Top 5 Best & Worst Animated Films of 2018

  • Published on Dec 28, 2018
  • When superheroes, dogs, and the return of familiar faces dominate animation, which ones raised to the top and which ones fell to the bottom?
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  • Luigi Marinus Vlogs
    Luigi Marinus Vlogs 4 hours ago

    My list:
    1. Wreck it ralph 2 (10/10) masterpiece
    2. The incredibles 2 (10/10) masterpiece
    3. Spiderman into the spider verse (10/10) masterpiece
    4. The grinch (9/10) great
    5. Hotel transylvania 3 (9/10) great movie
    Honorable mentions:
    1. The star (9/10) the movie didnt review in theaters for me
    2. Smallfoot (9/10)
    3. Sherlock gnomes (9/10)
    4. Early man (7/10)
    *I dont have a worst list*

  • Alexis Saucedo
    Alexis Saucedo 9 days ago

    Idk Animat will make a Top 10 Best and Worst Animated Films Of the 2010 Decade but it will never happened

  • Joseph Motley
    Joseph Motley 9 days ago

    Early man never seen it
    Sherlock gnomes trash
    Isle of dogs very funny
    Sgt stubby American hero never seen it
    Incredible 2 yeah baby
    Hotel transylvania 3 not good but enjoyable
    Teen titans go to the movies very good
    Small foot not good but I love the song
    The grinch boring
    Ralph break's the internet the heat is on
    Spider man into the spider verses so awesome
    5 hotel transylvania 3
    4 small foot
    3 sgt stubby American hero
    2 the grinch
    1 sherlock gnomes
    Honorable mention
    Early man
    5 teen titans go to the movies
    4 ralph break's the internet
    3 spider man into the spider verses
    2 isle of dogs
    1 incredibles 2

  • Liam Humbert
    Liam Humbert 13 days ago +1

    Incredibles 2 is a tie with spiderverse

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz 14 days ago

    The hotel Transylvania series is basically the poor man's adams family in a hotel and cruise setting.

    AVCM'S FUTURE 14 days ago

    My list:
    Sherlock Gnomes- Meh
    Small Foot- Mediocre
    Grinch- OK
    Hotel Transylvania 3- Hillarious
    Teen Titans Go!- Surprisingly amazing
    Early Man- BEAUTIFUL
    Ralph Break the Internet- Really great
    Incredibles 2- Masterpiece
    Isle of Dogs- OMG IT'S SO GOOD
    Spider-Man- THE BEST

  • Minty Me
    Minty Me 16 days ago

    My Favorites were Teen Titans Go and Ralph Breaks The Internet

  • Samuel TV
    Samuel TV 18 days ago

    My Best and Worst List for 2018
    5. Incredibles 2 (8/10)
    4. Teen Titans Go To The Movies (8/10)
    3. Ralph Breaks The Internet (9/10)
    2. Isle of Dogs (9/10)
    1. Spiderman Into the Spiderverse (10/10)
    Honorable Mention
    1. Early Man (7/10)
    Same List As AniMat.

  • The Nintoddler
    The Nintoddler 23 days ago

    "The animation's okay" yeah, no that's the worst rendering of a sausage I've ever seen, and this was in 2018?

  • Nonameartsgirl
    Nonameartsgirl 25 days ago


  • tBone Plays
    tBone Plays 27 days ago

    my 2019 animated years what I've watched (SO FAR)
    1. Toy Story 4
    2. Detective Pikachu (counting this because the pokemon are CGI)
    3. Lego Movie 2

  • Sir Isaac the Great
    Sir Isaac the Great 27 days ago

    2019 is gonna be a terrible year for animation. I mean, we’ve already gotten Wonder Park and UglyDolls, but we’ve also got The Lion King reboot, The Angry Birds Movie 2, and Playmobil The Movie
    2019 is gonna be the next 2013

  • Ida Immelman
    Ida Immelman 28 days ago

    Request: Top 5 Best And Worst Animated Films Of 2019

  • Mario 1981
    Mario 1981 Month ago

    My 5 best
    5. WIR 2 (8/10)
    4. HT3(8/10) my opinion
    3.Incredibles 2(9/10)
    2. Isle of dogs (9/10)
    1. Spiderverse(9.5/10)
    5. Early Man(7/10)
    4. SmallFoot(7/10)
    2.Sherlock Gnomes(6/10)
    1. SgT Stubby(6/10)

  • PollAll
    PollAll Month ago

    I didn’t really like Incredibles 2... It was in my opinion, one of the worst movie sequels I have seen in my life, I actually draw it BEFORE a incredible 1, and it did not have any affect on my enjoyment... FOR A F*CKING SEQUAL!

