The Smartest Kids in the Universe

  • Published on Nov 22, 2016
  • Top 10 of the most intelligent children in the world
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Comments • 4 680

  • André Toledo
    André Toledo 19 hours ago

    My IQ is 150 and I’m 7 years old

  • IzzyB Splits
    IzzyB Splits Day ago +1

    Mom: maybe if you got off your iPad you would be just like them.


  • Mark Garr
    Mark Garr Day ago

    I’m expecting someone... you know who you are

  • Megans World
    Megans World 5 days ago

    Wow... I feel so much better about my iq now...

  • levi titan sleyer
    levi titan sleyer 13 days ago

    Really i started reading book for 3 or 4 years old and now am 10 and i have read already more then 1000 books

  • Chaim Crow
    Chaim Crow 19 days ago

    0:57 It's not e=mc^2 , it's E=mc^2

  • Wave Particle
    Wave Particle 20 days ago

    2:02 Poorly researched video , highest iq in India is much higher than that,you can literally just do a google search.

  • Lil' Suga
    Lil' Suga 22 days ago

    Oh well these kids getting real smart at the age of 2 and be doing collage level math while there is me failing every classes

  • tz zrd
    tz zrd 23 days ago

    But ma'am this is not reliable index

  • K F
    K F 23 days ago

    This is like gifted

  • Jacob Spray (2021)
    Jacob Spray (2021) Month ago

    Correction: IUPUI PhD in Physics

  • Fred Rick
    Fred Rick Month ago

    Wow, Not even one black kid on this list 😯

  • Sutharsan John Isles

    If Saffron Pledger is considered a genius, then I must have a much smarter son because he can do way more at the age of three. He can count all the way to 9999, can read and write and do sums. He is not attending any school, naturally because he is too young to be in one.

  • Kubko Šikovníček
    Kubko Šikovníček Month ago +1

    Wow !!!!

  • GunSlinger LTU
    GunSlinger LTU Month ago

    in the universe? 🤔🤔🤔

  • WarmIce1432
    WarmIce1432 Month ago

    I read the title "The smallest kids in the world"

  • R o n n I e C a r d o n a

    You fregot me

  • Nhi Nguyen
    Nhi Nguyen Month ago

    What’s about Tsujikubo Rinne? =))

  • Supernova Vids
    Supernova Vids Month ago +1

    Where’s William James Sidis

  • fkkvc 13549
    fkkvc 13549 Month ago

    Asians rock

  • CantTalkSmall Velentzas

    1:45 now I know we’re the idea of Ravie came from in Jessie‼️😮🤯🤯

  • Taco Black
    Taco Black Month ago

    money first

  • Normal  Boring
    Normal Boring Month ago

    I read the whole Harry Potter series in an hour

  • Knowledge IOS
    Knowledge IOS Month ago

    How when u get ur iq test thingy IM SMART TO

  • Jagor Skorup
    Jagor Skorup Month ago

    wooow😒😒 i also knew how to write add and substract before school so what?

  • Shiboline M'Ress
    Shiboline M'Ress Month ago

    How about Arjun Ayyangar from New Jersey? Not sure exactly how high his IQ is, but by age 5 he was doing algebra and studying piano with an instructor from Julliard. According to Wikipedia he's now 20 years old, and a virtuoso pianist.

  • jamica and hugh chen

    I’m only 10 but my iq is at least 150...

    • Dankprincess
      Dankprincess Month ago

      jamica and hugh chen its rare and 10 year olds shouldn’t be on RU-clip!

  • Mayur Mohanta
    Mayur Mohanta 2 months ago

    My IQ level=9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • Christopher Barba
    Christopher Barba 2 months ago

    Cool that kids can be surgeons while I'm over here crying because I need a calculator to solve 23 + 1 *WaAaAaAaAa*

  • dave meneely
    dave meneely 2 months ago

    Would this be a unique brain function or were there parents as smart as jesus😕?


    Well atleast i can eat sleep and solve addition 🙄

  • Kimberly Yancey
    Kimberly Yancey 2 months ago

    Ya me too 😐😅

  • Sanil Kumar
    Sanil Kumar 2 months ago

    My IQ is 186 I don't think smartest kid in universe in earth

    • Zuni Zuni
      Zuni Zuni 27 days ago

      Sanil Kumar If your IQ was “187” you probably would know how to use correct they are like 3, 11, and you didn’t say your age..

