Top 10 Scary Star Wars Theories

  • Опубликовано: 29 янв 2019
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    Top 10 Scary Star Wars Theories
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    Welcome back everyone, today we're going way back to a long time ago, to a galaxy far, far away - to look at peoples theories when it comes to Star Wars - but not just any fan theories - the creepy ones - the ones that make the bad guys look worse and even the good guys look kinda evil. If you're not a Star Wars fan, you'll love how crazy some of these are - if you are a Star Wars fan, well join me as we try and break these theories down. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Star Wars Theories.
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  10 дней назад

    Go check out Marpple here:

  • Edward_Kenway532 Gaming
    Edward_Kenway532 Gaming 3 дня назад

    Darth Jar Jar is true mate not a theory 🤷‍♂️

  • SkipperFlies
    SkipperFlies 3 дня назад


  • Wyatt Fink
    Wyatt Fink 6 дней назад

    Rey is Luke's daughter

  • sean may
    sean may 10 дней назад

    Also Qui gon was never tainted he was enlightened that you should focus on the present too not only the future. Anyone who is even remotely a fan of star wars would know that

  • sean may
    sean may 10 дней назад

    Yeah!!! STAR WARS

  • I, Frankenstein
    I, Frankenstein 11 дней назад

    Some times I really hate theories because they start to ruin the game or movie.

  • DoeEyedFaun
    DoeEyedFaun 15 дней назад

    Or maybe Vader didn’t really give it his all when trying to kill his son.

  • MaxTheUltimate Gamer
    MaxTheUltimate Gamer 16 дней назад

    Han is the only padawan that survived order 66, that’s why he’s against the force

  • Darth Pancakes
    Darth Pancakes 16 дней назад

    Star Wars version of Chills

  • JJJohn
    JJJohn 16 дней назад

    You know nothing about Star Wars.....

  • Mitchell Rage Quit
    Mitchell Rage Quit Месяц назад +1

    Number nine theory though has me puzzled

  • One Fancy Boi
    One Fancy Boi Месяц назад +1

    Vader's weakness is the HIGH GROUND.

  • Margaret Gerwitz
    Margaret Gerwitz Месяц назад

    I actually LOVE Anakin & Padmé being 2gether. Don't go dissing them. 😒

  • Reuben DUFFY
    Reuben DUFFY Месяц назад

    10:26 obi wan?

  • Plasmatic Pea
    Plasmatic Pea Месяц назад

    Just wanted to say hi!

  • Sha6owGaming
    Sha6owGaming Месяц назад

    6:01 If anyone was manipulating Padme to love Anakin, it would have been Palpatine. He would have gained from this, because it was Padme's inevitable death that fully immersed Anakin in the Dark side. Similar to how Snoke connected Rey and Kilo through the force.

  • Eduardo Cezar
    Eduardo Cezar Месяц назад

    Sorry to bust anyone's bubble but... the thing about Star Wars theories: they never connect. Never ever.
    It's fun to exercise over what else could be like something other possibility, but that only ever applies on worlds where at least once in a while, that can still happen. That's not the case of Star Wars. On Star Wars, it's a complete and futile waste of time, it never leads anywher else.

  • Daniel Cleveley
    Daniel Cleveley Месяц назад

    Wait up if that's true about jar jar y couldn't the others feel his force energy

  • Aleplayer’s Domain
    Aleplayer’s Domain Месяц назад

    Darth Jar Jar and Ultra Instinct Shaggy should fight!

  • KidozyGAME
    KidozyGAME Месяц назад

    there is one entity in the Star wars EU that is WAY more powerful than luke/vader. The most he could to was use the force JUST to stay alive from being tossed around like a rag doll. the entity both when to both the pool of knowledge and power, Acquiring the power of both essentially turning into a force demon.

  • deesfukinuts24
    deesfukinuts24 Месяц назад +1


  • Bob Loftus
    Bob Loftus Месяц назад

    these are scary?

  • Respira305
    Respira305 Месяц назад

    These aren’t scary at all

  • Richard Elliker
    Richard Elliker Месяц назад

    If you read Phantom menace (Shakespeare language) Novel it goes into great detail in Jar Jar's soliloquies into how he is manipulating the people around him and using their own prejudices to fulfill his own purpose.

  • The Rind of Zayo Da Dong
    The Rind of Zayo Da Dong Месяц назад

    The Home Alone Saw theory has more credibility than any of these.

  • Eli D. Flores
    Eli D. Flores Месяц назад

    Making Most Amazing Great Again.

  • Darth NPC
    Darth NPC Месяц назад

    Darth Binks...

