Mike Golic rips the Dolphins for shutout loss to the Patriots | Golic and Wingo

  • Trey Wingo, Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. react to the Miami Dolphins' 43-0 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 2. The crew agrees that the Dolphins' management is blatantly tanking in order to select Alabama Crimson Tide QB Tua Tagovailoa in the 2020 NFL draft.
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Comments • 80

  • MoZaRt81
    MoZaRt81 2 months ago +1

    Dolphins 27 - Patriots 24 @ New England !!
    Case closed!

  • Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis 4 months ago

    After back-to-back wins what's the take now, Trey? I know, double down and triple down. So typical. It's okay, I too believed in the tank after the Skins game... and then I pulled my big boys pants on and admitted I was wrong. You can do it too.

  • John Welch
    John Welch 5 months ago

    From Australian, been a dolphin fan for 35 year's don't. Worry l've seen it all "Tank's" everybody.😏😜

  • DJ Laxmimoy
    DJ Laxmimoy 6 months ago

    sam me 100

  • Derrand Clean Logic
    Derrand Clean Logic 6 months ago

    Don’t give me that “protect the shield” ridiculousness. This is a league that rewards and employees Murderers, Maimers, rapists, guys who abuse women, abuse children, abuse animals, racists, selling drugs, running guns. So there’s no moral integrity, or judicial integrity. They also pressure players not to come out with the damage they’re suffering after playing football. Goodell denies that football damages brains then makes every effort to make it seem the league is making it safer which is absurd lol football is a violent sport. He is trying to change that, even though he can’t, so they don’t even keep the integrity of the game itself lol. ...and maybe the worst is the logical side....lol the NFL has made it mandatory to wear a specific helmet lol but what Causes concussions is the brain bouncing off the inside of the skull. NO helmet is going to stop that from happening. So they have no integrity logically either. Either way you slice it the NFL has no room to talk about integrity lol.

    CHAMPDOGZ 6 months ago

    The players should forfeit every game this season the players assossiation should get them their money they risking they careers injuries, bad film, future contracts, etc. it happens when your bad go 1/5 ok work for the rebuild dont bring players in free agents draft picks trades then do this to them right before kick off before the season starts the commissioner should take the team away from ownership or strip them of the high picks its a disgusting buisness move to treat people with futures to risk their bodies like this im a fins fan & been since the 80's seen the 1-15 season it happens but this way they are doing it is not right i cant support this ownership with my money, treating people like this

  • williamhowe1
    williamhowe1 6 months ago

    Are the Fins going to go 0-16?

  • Kyle Hessler
    Kyle Hessler 6 months ago

    Why are these people getting so angry? If management wants to tank for Tua, do it. Theres 32 teams in the nfl. There will almost always be 2 or 3 teams that are 3-13 or worse. As a fan would you rather be 3-13 but mildly competitive, or 1-15 but trade for additional picks?

  • brookside109
    brookside109 6 months ago

    the team needs to win some games to show the nation they have heart. Play Rosen now,because I'm sure Tua doesn't want to come to a team that has no desire to win. Have pride in yourselves as players.

  • Jody kushnight
    Jody kushnight 6 months ago

    True fin fan...we will find a way 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

  • Donny Fraley
    Donny Fraley 6 months ago

    "We may never know what Josh Rosen will be, because of what hes going thru this season". Hes not going thru anything. He hasn't started, hes been mostly spared from this debacle. Flores will start him week 5 vs the skins, the first game on their schedule they may actually be competitive in. We'll see then. If not, at least he will have the opportunity to compete with Tua for the starting gig next year, with a much improved oline (hopefully).

  • jole' Mays
    jole' Mays 6 months ago

    I don't think Jesus himself could save the dolphins season this year there TRASH!!!

  • Arthur Sarzen
    Arthur Sarzen 6 months ago

    What they can do is just make it a lottery... every team gets a ball , 1 ball in the lotto machine . If new England gets the number 1 pick , then so be it.

  • Erika Colbert
    Erika Colbert 6 months ago

    tua ain’t even worth tanking for

  • Luke Yaple
    Luke Yaple 6 months ago

    My question is why are the Dolphins playing a tougher schedule than some play off teams last year?

