Top 10 Scary Dream Meanings You Should NOT Ignore

  • Опубликовано: 17 янв 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Dream Meanings You Should NOT Ignore
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    Welcome back everyone, have I ever been in any of your dreams? I know that's a weird question to ask but today's video is about dreams and nightmares so yeah, just thought Id ask. I mean, statistically - one of you has - Id love to hear it - but that's not quite why were here today - in this video were gonna take a look at some of the scary things you dream and figure out what they mean - you wont wanna miss out on these lessons, they could change your whole life. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Dream Meanings You Shouldn't Ignore.
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  2 месяца назад +129

    Top 10 Scary Warnings From The Future

    • Vicente Cardenas
      Vicente Cardenas 29 дней назад +1

      Once i dreamt that a polar bear was my friend and if I were to pet it to rough it would create lightning around itself
      True btw

    • H.E.B Eliza
      H.E.B Eliza Месяц назад

      Wut does it mean when a family member dies in a dream

    • Jacqueline Wright
      Jacqueline Wright Месяц назад

      I did dram about you but I died soon after idk why

    • Tc.zt
      Tc.zt Месяц назад

      MostAmazingTop10 it’s crazy that I had a dream two weeks ago about dying 💀

    • T.R. Luxx13
      T.R. Luxx13 Месяц назад


  • Rado Arthur
    Rado Arthur День назад

    Is it considered a problem that I had multiple dreams about each category in this video

  • Dawn Of Ender
    Dawn Of Ender День назад

    3:36 I've had dreams like this, but instead of getting away only to see them nearby, I suddenly feel like I can't run fast enough and my legs are too weak. Sometimes I just jump into a bush in hopes to make them think I'm not worth chasing cuz I'm weird. Dunno why.

  • Dawn Of Ender
    Dawn Of Ender День назад

    What if I die in my dream, but stay asleep? Like, my head gets cut off, and my neck just feels insanely hot, but I'm still in the dream laying on the ground with my head rolling into a wall? Yes, that actually happened.

  • itsyourboy jade
    itsyourboy jade День назад

    Almost all my dreams are nightmares or of people that I know dying its terrifying I always wake up in a cold sweat and can't go back to sleep I'm always afraid to go to sleep😞😢

  • The direct hit Legend
    The direct hit Legend 2 дня назад +1

    I had a couple of dreams with a different story but the same consequences losing my right eye

  • Trademere
    Trademere 3 дня назад

    I generally have nightmares about Death. And yet, my dreams will pull in random things, from video games, to people I met or know in real life. In these dreams, they can be very interesting. Sometimes they are war's being fought, or one dream I had, that involved everyone I used to work with. It was after Pokemon Go and I learned about the Augmented Reality. Yes I tried it, but never got into it. Anyways, so in this dream, everyone was hooked up to Virtual Reality, and it sent us to the area I live, but without the buildings, as if the city never existed. It was a Sci-Fi 'game' and the vehicles were hover craft, some what reminiscent to what the Droids in Star Wars episodes 1-3 use. I guess, you could consider it along the lines of Planetside 2. When you "die" in the game, you just go back to your respawn area and off you go again. I thought it was a really good dream.

    Falling, when I was still with my Ex-girlfriend, I started having dreams that we were going skydiving, and her parachute wasn't deploying, so while we were falling, I took off my parachute, gave it to her. That was a recurring dream for months. They stopped after we broke up.

  • Sssniperdancer Sssniperdancer
    Sssniperdancer Sssniperdancer 4 дня назад

    Sometimes when I sleep I feel myself falling but I don’t see anything.?

  • harvenger0death
    harvenger0death 5 дней назад

    I had a dream a week ago that I wasn't just naked, but I had no skin. I was a walking skeleleton with muscles and blood veins. I was waiting for my skin to grow back and I was in a house with an older lady, probably in her late 40's to early 50's. She was antagonizing me and I was getting frustrated. Finally, I had enough and I slammed my hand on the table and it hurt my muscles and I could feel the pain. She kept laughing at me and told me I would never leave her. I was contemplating for a few minutes, if the pain of hitting her was worth it, and then I took a breath in and hit her, then somehow found a way out of the house and was running. Just muscle and bones running through the woods, and then my dream ends.

  • Tommy Wikel
    Tommy Wikel 5 дней назад

    I can see the future through my dreams basically I see my family the way I see them the next day

  • __rEd_LiGhTnInG__
    __rEd_LiGhTnInG__ 6 дней назад

    Am I the only one who enjoys seing the pain in someone in dreams and well sometimes in real life?

