The Smartest Kids in the Universe

  • Published on Nov 22, 2016
  • Top 10 of the most intelligent children in the world
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Comments • 4 497

  • Konkona Bagchi
    Konkona Bagchi 18 hours ago

    Why nobody included Tanmay Bakshi. He is smartest Indian kid that I know... 🤨😳😳😡

  • Fanelwe Myeni
    Fanelwe Myeni 23 hours ago

    I could read since I was 2 and plus and minus in grade r when everyone in my grade were still learning the colours of the Rainbow and I'm very advanced in math. It really bores me when the teacher has to explain and go through the work because I'm not used to people helping me. I loooove doing things myself and school is very fun for me

  • MAnout - kiD iN !
    MAnout - kiD iN ! 5 days ago +2

    The most depressing video ever LoL

    • TheRichest
      TheRichest  5 days ago

      this'll cheer you up!

  • Bubaychi Lapena
    Bubaychi Lapena 7 days ago


  • seden tolunay
    seden tolunay 9 days ago

    Its not that good, children are suposed to have fun at those ages

  • Julian Haddad
    Julian Haddad 9 days ago

    I can list a trillion more Asians.

  • Jacob Hargis
    Jacob Hargis 10 days ago

    good jobs kids

  • Tiffany Chanel
    Tiffany Chanel 13 days ago

    Why am I watching this when I've got a math test that I know I'm gonna fail tomorrow?

  • Prizefighter Productions

    I guess you could say they’re baby geniuses.

  • Nexxus
    Nexxus 17 days ago

    I watch these for *NOT* motivational purposes to help me feel more depressed.

  • Bharat Kalivarapu
    Bharat Kalivarapu 25 days ago

    At this age, I use to eat sand.

  • Z4 Cubing
    Z4 Cubing Month ago

    I have 125 points

  • athul joseph
    athul joseph Month ago

    This is just bull shit. All thess kids doesnt look like they are from a tribal village of deep south africa. If there were any kids from such places i might have accepted the above so called geniuses too.

  • Andy
    Andy Month ago

    Shut the fuck off bro who likes School? bro I hated smart people I just used them to do test Home Work and thats it dude easy

  • Aleeyah D
    Aleeyah D Month ago

    Nono o dada dada dada nono

  • FroggyDoody
    FroggyDoody Month ago

    Dumbest grade 6 student ever is my classmate he dont even know whats the answer of 16+16 lul

  • Dont_use_condoms_twice

    We gotta real life jimmy neutron

  • jjnjez702
    jjnjez702 Month ago +1

    This is no lie!

  • jjnjez702
    jjnjez702 Month ago +1

    I made these comments LOL

  • jjnjez702
    jjnjez702 Month ago +1

    Dont u also know 6.9÷9.10×78-6.9-9.10-78+79÷1,000.963 is -34.778218861

  • jjnjez702
    jjnjez702 Month ago +2

    Does any if these kids know the answer to 50÷5×30-496+(-964×7? The Answer is -6,944!

    • Kai-Lee Yeong
      Kai-Lee Yeong Month ago

      I have a question,in the equation there is only on bracket,did you just simply forget it? Did you use BOMDAS for the equation??(BOMDAS means brackets order of multiplication division addition subtraction)

  • ArtificialPlays
    ArtificialPlays Month ago


  • Poo Bot
    Poo Bot Month ago

    Prodigy’s are born not made

  • Binks Machine & Engine Works

    The video was totally spoiled because of overbearing and totally inappropriate way too loud music!
    No geniuses put this together!

  • Shubham Choubey
    Shubham Choubey 2 months ago +1

    2 Indian are there 😇

  • Mike Oxhuuj
    Mike Oxhuuj 2 months ago

    This a great example that a 5 year old kid has a greeter intellectual plateau than the POTUS. I guess everyone knew that anyway

  • Bella Stephens
    Bella Stephens 2 months ago


  • David S
    David S 2 months ago

    Smartest kids in the Universe? So we have tested all the kids in the Universe? Even the ones we haven't discovered yet?

