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Minecraft Live 2022: Vote for the Rascal!

  • Published on Oct 4, 2022
  • Meet the rascal, a mischievous mob that loves to play Hide & Seek! The rascal lurks in underground mines, waiting to be found. If you spot the same rascal three times, it will reward you with a prize so keep your eyes open!
    Vote for your favorite mob on Minecraft.net , the Minecraft launcher, or in a special Bedrock server! Voting opens on October 14, noon EDT giving you 24 hours to make your voice heard. Read more about the mob vote at Minecraft.net/live
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Comments • 21 974

  • Gezz
    Gezz Month ago +48968

    I really like this one, but I feel like it’ll lose its purpose in the late game if it just gives a lightly enchanted iron pickaxe.

    • DrsnakHenry
      DrsnakHenry 2 days ago

      @Kryakwa's Swamp new decorative plants*

    • stav kous
      stav kous 7 days ago


    • JepJepArts
      JepJepArts Month ago

      I mean if you're trying to Speedrun the game this thing is useful

    • NightRaven
      NightRaven Month ago

      Could be other things and still, who would say no to a free pixkaxe that you would otherwise have to fo mining for

    • shael
      shael Month ago

      It cute and blue so it will be the voted one; but soon after the community will realise that it's useless and cry once more.

  • Sophia Moana
    Sophia Moana Month ago +133

    This could be cool to give the caves even more life. Imagine your pickaxe breaks while mining (maybe you could just make a new one but) this mob just gives you a new enchanted one, might be really helpful even in later game. Plus a bit of fun with the hide and seek feature, might lighten up caves even more.

  • suspicious ducky
    suspicious ducky Month ago +15

    I love the design for the Rascal!

  • Rays Works
    Rays Works Month ago +16

    Rascal farming here I come!
    Though it looks like it will be as hard to make as my goat horn farm.

    • Yemi Ajiteru
      Yemi Ajiteru Month ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing after I saw this!!

  • Jupiter Ruth
    Jupiter Ruth Month ago +3

    I know everyone is voting for sniffer, so I'm voting for rascal. I like how cute they look

  • Niko
    Niko Month ago +3516

    This is a fun idea but unless it gives you unique and useful items there’s no way I would choose it over the promise of a bunch of new plants.

    • Superchief 1212
      Superchief 1212 Month ago

      What do plant provide to the game

    • Jacob Wilks
      Jacob Wilks Month ago

      @‎‎ or flowering ferns or something else

    • YourAverageOtaku
      YourAverageOtaku Month ago

      The Devs. have confirmed the plants r only gonna be decorative ones so, I'd rather vote for the rascal than get some useless plants

    • talz talz
      talz talz Month ago

      @KwikBR and? elaborate. How does new plants get your bonered up over the perfectly fine plants we already got bruv

    • Iminumst
      Iminumst Month ago

      It won't give useful items. Mojang's design philosophy is make sure nothing that players can vote for is game changing, this is to make sure the community feels like they have a say in the game's direction but not really.

  • onei jike
    onei jike Month ago +2

    i'd love to watch a full series in this style

  • boli milda
    boli milda Month ago

    This one could be nice to liven up mineshafts! Totally useful early game I bet!

  • Alexandra Briceno
    Alexandra Briceno Month ago +11

    I love this one. The caves have just been left there and the Rascal is here to brighten the caves up! And if your board and you've beat the game you can maybe have some fun! =)

  • DTstudios
    DTstudios Month ago

    I really like the design and the mob's features, but it seems this mob would be a bit useless on late game as it seems it only drops loot until enchanted iron.

  • Chameleo
    Chameleo Month ago +4497

    I feel like the items the rascal gives should be based on your experience level, weather conditions or something. I think that would make the rascal much more interesting.

    • Logan H
      Logan H Month ago

      Clocks could have an even greater purpose if the time of day were a factor. (Yes you can cheat, but I unironically use them the intended way so come at me.)

    • Teo Pazdrijan
      Teo Pazdrijan Month ago

      Fellow Pigmen, vote for Sniffer, It isba Mob That would make the most difference in the Game Out of all of These mobs

    • Lorenzo Vega
      Lorenzo Vega Month ago

      @Jade_ Carp28 no, no one said new crops that's a lie
      And the plants are not even a 100% thing it's a MAY

    • dragkin francis
      dragkin francis Month ago +1

      It would be great for speedruns and it may have over enchantements?

