This 6X6 Hellcat Wrangler Pickup Is Only Vehicle You'll Ever Need!

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • ( ) This Hellcat 6X6 Jeep Wrangler Pickup Is Only Vehicle You'll Ever Need!
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Comments • 935

  • Justin Spiguzza
    Justin Spiguzza 4 days ago

    The rear back tires are locking up when you take off.

  • IIA Target Analyst
    IIA Target Analyst 4 days ago


  • Michael Bacani
    Michael Bacani 9 days ago

    If I was rich, I'd rather buy the 6x6 Mercedes than this one.

  • Jesus Freitas
    Jesus Freitas 10 days ago

    I love how he says “Starting at”...He must be completely out of his mind if he thinks anyone is going to purchase at $289K and if you do....Obviously you didn’t think it through. No thank you.

  • Alpha Adeeb
    Alpha Adeeb 11 days ago

    If I was this guy I wouldn’t sell this thing for less than 450k

  • Dale Earnhardt
    Dale Earnhardt 16 days ago

    I want to see the 6x6 hill climb, go mudding, ect...

  • Ocean Summit
    Ocean Summit 16 days ago +1

    Very cool truck! The two door Jeeps have such a short wheelbase, that they aren't very fun to drive as a main vehicle. I used to have a 1980 Chev 3/4 tone 4X4 pickup, with an 8 inch lift and 35 inch tires that had a nicer ride, than the little bouncy jeeps.

  • Bluealien69
    Bluealien69 17 days ago

    Personally dont like it. I get the idea and everything but not for me. Nice for you thou

  • Zhing Onizuka
    Zhing Onizuka 20 days ago

    Good job bro!! Looks like came straight out of SEMA floor. Nice paint job too. Love it!!

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith Month ago

    That's great...but too many tires to pay for..but its cool

  • Beth Robinson
    Beth Robinson Month ago

    Love both the vehicle and the video!

  • Mark Pandanell
    Mark Pandanell Month ago

    You lost me at all the damn ads, including you talking about some car company. Didn’t finish video.

  • Bill Phillips
    Bill Phillips Month ago

    Middle part of exocage looks useless mounted to fender flare😓

  • Hemi Dave
    Hemi Dave Month ago

    Amazing build......

  • Backcountry Adventure

    I wish it wasn't angry birds grill

  • Christopher Kaesemeyer

    I like the bumper and the front fenders

  • Noreen Kayani
    Noreen Kayani Month ago

    U stole thestradman's idea how could u do this

  • Ed Wu
    Ed Wu Month ago

    If only they would build a 400hp 6cyl from the factory

  • FRANCIS Autor
    FRANCIS Autor Month ago

    @stradman this is it!!!

  • 7 Rivers east
    7 Rivers east Month ago

    This shop is sponsored by "Valium" , when draggin' your ass on monday isn't good enough, we got you covered the other 6 days of the week .

  • eggfase
    eggfase Month ago +1

    Oh cool, he just got back from skating again.

  • HumperMKB
    HumperMKB 2 months ago

    Crude a la U.S. of A.

  • Pierce Jansen
    Pierce Jansen 2 months ago +1

    The Jeep is EPIC.... I'm going to put the playback speed on 2x so I can make it to the end of the video. Somebody get that man some Adderall.

  • Jeffrey Webber
    Jeffrey Webber 2 months ago

    Ok . Sounds nice and looks insane . Now double or triple the power so it will move out of its own way . Just kidding , very very nice !

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 2 months ago

    4x4 works good enough I don't know how 6 wheels are beneficial. It only cost you more money. Definitely not made for practicality.

  • floyd conaway
    floyd conaway 2 months ago

    If I had the money to buy that thing I would be knocking on his garage door......Life can

  • 3rd X
    3rd X 2 months ago

    A fool and his money are soon parted

  • Smithvegas BassAssassin

    Amazing looking 6X6! Would love to know some of the differences, besides RHD that make one $285,000 and the other $180,000... bet they are both amazing in the sand and off-road though!

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson 2 months ago

    Hey StradMan where are you?

  • Ro Baas
    Ro Baas 2 months ago

    hey aholes.... who you sucking up to today...?

  • Bright King
    Bright King 2 months ago

    Hay man great job

  • katy donawether
    katy donawether 2 months ago +2

    The dude didn't like it when he told him we use mercedes transmission because GM transmissions are junk 😂

  • K A
    K A 2 months ago

    Aaaaand it dude...

