Don't Stare - Short Horror Film (Award Winning)

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • Jarod returns to an empty house from visiting his grandmother and is terrorized by an unlikely antagonist. Don't Stare is based on the urban legend of the black eyed kids.
    *Winner* - Audience Choice Narrative - VHSL Film Festival, 2017
    *Winner* - Best Cinematography - Clifton Film Fest, 2017
    *Official Selection* - Virginia Film Festival, 2017
    *Official Selection* - Skyline Indie Film Fest, 2017
    Don’t Stare was shot over the course of three days, from Dec. 26, 2016 to Dec. 29, 2016. Special thanks to Max Hess for the post-production work he did and to Charlie Casciano for designing the thumbnail and posters.
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    Twitter: esparksofficial
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  • SparksProductions
    SparksProductions  Year ago +87

    Hey everyone, make sure to check out my video of Bo Burnham’s VidCon interview about his new film:

  • Liam Henwood
    Liam Henwood 9 hours ago

    Why did he not let her in and then shower if I was him I would let her in and then I'd run out the other way

  • Huck Andrews
    Huck Andrews 2 days ago

    Wait is this a movie about the black eyed children cuz that’s wat happens if u encounter one

  • ExZacly Studios
    ExZacly Studios 4 days ago

    You better have left. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ellen Knell
    Ellen Knell 6 days ago

    First off, these films are way to short even for short clips. Second, why can you pause the video, skip ahead or go back and expand the screen???? WTH

  • Ellen Knell
    Ellen Knell 6 days ago

    Its the Black Eyed children.

  • Phillip Collins
    Phillip Collins 7 days ago

    A black guy and a little white girl how fitting !

  • Nigerian Prince
    Nigerian Prince 7 days ago

    Worst acting yet! *FACEPALM*

  • Claudia Sauceda
    Claudia Sauceda 8 days ago

    This man has a nice house his own car, Stainless fridge but doesn’t have a tv besides the raggedy one his grandma gave him? At least that lil bitch got the tv to work.

  • Jason Hurd
    Jason Hurd 10 days ago

    This is an actual thing. George Noory covered it on Coast-to-Coast AM. They are called the Black-Eyed Kids, and they only appear at twilight. They will approach people who are sitting in parked cars, or knock on the doors of houses, demanding to be let in. If you don't let them in, they start shrieking and violently attacking the door, but they cannot come in without your permission. If you DO let them're a goner.

  • Chris Johnell
    Chris Johnell 10 days ago

    Lol he’s black too many bad decisions.

  • Jake D'addiego
    Jake D'addiego 10 days ago

    The camera man at 5.14 legit scared the s*** out of me! 😂

  • Nico AlNegus
    Nico AlNegus 12 days ago

    Dumbest black man in the history of black men in horror movies lol, good grief!

  • Mohamed  Senharshan
    Mohamed Senharshan 15 days ago

    Ignore the ghost. This can be helpful. Most of them were very careful to know what happened to the ghost. And then die😂

  • Silver Jag
    Silver Jag 15 days ago

    predictable but suspenseful none the less

  • Moshang
    Moshang 18 days ago

    I saw the camera man! 5:15

  • DarlingExotica TheUniverse

    *The little girl is supposed to be a Black Eyed Kid.*

  • Vinod kumar Akula
    Vinod kumar Akula 19 days ago

    I can see the camera guy at 5:12

  • 2 Dads Vlog
    2 Dads Vlog 21 day ago

    Horrible acting👎🏾

  • A. Clarke
    A. Clarke 22 days ago

    First scary thing was adding the hot chocolate after the water 😱

  • tha Real Mike Zee
    tha Real Mike Zee 23 days ago

    man this sucked idk why I can't seem to find anything good to watch 2nite

  • Christopher Campbell
    Christopher Campbell 23 days ago

    It’s fuuny!!😆

  • ank kadir
    ank kadir 25 days ago

    Hiç korkunç değil 😒😒😒

  • Spencer Blair Bran
    Spencer Blair Bran 25 days ago

    I over all enjoyed it. Very nice. I personally would never live in a house with glass doors and that many windows purely for the reason of intruders and the like.
    I wish I knew why they titled this "Don't Stare". It doesn't fit well because he didn't really stare at her, she didn't stare at him, and we never found out what would happen if someone even DID stare. Orher than that small nitpicky thing, I thought it was good.

  • Bounty Starts
    Bounty Starts 28 days ago

    Lol the comedy

    Girl:I'm wearing black contact lenses tho.....nvm...

  • eliyas LLEM
    eliyas LLEM 28 days ago

    I just stopped watching it because the guy is acting like it's really happening. Wtf man do something, have some facial expressions.

