Office Phone Call - SNL

  • Published on Dec 17, 2017
  • A family emergency forces Doug (Kevin Hart) to interrupt a meeting with co-workers (Cecily Strong, Leslie Jones, Beck Bennett, Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon).
    #SNL #SNL43
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Comments • 1 674

  • happy gal
    happy gal Day ago

    Is it sketch sweet & heartwarming or is this sketch really sweet and heartwarming 😊

  • Tomb Raider
    Tomb Raider 2 days ago +2

    That kevin guys face or stuff jumbled up and located where a face would be usually found is not easy on the eyes and concerning.

  • Sonidos De Poesías
    Sonidos De Poesías 3 days ago +4

    Finally!!! A SNL sketch that made me laugh really hard 😂😂😂

  • Objective Perspective

    Its a basic skit but Kevin is not really that funny so...

  • Houdini Catfish
    Houdini Catfish 5 days ago

    How does SNL have all these funny people, and still manage to be one of the unfunniest things I've ever watched?

  • Onepiecethunder23
    Onepiecethunder23 5 days ago +1

    Lol, good lord, the splat sound!

  • Peach Over 40
    Peach Over 40 5 days ago

    Meet me at the 5th floor where the bathrooms empty lmao

  • John Zambales
    John Zambales 5 days ago

    Pride commeth

  • Mentally Awakened
    Mentally Awakened 6 days ago

    Do women see the pressure some of us guys put ourselves through to skip having "the poop talk!?"

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  • Ed 865
    Ed 865 8 days ago

    Kevin Hart in yet another whiny bitch role.

  • Rahith R
    Rahith R 11 days ago

    Very funny

  • RonnieJRIV
    RonnieJRIV 13 days ago

    Best coworkers ever!! Sooo supportive!!😂

  • LaDrago Damultus
    LaDrago Damultus 14 days ago +1

    It was pretty sad ending

  • kanak Mishra
    kanak Mishra 15 days ago

    One of the bests

  • The Brown Man's Red Pill Podcast

    "Hello?! Oh my god! Nana?!" "Just go to the bathroom Lyall!" 😂😂😂

  • Rahul ghosh
    Rahul ghosh 16 days ago


  • King Lafayette
    King Lafayette 19 days ago

    Who else is watching this while on the toilet. 🖐🏽

  • Erin King
    Erin King 20 days ago

    This is the most heart warming thing I’ve ever seen 😊 😆

  • pankaj kumar
    pankaj kumar 20 days ago

    Is she sophie dee??

  • Futurewolf Films
    Futurewolf Films 20 days ago

    I hate that this retarded sketch made me laugh my ass off.

  • Kruz Diabl0
    Kruz Diabl0 20 days ago

    Straight face gang wya?

  • patty109109
    patty109109 22 days ago +2

    This skit missed an obvious opportunity to have his nana hobble in with a busted leg.

  • wickz chacko
    wickz chacko 24 days ago

    When rabbit gets real urgent stuff to deal

  • Umair Rizvi
    Umair Rizvi 24 days ago

    How's that from the office ?

  • Rajesh Jesus
    Rajesh Jesus 25 days ago +1

    Thank Jesus God..
    Thank Jesus God..
    Thank Jesus God..

  • Shravann Shankar
    Shravann Shankar 27 days ago

    3:20 that was Sean

  • Zar Shad
    Zar Shad 28 days ago

    This is the funniest shit ever

  • Jordan Yukiah
    Jordan Yukiah 29 days ago


  • Muneeb Ahmad
    Muneeb Ahmad Month ago


  • Kashduqi
    Kashduqi Month ago

    The presenter instigate him to stay 🤣

  • Mary Vanderheyden
    Mary Vanderheyden Month ago +11

    I think everyone can agree that the best SNL videos are the ones with Pete Davidson

  • Bigboy 75
    Bigboy 75 Month ago

    Same scene at work, after Chipotle.

  • damage 92
    damage 92 Month ago

    This the best one they ever did!!!

  • Michael Huynh
    Michael Huynh Month ago +1


  • Tisha Hopper
    Tisha Hopper Month ago +5

    😂😂😂😂💯🙌🏽 I laughed till I cried! Instantly funny! The buildup was CLASSIC!!!

  • Arthur watson
    Arthur watson Month ago

    Kevin with that dam wig lmao

  • Night Fox
    Night Fox Month ago

  • Christian DeBerry
    Christian DeBerry Month ago

    He farted when he got in elevator 😆

  • Christian DeBerry
    Christian DeBerry Month ago +29

    Phone didn't even ring "What's That? U tellin me it's more urgent now?! 😁

  • TheNatureLova1
    TheNatureLova1 Month ago

    This is so stupid! I'm so mad at myself for laughing.

  • fisheyed fool
    fisheyed fool Month ago +5

    Lol it's funny because we've all been in similar scenarios. Holding it and be weak from sweating lol

  • Sarah Gill
    Sarah Gill Month ago


  • Bigboy 75
    Bigboy 75 Month ago

    Awesome stuff..

  • Hassan Smith
    Hassan Smith Month ago

    Not funny

  • Antoine Weathers
    Antoine Weathers Month ago

    I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!!!!! KEVIN IS TOO FUNNY!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maria Matsumura
    Maria Matsumura Month ago


  • nick john
    nick john Month ago

    Now those are good employees!

  • R. Wilson
    R. Wilson Month ago


  • LaVerne Jackson
    LaVerne Jackson Month ago

    OMG funny funny 😄 funny 😄

  • luis ruiz
    luis ruiz Month ago

    It would have been funny if Kevin shat his pants and went they asked him he said pffff naahhhh My Nana just sent me a fax

  • royce wells
    royce wells Month ago

    Who the fuck thinks this is funny y’all criminalized weed over tears but you have to be fucking high af to laugh at this shit

  • jason atkinson
    jason atkinson Month ago


  • Dixit Patel
    Dixit Patel Month ago

    Oh my god😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hans De Kryger
    Hans De Kryger Month ago

    Everytime I'm in class after lunch Nana calls me too with an emergency..

  • Pisgahmts
    Pisgahmts Month ago

    All Kevin on this.. As usual, the talentless actors of SNL just hanging on by a thread.

  • Julia  Chambers
    Julia Chambers Month ago


  • Joy’s Green Kitchen

    That walk out took me out!

  • hhhk20
    hhhk20 Month ago

    Who's that ass-ugly man in the red dress?

  • bass779
    bass779 Month ago

    I'm disappointed they didn't manage to make this one political. How do I know I'm watching SNL unless every skit pushes a political agenda?!

  • Shy McLean
    Shy McLean Month ago

    Lmao the blonde woman eyes look like Ellen lol

  • ACG Medical
    ACG Medical Month ago

    Kevin Hart is so rare.
    He’s not funny in his movies, in his comedy shows or here but.....but...
    He’s the most aggressive in his career. He has great charisma, he has a no quit attitude and took shit for 15 years before he was even known.
    He has his hands on everything now and deserves it all but without being funny as a comedian
    That’s pretty funny.

  • Asim Giri
    Asim Giri Month ago


  • JoshCourts
    JoshCourts Month ago

    Me too!!!

  • Derrick Smith
    Derrick Smith Month ago +5

    Legend says Doug is still having loud phone calls

  • I am Who I am
    I am Who I am Month ago +2

    That lil fro fit his head like he grew it his self

  • cliffton dorroh
    cliffton dorroh Month ago

    Brah this shit is hilarious 😂