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  • Can You Guess How Many CUPS are LEFT ? - Quick Reaction Team brings you this Hindi Comedy video which includes Funny IQ Test & Riddles and trick questions . Do you want to know these gk questions and brain teasers ? Then you have to watch this video till the very end.
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Comments • 80

  • Quick Reaction Team
    Quick Reaction Team  2 years ago +101

    Hello Notification Squad 🔔
    HAPPY HOLI to you all . Hope you all enjoy Today’s Video .
    Question Credits : 60 cups by Balagh Azam from Doha Qatar
    Monkey squirrel bird riddle by Aarohi Mehta . Thank you so much guys for sharing your questions
    PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO with your friends . Thank you ❤️

    • Kiran Kamble
      Kiran Kamble 4 months ago

      5 left

    • Pooja Girdh
      Pooja Girdh Year ago

      At 2.38 i already got the answer: 6 tea cups and 1 fell down so onbvio 5 will be left on the table😁😁😁😁

    • Ravi Umarji
      Ravi Umarji Year ago

      5 tea cups

    • Aruna Phatak
      Aruna Phatak Year ago

      Can i please join your team???

    • Sree Hari P M
      Sree Hari P M Year ago

      Quick Reaction Team now what if I put 3 books together at a time in an empty bag??? Huh :/

  • Ankur Chudasama
    Ankur Chudasama 4 days ago

    Because 6 tea cup

  • Ankur Chudasama
    Ankur Chudasama 4 days ago

    5 cup dude

  • Atharv Pathak
    Atharv Pathak 5 days ago +1

    7:29 not joking man that whitch laughter scared the shit outta me

  • Bachelor's cooking volgs

    5tea cup on a table

  • Suhaib Ahmed
    Suhaib Ahmed 12 days ago +3

    These are the most Boomer questions ever

  • Akshay Pathania
    Akshay Pathania 15 days ago

    Can't we put 2 books together.....

  • Mickey Arora
    Mickey Arora 17 days ago

    what a lame question...6 tea cups...ask some gk questions...some sensible ones

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy 19 days ago

    60 cups , one what did fall ? If not cup them 60 of them still remaining , or if one fell down on the table then too 60 of them , and if one from other source did fall in the cluster of 60 then now tere are 61 of them, and same if from 60 pieces one fell off the table then 59 on the table and still 60 temaining in the area if that fallen one aint broken

  • anang painkra
    anang painkra 22 days ago

    Dude i can put multiple book at a time in the bag🤨🤨

  • porous pani
    porous pani 24 days ago

    Number of dumbfucks in Delhi are innumerable

  • vishalverma 299
    vishalverma 299 2 months ago

    I can put 2 books together so it will not be empty 1 isn't define answer

  • Sunil Behera
    Sunil Behera 2 months ago

    Guys once come to Odisha... you are the best among the RU-cliprs. Pranoy Plz....

  • abhishek more
    abhishek more 3 months ago +1

    Yee saree milkee humko pagal banarahe MC ke bachche😤😂

  • true & best
    true & best 4 months ago +1

    5 tea cups remaining!

  • Shivshankar Kumar
    Shivshankar Kumar 4 months ago

    I really enjoy watching ur videos but 1st two questions were really bad...that doesn't make any sense...

  • gaming with vikram
    gaming with vikram 4 months ago

    Now i feel proud my self

  • anuj badoniya
    anuj badoniya 4 months ago

    6 tea cup

    ZAPDOS GAMING 4 months ago

    So easy question

  • Shilpa Yadav
    Shilpa Yadav 4 months ago

    Omg 😱 six tea cups uffff

  • Shilpa Yadav
    Shilpa Yadav 4 months ago +1

    Awesome yaar

    • Quick Reaction Team
      Quick Reaction Team  4 months ago

      Thank you Shilpa ❤️
      Hope you subscribe to our channel and support us by pressing the bell button for our future videos notifications

  • Mukunda Dadam
    Mukunda Dadam 4 months ago

    First question awesome dude 😂😂

    • Quick Reaction Team
      Quick Reaction Team  4 months ago

      Thank you bro
      Hope you have subscribed our channel and do press the bell button