  • Martha Oporto
    Martha Oporto 2 months ago

    I'm only 10 years old and my iq is 126

  • earthtaxfree
    earthtaxfree 2 months ago

    Jacob said...if you want to find new things and have to forget what you know..

  • Haizel Roxas
    Haizel Roxas 2 months ago

    I easily define a movies story in just reading its title

  • Jed Huang
    Jed Huang 2 months ago +1

    Iq 146 beating the whole 1 billion Indian ?damn I got 2 family members over 146

  • Jessica Arcus
    Jessica Arcus 2 months ago


  • Willow Rendle
    Willow Rendle 2 months ago

    My dad is so sweet! He saw me watching this, and told me “You’ve always been a genius! You were counting when u were two years old, and now you run conferences on computer science!” And that just about prevented my self esteem from collapsing completely

  • Rivers McDerp
    Rivers McDerp 2 months ago

    Welp that just lowered my self-esteem

  • QualityZ X
    QualityZ X 2 months ago +1

    how is 146 the highest iq in India? Even my iq is higher than that.

  • ZombonicHD
    ZombonicHD 3 months ago

    Tbh im really jealous

  • golden egg
    golden egg 3 months ago

    we should thank them because they will make us new gadjets

  • Candy Kheyn
    Candy Kheyn 3 months ago

    And....I am 11, turning 12

  • Candy Kheyn
    Candy Kheyn 3 months ago

    But....I am in Fifth grade......

  • I.Know.Things_remember?
    I.Know.Things_remember? 3 months ago +1

    *I can't swim, I can't dance and I don't know karate*

    • dave meneely
      dave meneely 2 months ago

      Ive been in karate for 4 years no joke

  • Susan Dolph
    Susan Dolph 3 months ago

    Praise God for the parents of the autism child. I was throught to be retarded for rears. I was even accepted into a program where their Dr. was able to state that the 6th grade level I completed at the Institution was the highest level I would ever achieve. A few years later at another day program, they saw more potential and helped me to get my GED. Now I Have two degrees. My story was published in the May 1987 issue of NAMR magazine.

  • Gilbert Vega
    Gilbert Vega 3 months ago

    Oh yea!
    well I fluncked the 1st grade with straight C's on my report card

  • Flight Channel
    Flight Channel 3 months ago

    Well, at least I can land a simulator smoothly at 12 😂😂😭

  • Rhonda Bollinger
    Rhonda Bollinger 3 months ago

    and here i am double checking every math problem i do tho i am in 5th grade and make sure i get right answer but i used to be good at math and school to... CURSE U ONLINE SCHOOL XD

  • Timothy
    Timothy 3 months ago

    I have seen research that shows brain power can be increased by anyone who exercises their brain - Smart kids get smarter by working that organ

  • LexiiTheLittleBadDevil
    LexiiTheLittleBadDevil 3 months ago

    1:21 That's my name. 😐

  • savana lee
    savana lee 3 months ago

    shrinidi has a unibrow ewwww

  • Tickle Man
    Tickle Man 3 months ago

    I cant even use my common sense....

  • Shreya Sharma
    Shreya Sharma 3 months ago

    Any Singaporeans out there? Only me, okay

  • Nina Lutgen
    Nina Lutgen 3 months ago

    Mensa is?

  • Aussie ツ
    Aussie ツ 4 months ago

    Smartest Kids *Tik-Tok Ad Plays* I thought I escaped them....

  • Dave Haycox
    Dave Haycox 4 months ago

    Well i cant do nothing much but count to ten sooo those kids are AMAZING!

  • Kash The Gamer
    Kash The Gamer 4 months ago

    You haven’t even tested people in other galaxies... or other planets

  • Roblox Afitux Gamer
    Roblox Afitux Gamer 4 months ago

    Where's Patrick?

  • Roblox Afitux Gamer
    Roblox Afitux Gamer 4 months ago +1

    Where's Harry potter?

  • Rosalinda Ferguson
    Rosalinda Ferguson 4 months ago


  • Salma Elsabbagh
    Salma Elsabbagh 4 months ago

    My iq is 158 i tested it at mensa and i got a membership but I am still not a genius

  • Ugly roach
    Ugly roach 4 months ago

    Look aren't everything huh 👀

  • Kris Graves
    Kris Graves 4 months ago

    It is awesome that they are so smart. What about street smarts?

