NBA Finals 1993. Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bulls - Game Highlights | Game 4 | Jordan 55 HD 720p/60fps

  • Published on Aug 22, 2018
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  • The Throwback
    The Throwback  Month ago +10

    Game 2
    Game 3
    Game 6

  • Brandon Ross
    Brandon Ross 3 hours ago

    Jordan feasting off another White boy defender.. Hornacek, Majerle ,Ehlo

  • S val
    S val 5 hours ago

    Amazing watching this how many fouls would be called in today's game

  • Prama Yulio
    Prama Yulio 8 hours ago

    cool man, it should be if you can add the scores

  • spazke
    spazke 13 hours ago


  • Soak Mike Hawk
    Soak Mike Hawk 21 hour ago +1

    damn nice quality how tf

  • Orlando Panelli
    Orlando Panelli Day ago

    Ahhh!! The days when it was ok to take a two point shot.

  • iracema viera guzman

    De las mejores finales que he visto
    Spurs-Miami(las dos)
    Piston--lakers (la de badboy 1 y2)
    Chicago-Jazz(la segunda)

  • Luis Grijalva
    Luis Grijalva Day ago

    More fast the escenas

  • Akheel Das
    Akheel Das 2 days ago +5

    Who's here for the G.O.A.T? 🙌🙌🔥🤩

  • Tadeu Andrade
    Tadeu Andrade 3 days ago

    holy shit, 6:35 look michael jordan at his best... a thrash talker lul

  • thelegendsqb1
    thelegendsqb1 5 days ago +1

    The Warriors would drop 150+ on these weak ass defenses.

  • Shotgunner42
    Shotgunner42 6 days ago

    Lebron > Jordan

  • 1982paskal
    1982paskal 6 days ago +3

    Charles man you are amazing....!! What can I say...? Fighting the beasts!!! Respect

  • DonDada
    DonDada 6 days ago

    Another case you can make for MJ being the GOAT, is the fact that he played against all the talent of the golden era of the NBA (the 90s) and he came out on top most of the time beating them all.

  • Orlando Biotechnology

    That last play was not a foul...

  • Yowl Jungreis
    Yowl Jungreis 7 days ago

    When the nba wasn't a three point contest

  • Mark Pringle
    Mark Pringle 7 days ago

    Man, Richard Dumas...what could have been.

  • johnnie hotrod
    johnnie hotrod 7 days ago

    in this series,sir charles who's listed 6'6" was guarded by 6'10" horace grant & 6'11" scott williams by still overpowered them ......... that's how good this guy is...... so lucky to watch this series from game 1 to game 6 ...... I love nba ......

  • Moe Snert
    Moe Snert 7 days ago

    A much classier time in the nba

  • Divionist
    Divionist 8 days ago +1

    I don't watch Basketball at all and watched a full game for the first time two days ago.
    Is basketball really like Soccer? What's with all the penalty/foul shots? And all these guys trying to sell it, acting like they were fouled. Why are there like fouls for everything?
    Were games really like this back then? Even though it's a highlight video, were games this exciting?

    • Divionist
      Divionist 6 days ago

      @Teddy Kim damn... Games back then are so much more exciting and like you said, Had a sense of evident tension. Yea, I noticed too. There's a whoooooooooooole lot more 3 pointers now and a WHOOOOLE lot less "contact" than I see in these older games/videos.
      Like, games back then looked more "raw" than of today.

    • Teddy Kim
      Teddy Kim 6 days ago

      It's because they implemented new rules on contact, for example you can't touch your opponent (brush up against them) when they are holding the ball where as back in the 90s this was allowed and was not called. You could swipe at the ball a few times without risk back then, now if you even dare try to swipe and the opponent with the ball decides to "let" you hit them on the hand with the swipe that's considered a foul (whereas it wasn't back then). Imagine Kawhi Leonard/Steph Curry playing in a game where everyone and their mother can slap you to death; do you think they would be in the same position as they are now? The same was said about Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, they are all playing in a no contact game which makes it boring. The older players played in a rough NBA where almost everything was allowed, calls weren't made often but were made more accurately, and there was LOTS of action going on. You couldn't just hide around picks to make 3s, there were more 1 on 1 situations, you could feel and see the tension building between opponents, plays felt big for example if someone fouled out you felt it like Messi was getting a red card in football, unlike if someone like Kyle Lowry was fouled out today nobody gives a shit because it is fairly negligible to the outcome. If Jordan or Barkley for example was fouled out (6 fouls), that would be game-breaking and honestly it would be nail-biting depending on who was winning. The foul-shots you see are mostly the same from before it's just you see them more often now because EVERYTHING is a foul so it's easier to get to that point. If you are interested in reading more go to and read 1999 rules to see what I am trying to say. the NBA became boring immediately after that.