  • Dhananjai Singh Rathore

    Where is the next part

  • SS Samoddhar
    SS Samoddhar 7 months ago

    5 tea cups becz he asked that 6 tea cups haahaaa I got it

  • Nivas K
    Nivas K 7 months ago

    inko waapis school bhejdena ka hi 😧

  • SD7 CR7
    SD7 CR7 7 months ago


  • SD7 CR7
    SD7 CR7 7 months ago

    no one because it's a coconut tree

  • SD7 CR7
    SD7 CR7 7 months ago

    only 1

  • SD7 CR7
    SD7 CR7 7 months ago


  • black chillies
    black chillies 8 months ago

    5 tea cups

  • Army pambhar
    Army pambhar 8 months ago

    ans is 1

  • Satish Yadav
    Satish Yadav 8 months ago +1

    Bhai tu mere paas kyu nahi aata hai...mujhe sab answer aarahai

    RANJEET KUMAR 8 months ago

    Hamaro se poocha bhai

  • Little Boy Abhi
    Little Boy Abhi 8 months ago

    Madarchod last mein answer to btaye nhi tune aaja chudle mjse

  • saraswati Allimatti
    saraswati Allimatti 8 months ago

    Because 1968 dollars is more than 1964 dollars

  • saraswati Allimatti
    saraswati Allimatti 8 months ago +1


  • saraswati Allimatti
    saraswati Allimatti 8 months ago +1

    It's a coconut tree

  • saraswati Allimatti
    saraswati Allimatti 8 months ago +1

    I answered so correcting 😃😃😃😃😅😅😅😅

  • saraswati Allimatti
    saraswati Allimatti 8 months ago +1

    1 book

  • lakshman k
    lakshman k 8 months ago

    No one get it isa cocunut tree

  • lakshman k
    lakshman k 8 months ago +1

    Answer is 5 tea cups

  • Hasan Arab
    Hasan Arab 8 months ago

    5 cup

  • Vikash Bist
    Vikash Bist 9 months ago

    1st one is not a right question coz he was not pronouncing it six tea he does it in a one sequence and no one can judge the way he wants to say just see the video he never says six tea he always says it in one row sixty cups

  • krishna khatri
    krishna khatri 9 months ago

    Fuddu jaise questions the

  • swapnil sawale
    swapnil sawale 9 months ago

    Sir plz pronounce well

  • Vaibhav Rajput
    Vaibhav Rajput 9 months ago


  • md imran
    md imran 9 months ago

    So easy

  • RoHiThChInnA RoX
    RoHiThChInnA RoX 9 months ago +1

    6 tea cups
    If one falls down
    So it's 6-1=5

  • Milind Walekar
    Milind Walekar 9 months ago +3

    Oh God I am turning into a computer nerd! I clicked on the video because I read CPUS and not CUPS!

  • Kirteesh Phatak
    Kirteesh Phatak 10 months ago

    1:12 Are Bhai Bhai Bhai Bhai !!!😂😂😂

  • Amit Chaudhary
    Amit Chaudhary 10 months ago

    Delhi walo ka IQ bahut low hota hai bhai.. Six tea cup me se ek gira to 5 was so easy . jaise he aapne pocha mere mind me 5 he aya.

  • aysha nimra
    aysha nimra 10 months ago

    bro its a coconut tree how can there be a banana....

  • aysha nimra
    aysha nimra 10 months ago

    i knew that 1st answer.... 😎😎

  • Agnelo Fernandes
    Agnelo Fernandes 10 months ago

    Bananas don't grow on coconut tree🤨

  • Agnelo Fernandes
    Agnelo Fernandes 10 months ago +1

    Six tea cups. 🤨

  • Md Junaid
    Md Junaid 10 months ago


  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma 10 months ago

    What if I make a bundle of books and put all of them at same time then what ?

  • tamanna Mukeria
    tamanna Mukeria 10 months ago

    Jab apne bola ki 6 teacups on the table mai to pehli bar hi samajh gai thi pr mujhe bad me samajh aya ki ye log 59 cups bache kyu bol rhe h

  • Rahul Benny
    Rahul Benny 10 months ago

    For the SIX'TEA' cups riddle, what if the one cup that fell down was on another table. That way there are still Sixty cups.

  • Raghav Saxena
    Raghav Saxena 10 months ago

    Chutiya ek number ka sbka dimag khrab krne bhr nikl jta h

  • Valli 11
    Valli 11 11 months ago +3

    Super Fan of QRT... Just started Seeing QRT
    IQ challenge, 220 wala questions... Sab badiya hai.

  • infinity hack
    infinity hack 11 months ago


  • Chetan Reddy
    Chetan Reddy 11 months ago

    I can answer these with out even thinking ...may be camera plays the extra pressure element

  • udit narayana
    udit narayana 11 months ago


  • udit narayana
    udit narayana 11 months ago +1


  • udit narayana
    udit narayana 11 months ago


  • ashwini bodavula
    ashwini bodavula 11 months ago +3

    For the first time I answered all the questions right in this channel

  • zee malik
    zee malik 11 months ago +2

    How QRT always find so good looking and well spokem people always???

  • Rohit saini
    Rohit saini 11 months ago

    Dumbest peoples in the world

  • Raushan kumar
    Raushan kumar 11 months ago

    Gaadar hai saaale sabhi sab ke sab Foreign languages sikh le bakchodi pelte hai........
    😋😋 Maaro saalo ko........ what's up dude

  • Raushan kumar
    Raushan kumar 11 months ago

    It's five tea cups

  • song literal
    song literal 11 months ago

    coconut one was too easy

  • malavika manoj
    malavika manoj 11 months ago

    I knew all the answers.

  • BrokenBauccner 1999
    BrokenBauccner 1999 11 months ago +1

    I knew that book n empty bag question😌...
    Edit - i knew all the questions after that

  • Rishabh
    Rishabh 11 months ago

    It was very clear that there were 6 teacups not 60 cups

  • Ayush Agarwal
    Ayush Agarwal 11 months ago

    0:15 Munna Bhaiya spotted

  • bhaumik17
    bhaumik17 11 months ago

    Make one in Gujarat :D Love your videos

  • Vishal Pandey
    Vishal Pandey 11 months ago

    So do you like to show stupidity on purpose or I should think that is the logical thinking of youth now.I have seen atleast 5-6 of your videos today and I pretty much got everything. If this is the youth then God bless us.

  • Amy Max
    Amy Max 11 months ago

    buddy its 5 tea cups

  • Chris Marquez
    Chris Marquez 11 months ago

    Its still 60 it just fell