  • continental cowboy
    continental cowboy 8 дней назад

    I ran from a yeti that appeared out of my bathroom one time

  • continental cowboy
    continental cowboy 8 дней назад

    When I was young and WEIRD I made friends with a noon lady (the ones that go around the elementary school playground telling people not to climb slides) and for multiple nights she dreamt that I was a superhero and was saving her it was weird

  • Christopher Young
    Christopher Young 9 дней назад +1

    If dreams about your own death means that you’re going to die, then I’m f*cked because 90% of my dreams I end up dying in

  • Breza Franco
    Breza Franco 10 дней назад

    The falling one ALWAYS happens to me
    In all of my dreams I always fall either off a cliff or building

  • River Da Wolf
    River Da Wolf 10 дней назад

    I can kind of control my dreams I can control what I do and I know it's a dream but I can only control what I do and not other people in the dream.

  • Emily Loves warrior cats
    Emily Loves warrior cats 10 дней назад

    My mom dad papa and the police all died in my nightmare

  • cesar valdes
    cesar valdes 12 дней назад

    Once I deamed about me loosing all my teeth... 😬😖

  • Doki Doki Gacha Club
    Doki Doki Gacha Club 13 дней назад

    I don’t want to die
    I had a Dream that i was murdered.
    Two of my friends died and one escaped.
    I could walk cause the murdere stabbed me in the legs. I tried to escape but she saw me and tried to cut my hand open but I stopped her.
    She then got mad and tried to stab me in the eyes but then stopped. I said “please, give me a chance” then she said “oh why would I do that” I began to scream and yell “stop please”
    Then she stabbed me in the eye and I woke up in a small room.
    There was a screen in the room and I looked at it. It said that I lost and one of my friends won.
    I was confused
    I tried touching the “try again” button. But nothing happened
    I was freaking out cause I didn’t want to be in this small room. I also saw my dead body and I was freaking out even more!
    And then I woke op in home. But something happened before the two of my friends got murdered but I don’t really want to tell the full story.
    Please, I can’t get it out of my head.
    Can someone please cheer me up?

  • Meg Holly MARTIN
    Meg Holly MARTIN 13 дней назад

    The worst nightmare I had was one where I basically felt like I was being possessed. My house was completely dark and my body was floating through the air without me being able to control it. I would float all around the house and at some point, I would stop, and teleport back to the start. Each time I would get closer to the garage, where I would hear groaning, creaking and “Come to me, child” over and over again. I was terrified of what would happen when I reached the garage and desperately trying to wake up. Can anyone tell me what this means?

  • Victoria Unknown
    Victoria Unknown 13 дней назад

    I find this quite intriguing, thanks : )

  • pinggoyskiee
    pinggoyskiee 13 дней назад

    I only dreamt 4 years ago, then once after one year.
    This is true but i’m afraid it won’t be taken seriously.

  • Lilibet Martin
    Lilibet Martin 14 дней назад

    I dreamt I was being chased by zombies of course I always lose them and Once I lose them I wake up.

  • Dragon Lover
    Dragon Lover 15 дней назад

    Sometimes when I’m about to fall asleep I randomly feel like I’m falling and then I’m really awake. It’s kinda scary sometimes but that hasn’t happened to me lately.

  • Idiot Sponges
    Idiot Sponges 16 дней назад

    I had a dream where I was naked at school but nobody was looking at me for some reason. So I got a puffer jacket off of the coat hanger in my class and wore it. Then it felt like people were staring at me but they weren't

  • Hayvan_ Modus
    Hayvan_ Modus 17 дней назад

    I had a dream where I was in the mittle of the see with no other things around and I tried to swim but then I just started to sink and sink and sink and then woke up the same dream 3 times back to back can someone tell me what that means.

  • Ashley Moore
    Ashley Moore 18 дней назад

    I had a dream of me that I died it was really scary.

  • Sally Sue
    Sally Sue 18 дней назад

    Lol for the record on #4 for when he said if actually wanting to murder is the reason your having this dream you should probably see someone. He meant like a psychiatrist for help NOT finding someone to murder...................just thought I should make that clear.

