What You DON'T KNOW About Your Favorite Restaurants

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Eating out is sometimes easier than cooking. Who can blame you from frequenting your favorite restaurants? Take heed, however. There are some things that these popular spots (and every eatery, really) are hiding from you.
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    7. The Cost Of Soda
    You could buy a 2-liter bottle of soda from the grocery store for about the same price as a drink at the drive-thru. The cost is usually no more than $3. It’s possible that the bottle is cheaper than that fountain drink! The truth is, restaurants rack up the price of soda about 1200%. They don’t purchase the stuff ready like it is in the bottle. Restaurants buy the syrup from beverage companies and then mix the carbonated water in with it later. That syrup supposedly costs restaurants mere pennies.
    6. Not Always “Made From Scratch”
    There’s nothing else like homemade food. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the option to enjoy our grandmother’s cooking. The next best thing is a dish made from scratch in restaurants. Beware of that phrase, though. You shouldn’t always believe it. Even if it’s an expensive, fancy place, they might buy frozen and microwaved foods. The soup may come from a frozen package or vacuum-sealed ones that are later heated in hot water. Every business is trying to survive, and not all of them are as honest as they should be. Things that don’t taste fresh usually aren’t.
    5. Powdered Eggs, Please
    After buying your fast food breakfast, you might have looked at your scrambled eggs and wondered if those are real eggs. Don’t fret. The eggs are real, just not the way you think it is. Most of the time, eggs served as fast food places come from “powdered eggs.” By the same process that created powdered milk, companies opt for fully dehydrated eggs, which appear like a powder. This process increases the shelf life and creates no need for refrigeration. The eggs are “spray dried” which produces a dry powder by rapidly drying the food with hot gas! So, yes, those eggs are real, but they were stripped of all moisture first only to have it added back in time for your order.
    4. Extra Silicone, Please
    What do McDonald’s chicken nuggets, makeup, and silly putty have in common? All contain a substance called dimethylpolysiloxane. It’s a form of silicone. Silicone in your food doesn’t sound pleasant, but the World Health Organization could not find any adverse health effects that are associated with this silicone. If you don’t wish to consume this stuff because it’s scary and unknown to you, then you should also avoid the McDonald’s Fish-O-Filet sandwich, because it has dimethylpolysiloxane, too. Also found in their chicken nuggets is a chemical preservative called TBHQ, a petroleum-based product. According to CNN, one gram of that stuff is enough to cause symptoms like delirium, vomiting, and more!
    3. Smells Like Good Cookin’
    When you decide to go out to eat, you’re either starving or just a little hungry. Have you ever noticed that your mouth waters when you arrive at the restaurant and everything looks like it’s super delicious? It may not happen all the time, but when it does, don’t blame yourself into giving into buying too much food or ordering the unhealthy options. Restaurants like to pump smells into the air to make food irresistible to you! Establishments like eateries, hotels, and grocery stores may release the aroma of sugar cookie, grilled meat, or chocolate into the air to manipulate you into feeling hungrier.
    2. Asking For Calories
    If you wish to know the calorie count of a particular menu item, don’t ask the employees. You’re better off looking it up on the internet. Many cashiers are instructed by their bosses not to reveal how many calories a dish has. At most, employees will tell you that all the information you need is online. Most health experts recommend the average male consume 2,500 calories per day while the average female should have 2,000 calories per day. Of course, this depends on your body, height, age, and weight, but for the most part, these are the numbers to stick by. Look up the calories and nutritional value of a menu item, so you don’t accidentally go overboard!

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  • Pitmaster4Lyfe
    Pitmaster4Lyfe 4 months ago

    What part of the chicken is the Nugget?

  • shaun beer
    shaun beer 5 months ago +1

    I dont eat out to much

  • Ouis Sandy
    Ouis Sandy 5 months ago +1

    Decaf has caffeine about 10%

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 5 months ago +1

    Thanks for all the info! I barley eat out, and now I'll be doing it even less!!!!!!

