Stephen Colbert Goes To Art Therapy

  • Stephen gets a firsthand look at the cause Second Lady Karen Pence has decided to champion: art therapy.
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Comments • 80

  • Arnatri Bandopadhyay

    Stephen : "You know folks, sometimes it feels like all I do on the show is to talk about people in the Trump administration."
    Well, when food comes to your plate, you cannot just throw it away, can you?

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen Month ago

    "feeling cool" Colbert looks like Snoopy and Woodstock together

  • Valis V.
    Valis V. 3 months ago

    Gosh, Steve Colbert is so entertaining and more because he has the perfect mix of smarts and humor, love him.

  • Paradise Deyo
    Paradise Deyo 5 months ago

    How ironic, the second lady is championing art therapy, which is a good thing. While over the course of the years, the government continues to cut art and music programs as well as funding towards after school programs that support this form of therapy and much more. As a former educator, I find it insulting to witness this hypocrisy. Second Lady Pence is provided with a media platform, while educators are driving Uber and Lyft to make it through the week. Instead of driving, I'm sure they would have rather work at those after school programs to support adolescent mental health and while utilizing their second degree or minor.

  • Deborah McLean
    Deborah McLean 7 months ago

    Colbert has a brilliant comedic mind..

  • over opinionated
    over opinionated 8 months ago


  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay 8 months ago


  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay 8 months ago


  • Munich FX
    Munich FX 8 months ago

    I don't understand. Why would someone want to kill Bob Ross?

  • macforme
    macforme 9 months ago +1

    I can diagnose you Stephen... no training necessary on my part: One hilarious host who is helping Americans ( and others) get through the Trump Era, with humor and even some real info. Therapy session terminated - no more work required!

  • Florrie McCarthy
    Florrie McCarthy 9 months ago


  • Linda Martin
    Linda Martin 9 months ago

    You could use art therapy to visualize the garbled words you used with the art therapist to confuse her, and draw images of the rage you feel towards anyone associated with tRump. When finished, spank yourself three times with your paper for acting an asshole, I do not think your jokes worked this time. While I also feel rage towards the policies of Trump, making fun of art therapy is a low blow to the profession, which is one of helping, compassion, creativity and self expression. it has helped chi,Daren, adults, and would be a good first step for helping the kids in Trump’s cages, along with the toothpaste, soap and decent food they need. You made fun of art therapy until the very end. Now, I know you can be more creative than you were with this skit.

  • VioAnne Otieno
    VioAnne Otieno 11 months ago +1

    May have lost count but I though Stormy was the Fourth Lady🤷🏾‍♀️

  • rotten otten
    rotten otten 11 months ago

    The look on her face, lol 😂 from the start 😂

  • melissa saint
    melissa saint 11 months ago

    Bob Ross died from *cancer*
    Oil paints are a magical medium, but please use care.
    If you're going to try oil painting, please have adequate ventilation (ideally an open window and a small fan) and if you're going to use your fingertips the way he sometimes did, please consider latex or nitrile gloves. Oil paint should not be on your skin.
    Any rags that have thinner on them are combustible, and should be stored in an airtight jar or disposed of in a trashcan not stored directly against your home.
    An art instructor

  • ThunderTruck
    ThunderTruck 11 months ago

    is Stephen Colbert and his writing team the greatest of all time ??? YES!..... with respect to Seth Meyers and his writing team respectively second.... then Johnny Carson.

  • 4kassis
    4kassis 11 months ago

    really not nice of him to make fun of the poor lady...

  • bonniewep
    bonniewep 11 months ago

    just wondered if she was really a therapist or an actor playing one for Stephen's therapy session or maybe she's just a funny person

  • The Accuser
    The Accuser 11 months ago

    "What is art therapy?" "Art therapy is a mental health profession." No. No, That's not right.

  • quintopia
    quintopia 11 months ago +1

    This lady was surely having a hell of a time keeping a straight face through all of this

  • Gringo Benedicto
    Gringo Benedicto 11 months ago

    That’s a fairly nice circle

  • Timothy Lee
    Timothy Lee 11 months ago

    I confess, I killed Bob Ross. With hair like that , you deserve to be dead. No I take that back, you need to be put out of you misery.