  • Holly Reese
    Holly Reese 18 дней назад

    I think you should do the Time Capsule it sounds great it's a good idea y e s s s

  • Renske de Jong
    Renske de Jong 18 дней назад

    when someone or something is chasing me in dreams it´s hard to move. it´s not heavy but it´s like the air is hard to move in and no matter how far i jump or run or whatever i´m realy slow. And if i have a bike it falls or it´s broken so i have to run -_-

  • FatCatIsWatching
    FatCatIsWatching 19 дней назад

    When I have a scary dream, I pause and this, _this is a dream._ Then I close my eyes for a second and wake myself up.
    One time I had a dream about a pendulum and that didn’t work.
    Also, sometimes when I’m half asleep I reach out my hand and fall off something and gasp.
    I also once had a dream that I was in a kids’ game like Teletubbies and I was in these plastic racing cars.
    I’ve had a dream where I was falling and I hit the ground, screaming and waking up. It was very gruesome.

  • Galaxy GachaKayla
    Galaxy GachaKayla 20 дней назад

    My sister does cheerleading across the road from Walmart I had a dream the my mom walked over to get my sister and got run over by a car....a black truck to be specific after I had that dream my dad got a new black truck that looked just like the one in my dream

  • Minidream 60ChildMother
    Minidream 60ChildMother 20 дней назад

    I just remembered
    I also had another dream I was in the bathroom of a bull ring, a bull came ramming into the wall like a FREAKING COOL-AID MAN X3 I climbed the stall, but I died. I woke up in the dream, told meh dad.
    I had another dream later where I was at a game, before it started my dad informed me we were going to a bull tounament.
    Now I’m just waiting for a third dream •____•

  • Squidey 1802
    Squidey 1802 20 дней назад

    When youre in my dreams you're not you but like still you... If ya feel me

  • Anaru Kaka
    Anaru Kaka 20 дней назад

    I had a dream where my family and all my friends are dead and there was blood all over my hands and body

  • Roblox Exploiter_666
    Roblox Exploiter_666 20 дней назад

    My Scary Dream Is Having A Kid's

  • Catherine Eckels
    Catherine Eckels 21 день назад

    My mom had a dream that both of my big brothers got run over by a train. I was 3, my big brothers were 5 and my older big brother was in between 10 and 20.

  • Bud Gates
    Bud Gates 21 день назад

    I've had quite a few dreams where I hurt people, usually defending myself or someone who hurt a loved one. I just figured way too much violent revenge TV shows and movies lol

  • Wolf Moon
    Wolf Moon 21 день назад

    I myself have died in dreams a couple times and in one I almost say heaven and I’ve been chased by scary things

  • BB BOY
    BB BOY 22 дня назад +1

    im always naked in school in my dreams

  • Insand bacon hair girl
    Insand bacon hair girl 22 дня назад

    I really wanna kill someone in real life but I'm only 10 so dose that mean I'm a psycho?

  • ShunnedCoast146
    ShunnedCoast146 22 дня назад

    Yeah he was in my dream and was one of the only three people alive and he died in front of my face

  • Charlie Playz
    Charlie Playz 22 дня назад

    I had the falling one the naked one and the being chased one the needing toilet one and the being trapped one

  • Underdust
    Underdust 22 дня назад +1

    Yes you have been in my dream it was weird af

  • Madi Walters
    Madi Walters 23 дня назад

    I have had a trapped dream.... And the person in the dream with me felt acctually is trapped to.... I CAN HAVE SAD DREAMS 😭

  • Madi Walters
    Madi Walters 23 дня назад +1

    I have had a couple dreams of me killing sombody. A certain person. If u know what FNaF is i will tell u. PURPLE GUY/ WILLIAM AFTON

  • Madi Walters
    Madi Walters 23 дня назад

    I have had a dream when i was naked at school O~O

  • Madi Walters
    Madi Walters 23 дня назад

    No u have not been in one of my dreams once

  • Kelli Weatherly/Mckenzie
    Kelli Weatherly/Mckenzie 23 дня назад

    Michael myers dream scream movies

  • Maxine the shrek looking bitch
    Maxine the shrek looking bitch 23 дня назад

    I know this is weird but I always have the same dream about Harry Potter every single year.

  • Squish Munster101
    Squish Munster101 23 дня назад +1

    I had a dream that I was getting chased by that evil nun from the new movie but it was before I had watched it....

  • Emerald Adventurer
    Emerald Adventurer 23 дня назад

    Falling in a dream is also your body waking you up because you aren't ready to go unconscious yet

  • Bmramo 0610
    Bmramo 0610 23 дня назад

    What's the name of this song in 3:18?