  • LonnieJohnson234509
    LonnieJohnson234509 8 days ago

    This is when games were actually worth watching. Nothing compares to Jordan and the era he played in

  • Likes&Favorites
    Likes&Favorites 8 days ago

    if this was on....I'd watch it.

    the game has changed

  • Barba Bigode
    Barba Bigode 8 days ago

    jogo épico da NBA

  • luis luviano
    luis luviano 8 days ago

    NBA got so soft now

  • Christine Lin
    Christine Lin 8 days ago


  • Jonathan Truncellito

    Did that announcer really say Michael Jackson??? LMFAOOO and noone corrected him.. it's funny how times have changed because now if an announcer messes up the other one will roast and laugh at him or at the least correct him lol idk I jus found that funny

  • William Gee
    William Gee 9 days ago

    If you inserted Steph Curry in this game , had him hit a 3 and do that faggity little shimmy shit, he would he would get his ass kicked so hard his nuts would get stuck in his nostrels.

  • William Gee
    William Gee 9 days ago

    The 73 win warriors team would have been a lottery team in 1993.

  • Dan Okero
    Dan Okero 10 days ago

    jordan was un-guard-able

  • giannis pateras
    giannis pateras 10 days ago

    The best series in the history of basketball

  • Desmond Deccaaa
    Desmond Deccaaa 11 days ago

    Jordan the goat

  • kidjr27
    kidjr27 11 days ago

    If Chuck would have had great helpers like Jordan did Chuck and the Suns would have won this series...

  • Kent Andrew Ferrer
    Kent Andrew Ferrer 11 days ago

    Jordan won 6rings bcoz of 90s weak team hahahha..utah player? Suns?hahahaha. Compared today , a lot of skills player,they will gonna eat these team by modern teams realtalk

  • Kent Andrew Ferrer
    Kent Andrew Ferrer 11 days ago

    If they face NBA team today especially GSW, 90s team did not win hahaha smh

  • Vance Crofoot
    Vance Crofoot 11 days ago

    Why did you crop the score from the bottom of the screen? Kind of need that to enjoy the end yeah?

  • Alpha Rosales
    Alpha Rosales 12 days ago

    This was when basketball was nice

    36,539 views 12 days ago

    charles barkley!!

  • Ancha Batubara
    Ancha Batubara 12 days ago

    Charles Barkley "Si Mulut Sampah"

  • 人參剩粒祖
    人參剩粒祖 12 days ago

    The big difference is low post offense is gone now, replace by three point shots.

  • Marvin Solano
    Marvin Solano 12 days ago

    Old school at it’s best

  • Dante Washington
    Dante Washington 13 days ago

    Go Barkley

  • lamontcoleman99
    lamontcoleman99 13 days ago

    That’s some Harden defence right there....

  • Cleiber Azevedo
    Cleiber Azevedo 13 days ago

    Jordan the GOAT !!!

  • Hazelhurst
    Hazelhurst 13 days ago +1

    Nice video quality

  • Jay Giray
    Jay Giray 13 days ago +1

    I have question.
    Why isn't the conference championship included in career highlights?

  • Barak
    Barak 13 days ago

    Great upload, but It would be nice to see the score... Thx:)

  • Christian A
    Christian A 13 days ago +5

    no shooting threes everywhere. old but gold.

    • kobeno1
      kobeno1 12 days ago

      And there was actual defense being played...the physical kind!

  • Lesane Crooks
    Lesane Crooks 13 days ago

    Jordan was molesting Dan majerle lol

  • Shaw A
    Shaw A 13 days ago

    Jordan, overrated.

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas 14 days ago

    Barkley traveled 9:02

  • 、此人据说奇帅无比

    When the GOAT was walking among normal people.

  • Liron Diaz
    Liron Diaz 14 days ago

    Los suns tenían un equipazo pero enfrente tenían a los putos bulls de Michael Jordan

  • jalon
    jalon 15 days ago +1

    I miss these days the nba is watered down now

  • d koul
    d koul 15 days ago

    Was it illegal to defend the rim and to shoot a 3-point?

  • Alkor Melesker
    Alkor Melesker 15 days ago

    Any doubts that Chigaco Bulls of 90th would beat any modern NBA team?

    • Kimberly Gordon
      Kimberly Gordon 15 days ago

      Alkor Melesker The Bulls in the 90's would slaughter all these teams. And yes, Golden State too.

  • Brother Máx
    Brother Máx 15 days ago

    Charles post game 🏀fire !!!!

  • Brother Máx
    Brother Máx 15 days ago +1

    At 5:20 3 sounds like bliss. The net sound is beautiful.