    • Nancy Pine
      Nancy Pine 6 months ago

      The schedules are routine. Each team plays the other teams in its division twice; once at home, once away. So that's Bills, Jets, Patriots. This year the AFC East is playing the AFC North and the NFC East. So that's Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Giants, Eagles, Redskins and Cowboys. Then they play the two teams in their conference who came in at the same rank in their division, so this year, for the Dolphins, it's the Chargers and the Colts. The Patriots play the same teams, except they get the Chiefs instead of the Chargers, and the Texans instead of the Colts, and everyone always complains they get the easiest schedule.

  • Pee Diddler
    Pee Diddler 6 months ago

    Just support the cheerleaders. They are working harder than the team.

  • Tyrell Simanu
    Tyrell Simanu 6 months ago

    If u can’t build around tua or whatever QB u draft, then there is no point of drafting a QB, they really ain’t going to make a difference.

  • Psn: HeartBreakBed
    Psn: HeartBreakBed 6 months ago

    The dolphins are trying to tank to get Zion

  • joe john2
    joe john2 6 months ago

    it is 2019, Do those microphones need to be so huge?

  • B Flynn
    B Flynn 6 months ago +2

    I’m a dolphins fan. And I’m so glad we are tanking! Let’s go baby!

    • B Flynn
      B Flynn 6 months ago +1

      Sean Richards strap in. It will be a long drive. Sooner or later we’ll get there. It’s kinda like the nba. And how teams tank and build. I love it

    • Sean Richards
      Sean Richards 6 months ago +1

      B Flynn agree, so tired of the middle of the pack BS, coaches and GMs making stupid short sided moves so they don’t get fired next year, screwing up the cap and trading away future draft picks...... fire the coach, keep the GM, then reverse, quick fixes and bandaids.... it’s time, I’m ALL IN!

  • Steve G
    Steve G 6 months ago

    The owners of the Dolphins should move the team to Cuba... the Cuban authorities don't allow tanking

  • Tiffany Fudala
    Tiffany Fudala 6 months ago

    They need to have a lottery like the nba.

  • Overthinker Blue
    Overthinker Blue 6 months ago

    The dolphins will lose even to their bye week.

  • John Rosie
    John Rosie 6 months ago +1

    First you had indy suck for luck now you have miami tank for tua...smh what happened to being professional competitors? How do you sell tickets for a tanking team?

  • Sunshine InBoca
    Sunshine InBoca 6 months ago

    These clowns are morons..worried about the "integrity of the league?"

  • Timothy Cornell
    Timothy Cornell 6 months ago

    I think they were great Sunday! But I am a pats fan! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • scawfan75
    scawfan75 6 months ago

    Well the Steelers gave up their 2020 1st round pick for Fitzpatrick and they lost Big Ben for the year. So the Dolphins could end up with 2 top 10 picks in the draft.

  • WebDev
    WebDev 6 months ago

    lol..Dolphins throwing the entire season yet people still call the Patriots cheaters as if they are the only ones (yourteamcheats dot com by the way...).

  • darthsadic
    darthsadic 6 months ago

    Take it easy boys, nobody said anything when the Colts did this to get Andrew Luck.

  • Rockin Rollin
    Rockin Rollin 6 months ago

    Why try , the NFL is fake .

  • David Longo
    David Longo 6 months ago

    Archie Manning II, The Sequel.

  • Brooks Orlando
    Brooks Orlando 6 months ago

    Hard to believe Golic Jr isn't even 30 yet

  • Carl Roundtree
    Carl Roundtree 6 months ago +1

    That's right my dolphins are tanking baby were tired of being stuck in the mud going 8-8 or 7-9 we want tua baby

    • Carl Roundtree
      Carl Roundtree 6 months ago

      Hey William we been going 8-8 7-9 & 6-10 forever! & it hasn't worked it's like a hampster running on a tread mill you're stuck in neutral & now that we're finally tearing it down & completely rebuilding people are complaining about it man screw that!!!! We need a franchise qb we haven't had one since marino we need tua plus we got extra picks & salary cap space to build around him they're definitely doing the right thing who cares if people don't like it I'll trade one horrible year for 15 good & great year's with tua 😆 😆

    • Carl Roundtree
      Carl Roundtree 6 months ago

      What ever!!

    • williamhowe1
      williamhowe1 6 months ago

      Your Dolphins should be embarrassed.

  • Dan Ashton
    Dan Ashton 6 months ago

    Did u forget about the browns?

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 6 months ago +3

    This type of tanking in a season should be banned.. It’s bad for the nfl

  • Stephen Gilmore
    Stephen Gilmore 6 months ago

    Put in a draft lottery!

