DayMaker Headlight | 2015 Iron

  • Published on Apr 24, 2017
  • Night video of the DayMaker headlight from Wisamic.
    5 3/4" headlight found on Amazon.
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  • Clifton Bassett
    Clifton Bassett Year ago +1

    Hey Blackstar. I noticed you mentioned a load stabalizer for older bikes? I have this exact light on a 2002 Dyna. It's working OK right now but is it supposed to have a stabalizer and why does it need it?

    • Clifton Bassett
      Clifton Bassett Year ago +1

      Black Star thanks man!

    • Black Star
      Black Star  Year ago +1

      From what I've read about it is that pre-2014 Harleys with security systems (BCM, ECM, or whatever they're calling it) should use load stabilizers with these kinds of lights. These headlights draw less current so the non-functioning headlight warning gets triggered, throwing an error code. The load stabilizer will either draw more electrical current to compensate for the headlight's lower current draw or make the bike's computer adjust it's settings so the code doesn't get triggered- I'm not exactly sure how it works... Once again, I'm not sure, but your bike may not have this error code programmed into it. With my bike, the security light will stay on. I haven't noticed or heard about anything adverse happening because of the error code.

  • sporty04
    sporty04 Year ago +2

    I've got this same Wisamic light on my 2004 sportster. Adjusted properly it throws the light plenty far enough.
    Have had mine on the bike for one year.
    Set mine up from 25 feet back and measured distance from the ground up to the center of the light. At that price I bought a spare to have on hand if/when it craps out.

  • Motorhead883_
    Motorhead883_ Year ago

    Would you recommend these?

    • Black Star
      Black Star  Year ago

      I'll give it a try!! Thanks for the tip!

    • Meko
      Meko Year ago +1

      Black Star I just ordered this light for my sportster, but I did read a review that had the same problem as you. Your bike is sensing a different electrical current. The review said to put your bike in acc and put your flashers on. This tells the bike to re calibrate for the different wattage. I guess Harley has to do this too when they install the HD Daymaker light.

    • Black Star
      Black Star  Year ago

      Yeah, I've been to the forums. Custom Dynamics makes a load stabilizer for older bikes- and Harley recommends them- but they're 'not applicable' for the 2014 and up because "it's built into the bike" according to Harley.
      Meh... it's just a minor nuisance anyway. Just thought I'd see anyone knew of a fix.

    • Gunluver1
      Gunluver1 Year ago

      ive got a 2010 48 so it doesnt have the alarm system. I have yet to have any lights come on due to it. Only fix i can think of is a load equalizer/balancer or something. Check the forums, if u dont see ur question just ask. I will warn you, most guys on these forums dont know very much in the way of customization.

    • Black Star
      Black Star  Year ago

      Haha, yeah I am an odd one :/
      I'm going to adjust this upward a bit before I rip it out though.
      Also, does this mess with the electronics on your bike? Like, the security light and bright indicator will stay on. I know why- the bike is sensing a 'low current' and it triggers the burned out headlight warning. I'm just curious how many people have the same problem and if someone has figured out a way around it...