    • MrFox5428
      MrFox5428 Month ago

      in 1 hours you can easily craft and enchant the best pickaxe in the game rascal is useless
      tuff golem is just an allay/item frame
      vote for sniffer
      copy and paste so other can see

  • Pamela Caines
    Pamela Caines Month ago +2

    The other mobs are useless. The sniffer gives seeds with no use but designs. The stuff gelem carrys your stuff and freezes back to the place you put it. This is why rascals are the best

  • Hollowstarfire
    Hollowstarfire Month ago +7

    This one could be nice to liven up mineshafts! Totally useful early game I bet!

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence Month ago

    this is so cool! i would vote this one cause sometimes when you dont have a pickaxe you might be stuck for a while but when you bump into them you get a small reward that can help you out a lot!

  • Rasmus Andla
    Rasmus Andla Month ago

    Yes! More ways to disregard the early game progression and make survival more like creative! Just what the game needs

  • Fix The Wi-Fi
    Fix The Wi-Fi Month ago +1687

    It's always sort of sad that the other two options just get left on the cutting room floor forever afterwards.

    • Jacob Wilks
      Jacob Wilks Month ago

      @Kenny Roberson *the three
      there were 4 mobs in the first mob vote

    • CarrotT
      CarrotT Month ago

      @Solarien They want to 'involve' the players by making them go to war with each other over the best mob.

    • No Se
      No Se Month ago

      @Nachoboy350 Bro, you living on 2011

    • Jake Folk
      Jake Folk Month ago

      @Henry Stickmin They gave us the mangrove swamp because they didn't give us the birchwood changes, and even then we didn't even get fireflies.

    • Jake Folk
      Jake Folk Month ago

      @Bubbsterr No they won't, they say that all the time and never do. We've had phantoms for a long time now and nothing happened with that. They will not add them

  • Xeon Prototype
    Xeon Prototype Month ago

    I'd be really unique for this mob how spawn in a little cave signifying it's home so we know it's somewhere in a certain cave, this mob would make caves feel less empty now that ores are harder to get

  • 0udom
    0udom Month ago +2

    in a few days, the rascal will be forgotten and the sniffer gets to live on forever.

  • bdubs
    bdubs Month ago +1

    alternative ideas that the rascal could've had to make it more votable sense a lightly enchanted iron pickaxe wont be useful late game:
    rascal gives or drops some kind of heart like orb that beats faster the closer you are to ores, right click to activate, lasts 1-2 minutes, only can be activated 3 times then it breaks.
    rascal can give pieces to craft or just drops a miners helmet (helmet with a candle on it) which may need balancing like having to refuel it with honey comb every once in a while because it could be on a furnace like timer
    rascal gives or drops the bag he carries which adds another row of inventory space when equip in your off hand, this would help the inventory issue currently as well

    • Tidalbow
      Tidalbow Month ago +1

      Jeb said that the drop of the rascal isn't sure right now and will only be sure if he gets voted. The picaxe is only a placeholder

  • Cheyenne kat
    Cheyenne kat Month ago +1

    A Rascal is a old pillager that used to fight for evil then something happened and it abandoned its team and started for a new life it then noticed loads of humans and got scared so it got some materials and headed for the caves it made its home in a abandoned mineshaft from the humans it mined and mined and got lots of loot one day a human finds it and it runs away like playing hide and seek it keeps getting found and running for 2 more times then finally a thought went through its head maybe if it gives the human something it will leave it alone so it gave the human something and ran off hoping that the human would leave it alone and it worked then it was left alone for years and years then it gets really bored then a human {player} finds it and it thought maybe it can play hide and seek with it so it did and it was found 3 times so it gave the player something as a prize for finding it 3 times it then runs off into the distance disappearing from the view.
    That took a long time also sorry if my theory makes no sense and is bad English! I hope you enjoyed my theory!

  • 8bitSpartan141
    8bitSpartan141 Month ago +794

    They mentioned adding more plants with the first mob so I'm still voting for that so far

    • diamond master s
      diamond master s Month ago

      @Ace Faz no. flowers and bushes, lily pad, and dripleaf and thats it. dripleaf and bushes in 1.17 were amazing for builders. i am starting to build more andd i want more plants

    • Ace Faz
      Ace Faz Month ago

      Ok, Nvm, Tuff golem wins. It's easily the best mob.

    • Ace Faz
      Ace Faz Month ago

      @dragkin francis exactly!
      The sniffer is too rare to ever be useful!

    • dragkin francis
      dragkin francis Month ago +1

      Rascal would be great for speedruns!