  • Stephen Sandin
    Stephen Sandin 15 days ago

    No one is even trying to stop Jordan from scoring, lol

    • Stephen Sandin
      Stephen Sandin 13 days ago

      @Hazelhurst If I can stop great players from any div league so can they if they work harder. I mean, I play in div 2 in floorball while others play three div higher

    • Hazelhurst
      Hazelhurst 13 days ago

      They can't

  • Sikkassfuu
    Sikkassfuu 15 days ago

    Looks like they’re playing street ball back in the day

  • Jason Maruszak
    Jason Maruszak 15 days ago

    As a Chicago kid that grew up in the 90's, coming straight here after watching game 1 of the Raptors over the Warriors...How is it that basketball got worse over the decades? I don't mean to be biased, but just the flow and competitiveness from an objective view is higher here. Compare this game to the game I'm talking about and its not even close. The physicality, grace, athleticism, teamwork- If you compared this game to game one of the 2019 NBA finals, 25 of the top 25 highlights are in this video. Wow.

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 16 days ago

    God damn. I forget how good the bulls were back then. I SWEAR they were the best team of all time. The 91-93/96-98 bulls team was the best of all time. I'd put the 2015-2019 warriors 2nd. AND the 1958-1966 Celtics 3rd. I put Celtics 3rd cause back then they didn't have much competition teams to play. No 3 point line so most their points scored were under the rim. The rules were way different back the too. SO ya. 1st 90s Bulls. 2nd 2015-2019 Warriors. 3rd 60s Celtics. 4th Lakers of the 80s. 5th Celtics of the 80s. 6th 99-2014 Spurs. 7th 2000-2003 Lakers. Pistons were good too in late 80s and mid 2000s and mid 90s Rockets were good.

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 16 days ago

    I remember My older brother and I watching this game back in 1993 in My Mom's bedroom. I was only 8 and brother 11. He was cheering for the Suns and I bulls. He hated the bulls and Jordan cause they were so good. He was a Jordan hater mostly. God this game seemed like it wasn't that long ago. FUCK I'm old now!!

  • Cairo Rodrigo Nascimento
    Cairo Rodrigo Nascimento 17 days ago +4

    golden years... I still remember Luciano do Vale's voice (Brazilian commentator from TV Bandeirantes) screaming after this play 9:15

  • Kevin Clarke
    Kevin Clarke 19 days ago

    this is why chuck never won a NBA ring too much Michael Jordan prick licking

  • mkomko 258
    mkomko 258 20 days ago

    More entertaining today than the trash theyre trying to pass off as NBA

  • Michael Chaney Jr.
    Michael Chaney Jr. 20 days ago

    5:38 lol

  • Leonardo Hickssen
    Leonardo Hickssen 22 days ago +2

    Chicago Plays beautifull thanks for sharing greats from Brazil

  • Phil Gaerlan
    Phil Gaerlan 23 days ago

    What was the score that entire time lol

  • Harry Dela Cruz II
    Harry Dela Cruz II 24 days ago

    My idol Barkley hahaha very strong ahaha

  • K C
    K C 25 days ago

    Back when barkley had a neck

  • corkystorky
    corkystorky 26 days ago

    0:19 Uhm, wait, Armstrong's the point guard but he immediately gave the ball to Pip?

  • Atle Andrei Nybakken
    Atle Andrei Nybakken 26 days ago +1

    Best finals ever, I was heartbroken when the Suns lost this one, knowing chances are slim to none coming back from a 3-1 deficit.

  • Yanoosh Choovay
    Yanoosh Choovay 27 days ago


  • Kemal Alp Çakır
    Kemal Alp Çakır 27 days ago

    This is real basketboll

  • chico221179
    chico221179 27 days ago

    loving this in 2019

  • Aaron Robles
    Aaron Robles 28 days ago

    i love reminders like this. lmfaooooo. this makes my statements facts. the lebron haters say that pippen would of locked down bron. thats a huge joke. pippen had amazing defense and can give players trouble but lock down. hell na. no player can lock down another but just give them trouble. pippen couldnt lock down worthy, shrempf, barkley was doing it to pippen in this game and so was west. lil ass kevin johnson was doing his thing. but lebron wont???? hahahaha. so barkleys better then lebron. worthy is better then bron. ya crazy. no way in the world pippen would of stopped that freight train of lebron. maybe bother him but never stop. whats jordan doing thats so spectacular? hes just driving in and posting up. fade aways. lebron has so much in his arsonal. on defense too. see jordan got steals but even iverson had alot of steals but iverson will tell you himself he couldnt guard a player 1 on 1 and stop him. he just saw the floor and read plays really good. ofcourse jordan made all defensive teams. look who he had to guard. very few had athletic and great skill. good players but not great. yea he played vs barkley but didnt guard barkley. kevin johnson ok. he was nice but too small for jordan. the rest of the players on suns could be guarded easy. bron is in a era where theres way more talent, athleticism, shooting, fancy play, crazy moves, and a world wind of amazing players. back then they in jordans era they had scorers. but not gifted, athletic, or super skilled players, or alot of players that can shoot like the players now. the 3 point line was closer and all that back then. jordan was amazing im not knocking that. but in his time the real stars were big men. pf's and centers. yea the game was a tad bit rougher. but not by so much. cmon now. ya are exaggerating. jordan was on the line alot and use to draw mad fouls. you couldnt breathe on him. ive seen players go for dunks and nobody jumped. just like they do at times now. but they still play rough right now. your telling me warriors play soft? blazers play soft? these players still play hard till this day.

