How Many CUPS are LEFT ? | Funny IQ Test & Riddles | Trick Questions | Quick Reaction Team

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
  • Can You Guess How Many CUPS are LEFT ? - Quick Reaction Team brings you this Hindi Comedy video which includes Funny IQ Test & Riddles and trick questions . Do you want to know these gk questions and brain teasers ? Then you have to watch this video till the very end.
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Comments • 629

  • Quick Reaction Team
    Quick Reaction Team  Year ago +94

    Hello Notification Squad 🔔
    HAPPY HOLI to you all . Hope you all enjoy Today’s Video .
    Question Credits : 60 cups by Balagh Azam from Doha Qatar
    Monkey squirrel bird riddle by Aarohi Mehta . Thank you so much guys for sharing your questions
    PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO with your friends . Thank you ❤️

    • Pooja Girdh
      Pooja Girdh 6 months ago

      At 2.38 i already got the answer: 6 tea cups and 1 fell down so onbvio 5 will be left on the table😁😁😁😁

    • Ravi Umarji
      Ravi Umarji 7 months ago

      5 tea cups

    • Aruna Phatak
      Aruna Phatak Year ago

      Can i please join your team???

    • Sree Hari P M
      Sree Hari P M Year ago

      Quick Reaction Team now what if I put 3 books together at a time in an empty bag??? Huh :/

    • Prashant Goel
      Prashant Goel Year ago

      Hello QRT team. I am gonna ask one question and if you like this question please put it in one of your videos. The Question is cup handle is on which side of the cup? Mostly people will say left side or right side of the cup but mostly people don't think sides as inside or outside. So cup handle is outside the cup. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN GUYS FOR MAKING THESE AWESOME VIDEOS.

  • md imran
    md imran 14 hours ago

    So easy

  • RoHiThChInnA RoX
    RoHiThChInnA RoX 3 days ago

    6 tea cups
    If one falls down
    So it's 6-1=5

  • Milind Walekar
    Milind Walekar 4 days ago +1

    Oh God I am turning into a computer nerd! I clicked on the video because I read CPUS and not CUPS!

  • Kirteesh Phatak
    Kirteesh Phatak 18 days ago

    1:12 Are Bhai Bhai Bhai Bhai !!!😂😂😂

  • Amit Chaudhary
    Amit Chaudhary 22 days ago

    Delhi walo ka IQ bahut low hota hai bhai.. Six tea cup me se ek gira to 5 was so easy . jaise he aapne pocha mere mind me 5 he aya.

  • aysha nimra
    aysha nimra 25 days ago

    bro its a coconut tree how can there be a banana....

  • aysha nimra
    aysha nimra 25 days ago

    i knew that 1st answer.... 😎😎

  • Agnelo Fernandes
    Agnelo Fernandes Month ago

    Bananas don't grow on coconut tree🤨

  • Agnelo Fernandes
    Agnelo Fernandes Month ago +1

    Six tea cups. 🤨

  • Md Junaid
    Md Junaid Month ago


  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma Month ago

    What if I make a bundle of books and put all of them at same time then what ?

  • tamanna Mukeria
    tamanna Mukeria Month ago

    Jab apne bola ki 6 teacups on the table mai to pehli bar hi samajh gai thi pr mujhe bad me samajh aya ki ye log 59 cups bache kyu bol rhe h

  • Rahul Benny
    Rahul Benny Month ago

    For the SIX'TEA' cups riddle, what if the one cup that fell down was on another table. That way there are still Sixty cups.

  • Raghav Saxena
    Raghav Saxena Month ago

    Chutiya ek number ka sbka dimag khrab krne bhr nikl jta h

  • Valli 11
    Valli 11 Month ago +1

    Super Fan of QRT... Just started Seeing QRT
    IQ challenge, 220 wala questions... Sab badiya hai.

  • Arfat Ansari
    Arfat Ansari Month ago


  • Chetan Reddy
    Chetan Reddy Month ago

    I can answer these with out even thinking ...may be camera plays the extra pressure element

  • udit narayana
    udit narayana Month ago


  • udit narayana
    udit narayana Month ago +1


  • udit narayana
    udit narayana Month ago


  • ashwini bodavula
    ashwini bodavula Month ago +3

    For the first time I answered all the questions right in this channel

  • zee full of zest
    zee full of zest Month ago +2

    How QRT always find so good looking and well spokem people always???

