Top 10 Scary Dream Meanings You Should NOT Ignore

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Dream Meanings You Should NOT Ignore
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    Welcome back everyone, have I ever been in any of your dreams? I know that's a weird question to ask but today's video is about dreams and nightmares so yeah, just thought Id ask. I mean, statistically - one of you has - Id love to hear it - but that's not quite why were here today - in this video were gonna take a look at some of the scary things you dream and figure out what they mean - you wont wanna miss out on these lessons, they could change your whole life. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Dream Meanings You Shouldn't Ignore.
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  5 months ago +137

    Top 10 Scary Warnings From The Future

    • Divanna Viton
      Divanna Viton 22 days ago

      @Heidi Neville I think you need to go to group therapy and then 1 on 1 and maybe some PTSD too. You'll only be $7,000 in debt but this can be educational and change your life. If you put out positive energy. You get positive energy back.

    • Kitty •
      Kitty • Month ago

      I've had *ALL* of those dreams. Its weird

    • Hi Hi
      Hi Hi 2 months ago

      You ripped my skull open in my dream

    • Vicente Cardenas
      Vicente Cardenas 4 months ago +1

      Once i dreamt that a polar bear was my friend and if I were to pet it to rough it would create lightning around itself
      True btw

    • Trash For life
      Trash For life 5 months ago

      Wut does it mean when a family member dies in a dream

  • radicalgarbage
    radicalgarbage Minute ago

    I've had a lot of dreams about fire but it's usually during the summer and I think it just means it's hot

  • Acapella 33
    Acapella 33 Day ago +1

    I had a dream a child was quietly saying "mama?" From downstairs. I went to look and the child turned around at me and said "oh hi Mama!'' His eyes were reflecting at this point. I saw a reflection in his eyes of something behind me, I was turning around when all of a sudden a hand with long grey fingers grabbed on my shoulder. I woke up on that point and didn't see who or "what" grabbed my shoulder I could still feel it's hand on my shoulder.....

  • Wilmer Fuentes
    Wilmer Fuentes 3 days ago

    l had a nightmare were I had no food😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • YØH4N乂
    YØH4N乂 3 days ago

    My Scariest nightmare ever is logan Paul and Jake Paul and n&a productions and morgz and Jay station goes to my house

  • Epicc Potato
    Epicc Potato 5 days ago

    One time I had a dream that if you played a game you died (I played it) so in the dream, my dad took me to the doctor's office and I took a pill and some weird liquid. It was very traumatic. I had to say goodbye to all of my loved ones, knowing I wouldn't be alive to see the next morning's light was terrifying. It was a miracle, but I woke up the next morning! But my sister had also played the game and she had to be put down as well. I woke up feeling depressed, and like I never appreciated my sister enough.

  • Kerrigan Issler
    Kerrigan Issler 6 days ago +1

    Dude. I have dreams of my teeth falling out all the time. It scares me so much, like I’ll wake up crying. I dont know why i get so upset about it, but its creepy how im affected and how often I have them

  • I need Attention
    I need Attention 8 days ago

    I had a dream that I was naked

    Oh wait in a nudist

  • jimin is a thottie
    jimin is a thottie 8 days ago

    your my sleep paralysis demon

  • MrTurtle 223
    MrTurtle 223 8 days ago +1

    One time i had a horrible dream i ordered pizza then the guy came up to the door rung the door bell and i opened the door then he said it was 7.99 and i was lik I ONLY HAVE 5.99 then i woke up crying :'(

  • The Cool Guy
    The Cool Guy 9 days ago

    In one of my dreams I was at school and I had to pee but there was no toilet so I peed in a box on some sort of rag in the classroom witch was out on the bleachers in the gym. So yea

  • Honey Wolf Bee
    Honey Wolf Bee 9 days ago

    Who hates ot when u need to pee in your dreams but dont want to wake up

  • Megan_ Playz
    Megan_ Playz 10 days ago

    I myself have had a dream about being chased. So did my mother, she was being chased by a man but she woke up. I was being chased by a monster, I finished my dream. And I do have trouble with dealing with reality. I have also had a dream about killing someone. But ive only had that dream one time. In the dream before I murdered someone, I felt like I wasnt in control, after it happened in the dream I felt so terrible. I feel very hostile to this girl in my class. I feel like she tries to push me out of the picture.