  • hahah lol
    hahah lol 6 months ago +1

    Tua should tank and play like lawrence.a better fit for miami might be longer tho.

  • Zorn76
    Zorn76 6 months ago

    The Dolphins haven't been relevant for 35 yrs, so nothing new here.

  • Shadow
    Shadow 6 months ago

    Maybe St Louis will be getting this franchise brand destruction is a vector that's difficult if not impossible to reverse

  • WarriorAngel001
    WarriorAngel001 6 months ago

    They surely arent tanking for Tua. They have Rosen. They want to build around him but make Fitzception play so Rosen can stay healthy.

  • Scott Laux
    Scott Laux 6 months ago

    Even if they tank it won't matter. The psychology of losing will wreck the careers of whoever they draft.

  • Alfredo Forte
    Alfredo Forte 6 months ago

    Just tell Josh Rosen to pull the chin strap tight..and run that wish bone or wild cat offense every play. Best chance to score and get a bunch of cleat marks on the back of his head. 🤪🤪🐒🚽

  • SuperJohn12354
    SuperJohn12354 6 months ago

    I watched the Dolphins Oline block no one, think about that, they failed to block every player, If they think Josh Rosen is remotely good they should , only bring him in, the first 1/4 and tell there Oline they get paid per block.

  • jawill24
    jawill24 6 months ago

    So what tanking is gonna happen they now have 4 1st if u gonna be bad be the worst

  • Stuart Otis
    Stuart Otis 6 months ago

    And here i thought i was crazy when my bookie gave me Pats -42. I bet $100 for the Pats to cover. I'm now a millionaire.

  • Keith Nowak
    Keith Nowak 6 months ago

    Isn't their QB1 Ryan Fitzpatrick? He's garbage! You get what you pay for.

  • Keith Crook
    Keith Crook 6 months ago

    Watch the difference in effort if Goodell threatens to take away their first rounders..it is what it is..they aren't the first NFL team to tank..just the first to not even PRETEND to try beyond the first quarter..

  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway 6 months ago +1

    My dolphins are gonna Tank for Tua lol let’s get him

    • kgibbsiam
      kgibbsiam 6 months ago

      tanking is a losers approach

  • International Harvester

    Are they *porpoisely* losing? 🐬😁.............

  • Al Lex
    Al Lex 6 months ago

    Dolphins are a disgrace.

  • Welco
    Welco 6 months ago

    Golic has been garbage empty suit sports talk for a few decades now. Guy literally says nothing

  • Sunshine Leslie
    Sunshine Leslie 6 months ago +1

    Is Tannerhill still available?

  • Jocelyn Taylor
    Jocelyn Taylor 6 months ago +3

    I say Tony Romo for coach!! That guy knows football.

  • Mike Pelligrino
    Mike Pelligrino 6 months ago +1

    Looks like Ross is putting 100 mil of cap space in his pocket.....

    • Jim Woodle
      Jim Woodle 6 months ago

      That's right, Mike. This is the real story.

  • Streets Cutlass
    Streets Cutlass 6 months ago

    The have no offense line, they have no defense SMH

  • texless69
    texless69 6 months ago +2

    If i'm Tua's dad I advise him to pull a John Elway/ Eli Manning, Do not go to Miami, they will ruin him. Call Archie Manning and ask him how to get out of this situation. And I am a Dolphin fan!

    • Jamar Wilson
      Jamar Wilson 6 months ago

      then go be a fan for a another team they don't need fans like you

  • yogibearstie
    yogibearstie 6 months ago

    Stop rewarding teams for losing.

  • Storms Ornellas
    Storms Ornellas 6 months ago

    If they really want to lose games put me out there as a kicker! I would only ask them to pay me the NFL minimum too....

  • Angry Dolphin
    Angry Dolphin 6 months ago +5

    Only a very loud minority of Dolphin fans are supporting the tank process. They are the fans that are less likely to be season ticket holders. They are the ones that leave the game early in the 4th quarter when we're down by a touchdown. They are also the ones with historical amnesia that will surely call for Flores' firing the second a coach like Harbah* comes available.
    The majority of our fan base despise losing on purpose. The ones with loyalty and honor, want to win respectfully and without controversy. Who is surprised that a former Pats coach might have different plans?

