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Son Spends $250,000 for Father’s Day! 😳💎

  • Published on Jun 20, 2022

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  • @logic4914

    Director: How fake do you want this to be?

  • @user-be4lh8vb6t

    "Aight bruh video is over give em back" 🤣

  • @mykcmo2.035

    The store would do good in movies

  • @moneyboysmonopoly1197

    “Let me get det “

  • @AnimePOI
    @AnimePOI  +60

    Him: Magically pours out exactly 250k

  • @genesisbethea

    The dad looks like he work there

  • @hexerfkd4928

    Bro gotta $80 fit on, they def hooked buddy up with a chain & watch for the video lol

  • @lagent7433

    They definitely work there 😂

  • @evanhedrick4906

    “alright the videos over give us back our jewelry”

  • @luthogoats2929

    Afterwards : Alright give them back Bro 😐

  • @qpl5673
    @qpl5673  +545

    I know this scripted 💀

  • @inklifefloridatattootv181

    Who filming? They working the shit out of that iPhone with those transitions😎 they made us watch the whole video😅 hood movie vybez

  • @aarielmarie

    After the camera man stop filming: take these back and give me my money 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @maverick21422142

    Ahhh…I like this. He’s acting right there. Without a doubt.

  • @MukbangTurnup

    Another $250,k for dad’s, just for being that dude!!!

  • @jonathangregory228

    It's a son and fathers day dream to once being able to have your father endulge himself in a extreme spoil your dad day, sky is the limit! If it is real, it would be a great day for both of them to be proud.

  • @thinkrarely3436

    randomly enters the shop

  • @sleeperenroute2412

    This is the society we live in do what ever it takes to have material things

  • @lildequavis2183

    That wasn’t even 250,000😭😭

  • @user-eq3ji8gq9f
    @user-eq3ji8gq9f 21 day ago

    걸음걸이 부터 웃기다🤣