  • Ben Baldwin
    Ben Baldwin Месяц назад

    That NA logo tho...

  • TheCatShaver073
    TheCatShaver073 Месяц назад

    I thought count dooku turn to the dark side when Qui-Gon jinn died

  • Chris Hristov
    Chris Hristov Месяц назад

    I'm at 1:20 so far... When are you going to get to the point, my friend? Yes, I'm a troll, a BIG one for people who think they can live on doing stupid videos! Have a nice day everyone!😎

  • cube _thinker
    cube _thinker Месяц назад +1

    Okey how is han solo being force sensitive scary?

  • Valentino D'Aspi
    Valentino D'Aspi Месяц назад

    7:14 Vader's weakness is sand

  • A S
    A S Месяц назад

    The SJW's at Disney won't let a woman and a black be the villains. They push the narrative that the white man is always the villain.

  • Thomas Gideon
    Thomas Gideon Месяц назад

    Qui Gon Jinn was probably just grey.

  • Animalover205
    Animalover205 Месяц назад

    The forced love theory makes sense, but I think its Palpatine pulling the strings, as he flat out tells Anakin in episode 3 that he knows about him and Padme.

  • Nathan Kinzel
    Nathan Kinzel Месяц назад

    Nothing from episodes 1,2 or 3 have any sort of deeper meaning. Jar Jar is just an idiot.

  • Chad Stallings
    Chad Stallings Месяц назад

    Bait and switch....what was with the caption pic, and NOTHING about it?

  • DTA
    DTA Месяц назад

    The theory about qui gon jin
    Isnt real because anakin has 2 path light and dark but qui gon jin
    Thinks that anakin is going to be a jedi, not a dark lord, anakin just
    Fall to the darkside because of her mothers death and if qui gon jin sense that anakin's mother will die, qui gon jin should be more powerful than he stands on that series

  • Kevin Jobson
    Kevin Jobson Месяц назад

    I love watching your minute long ad then watching a youtube ad

  • Brodacious
    Brodacious Месяц назад

    Theory: Having fewer Jedi and Sith in the universe makes everything more chaotic since "balance" in the force is adjusted by a few very powerful people. How powerful a Jedi or Sith can become is limited by the number of Jedi or Sith left in the universe. The force is like a pie. If there are fewer people at the table, each gets a bigger piece of the pie. More people and each gets a smaller piece. This is why Jedi and Sith in this new era can become so powerful so quickly. The force is being divided among fewer things. The force automatically divides itself among everything that exists. If one Jedi or Sith held the entire pie, nothing could exist. The force cannot exist without balance and nothing can exist without the force.

  • Richie P
    Richie P Месяц назад

    What's wrong with ewoks eating humans? It's not cannibalism because they are not human.

  • Paul Silagyi
    Paul Silagyi Месяц назад

    Play the battlefront 2 campain and she will be related to someone in the end because they join the rebels and 2 of them get married in the end

  • Day of the Doughnuts
    Day of the Doughnuts Месяц назад

    Goerge Lucas is British and only Ray and obey one have British accents

  • The ill will
    The ill will Месяц назад

    hmm. I hadn't seen Luke go evil yet.... thanks for ruining that for me.

  • Hail Clone Trooper 501st
    Hail Clone Trooper 501st Месяц назад

    Ive been Waiting for this

  • Jeremy Ray
    Jeremy Ray Месяц назад

    Sounds like a lot of theories that other Star Wars channels mention.

  • metroid
    metroid Месяц назад

    This isn't scary

  • Whassit Tuyah
    Whassit Tuyah Месяц назад

    #2 lest we forget about the time Han used Luke's lightsaber to open up a Taun Taun for Luke to survive

  • Michael Rorman
    Michael Rorman Месяц назад

    Kathleen Kennedy is a Sith Lord and Rian Johnson is the apprentice.

  • zack trever
    zack trever Месяц назад

    Rey being evil would make the series more interesting.
    Major female antagonist would drive a better narrative and be progressive at the same time.
    And Han's son redemption arc would diverge from the cyclical narrative of the prequels and sequels.