    • nopixel Roleplay
      nopixel Roleplay Month ago

      They said maybe. Which doesn't guarantee any plants at all.

  • Octiekey
    Octiekey Month ago

    I voted Rascal myself. It adds another fun mechanic to the game. Except I know that if it were added I’d be jumpscared by it way too much. But I’m fine with Sniffer, it’s my second pick.

  • ratee
    ratee Month ago

    Personally i think the rascal is pretty cute, and i love getting items, so the rascal is probably the one i am gonna vote for

  • Krissy
    Krissy Month ago +6

    If this mob gets added I hope you'll be able to edit it's hotbar via commands making it give you the item you put there in creative worlds. That'd be really cool

  • Markus Engelke
    Markus Engelke Month ago

    Sounds really cool. I'll vote for the Rascal. 😊

  • Dooplighost
    Dooplighost Month ago +815

    This seems neat, but the Sniffer seems a bit more interesting so far since it will offer brand new items

    • HeroicPlays MC
      HeroicPlays MC Month ago

      @Dominic Amaro i disagree cause its Just vote for the mob and it will bring some plants with it but it wont change the update to be about plants the plants will be extra due to this mob rascal is Just a nother way to get an enchanted iron pick and im woryed that the hide and seek games with the rascal might get a bit anoyng. But its everyones free choice for the vote im Just sayng i disagree.

    • Dark Nova67
      Dark Nova67 Month ago

      @Duck Entertainment This mob could be the first of a completely new type, Ancient Mobs would be amazing especially with Archaeology on the plan board, imagine finding fossils and fossilized eggs and bringing them back to life

    • Dominic Amaro
      Dominic Amaro Month ago

      The sniffer might only give plant content though which might be boring

    • HeroicPlays MC
      HeroicPlays MC Month ago

      YEs i agree Sniffer is the best out of these two cause it offers new plants/items but if the rascal gave like a diamond pickaxe it would be intresting

    • Duck Entertainment
      Duck Entertainment Month ago

      Yeah I’d much prefer bringing an ancient species back to life over a tedious hide and seek gimmick that makes the game easier

  • Tomtaru
    Tomtaru Month ago +1

    I love tiny agnes's screensaver being a flying furnace :D throwback to the old flying toasters screensaver :D

  • hector verdugo
    hector verdugo Month ago

    I think the rascal also rewards other items, mostly subterranean items though

  • ToadYT
    ToadYT Month ago +1

    I really wish this mob won, I would love playing hide and seek with this mob!

    • Videon
      Videon Month ago

      Least it got second place

  • ordinarypotao
    ordinarypotao Month ago +2

    I think of the three the sniffer is the best because in the video they said we'd get new plants. With this one, oh we get a treasure already in the game if we find it and the tuff golem oh we can make an art exibit. But with Sniffer we actually get more content that is of better use for us. Plus they're adorable

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich Month ago +2640

    They should really go more into detail of each mob. Every year I feel kinda blindly voting since we only know a basic concept.

    • Kkkk 1233🌌
      Kkkk 1233🌌 Month ago

      Hey it's nice to meet you again!

    • BTL_Lukas
      BTL_Lukas Month ago


    • ohdel
      ohdel Month ago

      i think that's the point? also check the description as always

    • Jacob Wilks
      Jacob Wilks Month ago

      @404ET Frost It's not a waste of time if they go into all of the detail that players need to know before voting.

    • sausagehedgehog
      sausagehedgehog Month ago

      it's just like the situation with the phantom, how the concept of a lurking creature that will haunt you when you are sleepless sounds incredibly cool, but we got what we got

  • gAlOmkkk
    gAlOmkkk Month ago +1

    Esse já é meu voto 🔥

  • Ayla Deveney
    Ayla Deveney Month ago

    Definitely voting for this mob, You never know what it might give

  • Aeroplanebolx
    Aeroplanebolx Month ago +2

    This one could be useful but you also have to change the items time to time because of future updates

  • BlueBear
    BlueBear Month ago

    This mob will help in speedruns as it gives prizes! (Specially for dream and others who do speedruns)

  • Ricardo Schneider
    Ricardo Schneider Month ago +1990

    I believe the Rascal runs the risk of being pretty boring, a way to avoid that would be to make it pretty rare, like having it only spawn in a new structure and have it give unique items when found, that way we will really be looking for it and have a lot of fun!

    • Tazze Glassbottle
      Tazze Glassbottle Month ago

      @ben dlhk tbh, although my vote is for Sniffers as well; I don't think it's fair say Tuff Golems are useless when its use is essentially the same as Sniffers; that being a mob that looks cool, a decorative mob.

