Don't Stare - Short Horror Film (Award Winning)

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • Jarod returns to an empty house from visiting his grandmother and is terrorized by an unlikely antagonist. Don't Stare is based on the urban legend of the black eyed kids.
    *Winner* - Audience Choice Narrative - VHSL Film Festival, 2017
    *Winner* - Best Cinematography - Clifton Film Fest, 2017
    *Official Selection* - Virginia Film Festival, 2017
    *Official Selection* - Skyline Indie Film Fest, 2017
    Don’t Stare was shot over the course of three days, from Dec. 26, 2016 to Dec. 29, 2016. Special thanks to Max Hess for the post-production work he did and to Charlie Casciano for designing the thumbnail and posters.
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  • SparksProductions
    SparksProductions  8 months ago +49

    Hey everyone, make sure to check out my video of Bo Burnham’s VidCon interview about his new film:

  • jesus robles
    jesus robles Day ago

    Why is he reading and thinking out loud lmao

  • ben l
    ben l Day ago

    Why did this win awards?

  • Alyssa Arr
    Alyssa Arr Day ago

    Not that good acting

  • Tunnel Vision
    Tunnel Vision 2 days ago +3

    If Chris rock was in a Jordan peele film.

  • Nick Handley
    Nick Handley 2 days ago

    fell short of my eectations i was expecting them to follow the black eyed childrens tale but they kinda blew it

  • Jazzy Wolf
    Jazzy Wolf 3 days ago

    What was the tv for? It didn’t even need to be added in the film.

  • bryan bledsoe
    bryan bledsoe 3 days ago +1

    IS THAT the camera man at 5:14 in the glass reflection?

  • Tre Bo
    Tre Bo 4 days ago

    When he went and grabbed the knife my son said "daddy why he didnt get a gun?" I said "mane he should have dont kno where he from." This mane gone say "he must stay with white folk" smh "son chill mane"!

  • TOAD
    TOAD 5 days ago +1

    Whos here from don't look away and dont look

  • Heather Murphy
    Heather Murphy 6 days ago +1

    3:56 When u watch to much T-Series XD

  • daya Rana
    daya Rana 7 days ago

    hatt bc kya chutiya story h 😑😑😑

  • Jud Crandall
    Jud Crandall 7 days ago

    award winning my ass, not too bad though

  • Miss D.2018
    Miss D.2018 8 days ago

    I want that kettle!

  • Kirs Tron
    Kirs Tron 8 days ago

    Dudes acting is pretty forced...

  • SuperWG100
    SuperWG100 9 days ago +1

    Once I realized the threat was a little girl I instantly got un-scared

  • Rohan
    Rohan 10 days ago

    Ending : he fuck her so hard, so that her eye ball color changes to white.

  • Buse Sözcü
    Buse Sözcü 10 days ago

    Flash tv oyunculuğu..

  • Greg Riley
    Greg Riley 11 days ago

    What in the white people is this?

  • FunnyFlix TrentoTV
    FunnyFlix TrentoTV 12 days ago

    pretty bad acting, not the best..

  • Manny Mack
    Manny Mack 13 days ago

    that reaction at 4:38 lmao.aaaaannd why do white people always open the door in a horror movie 3:35 ..... Kidding take it easy Man

  • TriDeBoe
    TriDeBoe 14 days ago

    His car wasn't locked x

  • TriDeBoe
    TriDeBoe 14 days ago

    His car wasn't locked xD

  • Briar Rose
    Briar Rose 14 days ago

    The real horror for most Brits here is that he put the hot water in first.

    DOWN CHIGGA MANE 14 days ago

    Common occurrence...especially when you don't tip at the "Olive Garden." They send their After Hour Reps to your door. Too obvious...nobody gets out of a car when you got a demonic Chloë Grace Moretz chasing after you

  • Albeit Arson
    Albeit Arson 15 days ago

    5:14 He has a gun!!!
    Oh, he's taking a different kind of shot.

  • Sun Luvs
    Sun Luvs 16 days ago

    Thhheeeeee dumbest nigga I know

  • BrownHairBlueEyes
    BrownHairBlueEyes 16 days ago

    Why would you stop and get out of your car?