  • Филипп Ломакин

    Tbh, I agree with him putting Incredibles 2 ahead of Spider Man Into The Spider Verse. Spider Verse was good but not amazing - only like 7.8/10 in My opinion while Incredibles 2 in My opinion is 9/10. And Isle of Dogs is better too

  • Joey Vancleve
    Joey Vancleve Month ago

    I saw toy story 4 and it is 100 times better than into the spider verse

  • Yakuno Hayashi
    Yakuno Hayashi Month ago

    Hotel Transylvania:44% in RT
    The third one:60% in RT?!?!?!?!?!

  • Yakuno Hayashi
    Yakuno Hayashi Month ago

    2018 didn't had films that bad, compare to 2017

  • Tomas Roberts
    Tomas Roberts Month ago

    Here are my thoughts on the animated movies of 2018 I have seen so far.
    Early Man - Another fantastic and unique concept of Stone Age and Bronze Age people competing against each other in a football match, thanks to the funny and creative Aardman Animations. Plus the all star British cast was chosen wisely. Gotta love British animation.
    Isle of Dogs - An excellent comeback for Wes Anderson in the world of stop motion animation. Loved the setting, the semi to practically hyper realistic animal and human characters, a serious and deep tone and a hell of a lot of talented voice actors like Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum and galore.
    Sherlock Gnomes - Not really necessary as a Gnomeo and Juliet sequel, but was better off as a spin-off, much like Puss In Boots. May not be my cup of tea (no British pun intended), but it was nice to see how London was crafted to a tee (Again, no pun intended). Plus it was nice to see some of the attractions I visited in London to be included in the film. Could not stand Sherlock himself, though, because he was extremely selfish and often likes to get stuck in his own world and take friends for granted.
    Incredibles II - Great sequel. Nice to see Elastigirl take the lead as the main character and have Mr. Incredible take the role as the stay at home dad who looks after the kids. Definitely a clever way to reverse the roles. Plus, the villain was quite surprising in appearance, but subtle in the name.
    Hotel Transylvania 3: A Summer Vacation (Or Monster Vacation, as it is appropriately called in my country) - It may heavily rely on zany and cartoony action throughout the movie, but still, Genndy Tartakovsky will always be a great animator and I will always love his work to bits. Plus, I liked Abraham Van Helsing’s steampunk aesthetic, both in his past form and especially in his present day steampunk body. What can I say? I love steampunk. Can’t wait for his next cartoon, Primal.
    Teen Titans Go! To the Movies - Was very sceptical about it at first, because I was never a fan of the show anyway, but rather, the 2003 series by Derrick J. Wyatt. This was due to its childish animation style and silly gags aimed more for kids. But when watching the movie, however, I actually enjoyed it with the many references to DC’s iconic characters, plus some overlooked characters. Some of which, I never heard of before. The main animation style may not have changed much, but it makes up for it by incorporating other animation styles for the purpose of parodying. That and the references, bot verbal and visual, were cleverly executed. Plus, it’s nice to see DC not take itself too seriously this time.
    Ralph Breaks the Internet - Definitely a worthy Disney sequel indeed and I knew Ralph had the potential to have a sequel the whole time. Definitely a lot better than Disney Toon Studios’ direct to DVD movies both in animation and in story. This sequel was worthy as an animated classic for the big screen and its nice to see Ralph and Vanellope return to us. Disney has definitely chosen wisely with this one. Touch wood, Frozen 2 will be a great sequel too. Just hope it doesn’t get too annoying like it’s predecessor.
    Other films I have yet to watch (all the way through)
    Duck Duck Goose - Looks ok. Not really great, but it’s nice that they gave the Pallas Cat more attention by making a villain out of this fluffy, but aggressive feline.
    Animal Crackers - God only knows when that’s gonna be released.
    Small Foot - Looks like a ton of fun. The style, like I said, is definitely reminiscent of Genndy Tartakovsky’s work on Hotel Transylvania.
    The Grinch - It looks absolutely great. The Grinch and Max look amazing in CGI and it definitely looks and feels better than the Lorax. You want another good animated Dr. Seuss movie? Watch Blu Sky Studio’s adaptation of Horton Hears a Who. Or the original animated versions.
    Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse - I will say, it looks absolutely amazing! Sony Pictures Animation have really stepped up their game with this one with it’s unique blend of cel shaded CGI to make it feel like a comic book come to life. Also, it’s a miracle that Animat found a Sony Pictures Animation movie that he likes.

