllisT 91
    IllisT 91 Месяц назад +6

    Packers blow !! Tryna find the next mcvay or nagy. TRY AGAIN CHEESEHEADS

    • Treyton A.
      Treyton A. Месяц назад

      +IllisT 91 lmao this man said mustard. double retardation here

    • Daltonh
      Daltonh Месяц назад

      +IllisT 91 mustard? To go with your salt? I think the word you were looking for might be --> "mustered"

    • Load¡ng
      Load¡ng Месяц назад

      Nagy is trash, just a window dresser

    • ThatOneGuy 123
      ThatOneGuy 123 Месяц назад

      Giants are better than both teams!

    • lem farba
      lem farba Месяц назад +4

      +IllisT 91 By the way, that SB back in 86 is the only one the Bears have ever won.

  • Vasilia Votzakis
    Vasilia Votzakis Месяц назад +41

    The Aaron Rodgers smear campaign is so real

    • Pusha Tee
      Pusha Tee 26 дней назад

      😂😂😂 Rodgers won't respect this guy!

    • Massachusetts Sports Central
      Massachusetts Sports Central Месяц назад

      The only smear job SAS would do with Rodgers would be rubbing his spunk all over his face if given the chance.

    • Sports Haven
      Sports Haven Месяц назад

      Load¡ng what you just said is the absolute opposite of facts lmao

    • wack
      wack Месяц назад

      +Load¡ng He says hes the goat from a talent perspective. That is a bit of a reach as it is.

    • Load¡ng
      Load¡ng Месяц назад +2

      Aaron Rodgers is done, cant smear someone when its facts.