  • Rohit saini
    Rohit saini Month ago

    Dumbest peoples in the world

  • Raushan kumar
    Raushan kumar Month ago

    Gaadar hai saaale sabhi sab ke sab Foreign languages sikh le bakchodi pelte hai........
    😋😋 Maaro saalo ko........ what's up dude

  • Raushan kumar
    Raushan kumar Month ago

    It's five tea cups

  • song literal
    song literal Month ago

    coconut one was too easy

  • malavika manoj
    malavika manoj Month ago

    I knew all the answers.

  • BrokenBauccner 1999
    BrokenBauccner 1999 Month ago +1

    I knew that book n empty bag question😌...
    Edit - i knew all the questions after that


    It was very clear that there were 6 teacups not 60 cups

  • Ayush Agarwal
    Ayush Agarwal 2 months ago

    0:15 Munna Bhaiya spotted

  • bhaumik17able
    bhaumik17able 2 months ago

    Make one in Gujarat :D Love your videos

  • Vishal Pandey
    Vishal Pandey 2 months ago

    So do you like to show stupidity on purpose or I should think that is the logical thinking of youth now.I have seen atleast 5-6 of your videos today and I pretty much got everything. If this is the youth then God bless us.

  • Amy Max
    Amy Max 2 months ago

    buddy its 5 tea cups

  • Chris Marquez
    Chris Marquez 2 months ago

    Its still 60 it just fell

  • Ajit Kumar
    Ajit Kumar 2 months ago


  • Kaverappa CJ
    Kaverappa CJ 2 months ago

    i got all the answers right from these.

  • Beautiful Clips
    Beautiful Clips 2 months ago


  • Roshan Khatri
    Roshan Khatri 2 months ago

    I answer all the quess....but u are not here to take them.😂😂

  • what's new
    what's new 3 months ago

    sir ask my question
    mere pass 14 foot wood h
    me roj ki ik 1 foot katu ga
    to yah kitne dino me kati jaye gi

  • GRU X
    GRU X 3 months ago +1

    But what if we put like 2-3 books at the same time in the Empty School Bag!!? 😂😂

  • Aditya Hrudaya
    Aditya Hrudaya 3 months ago

    Also you can put 2 at a time

  • Aditya Hrudaya
    Aditya Hrudaya 3 months ago

    Bahi aapne to bola hi nahi
    Ki 'one fell from the table'

  • twin gamer
    twin gamer 3 months ago

    Aap 2nd part ka link de skte hoo

  • Abhi Surana
    Abhi Surana 3 months ago +1

    Bhai kaha se late ho aise questions

  • rehan raj
    rehan raj 4 months ago

    Main abhi dekh Raha hu 1:20 pe ..maine abhi Tak answer naha dekha usne poocha 6 tea {chai} cup.. haha hum school Mai khelte the

  • Ankit Aswal
    Ankit Aswal 4 months ago

    Ullu not a trick question you kiled words

  • Prashant Kadam
    Prashant Kadam 4 months ago

    5 cups

  • vivekkumar shah
    vivekkumar shah 4 months ago

    Easy af. Sad public.

  • Shubham Kumar Sah
    Shubham Kumar Sah 5 months ago

    I got all correct within less than 3 sec.

  • Faisal Mansoor
    Faisal Mansoor 5 months ago +2

    Yessss!! I figured out that coconut tree question

  • Shreya Seth
    Shreya Seth 5 months ago

    5 cups of tea remains in the table

  • The Samim
    The Samim 5 months ago

    6:21 its coconut tree not banana tree banana kaha sey ayega😂

  • The Samim
    The Samim 5 months ago

    3:52 its only one book coz after putting one book on a bag its not empty anymore

  • The Samim
    The Samim 5 months ago

    0:04 its 6 tea cups not 60 cups i know this

  • Shubham Pandey
    Shubham Pandey 5 months ago

    dude on repeat you said 60 cups, so basically you made the question wrong by itself there. it could have been a good question since you said 'one' falls down and that 'one' could have been a candle of number 'one' or something like that, so there would have been 60 cups intact on the table, otherwise it was a dumb question in my opinion yours could be different

  • Anuraag Sharma
    Anuraag Sharma 5 months ago

    Coconut tree wala to bahut easy tha....wha bhi fas gye

  • Sachika Azumi
    Sachika Azumi 5 months ago

    1:13 hE SNAPPED

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma 5 months ago

    An electricity train is moving in north direction ... wind is blowing in west direction .. then in which direction smoke will go ...