    • Tazze Glassbottle
      Tazze Glassbottle Month ago +1

      @Tomokari21 Not really, they can be obtained just as easily as Tridents through drowned farms which is not that hard to make. (And Heart of the Sea is pretty common as well)
      It also looks really cool, acts as a turret and makes underwater view clear along with that water breathing property.

    • ben dlhk
      ben dlhk Month ago

      @Isaac Cunningham golem ? what does he give , nothing he just stand and holdsa an item thats usless and not needed , sniffer will not be just a mob they will add new plants also placeable egg ancient seeds and lists goes on.. but i can see you are not a builder becuase if you are you would be intrested in this mob.
      golem are realy simple they move they pickup an item then they freeze i see no fun in that what if they just started picking up trash i throw ? and no these arent ally they probably never throw an item when they pick it up

    • Tomokari21
      Tomokari21 Month ago

      @Tazze Glassbottle isn't the conduit pretty hard to get and all it does is let you breeze under water

    • Tazze Glassbottle
      Tazze Glassbottle Month ago +2

      @Tomokari21 I don't remember any unique item that's hard to get, if anything; we lack items that are hard to get.

  • awesome_doge55
    awesome_doge55 Month ago

    the sniffer is the best mob in my opinion, let me explain why:
    the sniffer is literally an extinct dinosaur, who brings back new seeds; which could mean new food.
    if you look closely at the fossils you could find in deserts and swamps, they really *REALLY* look like the sniffer.
    which means the fossils are ancient sniffers that went extinct.
    if the fossils are dinosaur bones, that means the sniffer is a dinosaur. so this would be the first REAL minecraft dinosaur
    and i wanna bring back an extinct mob; because it’s new seeds, possibly new food, and it gives more story to the fossils.

  • Leanna Basil
    Leanna Basil Month ago +1

    I love this one so much I honestly want it-

  • Swift Wave
    Swift Wave Month ago

    I'm honestly voting the Rascal. I just think it has a better use then the other mobs. And, you can edit the mob folder to give it a higher chance of spawning, and better loot. This is my honest opinion, you can vote whatever you want. I just really like the concept.

  • Eton *non fevrieat
    Eton *non fevrieat Month ago +3

    I feel like it will be like a Llama or a fox, something fun that you only use once, or the most exploitable mob in the game

  • Troikalyn
    Troikalyn Month ago +1388

    Imagine how scary it would just mining in a cave a rascal pops out nowhere

    • dragkin francis
      dragkin francis Month ago

      It would be great for speedruns

    • Devastated baby
      Devastated baby Month ago

      @AjanShark now that i think about rascal is like an untamed cat .Where if the cat in a cave would run around from the players,and only comes to player or rather stay more quietly if we're crouching and holding salmon. Similiar to finding rascal 3 times and got a items, but with cat also we got an item in the morning

    • Itik Gamemix
      Itik Gamemix Month ago

      Scaredy cat? Lol

      SKILL ISSUEEE Month ago +1

      Imagine mistaking it with warden in the dark Aeaeae

    • Spout Boes
      Spout Boes Month ago

      It'll never work. Mob ai is incredibly simple, the kind of complex behavior of managing player knowledge isn't possible in a sandbox like Minecraft. Anyone with night vision or gamma mod will be able to see it in plain view. A radar or minimap mod would completely ruin hide and seek. F5 view means mobs can never know which way the player's camera is facing, since we can look behind us at any time. Pathing means it'll get stuck on blocks or be forced to cross the player's view to reach a 'hiding place'. Even a child can figure out if it just finds a light level 0 spot within a certain radius and waits to be found, or only hides in certain set locations. What even happens if gravel falls into the mineshaft, a stone generator or lava flows in, or a creeper blows up? You can't just code in a complex game like hide and seek.

  • Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo

    I feel like it will be like a Llama or a fox, something fun that you only use once, or the most exploitable mob in the game

  • nobles
    nobles 25 days ago

    If it gave a different 'reward' I definitely would have voted the rascal !

  • sofamamaAnime
    sofamamaAnime Month ago

    This mob is amazing 😍

  • TheOfficialWooHooGamers

    Wow, Think about it, an AI that's somewhat focused on hide-n-seek. Great for something for like finding it first or to be able to pass something.