  • shaduwy
    shaduwy 28 days ago

    MJ never had finals reach game seven. To me that’s greatest team ever...

  • Woo Young Jeong
    Woo Young Jeong 28 days ago

    눈에 띄는 선수가 한명있네

  • خالد الدوسري

    Maan,I feel you know Charles Barkley it's now way to comparing between bulls and other team the hets comes from every way😅 sorry but for me only kiven Johnson is the super star with Barkley he don't have a luck in his career like mj😅

  • Jerry Chien
    Jerry Chien 29 days ago

    不投三分就不會打籃球了 @@

    • Ken Min
      Ken Min 21 day ago

      Week sma c k down

  • 오ID
    오ID Month ago

    득점도 득점이지만 어시도 많이 하네ㄷㄷ

  • 라스트샷
    라스트샷 Month ago

    저때 찰스 신발을 더 좋아했는데

  • Diogo Alfa Silveira

    Jordan , Pippen eternos

  • David Daniel
    David Daniel Month ago +1

    When men played in the NBA.

  • Tree Bear
    Tree Bear Month ago

    9:39 jordan mentally destroying opponent.

  • Raf Lafrentzz
    Raf Lafrentzz Month ago +1

    These cats shots today don't make Dem nets sound like dat no more🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯 Jordannn

  • Владислав Бугдаев

    Жордан супермен, красавчик! Пипен тоже)))! Баркли и т.д

  • Michael Markle
    Michael Markle Month ago

    The drive to the basket era.... nor its the taking 60 bad 3 point shots a game and of course making some but i miss the era with a 4 and 5 position

  • Ray Cuevas
    Ray Cuevas Month ago +2

    These 2 teams would beat today's Warriors

    • drlee2
      drlee2 13 days ago

      Almost any team from the 90s would

    • Kimberly Gordon
      Kimberly Gordon 22 days ago

      Ray Cuevas Yep! Both teams.

  • Glorified Rhymes
    Glorified Rhymes Month ago +1

    Kj is greatly underrated! Him and Penny use to be my guys in that era....

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo Month ago +6

    big difference, now its all about hitting 3s. all highlights here are big dunks, drives, fade aways, no long shots

  • Юрий Севастьянов

    Вот сколько смотрю Джордана (фанат с детства) - поражаюсь его кошачей грации и харизме. Воля, результат, неприятие проигрыша - это тоже неизменные составляющие. А вообще, конкретно по этому матчу, мне кажется лучше всего видно, баскетбол во многом другой сейчас. Я специально не написал лучше или хуже. Баскетбол, как и многое другое, делают люди, все зависит от личностей тех кто, сейчас в прайме. Мне лично ближе 90-е. Наслаждайтесь игрой в разных её стилях!

  • Mark Gilla
    Mark Gilla Month ago +1

    NBA is never the same

  • AK AK
    AK AK Month ago

    When the NBA was at its best the good old days man!

  • Marinos Pixaras
    Marinos Pixaras Month ago

    Sir Charles Barkley

  • James Gish
    James Gish Month ago

    I saw maybe 6 plays that wouldnt be a foul in todays game....what a joke the NBA is now....i believe jordan could start in today's league

    • provemewrong23
      provemewrong23 Month ago

      Jordan would score 60 a game in today's league

  • TampaOutlaw
    TampaOutlaw Month ago +1

    Not one player flopped, gotta love the 90's NBA

    • David Daniel
      David Daniel Month ago

      Look up Danny Ainge flops. But still a killa on offence.

  • reallife828
    reallife828 Month ago

    Notice how players use to battle in the paint for rebounds. It was a battle of will. The NBA now does not have the battle of will. Its all about lets run up the court and jack up 3s. Just a bunch of guys flopping and crying for fouls. When you watch real b ball like this its inpossible to watch todays weak ass cry baby shit of a product.