  • Hritik Manjhi
    Hritik Manjhi 5 months ago

    Nice video

  • Saiful Islam
    Saiful Islam 6 months ago

    5 cup

  • henry touthang
    henry touthang 6 months ago

    nic video bro

  • sagar rakse
    sagar rakse 6 months ago

    Always asking the same people

  • Sourav Blue
    Sourav Blue 6 months ago


  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh 7 months ago


  • sazida khatun
    sazida khatun 7 months ago

    so funny

  • SY beauty on nails
    SY beauty on nails 7 months ago

    5 ans

  • SK T
    SK T 7 months ago

  • SK T
    SK T 7 months ago


  • ashutosh singh
    ashutosh singh 7 months ago

    How dumb they r.... Really they r the person who born with the golden spoon in their mouth that's y they r dumb af....

  • ashutosh singh
    ashutosh singh 7 months ago

    I m the smartest one who can answer ur all questions

    SNEHIL SINGH 7 months ago

    Kabhi satyawati college aana pranoy bhai

  • gulati sanket008
    gulati sanket008 7 months ago


  • abhi yadav
    abhi yadav 7 months ago

    White t-shirt girl with a guy... Attractive

  • Sarbani Bhattacharjee
    Sarbani Bhattacharjee 7 months ago

    Got all right....😂

  • ansh gala
    ansh gala 7 months ago

    Bhai kabhi mumbai me bhi aao yarr .... pura loot lenge mumbai wale dimag wale

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 7 months ago

    Bhai tum konse city se ho

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 7 months ago

    I got the ans just at the last moment before he ans
    When last girl ask him to speak the que again

  • Girl Boss
    Girl Boss 7 months ago

    Period wise hi daalenge books extra kyun doosrni? 😂

  • Girl Boss
    Girl Boss 7 months ago

    Answer is 60ek badha cup tha uske ander tha doosra cup😂

  • Pari Mangalani
    Pari Mangalani 7 months ago

    Its not your question it is in a quiz app

  • Pari Mangalani
    Pari Mangalani 7 months ago

    5 because 6 tea cups

  • Salman Azam Saifi
    Salman Azam Saifi 7 months ago

    Mt wala ans shi tha mera

  • Alpa Vora
    Alpa Vora 7 months ago

    But we can put two together also

    VISHAL JHA 7 months ago

    5 tea cups are remaining....
    One book is conventional answer... but I can even put 5 books at once... 😯😯
    Coconut tree pe banana..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    1968>1964 numerically....

  • ghulam raza
    ghulam raza 8 months ago

    It's very Shame that people couldn't give the easy question's answer honestly me ghamand nai kar raha hu but they were easy
    It shows that the people u target are only beauty with no brains and many of them are from Delhi I guess.
    I haven't seen u in Delhi like m always there at CP with my friends

  • Abhijit Ghosh
    Abhijit Ghosh 8 months ago

    I m not agree with you bcz at a time we put 2-3 books in a empty school bag if it opens

  • Harshada Vitalkar
    Harshada Vitalkar 8 months ago

    I knew 1st and 2nd

  • CA World
    CA World 8 months ago +1

    Subscribed because I like your questions 🙏🙏

  • R1 Lyrical Video Zone
    R1 Lyrical Video Zone 8 months ago +2

    Put this riddle it goes like this
    Spell it fast ok
    Pranoy you have to say this in words they have to spell it

  • Rabin Khan
    Rabin Khan 8 months ago

    5 think i got the first question

  • Akash Nayak
    Akash Nayak 8 months ago

    6:31 coconut tree pe bananas Kahan se ayenge 😂😂

  • Ppavanigayathri Pavanigayathri

    Where is part2??

  • All About Fun
    All About Fun 8 months ago

    Bro u r making such a beautiful videos I think are you going at the top of the youtube channel in. INSHALLAH

  • abhishek kumar
    abhishek kumar 8 months ago

    Where do you find such smart lads........

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar 8 months ago


  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar 8 months ago


  • rajat kumar
    rajat kumar 8 months ago

    Black sleeves off shoulder dusky girl mast ha na

  • Robin Joseph
    Robin Joseph 8 months ago

    If you meant to say 6 Tea cups then pls mention it with the correct pronunciation. There is a huge difference of pronunciation between 60 cups and 6 tea cups

  • kevin Gaming
    kevin Gaming 8 months ago

    purane videos chla rha BC