  • A Lonely Qilin
    A Lonely Qilin Month ago +991

    While I do like the interactivity this mob brings to the table, I feel that the Sniffler has more potential because it feels like a perfect segway to archeology (eventually) and other cool stuff having to do with extinct or ancient mobs amd wildlife! Also, Sniffler is cuter if I'm being honest. Still think Rascal is a cool mob, I feel like they should have just been introduced with the Caves and Cliffs update cause they fit so well in that theme!

    • AngelMates
      AngelMates Month ago +1

      @dragkin francis speedrunners are a minority

    • dragkin francis
      dragkin francis Month ago

      Rascal would be great for speedruns$

    • plank
      plank Month ago

      @Den lilla fläkten itll add one new plant that is purely only decorative (as they described in the sniffer video). id rather have a more interactive mob

    • Josiah Morton
      Josiah Morton Month ago

      @Aesthetic Malls look at it's back also. It could be that we'd also get backpacks in Minecraft which would solve our inventory issues

    • RePikYo
      RePikYo Month ago +1


  • TheYU2BER
    TheYU2BER Month ago +1

    Minecraft should really introduce Bigfoot already, sort like same concept. A mob that runs away from you/hides.

  • Kamelia Hicklin
    Kamelia Hicklin Month ago

    As a miner I love this and I’m voting for this

  • Glitchtopia
    Glitchtopia Month ago +1

    It becomes useless in late game. But it is still more useful than the turf golem, which has NO PURPOSE.

  • Diego Belisan
    Diego Belisan Month ago +2

    I want them to release the End Update in 1.20...it's more necessary and worth more than simple biomes

    • Iminumst
      Iminumst Month ago +1

      Well they haven't finished the Cave Update yet, so wait another 3 years for the End update 🤣

  • Spellfox_
    Spellfox_ Month ago +1147

    I really like how cute this mob looks and how unique it is. But I have to say I'm on the sniffer's side so far, the possibility of new plants is more exciting to me than yet another way to get enchanted tools. It would be great if the rascal also gave some more unique and useful loot.

    • Isaac Cunningham
      Isaac Cunningham Month ago +1

      @Spellfox_ That's fair.

    • Spellfox_
      Spellfox_ Month ago

      @Isaac Cunningham I see what you mean, I just don't see it having much of a practical use unless it has some unique drops.

    • Isaac Cunningham
      Isaac Cunningham Month ago

      How are new plants more exciting? There's already a bunch. Plus, new plants could simply come with the update. This one is more unique, and gives the underground more life imo.

    • Venz Tuan
      Venz Tuan Month ago

      The rascal would be amazing, you can get an iron picaxe for free without even crafting one but were not sure that it would give a player an enchanted diamond picaxe and i hope mojang wouldn't do the same thing of what they'd done to the allay, still waiting for the 3rd mob, this is exciting

    • Zeno Playz
      Zeno Playz Month ago

      Yea same I like the sniffer

  • Yoni
    Yoni Month ago +9

    Hey Jens, Agnes, how is the work on the update going?
    The devs: 0:20

  • Christopher :]
    Christopher :] Month ago +3

    Imagine the rascal could give grappling hooks and that was the only way to obtain them

  • diamond the blue
    diamond the blue Month ago

    I like this mob, it can help us in the cave, I hope this mob is chosen

  • Fusserizer
    Fusserizer Month ago +1

    I think it's a neat idea, but I also kinda think that the Rascal bringing you items would make the game too easy.

  • Joseph Allen
    Joseph Allen Month ago +384

    They should really go more into detail of each mob. Every year I feel kinda blindly voting since we only know a basic concept.

    • dragkin francis
      dragkin francis Month ago

      It would be great for speedruns!

    • Moew
      Moew Month ago +1

      Tuff golem 🤓 ill vote tuff golem

    • TheBaldr
      TheBaldr Month ago +1

      That called game development, until it is actually programmed in the game and it's mechanics tested and 99% of them changed, it only exists as a basic concept.

      POTATO WARRIOR Month ago +3

      Agreed. I feel like thats why so many people voted alley. Everyone i spoke to thought they could just get infinite diamonds

    • Jeffrey Black
      Jeffrey Black Month ago +1

      That would require them to commit to what it would be, and then needing to actually meet that commitment.
      This way they can make it basically anything.