  • Bmramo 0610
    Bmramo 0610 23 дня назад

    I had a nightmare that the whole world turned into a Fallout world that's cause I play a lot of Fallout 4

  • Kill Assist XX
    Kill Assist XX 23 дня назад

    Well... I dreamed of having a toilet but I couldn't find it and in reality I really need to go to toilet but I'm in a dream of needing to pee. I thought it was just a dream and I just released it then... I felt something wet and my bottom part, woke up and... I actually need to go to pee.

  • Anthony Montejo
    Anthony Montejo 24 дня назад

    I dream about what i think about

  • Mr. Bear Lair
    Mr. Bear Lair 24 дня назад

    Fun fact: gamers can control their dream

  • The Otaku Boy
    The Otaku Boy 24 дня назад

    My nightmares go a little like this..
    I'm being chased by some demon
    I think to myself "Oh wait a second this is a dream..."
    I pull out a pickle jar and hit the demon with it.
    There's a nuclear sized explosion
    I wake up.

  • Subscribe or bad luck 4 ever
    Subscribe or bad luck 4 ever 24 дня назад

    I dreamt about a girl i know .. She was barefoot and well i was like all over her feet and well we had sex . WTF does this mean (i dont have a foot fetish btw)

  • Earthzone398
    Earthzone398 24 дня назад

    What does it mean if you have all of these at the same time?

  • Candice Brasuel
    Candice Brasuel 24 дня назад

    *lists off the nightmares i've had* falling, being chased, being trapped

  • Lady Stardust
    Lady Stardust 24 дня назад

    It's actually quite funny, because all of my senses work in my dreams, even my memories, sometimes in dreams, I specifically remember other dreams, mostly triggered with dream deja vu, when I something happens, and I feel like/know it's happened either previously in the dream, or in an entire different dream from the past.

  • Lady Stardust
    Lady Stardust 24 дня назад

    I hate falling in dreams, that feeling you get in your stomach while falling, it's just horrible.

  • *midnight_ Wolf*
    *midnight_ Wolf* 25 дней назад

    I love ur shirt!! WOLVES r my favourite animal

  • Godx Haihxux
    Godx Haihxux 25 дней назад

    I had a dream that my little sister died, I was crying in my dream. I woke up crying

  • Sierra Sammy
    Sierra Sammy 26 дней назад

    I had a terrible nightmare....

    It was homework :(

  • HelloItsMe
    HelloItsMe 26 дней назад

    Has anyone ever dreamed of falling in love with someone or your crush liking you back?

  • HelloItsMe
    HelloItsMe 26 дней назад

    @8:15 I've had some dreams where I knew I was dreaming but I had trouble escaping the dream and there were multiple layers of dreams

  • Minidream 60ChildMother
    Minidream 60ChildMother 26 дней назад

    I dreamed of my own death
    I hid in a bush in a forest and got ate by a raptor
    This dream might mean I love Jurassic World too much X3
    And my friend apparently dreamed about me dying....

  • hobjila claudiu
    hobjila claudiu 26 дней назад

    I had a dream when I couldn't shout and only whisper and then freddy kreuger appeard

  • MLG420Snail_ 81
    MLG420Snail_ 81 27 дней назад

    Its very scary to dream about someone chasing u

  • Cat Is Sad
    Cat Is Sad 27 дней назад

    You were in one of my dreams you were dancing and singing and you were at a bar I know is weird the other thing tho is when I woke up there was a Eire silence

  • BBlueGirl 121
    BBlueGirl 121 27 дней назад

    i NeEd YoUrE t-ShIrT

  • Cool girl 123
    Cool girl 123 27 дней назад

    Dreams can really be a experience.

  • Alana Nielsen
    Alana Nielsen 28 дней назад

    I had a dream where my house was on fire and the person who set my house on fire kept chasing me untill I fell

  • Bluff .
    Bluff . 28 дней назад

    My worst nightmare is when i dream my teacher singing the name game

  • TaeTae The Doll
    TaeTae The Doll 28 дней назад

    I had a dream were I was killed by a my boyfriend

  • Klara Isn't Real
    Klara Isn't Real 28 дней назад

    This is kind of funny, I've dreamt about most of these, but only one was a nightmare, and the one nightmare was when I was like 6 years old. One with fire and murdering someone was actually one of the best dreams I've ever had, even though the things happening are usually quite terrifying, like death and flooding and having to run from authorities because you killed someone.