  • Fierce The Dragon
    Fierce The Dragon Месяц назад

    If I recall correctly, George was very subtle about confirming the Jar Jar theory, some think Jar Jar is the reincarnation of Darth Plagus (or how ever you spell it) that Emperor Palpatine was taking about in the third episode with Anakin. Throughout the Phantom Menace film, Jar Jar was showing suspicious behavior, there is also the fact that droids don’t like him, could it be because they know he tried to use mind tricks on them? And there is the scene when Qui gin said not to send any transmissions, after being alone with R2 and acting like he knew exactly what he was doing, he messed with some buttons and R2 D2 tried to stop him. I personally believe he is behind Anakin and Padme having feelings for each other, especially since telling little Anakin she was “pretty hot” with a possible dash of a mind trick. He has been seen mouthing the lines of other characters before or after they say them, thus manipulating the story to his will, or his masters will. But would a master thank his apprentice? Is Jar Jar the true Sith Lord who just wanted a show? It’s very interesting, unfortunately my mom wants none of it because she loves Jar Jar and thinks he’s the good guy no matter how much proof I show her, she rolled her eyes at the suspicious behavior. She just doesn’t want to believe it. However, he didn’t have any suspicious behavior during the Clone Wars. But who’s to say he is truly dead if he is the resurrected Sith Lord?

  • Timothy Cullen
    Timothy Cullen Месяц назад

    For theory 6, I think it is just as simple as he was her first piece of meat, like high skrool kids that are "in love"

  • Kolemjdoucí
    Kolemjdoucí Месяц назад

    It takes more than a spooky font to make theories "scary".

  • beigesedan
    beigesedan Месяц назад

    When has there ever been balance in the force, regardless of the stated ethos around it? And if Darth Vader was willing to kill all the Jedi younglings, how would torturing his own daughter even raise a blip in his consciousness? And with the Sith rule of two, how could Maul have been a master when he was sent by Palpatine to do his bidding and even referred to him as "master"?

  • Shade's Insane Chamber
    Shade's Insane Chamber Месяц назад

    The Ewoks one is not a theory...

  • Joe Towers
    Joe Towers Месяц назад

    The Han Solo being Force sensitive or even a Jedi Master seems a pretty silly theory to me. Is now everyone going to turn out to be Force sensitive?How did that work out for you, Han?

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams Месяц назад +4

    The vidoe was good but the plug of the sponsor at the beginning was too long & too much, horrible! I will be avoiding your videos in the future.

    • Mike L
      Mike L Месяц назад

      Amen! I was thinking the same thing

  • The Jovial Brit
    The Jovial Brit Месяц назад

    When you said ceiling, did you mean roof?

  • gabriel armenta
    gabriel armenta Месяц назад

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got click baited and so did you

  • SheyD78
    SheyD78 Месяц назад

    Regarding the ewoks, they're bears (or bear-like hominids), ie carnivores. Why wouldn't they eat humans, especially storm troopers. Don't want to let all that protein go to waste, assuming our biology isn't toxic to theirs.

  • Sidkidz Games
    Sidkidz Games Месяц назад

    Why u no show stormtrooper

  • Vivienne Me
    Vivienne Me Месяц назад

    Who doesn't like ewoks!?! 😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • Todd sperling
    Todd sperling Месяц назад

    My theory is that "humans" in the Star Wars galaxy are not humans at all, but they are portrayed as humans for the audience to relate to.

  • The KX
    The KX Месяц назад

    If you played star wars the force unleashed dark side you will know who Darth Maul really is.

  • J. S.
    J. S. Месяц назад

    I have always liked the Jar Jar Sith theory. It would actually be a good addition to canon and give the character some depth and meaning. I also love the Boba Fett killing Owen and Beru theory. All of these theories come out some really crapping writing/acting and storytelling in the source material.

  • Kapitän JadeDejavu
    Kapitän JadeDejavu Месяц назад

    The theory of Anakin subconsciously influencing Padme is very viable. He is supposed to be the most powerful force user known to the galaxy, but did not get enough training to control *all* of his force.

  • ma3 the unbeatable
    ma3 the unbeatable Месяц назад

    Luke only found out Leia was his siter in episode 6, and vader first dueled him in episode 5.

  • Bad Tempered Badger
    Bad Tempered Badger Месяц назад

    I was with you until you started on about Rey. She's not part of Star Wars.

  • Lasse Birkefeldt
    Lasse Birkefeldt Месяц назад

    Darth jar jar

  • Pega6us
    Pega6us Месяц назад

    Qui gonn is not a sith lord, but a dark jedi like Luke, or Grey jedi

  • Smile the planet
    Smile the planet Месяц назад

    kathleen kennedy is actually a sith lord, trying to destroy the galaxy out of a higher dimension

  • Catholic Defender
    Catholic Defender Месяц назад

    Jar Jar has more evidence in the new comic continuity :

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalin
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalin Месяц назад

    Of course Rey is the villan she's apart of the feminist propaganda campaign that destroyed and continues to destroy Star Wars.