  • Buckskin-Frank
    Buckskin-Frank Month ago +1

    I'm voting for this dude. Could be a nice tool for some speedrunners, and help out in the earlier stages of a new survival world

    • Johnathan Snitchler
      Johnathan Snitchler Month ago

      @PC__ ' its not as easy to get an enchanted pickaxe, and also you dont know if it adds nothing new because they never put enough detail into these mob highlights

    • PC__ '
      PC__ ' Month ago

      1 This adds noting new to game.
      2 this will not be useful to speedrunners
      3 its easy to get a pickaxe
      This mob is pointless

  • JJ Hankers
    JJ Hankers Month ago

    i agree with sprinkle brother, that there will most likely be more items than just a pickaxe. and if we're lucky, it might become a tamable creature that could give you more items along your journey

  • DivineVideos1 Channel: DivineVideos7

    Sounds like an awesome one.

  • Matrix Tube HD
    Matrix Tube HD Month ago

    This is the most useful mob out of all of the others, so I won't see a problem voting for this.

  • gferrol118
    gferrol118 Month ago +799

    I mean it'd be fun for a while, but it'd basically only be useful if you find a mineshaft early game. The new plants from the other one will always be useful for decoration

    • Ligmaㅤ ㅤ
      Ligmaㅤ ㅤ Month ago +1

      @Ace Faz dumbest comment I've ever seen, they didn't even mention the glow squid had new items, and the rascal is basically the same you'd only vote for it because of its loot giving properties and if not it applies to the sniffer

    • LillieFluff
      LillieFluff Month ago

      @Fillk The Fillker they literally did add bundles? and archeology and birch biome update stuff is coming later

    • Microzer YT
      Microzer YT Month ago +1

      @Ace Faz We are voting for the plants because that's the main function of the mob, just imagine that glow squid for example doesn't even drop special ink sacs.
      Same with the sniffer, it's main idea is to give you a plentiful variety of plants, wich are useful for decorating. And remind, those plants are exclusive from the sniffer. Rascal only helps you on early game with items you can easily craft on late-game or even on mid-game

    • Skorpeyon
      Skorpeyon Month ago

      @Ace Faz Yeah, the sniffer is the cooler of the two mobs so far for sure. And useful to boot.

    • Nobody's_here07
      Nobody's_here07 Month ago +1

      @Ace Faz The plants are a feature heavily implemented for the mob if voted for. The plants are a whole new feature that's tied to the mob itself that interests player. After all, we voted for mobs before based on their unique features so why should this be any different?

  • james Kimball
    james Kimball Month ago

    I like this mob it could give you alot of enchantment points early

  • Azevedo Girls
    Azevedo Girls Month ago

    the rascal is so cute! although i think it should drop diamond or netherite instead of iron and gold

  • SpringBoiPruductions

    This is an entertaining one it would be fun to play hide and seek but it might lose purpose in late game but also it would add one more underground mob

  • Barron Sauer
    Barron Sauer Month ago

    you should make the rascal go for chests to do mischievous and mysterious things but not actually steel anything

  • Yooginava182
    Yooginava182 Month ago +4402

    Its a shame we cant just get all of these. Imagine all the content the game would have.

      ARMAJAKO Month ago

      @Bool i just remembered that 1 mod creator can add more than 3 mobs in the game

    • Bool
      Bool Month ago

      @ARMAJAKO Yes

      ARMAJAKO Month ago

      @Bool so basically the only excuse they have is that they're lazy

    • Bool
      Bool Month ago

      @ARMAJAKO They're a multi-billion company.

    • HatBoy
      HatBoy Month ago

      @Julian's 3D Animations bruh they're a millionaire company

  • amisonio GAMES
    amisonio GAMES Month ago +1

    Podria ser el unico comentario en español despues de la minecraft live, pero queria que el rascal ganara te extrañare rascal, me hubiera gustado jugar contigo.😔

  • ChloeDiamond
    ChloeDiamond Month ago

    I like this one I think hes really helpful and useful

  • Seagoddess
    Seagoddess Month ago +1

    Unfortunately the only use I see for this mob is finding new gear (Which isn't that useful), map triggers which is interesting, or if you forgot a mining tool and pray on chances of getting one from this-. I'm going to vote sniffer lol

  • Gabriel San Andres
    Gabriel San Andres Month ago

    It's all fun and games until you hear a "mY pReCiOuS" while walking in a cave

  • MainlyGlitches
    MainlyGlitches Month ago +1899

    It’s a cool looking mob. But I like the thought of the sniffer more. The thought of having a large farming area full of plants ands sniffers along with having an ally flying around to pick up the seeds is cool. It would be like mobs working together to help you farm. It also seems to come in multiple sizes so you could have creatures of all sizes roaming your land and helping you.
    Side note, it would be cool if you could plant seeds on the sniffers mossy/ bush back so it’s kinda like a walking/ moving farm. Maybe even have one follow you and grow some berries and stuff on its back, that would be cool.