  • University of Edumakashun
    University of Edumakashun 5 months ago +3

    Here to state a fact; Burger King is most definitely a real grill. I take it apart and have to clean the grill every morning when we open. Anyone who works at Burger King knows what the Broiler is. It's realmmthe flames are real. So....to even throw BK in the mix when it comes to make up....I must say
    Know your danm facts taltanik

  • Brian Jerry
    Brian Jerry 5 months ago +2

    I've seen some pretty old Mc nuggets and they were dry and hardened but not melted.

  • Last Minute Heroics
    Last Minute Heroics 5 months ago +2

    With all these "dangers", I supposed to died 40 years ago.

  • GreenAppelPie
    GreenAppelPie 5 months ago +7

    I think everyone knows soda comes in syrup.

  • GreenAppelPie
    GreenAppelPie 5 months ago +2

    Also ask your butcher what day is best to get seafood.

  • GreenAppelPie
    GreenAppelPie 5 months ago +1

    I love smoke water.

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina 5 months ago +2

    Watch super size me the man was healthy but at the end of the month he became fat for eating at McDonald’s for breakfast,lunch and dinner

  • Gaming orange
    Gaming orange 5 months ago +4

    Where's the pic of the melted nuggets ?!

  • Dray
    Dray 5 months ago +1

    why is your logo the hammer and sickle?

    • Robert Byrd
      Robert Byrd 5 months ago

      It is *not* a hammer and sickle. It is a stylized letter "T". Look at the larger version on the home page for this channel and you can clearly see it.

  • LhiannanShee
    LhiannanShee 5 months ago +2

    If you want fresh fries, ask for fresh fries instead of being a jerk.

    • LhiannanShee
      LhiannanShee 5 months ago +1

      @MillerTime 86 If they don't appear/taste fresh when they arrive, get a manager. I haven't worked food service, but I have worked retail, and I fully believe that if someone is being paid to do their job, they should do it.

    • MillerTime 86
      MillerTime 86 5 months ago

      LhiannanShee I agree with you, but how do we know that the person is being honest with us? Over the years I've learned the hard way, over and over again, just how dishonest and selfish people really are. Kinda lost my faith in humanity after that.

  • manaz jones
    manaz jones 5 months ago +2

    I was waiting for a picture of the melted chicken nuggets, anyone else also??

    • LhiannanShee
      LhiannanShee 5 months ago +1

      I have 3 kids and nuggets end up under the car seats and such. When I find them, they're just dried up versions of their prior selves, as one would expect. Never ever found a 'melted' chicken nugget. I imagine that's why there is no pic, there isn't one.

  • ximanuz
    ximanuz 5 months ago +1

    everyone knows half of the soda you get on resturants is water

  • Doop
    Doop 5 months ago +4

    And we also hate people asking for anything salt-free in the middle of the evening rush. >.>

    • GreenAppelPie
      GreenAppelPie 5 months ago +2

      When it’s busy, the fries are going to be fresh.

    • MillerTime 86
      MillerTime 86 5 months ago +1

      Alice McNeil - ZOCOM Raider Captain Thats fine by me, I hate stale fries! 😂

  • Anisha Otoole
    Anisha Otoole 5 months ago +2

    McDonald's is nasty

  • Angela Shortall
    Angela Shortall 5 months ago +2

    well, i worked at a restaurant and 9i cleaned lemons, and didnt lie about what was good.

    • Robert Byrd
      Robert Byrd 5 months ago

      @Angela Shortall Canadian standards are very much higher. Most of the points talked about here do not happen up here in Canada.

    • Angela Shortall
      Angela Shortall 5 months ago +2

      and lady, i dont know what kinda shitty places you go to where you live, but here in Newfoundland ive worked in a dozen different places , and we clean the menus and the ice machine, and we dont lie to people.

  • çøøkïë möñstër
    çøøkïë möñstër 5 months ago +1

    3rd comment

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    Generic Username01 5 months ago +1


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    loraine loraine 5 months ago +1

    2nd comment

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 5 months ago +2

    1 st

  • Cory Killgore
    Cory Killgore 5 months ago +1

    First comment. :-) well I'm still hungry 😑