  • михаил гуляев


  • Lukas Braem
    Lukas Braem 16 days ago


  • Maya Grayson
    Maya Grayson 17 days ago +18

    Wait how is this award winning?
    Bad acting
    Bad editing
    U can see the camera man
    The fact that when the girl looked up with black eyes and her voice went deep I started laughing
    The title doesn’t really match the story

  • Lone Wolf Gamer
    Lone Wolf Gamer 17 days ago

    Black eyed children may only enter the house if you consent to them entering....

  • amirreza tajik
    amirreza tajik 17 days ago



    Baby Chris Rock lol

  • Carolyn Ortiz
    Carolyn Ortiz 17 days ago


  • Joanna Fritze
    Joanna Fritze 18 days ago

    And then! The camera man in the reflection! LOLOLOLOLOLO

  • Joanna Fritze
    Joanna Fritze 18 days ago


  • Aneesh p.v
    Aneesh p.v 20 days ago

    I need ur I phone because I am lost..

  • nothing there
    nothing there 20 days ago +1

    Always lock your door, kids

  • John Noone
    John Noone 20 days ago

    who the hell ever reads aloud to themselves?

  • Mr Jakubix
    Mr Jakubix 20 days ago +1

    Just like my younger sister...
    Let me use your phone... NOW

  • Estella Miriam
    Estella Miriam 21 day ago

    2:00 to 2:05 ASMR anyone??????

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 21 day ago

    This is real similar to a short film I saw on a show called Exposure back in 2000 on sci-fi channel. I think the titles were the same too.

  • Shane & Hannah
    Shane & Hannah 22 days ago

    I just found your channel and I am binge watching your videos pleasssseee make more short films 😂 they’re awesome

  • Christi B.
    Christi B. 22 days ago +2

    "hey whos out there?" *sees girl*

    me: *literally knows a "jumpscare" is coming and still jumps*

    edit: he got a nice ass car tho

  • J. Roberto Batista
    J. Roberto Batista 23 days ago

    Scared of a little girl?

  • Shark Martin
    Shark Martin 23 days ago

    Shit there is a creepy pasta or urban legend where kids with black eyes ask to come into your car or house

  • Jesse Parsh
    Jesse Parsh 23 days ago

    99.9% of tea kettles sold in the US are sold to horror movie film makers.

  • Bob Man Sanches
    Bob Man Sanches 24 days ago

    The scariest thing about this is the acting.

  • Kelly Evans
    Kelly Evans 25 days ago

    Sooo he goes outside acting big and bad yelling who’s out there and then sees a little girl and runs back inside ... ok lol i just ignore everything if I’m scared

  • irwansyah ade
    irwansyah ade 25 days ago

    Award winning my ass!

  • Void
    Void 25 days ago

    This won an award?................


  • Goal To Troll
    Goal To Troll 25 days ago +2

    Award winning? What lol

  • Elizabeth Mckee
    Elizabeth Mckee 26 days ago


  • Martha Marcy May Marlene

    “Scotty help me I’m gonna die!”

  • Mélissa Ezzedine
    Mélissa Ezzedine 29 days ago

    So That bitch got an award

  • Thenewworm
    Thenewworm 29 days ago

    The only horror I see is him making hot chocolate with water.

  • Motives Unknown
    Motives Unknown 29 days ago

    total garbage

  • Baby Doll
    Baby Doll Month ago +1

    When someone says they like T Series 5:55

  • Glenn Pritchard
    Glenn Pritchard Month ago

    Piece of shit....Make a cartoon, leave film making to persons with talent.

  • Jeremy is Me
    Jeremy is Me Month ago

    The black person always Goes first

  • Zack Sherman
    Zack Sherman Month ago

    This gentleman has a beautiful house. The acting wasn't great but the concept is pretty good. 7.5/10. Id share with my son that likes horror stories

  • mohammed tawil
    mohammed tawil Month ago

    award winning my ass nice clickbait mother fucker go kill youurself

  • i put bleach in my eyes

    Hey whos out there

    Edit: real black man woulda said "i gotta my 40 in pants come fuck wid me n***a

  • Delta Lima Bravo
    Delta Lima Bravo Month ago

    It’s the White Devil!! Run!!
    His reaction was a little off considering.... But I still liked it in general!