    • MainlyGlitches
      MainlyGlitches Month ago

      @Lorenzo Vega you see in the background that a much larger one shows up behind the tree. It’s much bigger than the first one. Even if the first one was just the baby version, it still functions as the big one does. So it’s still kinda multiple sizes.

    • Lorenzo Vega
      Lorenzo Vega Month ago

      no, it being rigged had nothing to do with it, the moobloom got ANNIHILATED on the first round, take away the Glow Squid and the pisscow would have lost terribly against the Iceologer
      cope some more :)

    • Lorenzo Vega
      Lorenzo Vega Month ago

      Ehh no, not multiple sizes, it was LITERALLY A BABY

    • Minus 606
      Minus 606 Month ago +1

      ​@Siddharth S bc the sniffer is just better.
      it looks cute, design wise.
      it has a better new ''game mechanic'', like a ''hide and seek'' minigame is cool and new but lets be honest we'll play it for 3 rounds and get bored.
      the sniffer gives a new ''play through'' were we have to find its last remaining eggs iöunder the see and bring this extinct mob back!!
      then it even gives us seeds but not just any seeds but knew ones! the rascal only gives exsiting ones💀
      in conclusion the sniffer is better and shall be voted! So I say!

    • kirby the pink guy
      kirby the pink guy Month ago


  • Elliott Cook
    Elliott Cook Month ago +1

    I'm diffidently voting Rascal. I find the Sniffer and Tuff golem really boring (Sadly it seems like sniffer will win) And I know people are gonna say something like 'Bro, the sniffer gives more seeds for some awesome unique plants!'. The reason I don't like that is because 1.20 is guaranteed to be "The farming and food update" so that's why I don't like sniffer. And I think most can agree that Tuff golem is very boring. All it does is pick up items and give it to you. So I find Rascal a great mob because I feel like it would make this game a lot easier. And it might give more than just Iron Pickaxe if you're lucky possibly.

  • John Biery
    John Biery Month ago

    It was a very hard decision, but this guy got my vote. Please win!!!

  • Lucas Zapata
    Lucas Zapata Month ago

    We need this this is the best mob out of all of them

  • random chad dude 🇦🇱

    I like how everyone says either sniffer or rascal (I'm gonna vote rascal) but nobody is mentioning the tuff golem bc it's useless 😂

  • Johnny C. Homicidal
    Johnny C. Homicidal Month ago +1263

    Love the concept and design of this but personally I’m more into new plants instead of just things I can already get in game by actually grinding.

    • Summer Jaguar
      Summer Jaguar Month ago

      @Gaming With Mael same tbh

    • Diy World
      Diy World Month ago

      @Something clever umm it seems more greenish but okay. And after reading a lot of opinions on RU-clip and twitter the sniffer seems to be winning unless the vote gets rigged.

    • dragkin francis
      dragkin francis Month ago

      It would be great for speedruns!

    • Something clever
      Something clever Month ago

      @Diy World the rascal is blueish

    • Diy World
      Diy World Month ago

      @Something clever so far no mob is blue and only mob left is tuff golem which would most likely be greyish.

  • TheDabbingDoge20
    TheDabbingDoge20 Month ago

    The rascal Is a cool mob but it would probably be useless in late game unless it gave you better loot

  • Creeper Pete
    Creeper Pete Month ago

    The rascal gets my vote, however, I like the look of the tuff golem more

  • arlean murillo
    arlean murillo Month ago +1

    It will be helpful for players with wooden pickaxes

  • Bob Gaming
    Bob Gaming Month ago

    I will vote for the rascal! It's so friendly!

  • jb
    jb Month ago +2002

    I really want there to be a mob vote consisting of the three runner ups from the last few years

  • crystal 🔮
    crystal 🔮 Month ago +1

    I love rascal but I wish it gave us a more interesting item 😔

  • MJ
    MJ Month ago +1

    The rascal is not explained properly
    I think mojang should release a part 2 to this trailer to make things a bit more clear like Will the rascal give diamond items and more
    But I think this year's mobs are still awesome

  • Dad4 Service
    Dad4 Service Month ago

    Sniffer is best! - New plants and mob to find the seeds. While the other two just offer things that already exist!