  • Alex Kessler
    Alex Kessler 2 months ago

    JL6 coming?

  • RedRax
    RedRax 2 months ago

    This is clean, jeep needs to start UPGRADING the motor power though

  • Scott Ledford
    Scott Ledford 2 months ago

    BADASS Jeep.. Hell yeah!!!!

  • Alexei Berteig
    Alexei Berteig 3 months ago

    Eeyore builds a wannabe G-Wagen 6x6. Even the guy who built is like..."Why."

  • Jerry Nix
    Jerry Nix 3 months ago


  • PatrickC19
    PatrickC19 3 months ago +1

    To all the people talking smack on the rough country lift, 2 things. 1st, if you wanted something better, it would probably cost you an extra 50k to have it built with a nicer lift. And 2nd, if you have the kind of money to buy that, you could easily afford to pay someone to install a nicer lift for around 10k dollars.

  • Jinsoku440
    Jinsoku440 3 months ago

    Jeesus my boner never shot up so quick before

  • bigdaddywadeus
    bigdaddywadeus 3 months ago

    I loved it until I heard 300k which buys a Mercedes 6x6

  • lyndon moore
    lyndon moore 3 months ago

  • Conor Hogan
    Conor Hogan 3 months ago

    Reason he sounds depressed is because he spent 1500 hours and his budget on a $300k mall crawler that nobody will buy

    MAGAMAN 3 months ago

    Amazing build. Took some guts. Get ready for the rappers lined up to buy it

  • kakaroto eres el numero uno

    Imagine with hellephant 426

  • Cory D
    Cory D 3 months ago

    someone get this guy some heroin

  • I Like pie
    I Like pie 3 months ago

    Rough country lift and federal couragia and 300k hell no

  • c. 1
    c. 1 3 months ago

    Just read a article that jeep was going to put a hellcat in a jeep. The problem was that it wouldn't pass a crash test. According to the article, its a death warrant. No thanks! And 289k, what a joke!

  • Marlon Hofmann
    Marlon Hofmann 3 months ago

    I Could Not Imagine even a Single Situation i‘d a 6x6

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 3 months ago

    What a junk 🖕🏻

  • Scene Records
    Scene Records 3 months ago

    lmfao they did build a wrangler hellcat its called the trailcat

  • jon b.
    jon b. 3 months ago

    how can I contact jeep about commenting on why I think jeep NEEDS TO MAKE A 2 DOOR GLADIATOR!!!!!! I just watched your moab preview with all the concept rigs,and for some reason,i got disconnected,and can't find that,any clue on how to comment to jeep???

  • Alfonso Ocampo
    Alfonso Ocampo 3 months ago

    4:25 she's screaming with power!🔥

  • luiv _
    luiv _ 3 months ago

    Jeeps are death traps js

  • Alejandra Rivera
    Alejandra Rivera 3 months ago

    Go down to Jalisco México to VAKA innovations and they can build it for a fraction of the price and in about 3-5 months.

  • Дмитрий Марущенко

    This is how new Gladiator should look.

  • Mark N
    Mark N 3 months ago


  • stgraves260
    stgraves260 3 months ago

    $289k? Holly shit. That is like 4 Hell cats. I’ll pass.

  • Quentin Freeman
    Quentin Freeman 3 months ago +4

    Lol, everybody following in AMGs foot steps lol. Still nothing is even close to as crazy as the G63 6x6

    • Quentin Freeman
      Quentin Freeman Month ago

      @Holden Deaner That's actually pretty badass. I never knew about this thing. Although it did come out the same year I was born lol.

    • Holden Deaner
      Holden Deaner Month ago

      Dodge did it first with the T-Rex

  • RSD N/A
    RSD N/A 3 months ago +4

    $120k just to get the upgraded engine, and it has rough country shocks umm no.

    • Alchemical Odyssey
      Alchemical Odyssey 3 months ago

      Exactly what I thought when he said $169 for the truck that's the same as the one for 289, minus the HC Engine and fab...

  • Frankie Reyes
    Frankie Reyes 3 months ago

    Will .they made dully for gladiator? Comments so he can se this.

  • D'Arcy Jousset
    D'Arcy Jousset 3 months ago

    That paint job looks like the factory Sunset Red i have on my 2014 F150.