  • Flash Monkey
    Flash Monkey Month ago +1

    Heard of "Get Out" this is "Stay In"

  • Yvette Alvarado
    Yvette Alvarado Month ago

    I like turtles

  • Lakita Butler
    Lakita Butler Month ago

    LMAO boo

  • Muzzle Spiralz
    Muzzle Spiralz Month ago

    Did he seriously close the door then reopened it.

  • Muzzle Spiralz
    Muzzle Spiralz Month ago

    Who makes hot chocolate with water.

  • ArmyGuy 100
    ArmyGuy 100 Month ago

    "Award Winning" yeah probably award winning for not making sense

  • Spartacus Ani
    Spartacus Ani Month ago

    Old ass tv 😂

  • Amanda Collins
    Amanda Collins Month ago

    So....y is this called dont stare?

  • Vanni Films
    Vanni Films Month ago

  • Justin Libbey
    Justin Libbey Month ago

    Saw the cameraman at 5:15 lol

  • Chloe Elizabeth
    Chloe Elizabeth Month ago

    He didn’t lock the door that’s how she got in lol

  • Aimei Hao
    Aimei Hao Month ago

    What’s his @ ?

  • GaMĖ4 #
    GaMĖ4 # Month ago

    Ohhh scary

  • Rain Drop
    Rain Drop Month ago

    This is the first time im seeing a black guy in a short horror coolll😎

  • pavithra Jadhav
    pavithra Jadhav Month ago

    Why in horror movies people catch knife
    Will they kill the ghost

  • Azir Main
    Azir Main Month ago

    this nigga is fucked

  • Ant Sar
    Ant Sar Month ago

    What's everyone talking about? When ever I see something creepy I just close the door and not lock it and just say "get out of here." Pretty standard reaction. This guy did everything right.

  • Renee Brady
    Renee Brady Month ago

    LOL 5:16 you can see the camerman in the reflection...I thought maybe another creepy kid snuck in to the house in order to film the girl killing him or something, since it is so noticeable, but nope...but not the worst horror short that I've seen, just needs a little refinement :-)

  • jcb digger
    jcb digger Month ago

    why do people hesitate in those situations, run the bitch over, she obviously is evil with those eyes. one less demon in the world!

  • jcb digger
    jcb digger Month ago

    and the "ham it up" award goes to that guy when he realises he can't turn the tv off, priceless.

  • jcb digger
    jcb digger Month ago

    nice reflection of the camera man in the window, fire that editor!

  • jcb digger
    jcb digger Month ago

    nice gaff like that but no telly?

  • Eduardo Leyva
    Eduardo Leyva Month ago

    Overall film along w/ acting: 3 1/2. I would say that it did entertain me for these 8 minutes or so.

  • Hall0wed6
    Hall0wed6 Month ago

    WhAt aM I SuPpOsEd tO Do WiTH tHiS!>??!?

    • Hall0wed6
      Hall0wed6 Month ago

      I think the award that they earned was closer to a golden raspberry than an Oscar.

  • struggle angel
    struggle angel Month ago

    Scary wow

  • eesita gos
    eesita gos Month ago

    What is there not to stare at? Not an appropriate title for this sub par act.

  • iam Lee
    iam Lee Month ago

    3:53 scared the fuccn shit out of

  • K o n g K o n g
    K o n g K o n g Month ago

    made on 1986

  • Jonathan Hoh
    Jonathan Hoh Month ago

    He just wanted tv and some hot chocolate!!!!!

  • Tyler Simpson
    Tyler Simpson Month ago +3

    I love it when he slammed the door in her face 😂

  • Mama R
    Mama R Month ago

    This was legit creepy. Well done!

  • Vidyoto
    Vidyoto 2 months ago

    05:14 mirror reflection

  • Brian Lennox-Smith
    Brian Lennox-Smith 2 months ago

    Just bad. I think they put award winning on some of these just to get more views, and I fell for it.

  • Ethan Yeh
    Ethan Yeh 2 months ago

    So this is basically like endermans

  • DiverseShotz
    DiverseShotz 2 months ago

    hello people who are scared and hiding in the comment section