  • liam shelnutt
    liam shelnutt 11 months ago

    I knew Stephen Colbert was a hologram.

    MONICA ANICA 11 months ago

    Tragically very funny. LoVeeeeeee

  • Sean Grimes
    Sean Grimes 11 months ago

    "This is something called... Not Now, Daddy's Drinking". LOL

  • Neeraja Balachander

    I don’t know how she’s not laughing! Especially with Colbert doing the cat voice

  • Neeraja Balachander

    I almost died laughing. Art is great therapy, but laughter is the best medicine :)

  • Joseph Charles
    Joseph Charles Year ago

    That got very Lovecraft there at one point.

  • Jen Garcia
    Jen Garcia Year ago +1

    Everytime I watch his videos, my attraction to him grows

  • Jocom Firesin
    Jocom Firesin Year ago

    Honestly in some way all art is therapy. Many people struggle with expressing how they feel inside and bottle there shit up so having a creative outlet like singing,dancing,drawing,painting, craftsmanship of any kind or even something as simply as writing in a journal commonly keeps so much stress off peoples back that it saves lives. Find something you enjoy to better express your feelings because stress can be a bitch. No, I'm not saying you can replace a licensed professional with a hobby you lunatic still go there. Everyone should go to a therapist in my opinion. The stigma of it being only for crazy people seems quite childish in nature. We are all quite crazy. It's emotional vulnerability that is feared not something as meaningless as the concept of being somewhat against the norm of society from a mental or emotional stand point because we are all unique fucked up creatures doing our best to find our own semblance of happiness in this life before we eventually die a meaningless death. :) Just don't make the mistake I made as a child when it comes to therapists. They are quite worthless and even detrimental if you don't actually communicate your problems for a decade of my childhood i was misdiagnosed simply because I was unwilling to open up. Not that I am anywhere near similar to that now. I simply don't have any bottled up things anymore. I'm 100% a open book to everyone :)

    -I would like to have some pie now.

  • Jocom Firesin
    Jocom Firesin Year ago

    Bob ross died of cancer. It is quiet odd that he is probably more famous postmortem then he ever was while he was high as a fucking pretty little cloud up here.

  • K N
    K N Year ago

    did he eat playdoh at the end??

  • yacket
    yacket Year ago

    how much did it sell for?

  • Justin 3
    Justin 3 Year ago

    Can we definitely art therapy as including fireworks? Fireworks are very therapeutic.

  • Romantic Outlaw
    Romantic Outlaw Year ago

    as an artist, this seems like some homeopathy shit

  • Alex W
    Alex W Year ago


  • Peter Picallo
    Peter Picallo Year ago

    I can absolutely imagine Conan O'Brien in that chair instead... LOL

  • Peter Picallo
    Peter Picallo Year ago +1

    As an artist, I find this hilarious :D

  • chairmanofrussia
    chairmanofrussia Year ago

    Karen has white skin and black bangs. Why am I not surprised to hear she’s wants to use art for therapy?

  • bb77077
    bb77077 Year ago

    Has the therapist heard of exercise therapy?

  • vegastjg
    vegastjg Year ago

    Bob was murdered?

  • Luis Saldaña
    Luis Saldaña Year ago

    So, Stephen just drew Edward Elric.

  • diane head
    diane head Year ago

    May be Bob Ross’s happy little trees weren’t so happy after all.

  • Amy
    Amy Year ago +1

    1:58 Who else was expecting him to draw himself hanging from a bridge?

  • Beruset Visånd
    Beruset Visånd Year ago +1

    this lady is a badass.

  • Chrissyce
    Chrissyce Year ago +1

    I think all of us of a certain age can remember watching Bob Ross because it was the best thing to watch and incredibly calming.

  • Lee Xiong
    Lee Xiong Year ago

    Stephen be messing with these ppl minds lol

  • Peege-ay Sing Clarke


  • anonymous1432341
    anonymous1432341 Year ago

    This is the same lady from the other LS piece on the wall and the panel of experts.

  • Valo B
    Valo B Year ago +1

    Stephen Colbert is a genius, I love this so much (only this one here).