  • Sammi Marie
    Sammi Marie Month ago

    Vote for the rascal it’s helpful.keep playing with it and you will have iron gear to diamond gear

  • PuddleSchemes
    PuddleSchemes Month ago +877

    I definitely prefer the sniffer, I am praying that the new plants that come along with him will offer new food or new crafting recipes

    • Josu mds
      Josu mds Month ago

      @josh 1.3 according to the wiki. 2 blocks would be as tall as the player I think, the only other similar quadrupled mob is the ravager, wich is a little over 2 blocks. Still we don't know how big the sniffer would be, but according to this animation it might be around that height

    • XKloosyv
      XKloosyv Month ago

      @Dullish98 you have to find it 3 times. I doubt speedrunner are going to spend the time finding it for just an iron pick

    • josh
      josh  Month ago

      @Josu mds am i dumb or arnt cows two blocks tall?

    • XKloosyv
      XKloosyv Month ago +1

      They already said the plants are decorative. I wouldn't anticipate any function with them

    • Xcv106
      Xcv106 Month ago

      the rascal is better + sniffer is overrated.

  • chance uzumaki
    chance uzumaki Month ago

    Everyone should vote for this i give enchanted tools imagine the data packs would be with this it just amazing

  • emma ellison
    emma ellison Month ago

    I love this creature I mean it looks like the creature from labyrinth who has all the stuff on her back I just love it plus its useful lol

  • Andy Lamb
    Andy Lamb Month ago

    Could this be a way to introduce an enchantment/ability that allows for deepslate instamine? For example if the Rascal gave a diamond pickaxe that had Efficiency VI on it, and when you apply netherite to it and when you are near a haste II beacon Robert will be your father’s brother.

    • PC__ '
      PC__ ' Month ago

      That's way to over powered

  • Diona
    Diona Month ago +1

    If it’s gonna be added to Minecraft I will finally have someone to play with😃

  • Haley Quayle
    Haley Quayle Month ago +899

    I feel like this one is pretty cool, but the Sniffer seems to have more to offer and seems a bit more interesting, Also new plants and things from a mob is a great lead into a garden/agricultural update which I would love!

    • Tristan Nichols
      Tristan Nichols Month ago

      @K Krup I'm not that enthused about the first mob either. But the Rascal doesn't really do anything but the whole hide and seek, however that works.
      Also, the reason not to use cheats is to have an experience. They'd probably have done better showing the reward as a compass to a deep dark city, which would make finding the little rascals worth it so you'd be able to find the deep dark. Fits better with their theme as living underground too.

    • PysiaQV
      PysiaQV Month ago

      i agree new plants woudl be super cool

    • Silvano Schreuder
      Silvano Schreuder Month ago


    • Miki7w8
      Miki7w8 Month ago


    • faresisnthere
      faresisnthere Month ago

      ​@Jack Wrath also your description is pretty counter productive

  • Mrnaris
    Mrnaris Month ago +2

    This is the least vanilla friendly mob i've seen in a mob vote, it wouldn't fit the mincraft aesthetic in my opinion.

    FROZEN Month ago

    Its very useful
    im voting for this
    i hope it is what it looks like
    and i also hope it isnt rigged AGAIN

  • MrEnder-Minecraft
    MrEnder-Minecraft Month ago

    I vote for this mob, he is cool in both speedrun and hardcore and in normal mode he will help

  • TOPIS...
    TOPIS... Month ago

    I think rascal is the best , even though it gives only an enchanted iron pickaxe , the drops can get better with new upcoming updates

    • Tidalbow
      Tidalbow Month ago +1

      The picaxe is only one example of the things it will give you. The exact details will be figured out as part of the implementation process.

  • Gavin The Crafter
    Gavin The Crafter Month ago +1422

    This one would be cool but I think it needs a few more features to really make it interesting

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @Isaac Cunningham based

    • Isaac Cunningham
      Isaac Cunningham Month ago +1

      True, but honestly mobs aren't all about use. I mean parrots and bats are useless, but help complete the game.

    • LanceLovejoy
      LanceLovejoy Month ago


    • tallison
      tallison Month ago


    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @Tanner Fox makes sense, yea

  • Naruto
    Naruto Month ago

    I love this one, He Will Give Us Enchanted Items yay. Thanks Minecraft Your The Best 🤩

  • Miguel-Nobzz(OFFICIAL)

    This cute one definitly got my vote!

  • WeyL September
    WeyL September Month ago

    Sniffer gives unique seed/plants, then maybe rascal could give us unique items too.

  • Marney Pond
    Marney Pond Month ago

    I agree unless you get a fortune 3 + mending + unbreaking diamond pickaxe for the adventure, I don't see this motivational enough to go find him...but a cute idea all the same