  • Sonny
    Sonny Month ago +1


  • lpc
    lpc Month ago

    so the white girl killed the black guy in this case, reverse stereotype lol

  • Patrick Frerking
    Patrick Frerking Month ago

    Movie: black guy comes outside onto his porch and sees a white kid. Then, he walks back inside slams the door and screams "get outta here!"
    Me: finally a realistic horror film!

  • Hannah Ramos
    Hannah Ramos Month ago

    My man over here ran for his life 😂 tripped and ran for his life 😂 my man not playing he not bouta investigate

  • Hannah Ramos
    Hannah Ramos Month ago

    🤣 completely saw the camera man y’all supposed to change view god lee

  • Hannah Ramos
    Hannah Ramos Month ago

    Y’all can put subtitles I can’t 😭 and bruhhh no one uses those TVs but he has a fridge from the 2017-2019 and he dressed (boyyyy I almost spelled dressed wrong bc the girl scared me 😂) but he dressed like the 2015-2019 ohhh child of the black eyes/// I’m dead she said “let me in...*looks up* *deep voice* NOW” 😂 he funny he closed that door like HELL TO THE NO UHHH

  • craig biggs
    craig biggs Month ago +1

    Why did your Grandma give you a haunted t.v? You must have really pissed her off.

  • Daria Abdulova
    Daria Abdulova Month ago

    How about to call the police? Or a priest? Or an excorsist?

  • IssaMfRat
    IssaMfRat Month ago

    6:03 smart man.

  • mounisha sunil
    mounisha sunil Month ago

    If I was him I would never get out of the car

  • Mary Sutton
    Mary Sutton Month ago

    3:56. NOW!

  • bblacksamurai
    bblacksamurai Month ago +1

    Why am I here... but I like scary stuff so I’m proud to be here

  • hot pockets
    hot pockets Month ago

    Thanks for making this!
    Now i know that just because a short horror film has “award winning” in the tittle or different awards it got on the thumbnail it doesn’t mean that it’s true.
    This was below garbage and amateur

  • Helene D
    Helene D Month ago

    Horrible. Award winning? Yeah, right. Soooooooo bad

  • JA S
    JA S Month ago

    Aww hell naw...

  • Miguel Del Cid
    Miguel Del Cid Month ago

    That has to be dumbmest most bitchmade most pussy ass dude in the entire world and let me add the worst actor

  • KeLa JP
    KeLa JP Month ago

    That was a damn good one!

  • Agentshadowolf
    Agentshadowolf Month ago

    This seems like the precursor of jordan peele's get out movie lol

  • miloradvlaovic
    miloradvlaovic Month ago

    I don't know how this could've won an award. It's extremely derivative, unimaginative, bland, with poor acting, and overall it's that much not-scary that it can't be in good faith called a horror film.
    1/2 out of 5 stars In my humble opinion

  • Paul Ziolo
    Paul Ziolo Month ago

    I knew she’d be in the back seat. Cute CLG - almost saves the video. This guy makes every booboo horror movie idiots make. I’ve no problem with black-eyed kids by the way. They often turned up in my grade 3 class at St. Beelzebub’s Primary. They were little shits all right, but good students, especially during the human vivisection classes......

  • Atul Sharma
    Atul Sharma Month ago

    Why does in every horror flim the sprint chase the person
    I mean kill the person immediately
    Why waste our time

  • abie gail
    abie gail Month ago

    Waz that Mary Kate or Ashley Olson? Seriously though this was good film work and color grading. Impressive!

  • kevin No
    kevin No Month ago

    2:42 I can see 2 shadows

  • Shuga Doll
    Shuga Doll Month ago

    Is this the actor's first time ' acting ' ?

  • candle sweetlikeschocolates

    Oh tv has broken down too...what a coincidence...

  • Mudpie Conspiracy
    Mudpie Conspiracy Month ago

    Could have been good. Sigh, why do they always leave the safety of their car. They always have to check.

  • L T
    L T Month ago

    How’s his home so clean when he leaves trash all over?

  • Abel
    Abel Month ago

    Black guy; "HEY WHO'S OUT THERE?"
    Sees little white girl and runs in fear.
    Me; "WHAT 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣?!?!

  • Toni Diaz
    Toni Diaz Month ago

    This scared me. I hate being alone at night.

  • glenn parker
    glenn parker Month ago

    >Fear the little white woman with pig tails

  • sikkum subba
    sikkum subba Month ago

    I can see the camera man

  • Diana Taylor
    Diana Taylor Month ago

    submit to the Newlyn PZ International Film Festival 2020 via film freeway

  • Jay Luna
    Jay Luna Month ago

    That looks so fake

  • Karen Llewellyn
    Karen Llewellyn Month ago

    He says.... "Get outa here!"
    But he’s the one who took off in the car... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