    • Jocelyn Taylor
      Jocelyn Taylor 6 months ago +1

      am i the only person that thinks eric rowe is losing on purpose? Isnt he like 31 or so? whole team 25 and under except a couple 28 i think other than rowe? Rewatch games and see if it dont look like he is trying to lose

  • darrennorniron
    darrennorniron 6 months ago

    1-15 and getting Tua is so much better than 6-10 and getting a right tackle

    • Jocelyn Taylor
      Jocelyn Taylor 6 months ago

      if you believe that you are a fool....Theres been a lot more busts or mediocre QBs come from 1st round of draft than great ones....what if they tank for tua and he is another jamarcus russel or ryan leaf

  • Amy Sullivan
    Amy Sullivan 6 months ago

    Bring in "unducumented" football players

  • Miserable Goat
    Miserable Goat 6 months ago +6

    What's the use of getting a top Quarterback, when you O-line is Nonexistent? And who is he going to throw to?? The other team most likely with the pressure he will be facing..

    • HighCaliberYT
      HighCaliberYT 6 months ago +2

      They have 120 mil cap space and 14 picks next year...they can get pieces around Tua

    • Bob Dole
      Bob Dole 6 months ago +1

      They could draft two O-linemen in the first round and a QB if they wanted to.

  • Itzzz Dibly
    Itzzz Dibly 6 months ago

    I feel bad for the dolphins

  • King Lewandowski
    King Lewandowski 6 months ago +3

    NFL teams treating the Dolphins 🐬 worst than sea 🌊 world!

    • Bakugo Ktski
      Bakugo Ktski 6 months ago

      This makes me cry and laugh at the same time

  • DRock7977
    DRock7977 6 months ago +1

    Dolphins franchise has been a disgrace for sport fans worldwide for a long time.

  • Douglas Wint
    Douglas Wint 6 months ago

    Fitz doesn’t have 1 TD, he has 3. Two of them were to the opponent.

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole 6 months ago

    Poor Tua... this sucks for my boy. :(

  • Mr McGurk
    Mr McGurk 6 months ago

    Please do get rid of Ryan FitzNOMAGIC now! while the ship has a little leak and then becomes the Titantic,,,,,dam this dude sucks and why does he keep getting playing time and beat out who? a High School QB could replace this dude.....

  • Mark Jefferson
    Mark Jefferson 6 months ago

    Everyone is talking smack but just wait.

  • Randy Dubin
    Randy Dubin 6 months ago

    2:17 Or in Baseball, like what we saw with the Cubs and Astros recently, going from 100-loss seasons to World Series Champions in just a few years....

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster 6 months ago +4

    As a dolphins fan I'm just happy we're finally getting some media attention

  • Daniel Foo
    Daniel Foo 6 months ago

    in NBA, u can take the chance in tanking but if luck's not on your side, knicks had the worst offseason anyone could ask for.

  • Life in the 413
    Life in the 413 6 months ago +1

    This season the Dolphins last game of the season will be at New England for the Patriots regular season home finale. The previous 3 years the Jets had that distinction. Each game was a N.E. victory with scores of 41-3, 26-6 and 38-3. A combined score of 105-12.

    Oh my what could the Pats win the game this year by?

    • metrogroovefm
      metrogroovefm 6 months ago

      And you know the Pats are gonna rest their starters.

  • NolanEP
    NolanEP 6 months ago

    Every decade there's a really sad team that loses almost every game. This seems to be that team this season. The league has to let it play out and let the team do the deals they want just like every other team. Getting involved would be a slippery slope because then it opens the door toe favoritism, the league tampering with the product to get the results they want, etc. Free market, gotta let it happen.

  • Jamil Johnson
    Jamil Johnson 6 months ago

    Listen this team is tank in this season would if they win more than 4 games.

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Another 0-16 team wow 🐬😳🎧

  • robert cameron
    robert cameron 6 months ago

    they clearly forgot to put a decimal point before the 6% at Dallas

  • Studio Gamezstaa
    Studio Gamezstaa 6 months ago

    Dolphins gave up against New England. Tua can't do anything for this team if they don't surround him with a good offensive lines and some receivers who can catch the football.

  • Custom Shade
    Custom Shade 6 months ago +3

    Relax--all the Dolphins have to do is trade Herschel Walker and wait four years!

  • James Love
    James Love 6 months ago +1

    Too soon my man. If the Dolphins tank to a mediocre or bad team, then you can say this. Ravens and Patriots are hot this year. Most people have Chiefs and Patriots in the AFC championship, but the dark horse is the Ravens.