  • Zach De
    Zach De 4 months ago

    What's up with the exposed wiring

  • Big Evil inc
    Big Evil inc 4 months ago

    300k absolutely not lmaoo

  • Job Chithalan
    Job Chithalan 4 months ago

    Off road test in Moab?!
    Proof the pudding is in the eating!

    BIGBOSS JC 4 months ago

    I think launching like a rocket is kind of an over statement. How a vehicle back up faster then going forward.

  • Ayoub IZEM
    Ayoub IZEM 4 months ago


  • Cristopher Fernandez
    Cristopher Fernandez 4 months ago

    beautiful build ... must be a nightmare to work on

  • Jack Man
    Jack Man 4 months ago +1

    Well built Russ. Better than a 6x6 raptor and I would seriously consider this over a G-wagen

  • Leggo My Ego
    Leggo My Ego 4 months ago +2

    So you took an awesome and functional 4 wheel wrangler and made it into a completely impractical and useless imitation of the Mercedes AMG 6x6.

  • Jay Wade
    Jay Wade 4 months ago

    A mall crawler on using viagra..

  • one 2
    one 2 4 months ago

    We'll get new tires lol.

  • Owen Wolf
    Owen Wolf 4 months ago

    I need this

  • ncklpltd
    ncklpltd 4 months ago

    Mark Zuckaberg builds Jeeps??? LOL

  • daily driven H2
    daily driven H2 4 months ago

    im looking to the same with an H2

  • Americare Transportation

    so hes charging 110k for a motor. he wants 169k for the white 1. you do know your insane. jesus

  • Americare Transportation

    gotta be honest, its nice, but not beautiful, also, how do u not know your specs, and that price, sorry bud, i know its got alot time and money into it, no doubt about it, but not no damn near 300k

  • 911Tger
    911Tger 4 months ago

    Yeah.. no.. looks like crap. low end suspension, not even beefed up axles. FFS truss it at least. MALL CRAWLER WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.

  • Nando
    Nando 4 months ago

    I'm a Jeeper and I'd never ever throw away $289k in a Jeep 6x6. No Jeep is worth that kind of money. This one is just a frankenjeep born as a hobby. A real engineered 6x6 is the Mercedes G63. That thing is worth every penny of its half a million ticket price.

  • Benjamin Conzemius
    Benjamin Conzemius 4 months ago

    Hey strandman check this out

  • v8hero
    v8hero 4 months ago

    completely pointless and useless offroad
    Just another mall crawler

  • Pretty__ nice_guy
    Pretty__ nice_guy 4 months ago +1

    whats the gas mileage on that thing?

  • Chaz G
    Chaz G 4 months ago

    No rear locking differential?

  • John Pereira
    John Pereira 4 months ago

    Uhhhh... those tail lights have been made by cheap Chinese brands for a long time


    Looks like the Mercedes 6x6

  • Cool Pizzo
    Cool Pizzo 4 months ago +2

    Would get a 6x6 JL instead because of the upgraded technology.

  • Will Dobbs
    Will Dobbs 4 months ago

    Mercedes g-wagon 6x6 way your heart out

  • pcosta816
    pcosta816 4 months ago

    Is this guy talking about a 700hp 6x6 or auditioning for a Zoloft commercial?

  • Quinten Scott
    Quinten Scott 4 months ago

    This guy sounds so much like Toby Flenderson

  • Eli bocio
    Eli bocio 4 months ago +2

    Get this man some coffee

  • Enzo Prosciutto
    Enzo Prosciutto 4 months ago

    So $120000 more to get a hell cat motor?

    SIRCOBBB 4 months ago

    He said 289 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’ll take a Benz squared 4x4 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Dygo- Music and Entertaining

    thats wicked , i like it

  • Downtown Racing
    Downtown Racing 4 months ago +1

    For a guy who makes a badass jeep he sounds way too boring

  • FRANCIS Autor
    FRANCIS Autor 5 months ago


  • FRANCIS Autor
    FRANCIS Autor 5 months ago


  • Bryan M
    Bryan M 5 months ago


  • Krane
    Krane 5 months ago

    Well considering you could spend as much as $258,000 for an antiquated G-Wagon, a unique costume vehicle such as this isn't totally out of the question.

  • leopold klop
    leopold klop 5 months ago

    Jeep frames are nothing but rotting pieces of garbage

  • Carter D Johnson
    Carter D Johnson 5 months ago +1

    LOL, Benz 6x6 has been around forever -, but if you got money to burn, cool!