  • Jonni Karvosenoja
    Jonni Karvosenoja 10 days ago

    When I was younger I falled very many times in a week in my dreams

  • Mark Laurence Suganob
    Mark Laurence Suganob 11 days ago

    my friend dream that he die

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 12 days ago

    I keep having this dream where i fall into the sewers looking for a way to get out. But i keep having to get in the water and sneak around some random crocodiles in the water. Then there's a man just sitting in the water staring straight at me when I come up. So then i climb up this random ladder that leads me to higher ground. Then my mom suddenly appears asking me whats wrong. I only look away for a second and look back at her but when i look, she isn't there anymore and then I wake up in real life wondering what just happened

    Sooo can someone tell me what happened in my dream?

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 12 days ago

    6:08 what scene is that?

  • Rahaf Styles
    Rahaf Styles 20 days ago

    4:19 i’ve heard that teeth falling out is a sign of losing someone which is so scary

  • Jesse Jesse
    Jesse Jesse 21 day ago

    I had teeth falling out nightmare a few times... it's freaking scary!

  • The wiener Dog
    The wiener Dog 21 day ago +1

    I had a dream where my mom was murdered

  • purple_Wolfvevo
    purple_Wolfvevo 23 days ago

    I had a dream about a zombie apocalypse the start of it was deja vu cause I looked into a mirror I visit my anti and then I looked at her mirror and I noticed the mirror from my dream could that mean anything or was it deja vu mixed with a nightmare

  • jorge marin77
    jorge marin77 26 days ago +1

    This happened to me at my grandmas house I peed da couch

  • Simmone English
    Simmone English 28 days ago

    I dream a lot about water. Usually being held under water for a long time then I have to take a huge breath and suddenly I can breathe under water. At this point I realise I'm in a dream and I wake up!!

  • Royal Alfland
    Royal Alfland 29 days ago

    Didn't see mine

    I had no heartbeat
    Surrounded by bodybags in my schools field
    Also woke up from bodybag
    Been dead for 8 months
    Woke up
    No pulse for 1 full minute

  • RyanRoyalz
    RyanRoyalz 29 days ago

    I don't kill, they kill me

  • Jeff The killer
    Jeff The killer Month ago

    My nightmare was a black tar man sitting on my chest then in dream I woke up and he was gone but it still felt like someone was sitting on me and I couldn’t breath if you had this dream and you agree like down below

  • It's your Girl
    It's your Girl Month ago +3

    one time i dreamed that you left most amazing top tens and i was like "that would never happen" but then you did :(

  • Momoko-iin
    Momoko-iin Month ago +4

    I just got gruesomely murdered with the top of my head sliced off in a break in and I’m- I’m.
    AND I OOP-

  • Rose Gidley
    Rose Gidley Month ago

    I once had a dream about a demon and a reaper and they protect me now once someone called me ugly and the next day she died by being choked by a ghost that looked like a reaper

  • CrOoKeDMAN_7o1 lelele
    CrOoKeDMAN_7o1 lelele Month ago +3

    7:50 it's because you need to PEE IRL!

  • Galaxy Goddess
    Galaxy Goddess Month ago +5

    I had a dream where i stood infront of a mirror and my teeth started to fall out and blood was all over my hands and in the sink. I heard running, it was getting closer. I could remember seeing a hairy beast running on all fours chasing me just as i exited the room trying to get out. While i was running, i could see a dark room but everytime i felt like i was getting closer, i was farther away. I reached the door and when i stepped in, i started to fall. The beast jumped with me. I saw the gravel bottom and just as i was about to hit the floor, i woke up. Everytime I tried to sleep on that same night, i would be falling in that same hole and it ended the same way all the time, but the beast wasn't there.

  • Greenity
    Greenity Month ago

    I just had a dream about a doll/named kuddy and it's face looked familiar on a horror movie and at the end of my dream there goes chuckie, i woke up in 6:00 and stood up on 6:30+ or more idk, Then came to my dad cause i was so scared and could'nt get back to sleep again.

  • Vivid Clan
    Vivid Clan Month ago

    I once had a dream I was in candy land, and a I was in my bed with candy filled around it, and I tried grabbing candy and I woke up and i was on the side of my bed -_-.

  • Âïmee
    Âïmee Month ago

    I have a dream that someone in a car is chasing me I don't know who it is and I get it frequently and it's always the same car. Anyone else?