  • Emilian Szymczak
    Emilian Szymczak 28 дней назад +1

    No I didn't see you in my dreams

  • kazandmark2009
    kazandmark2009 28 дней назад

    My death dream was
    My mom died AND I WAS PARTIN'

  • jessica stuller
    jessica stuller 29 дней назад

    I had a nightmare where me and my mom were trapped in a scary house with clowns in it

  • Choking fingers Unicorn
    Choking fingers Unicorn 29 дней назад

    yeah i keep falling off a cliff

  • SimplyMarais
    SimplyMarais 29 дней назад

    i have this dream ONCE a year, its so weird. im at home, preparing to fight this guy (i gain an age every year! so this year im 11 irl in the dream im 11, im im 10 irl im 10 in the dream!) this year i finally killed him and hope thats the end of the dream. does anyone else have this?

  • Grace Ward
    Grace Ward 29 дней назад

    I sadly haven’t dreamt about you, Danny. 😫😂❤️

  • Madison Sacre
    Madison Sacre 29 дней назад

    I love you too because I have a obsession to wolves! 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

  • Lauren Montgomery
    Lauren Montgomery Месяц назад

    she was only 3 in the dream...i dont have a sister at all and im a

  • Lauren Montgomery
    Lauren Montgomery Месяц назад

    i had a dream of being a little boy and my sister was eaten

  • Girl Boy
    Girl Boy Месяц назад

    I had a death dream someone comes and kills me

  • Daniel Reum
    Daniel Reum Месяц назад

    My worst nightmare was when I couldn't watch MostAmazingTop10 for a whole week

  • Foxy Baby
    Foxy Baby Месяц назад

    I had a nightmare about a snake killing me
    For a moment I thought i was dead

  • InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveLuv
    InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveLuv Месяц назад

    Falling and Chase dreams are quite frequent. I hate my brain. My brain is a bloody troll! lol It wants to scare me, I swear. But sometimes I can control those very dreams at the same time and when I can, it's pretty liberating, honestly. Also, I have had the killing one too. I was in danger in the dream and the only way out was to kill the ones trying to kill me. Oh and the school one is scary, had that quite a few times. Left school about 8 years ago. Lmao. And even the trapped one has happened to me before. Got trapped in a lift. I think it's related to my claustrophobia and a fear of lifts, so that's probably why I had the nightmare.

  • kitty bitch
    kitty bitch Месяц назад

    My dream was that I got to host MAT10 with you

  • Faded
    Faded Месяц назад

    I had a dream that I was on my drive home form skiing and a snow avalanche hits the car and I wake up and my mom wakes up but my sister doesn’t then we just walked back home

  • Alex Avendano
    Alex Avendano Месяц назад

    I dreamt of being I a library with Jason from the horror movies I started running, pass a lady then I heard a screem. I woke up in the middle of the night Hart pounding

  • Anthony Sten Amundsen
    Anthony Sten Amundsen Месяц назад

    Uhhhh i almost just have nightmares and in the dreams before the scary happens it comes scary music and then things become alive or a killer comes what does that mean? Btw thats my only nightmares

  • JinglesAnd Milkyway
    JinglesAnd Milkyway Месяц назад

    I had a nightmare that I had no friends and I'm still in it (because its real life)

  • H.E.B Eliza
    H.E.B Eliza Месяц назад

    I've had multiple dreams and I slept through all of them but eventually woke up and in every dream someone died three of them it was family members one of them with some random person I had no idea who was and in two of those four dreams I felt like I I was trapped but in all the dreams I felt like I couldn't do anything but watch or beg what does that mean for me

  • steven1313 schafer
    steven1313 schafer Месяц назад

    Dead :(

  • Carmelita Fong
    Carmelita Fong Месяц назад

    I just learned that I have a lot of problems. It's weird cause I know when I'm dreaming and I am also able to control my dream. Sometimes I dream about a whole day, making decisions that could literally have happened. I realize that it's a dream but I can't stop it. When I do wake up I'm really tired because it feels like the day actually happened and that I didn't sleep at all.

  • ya boy lucario
    ya boy lucario Месяц назад

    In some of my dreams where my head is like a bobble head where I can't see right
    In my dreams sometimes I try scream but I can't I keep trying but I can't then I wake up to my cat sleeping on my face trying to suffocate me