  • dian kreczmer
    dian kreczmer Year ago

    Stephen. A true satirist. Lol. 😄😄😄😄

  • Cymbolic Human
    Cymbolic Human Year ago

    Not now! Grandma is getting stoned. Go get the lighter off the coffee table, ya little brat!

  • R. Whitaker
    R. Whitaker Year ago +2

    "She's technically proficient" BURN🔥

  • Tiffany Alexandria
    Tiffany Alexandria Year ago +2

    If a cat were a human saying "now is the time blood is the key!" Ooohhh man, laughing so hard!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +2

    XDDD i like the moment when the Woman said "I think he needs therapy" instead of "art therapy"

  • Makenna Layne
    Makenna Layne Year ago +1

    This lady is such a good sport

  • Oh Snap
    Oh Snap Year ago

    I love your cat too💕

  • J FM
    J FM Year ago +1

    The van gogh bit is even better given that he was very very schizophrenic

  • richard wilmot Ph.D

    STEPHEN You are an alcoholic and you don't want to be, but there's nothing you can do to change it. Not all the prayers to your god, not all the analysis you can buy in all the years you've got left to live.
    You may one day be able to know the total abstinence life if you want it desperately enough....but you'll always be an alcoholic as well. Always... always. Until the day you die.
    ...and if you both drink and smoke U will need to understand that there is a direct connection between the liquor buds in your mouth and the smoke pouch in your lungs and that if U want to stop smoking... the doctors are going to have to physically cut that thing between your smoke bone and your drink bone and if they do that, your head will fall off!

  • Gypsy SnickerDoodle

    She played this way too straight.
    She should have answered his first question with “okay, have you tried fingerpainting?”

  • Daemon Electricity

    what is up with the interlacing artifacts?

  • Christian Hohenstein

    I hate it, that they made me goolge Bob Rosses death.

  • Redmage 77
    Redmage 77 Year ago

    was.. was it murder?

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    My cat loves you too.

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    Don't you know you can't eat play doh without a big cold glass of milk? Don't tell anyone I told you. It's confidential.

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    Do you know why therapists and psychiatrists become doctors? It's confidential, so I won't betray their trust.

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    Confidentiality has been eliminated in the art world, the medical field, and the retail profession. (Don't tell anyone I told you, or I'll have to kill you)

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    When my cat sounded like that it was louder and more scarier cause I stepped on her and she shrieked in pain and then died. I never told anyone about this before. Your art must've calmed me to trust both of you to tell my story.

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    You should have gotten a patent for that wall art before you showed it to the world. Now look what you've done. Perfect screen saver.

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    Like Van Gogh, he also used a matte knife only he used it to tighten a screw on an electric plate and know the rest.

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    I didn't ever even hear of a Bob Ross. Is he that paint by number guy who looks a lot like Carrot Top?

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    Hey, is that snoopy with a big nose? Is that the only shape you can draw? Or is that the only art you will show the public?

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    Just because she doesn't have a license, she is the first lady and deserves to be called Dr or even Queen, for that matter. The first lady commands what she will be called and who she will allow to call it, bitches. I'm not referring to the second lady either.

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    I've seen some of your drawings in the past, Stephen. You are very good at chalk and blackboard renderings.

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    There are not enough hours in a night that an artist can work through the wounds since they spend the whole night getting ideas of things to make which leaves little time for woundiness

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    Art therapists have licenses? I guess that legitimizes the claims they make of being artistic even if they are not too good. Do they go by Dr. Art?

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer Year ago

    Everybody knows he was using a matte knife at the time and it slipped up to his ear missing his brain by an inch.

  • Brendan Smith
    Brendan Smith Year ago

    Did Stephen eat some clay/playdough at the end?! XD

  • Katharina Nachname

    I knew he was a cat person

  • Logan Mohler
    Logan Mohler Year ago

    My grandmother used to be a waitress, and Bob Ross always came to her restaurant. She served him food many times, and has an autograph of his. She said that he was always very nice and was very well mannered. Rest in peace, Bob Ross. You had a great life and helped so many people. My Grandma misses you.