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus Month ago

    I'm watching this at 12 pm lol

  • Banterisk
    Banterisk Month ago +2

    I have dreams about killing people often but my life used to be very violent so I’m not surprised and honestly saw it coming

  • Venomous Mind
    Venomous Mind Month ago

    I just woke up literally 25 minutes ago from this dream & I had to put this down while it's still fresh bc of how scared I was when I woke up...It only lasted about 5-10 minutes bc I had looked at the clock about 15 minutes before I woke up this time, but it was horrifying. The first thing I remember is being in the rather tall building with quite a few floors & I must have been some kind of teacher or something bc a couple of different adults & I were taking different small groups of little children around, showing & teaching them things, almost like it was a field trip or something. One of the children in my group was one of my sons, but much younger, the kids were all like 5 or 6 & he's actually 12. Ok, weird, but not too strange, right? So, all of a sudden we started seeing these groups of what looked like a few old war planes flying dangerously close toward the building & swooping just over us. The were shredded, it looked like some giant creature had been just standing there with it claws held up high as the planes flew through their claws & it had just ripped these burning gashes right through them, but somehow they were still flying. I was standing with my son, hand on his shoulder, as we walked over to the window & all I said was, "Woah, do you see that." but so calm in a way. As we looked out the window, after about 2 or 3 groups of planes looking the same way, the next group started to slow down & lower when it got near the building. I thought they were going to crash right into us, but they didn't...& they weren't plane anymore. They were like these huge drones that flew down a bit & latched onto the side of the building. Now I got scared because I began to feel the building move. The drones had grabbed on to the building & began to pull it up off the ground & move us. I was terrified, I didn't know what was going on. I don't know how far they carried us, but it didn't feel very far & as they put us down & we all began to scramble away & try to figure out what to do, I woke up feeling so scared I almost couldn't breathe. All the feelings & sensations were so real. I could actually still feel & hear the rumbling of the planes, the feeling of the building moving & being set down, everything.

  • DarkenedChildhood
    DarkenedChildhood Month ago

    I once had a dream pretty recently this gang of people with guns and stuff and even bandits on their face I were with my friends in school but my school looked a bit different I had to climb 2 fences and then I went to this room there was a bee there and I woke up when it stung me but my friend had a dream where he was in my body and then went to his and then climbed over the fence he said he saw something creepy when I jumped over the fence.


  • DarkenedChildhood
    DarkenedChildhood Month ago

    I’ve watched to many for today

    I ain’t going to sleep and it is sunday

  • Lilnootsacks
    Lilnootsacks Month ago

    not expecting help from here just TRYING to describe my experience i say that cause it wasn't a dream. when i was 10 or under i was sleeping fine no dream or nightmare but i was conscious while sleeping and i swear on anything and everything my heart stopped beating for 7.5 seconds - 10 or more and ran out of air and was gasping trying to scream for my mom (medically) im not sure if you can talk when you have 0 air like that but i know for a fact i was contorting crying cause i couldn't yell for mom or breathe and when i was able to breathe my heart was about to fly out my chest i felt like i was gonna die alone just from how fast my heart was beating but i swear that was the first time i was near death .

  • Kitty •
    Kitty • Month ago +2

    I always dream about killing people.
    I'm a vilont person
    I hate everyone
    I'm gonna go get some help

  • Andrew Carvajal
    Andrew Carvajal Month ago

    Low key you were in my dream

  • Stranger Ayla
    Stranger Ayla Month ago

    I dream of killing someone every night...