  • Gabriel Gagne
    Gabriel Gagne 2 months ago

    I remember when I was 3 I asked my mom what the meaning of like was. She had no comment.. I wish I had parents like these, well now I am one ;)

  • judith O
    judith O 2 months ago

    Great video but the to loud in the background

  • jan cason
    jan cason 2 months ago

    I have to use my fingers and toes to help me add up. I thought everybody did

  • Yatez Sami
    Yatez Sami 2 months ago

    3 year olds:*reading 5th grade books*
    11 year olds like me:*reading 2nd grade books*

  • Gai s
    Gai s 2 months ago

    It's a lie.

  • savagekiller sk
    savagekiller sk 2 months ago +3

    Im smart too 6÷2=3 easy

  • Sebaka & Co.
    Sebaka & Co. 2 months ago

    The result of putting in 120 hour weeks

  • Rowsonara Begum
    Rowsonara Begum 2 months ago

    I am elder than them but i have not iq like them. why?

  • Lil’Voque
    Lil’Voque 3 months ago

    I’m 17 and have a iQ of 128 damn I thought I was smart

  • FlameBoyz -YTGaming
    FlameBoyz -YTGaming 3 months ago

    Im bulgarian and im 16 and i cant still say the hole alphabet or can make a sandwich whit peanutbutter

  • Bloodlust v2
    Bloodlust v2 3 months ago +1

    in the earth not in the universe

  • livs life
    livs life 3 months ago +1

    I mean I got out of bed ...

  • Ohaiyo Gosaimasu
    Ohaiyo Gosaimasu 3 months ago

    Some kids are lucky......

  • Yaya naiton
    Yaya naiton 3 months ago

    Im over here 8 and still trying to learn my time tables😂😂😂😂

    • Lightspeed 20
      Lightspeed 20 29 days ago

      Don't memorize them, just keep adding the numbers,

  • Uprising Angels
    Uprising Angels 3 months ago

    I have an iq of 1

  • Dejaxi
    Dejaxi 3 months ago

    I feel fine still I learned to read at 2 and could read whole chapter books in one hour by 5

  • i like memes
    i like memes 3 months ago

    Blue Shirt kid???

  • Vince Cheng
    Vince Cheng 3 months ago

    Also a number of IQ is not accurate as there are many different tests and different scales. The real and accurate way to measure IQ is through the bell curve and percentiles, not a number.

  • Vince Cheng
    Vince Cheng 3 months ago

    Has anyone here heard of Davidson Academy?

  • Sub to Pewdiepie
    Sub to Pewdiepie 4 months ago

    And I thought I was clever

  • Harry's life
    Harry's life 4 months ago

    Me good very smart and good atttt England

  • Lara Elkoussy
    Lara Elkoussy 4 months ago

    And I thought I was smart........

  • al li
    al li 4 months ago

    I was able to count up to 100 before I could talk real world's. I knew my additional subtraction by 2 years ago. I was able to do basic algebra and knew my square root up to 17 by heart by 5 years. Should I take an IQ test I am 18 now? And should I have any expectations?

  • DaChocolate Queen
    DaChocolate Queen 4 months ago

    Well when I was 13 I could write with my autocorrect....

  • Left and Right Troll
    Left and Right Troll 4 months ago

    Wtf is this title

  • Lee Burger
    Lee Burger 4 months ago +1

    Hay im smarter than my own teacher

    • Polly Tox
      Polly Tox 3 months ago

      That's not even a Challenge

  • BeastlyGaming
    BeastlyGaming 5 months ago

    Omygosh, 97 IQ is so smart! :D/ No it is not./ Yes it i!/ Watch this video/ 7 minutes later*/T_T somebody clean my mascara while I hide in the corner of shame

  • Elif Tanem Tok
    Elif Tanem Tok 5 months ago

    She is my best friend

  • Elif Tanem Tok
    Elif Tanem Tok 5 months ago

    She is looking angry when i am smart at math engilish türkish p.e

  • Elif Tanem Tok
    Elif Tanem Tok 5 months ago

    Guys i am türk and at engilish my best friend thinks she is better but i gode to Amerika but the hole class did not

  • Elif Tanem Tok
    Elif Tanem Tok 5 months ago +1

    Theacher:what is 6%2=
    Me: 3
    Theacher: too fast whait them to think
    My friends:h-how are you too fast
    Best friend: (looking at me angry)

  • Elif Tanem Tok
    Elif Tanem Tok 5 months ago

    İ know all my theachers math thing its like 2+3+2+3+4+6-6=14