  • Flinn L
    Flinn L Месяц назад

    most of these theories are completely idiotic and aren't even close to being scary

  • letsgoracing78
    letsgoracing78 Месяц назад

    My theory on Rey is she's going to be the first GREY jedi on the big screen and bring true balance to the galaxy.
    Rey wears all grey throughout all three movies.
    Luke says the jedi must end hince a new chapter must begin.
    She is pulled in both directions yet stays centered.
    Even Luke felt huge amounts of power in her which the grey jedi had and the only group that scared the jedi and the sith.
    This is the best path for her only I dont know if Disney has the guts to go this direction.

  • Aaron Escamilla
    Aaron Escamilla Месяц назад

    I dont think Rey is the villain. She took the jedi archive books to learn for herself about becoming a jedi. kylo is the new leader of the 1st order when he killed snoke and kills luke from the 1 on 1 duel. Rey did not join kylo when he offered her to be by his side. So its hard to say if she is the villain. All jedi have anger just like Rey but won't turn to the darkside. Yoda told luke that they must do what ever it takes to not lose Rey.

  • andrew wyatt
    andrew wyatt Месяц назад

    Interesting. .but what's with the stormtrooper monster ? Nothing !

  • Johnny Pennington
    Johnny Pennington Месяц назад

    Han solo could of been force sensitive

  • Johnny Pennington
    Johnny Pennington Месяц назад

    Disney fucked up star wars

  • Fifthrider
    Fifthrider Месяц назад

    10:32 - All villains have an English accent. Wait a minute, that means our host Danny Burke is a Star Wars Villain?! Then this whole video was a ruse meant to throw us off and none of it is real!!

  • Leggy Gazelle
    Leggy Gazelle Месяц назад

    To be honest, I hope Rey is the villain. That would make a good movie plot. The other director killed off snoke sooooo, New villain is on the rise.

  • Juanmiguel Leon
    Juanmiguel Leon Месяц назад

    No shaggy is more powerful than Luke and Vader and every other Jedi and sith

  • Jason Alexander
    Jason Alexander Месяц назад +1

    When youtubers put more then two adds on a 11 min video

  • Gravity red
    Gravity red Месяц назад

    Crazy fairy's!!!!

  • Stuart Simmons
    Stuart Simmons Месяц назад

    Just remember the Jedi started it all by trying to kill the Sith when they started to split in the beginning

  • Cereal Killaz
    Cereal Killaz Месяц назад

    Number 2 can't be because he was supposed to be killed of way easier then planned but he just became so popular they kept him

  • MrAvacado
    MrAvacado Месяц назад +1

    yeah #4 is wrong, Luke discovers Leia is his sister in Return of the Jedi. GET YO FAX STRAIT BOI

    WRXDEMON Месяц назад

    Aw... fudge... a painful realization just hit me... Rey isn’t related to Palpatine... She isn’t Anakin reborn... She’s .... She’s Darth Sidious’ new body. Think about it - he has the ability to force out his soul and she has no family. She’s some kind of clone that turned out a girl and able to age naturally - if Luke discovered a lab with a bunch of adult male Sidious clones and destroyed them all and then saw a little girl - he probably would’ve taken her, made her forget her past and wanted her to grow up as a normal person. Its going to be mad deep when she discovered her true self....

  • Broc Raymo
    Broc Raymo Месяц назад +1

    Like if Disney ruined StarWars

  • Jason Keen
    Jason Keen Месяц назад

    I could say get a life kiddies, but I'm a Whovin.

  • Bino Virex
    Bino Virex Месяц назад

    When a dumbfuck is desparate for views and uses proven moronic theories

  • Samuel Krohn
    Samuel Krohn Месяц назад

    Rey can’t be Obi-Wan’s daughter she’d be over 40

  • JumpingBlockGames
    JumpingBlockGames Месяц назад

    Count Dooku does not have an English accent...

  • Kevin Hasch
    Kevin Hasch Месяц назад +1

    Big fans know that some of what he is saying is incorrect

  • Cartoon Hotel
    Cartoon Hotel Месяц назад

    can you do a part two plz

  • Cartoon Hotel
    Cartoon Hotel Месяц назад

    i was expecting a theorie about general grievous at the end but it was still good

  • lucas lemire
    lucas lemire Месяц назад

    The dart qui gon theory is stupid, qui gon is actually a grey Jedi, which means that he uses the dark side and the light side of the force

  • Robert Rivera
    Robert Rivera Месяц назад

    It's not a rumor ewoks are cannibals in the Starwars universe

  • Darth Hue
    Darth Hue Месяц назад

    I am trying to figure out how these theories are scary, you should've done it about the EU comic books of scary things such as Death Troopers (not the ones from Rogue One, the zombie ones)