  • hASHtags
    hASHtags Month ago

    i had a dream of a dinasour killing me and my body went to space

  • Done done Son
    Done done Son Month ago

    I had a night mare today of a video by this channel of people dieng by some girl

  • Dominic Durand
    Dominic Durand Month ago

    I have had all of these

  • zennie boo
    zennie boo Month ago

    i’m here because i just had such a terrifying dream, here we go.
    so i don’t know how it all started but it was like the world in a few years, it was very different with the whole global warming thing seemed like it was happening, anyways i was walking through somewhere ( no idea where but it was in some city ) and i was on the way to home when i got a text message from an unsaved number asking “what’s the closest safety” and i asked “in nsw australia?” (where i am) and i put my phone away after that when suddenly alarms were going off, there was a huge amount of water coming in, and we were standing in line for something? then suddenly it started off with someonelse and a stranger boy and they bonded as a family trying to survive, she tried saving him first but the building he was on fell and he got stabbed and died and the lady was stuck on a single piece of furniture when she looked around it was all water and then she died too but then was suddenly saved by a weird boy with pipes all over his face and she thought it was her friend boy she bonded with and he takes her up to breathe only for her to hallucinate he was still her friend and then he kills her, timeskip to my mother, one sister , some stranger girl i was attached to? and a strangers baby along with me on my room bed , we have two beds and yet we were all in one, the water is filled to the beds mattress line and we see pennywise and a young pennywise also with him, both on the bed calm, i go into panic and long story short, the water was now electric, the light were out, the baby was taken by the younger pennywise, and i decided to take my phone out, the same number had sent msgs so i read them, to my reply there was 6 images attached, all making up “there is no safety here now” or something like that and she told me to not panic, just stay still and lay down, something about z** who is my ex and i passes the phone to my mum, i didn’t realise she was actually gonna listen to that stranger but i had my eyes on the pennywises when i suddenly woke up in fear, everything was black and i started crying for some reason ?

    • zennie boo
      zennie boo Month ago

      also, i was awake at five when i felt like some shadow was in my room and something looming over the door before i fell asleep and had this dream

  • Chocolate Puffss uwu

    I had a dream I commited suicide

  • Gustavo Sanchez
    Gustavo Sanchez 2 months ago +1

    I was dreaming l


  • LPS Sandy Kitty
    LPS Sandy Kitty 2 months ago

    I've had a dream where I killed my brother and I woke up crying I was so scared

  • Let's Talk About Mental Health Awareness

    I've died SO many times in my dreams and I'm still alive (I think :')).

  • Meggy Meggy
    Meggy Meggy 2 months ago

    Here in the Philippines, if you dream about losing your teeth, the elders interpret that someone close to you will die.

  • Wild Skittles
    Wild Skittles 2 months ago

    I once died twice in my dream (yes twice) and I actually liked it. It was calm and peaceful with the slightest pressure on my chest

  • BB _8
    BB _8 2 months ago

    I had a dream when i was 7 that i got shot but i was the only one in the city and i died im 13 now i have not died

  • Yassin El Dardiry
    Yassin El Dardiry 2 months ago

    I actually had a dream about me peeing and I woke up and guess what I actually did is that I thought that it was real life and peed my pants when I was four

  • Faith Savage
    Faith Savage 2 months ago

    In the Philippines, losing teeth in your dream means someone will die in real life

  • Ira
    Ira 2 months ago +4

    I had dreams where i couldent wake up unless i killed myslef XD

  • cameron wood
    cameron wood 2 months ago +2

    Its amazing how the brain talks to you through dreams ..m

  • Identify Lists
    Identify Lists 2 months ago

    This is a crazy dream BUT ITS TRUE IM NOT LYING

    My dad was dead and he didn’t tell me
    DANNY GANZEL killed my
    Danny Burke killed me by poison me
    My mom was a rainbow
    I got shot in the neck then the next day my neck hurted

  • armand wolmarans
    armand wolmarans 2 months ago +1

    Why Can I never punch Hard in my dreams?

  • Amanda Witherspoon
    Amanda Witherspoon 2 months ago

    I dream about my teeth falling out a lot. I also have dreams of being chased by something in pitch black darkness and I can't find my children. I wake up from that one crying and having chest pains.

  • ahmed athif
    ahmed athif 2 months ago

    Youve been in my dream im a big fan by the way

  • DbRe
    DbRe 2 months ago

    I dreamed that i got stabbed in the liver on 16 october 2018 and i'm still here \@/

  • Christian Sabarre
    Christian Sabarre 2 months ago

    I dreams of Fire
    But my mansion was my fire

  • Christian Sabarre
    Christian Sabarre 2 months ago

    I Dreams of falling in building that why I'm scared of hight but only one day. I don't know why I fall
    No Earthquake no one push me

  • galaxy wolf girl
    galaxy wolf girl 2 months ago

    I dreamed about school something happend 2 weeks later it happend in real life

  • jake chang
    jake chang 2 months ago +1

    I'm 12 years old and I helped a man hang a woman in the woods. Her eyeballs kinda popped and I could feel the pain in her eyes

  • galaxyyy
    galaxyyy 2 months ago

    what about dreams about sex?

  • I'm Moonplle
    I'm Moonplle 2 months ago

    I had a dream where I saw my old friend 😭

  • KittenzArt
    KittenzArt 2 months ago +1

    Death, falling, being chased, fire, killing someone and being trapped all in one nightmare.