  • Bazooka-Goes-Boom Kaboom

    Performed surgery at the age of 7 years old buuuulllllssshhhiiiiiittt

  • Mitumiraz Imran
    Mitumiraz Imran 4 months ago

    I started walking at the age of 7months.I said my first word at the age of 2months😎🤔🤔

  • Dorilin Ramos
    Dorilin Ramos 4 months ago

    21 to old old people ahhh boss baby poop duty

  • Dorilin Ramos
    Dorilin Ramos 4 months ago


  • Dorilin Ramos
    Dorilin Ramos 4 months ago

    50 um to old for mom of a kid

  • Dorilin Ramos
    Dorilin Ramos 4 months ago

    I am to cuz I’m 5 😎 homer says dope

  • James Gibson
    James Gibson 4 months ago

    I’m 8 and learning calculus so… ya

  • art kid
    art kid 4 months ago

    I am one of the most talented person in the world I built a time portals traveling it of demencuns we get hit (2337888_)

  • unicorn kittykat
    unicorn kittykat 4 months ago

    bad Photoshoping

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 4 months ago

    I'm watching these kids reading books and stuff and it has been 9 years and I didn't even read a book

  • Kasume Kurusaki
    Kasume Kurusaki 4 months ago

    The video was awesome. The music is very distracting when trying to listen to what was being said.

  • zuma musa
    zuma musa 4 months ago

    If children are so smart, let's call children to manage companies with their intelligence. Maybe all will wind up.

  • zuma musa
    zuma musa 4 months ago

    Mensa questions for children have been set the easiest as compared to questions set for adults. If Mensa would give questions that have been set for children to adults, all score full marks.

  • Me Myself
    Me Myself 5 months ago

    I was walking at 9 month's

  • Amelia Rynata
    Amelia Rynata 5 months ago

    I haven't had my IQ tested.. I got half way through the online one and realized they had been timing me.. I quit. These kids can be doing their.. mat? Math? while I struggle to open the box to my mac and cheese..

  • Guacamole Skittles
    Guacamole Skittles 5 months ago

    I started reading Shakespeare when I was 10, but just for fun, does that count as smart?

  • Cindrella Lome
    Cindrella Lome 5 months ago

    Daymmm 😮😍🙈

  • Lara Bardot
    Lara Bardot 5 months ago

    And I felt smart for learning how to read at the age of 4 by myself 😅

  • I’m not this Milky Way I’m in Space

    I’m on iPad and I learned Spanish on this iPad!! I’m a male

  • vita narbutiene
    vita narbutiene 5 months ago

    I wish I was in Mensa..

  • vita narbutiene
    vita narbutiene 5 months ago

    I literally have a HUGE iq and have already made a whole mathematical theory when I am 9 year old.

  • Admiral General Aladeen

    The funny thing is that most of them will probably die as virgins

  • Galaxy :3
    Galaxy :3 5 months ago

    When a 4 year old is getting better grades than you and your brother sees what your watching and says “Catch up..”

  • AllForKixM8
    AllForKixM8 5 months ago

    Imma just go...die

  • Jesse Percifield
    Jesse Percifield 5 months ago

    All the races were represented. This was interesting.

  • Psalm Hannah Ramos
    Psalm Hannah Ramos 5 months ago +1

    self esteem - 0

  • Psalm Hannah Ramos
    Psalm Hannah Ramos 5 months ago

    im jealous

  • Idf Matkal
    Idf Matkal 5 months ago

    The richest,how much money you got lol

  • Love All
    Love All 5 months ago

    Hey I could do this if i wanted to😂😂

  • Uno Kasch
    Uno Kasch 5 months ago

    Dilton Doiley should be there

  • sharmistha pramanik pramanik

    i wish if i could get a other chance to reborn ... i would surely be one of those brainy kids...

  • Denise M.
    Denise M. 6 months ago +1

    why there is no black kids??? I know they are smart as hell

    • P*Philosophy
      P*Philosophy 2 months ago

      Oh, no, sorry, I was remembering that from another documentary about smart kids. This video should've covered them as well. :(

    • P*Philosophy
      P*Philosophy 2 months ago

      I think there was a British toddler from the UK named Adam who was inducted into MENSA, for what it's worth. There a tons of black geniuses.

  • Tatenda Muzvidziwa
    Tatenda Muzvidziwa 6 months ago


  • Uknown Person
    Uknown Person 6 months ago




  • BANGTANATIONDAN Jiminie Have no jams