  • mystery hunters ltd

    Waiting for 2019 video

  • Ruben Stevens
    Ruben Stevens Month ago

    I’m sorry, but spider verse *IS* the best animated feature of 2018

  • Taya Reid
    Taya Reid Month ago

    Say, AniMat, are you excited for Toy Story 4? I am. I hope it's good. The Aliens are my favorite characters. I wonder what's on their minds.

  • Tristen Staten
    Tristen Staten Month ago

    spider verse shoud be #1 best

  • ChannelWarrior 2006 Productions

    Now we understand why 2017 animated movies sucked. It was all because they putting all their effort into this year instead.

  • Tristen Staten
    Tristen Staten 2 months ago

    20:52 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy

  • Dawn Storm
    Dawn Storm 2 months ago

    Unpopular opinion here: I thought Incredibles 2 was meh.

  • Alaharon123
    Alaharon123 2 months ago

    You don't do anime movies do you. Two of the best animated movies were Mirai and Night is Short, Walk on Girl and two of the worst were The Laws of the Universe: Part 1 and Fireworks: Should we see it from the Side or the Bottom?. They're amazingly good and amazingly bad respectively.

  • wreck it Ralph Fan
    wreck it Ralph Fan 2 months ago

    Ralph breaks the internet is my favorite im obbsessed with it

  • B Gaming
    B Gaming 2 months ago


  • brendyndisney2187 85
    brendyndisney2187 85 3 months ago

    1 incredibles 2: amazing
    2 spider-man into the spider-verse: amazing and awsome
    3 ralph breaks the internet: amazing
    4 sherlock gnomes: good i like gnomes
    5 the grinch: good but i don't love it that much
    Didn't care for
    1 early man: ok
    1 isle of dogs: boring
    2 teen titans go to the movies: stupid
    3 hotel transylvania 3: disappointing
    4 stubby an american hero: weird

  • Zachery Schmidt
    Zachery Schmidt 3 months ago +1

    I saw the She-Ra jab. I do not approve

  • Ozzy's World
    Ozzy's World 3 months ago

    The lego movie 2 everything maybe awsome again
    How to train your dragon 3 i,ve watched the start and i can,t wait to watch the rest

  • Bada Boo
    Bada Boo 3 months ago

    I hated The Grinch

  • Maxwell Mantell
    Maxwell Mantell 3 months ago

    i would have switched early man with teen titans, made sherlock gnomes number one worst, and spider verse number one best

  • Philly Guy’s
    Philly Guy’s 3 months ago

    What do you think should be the worst and best of 2019

  • Banoffee De Fairikaik
    Banoffee De Fairikaik 3 months ago

    My reactions to 2019:
    Lego Movie 2 - THIS SONG'S GONNA GET STU-- you get the idea.
    How to Train Your Dragon 3 - BEST. CONCLUSION. EVER.
    Wonder Park - Hmmm...
    Missing Link - PLEASE DON'T SUCK!
    Shaun the Sheep 2 - Rock on Aardman! Woot woot!
    Secret Life of Pets 2 - Please die.
    Toy Story 4 - BO PEEP!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!
    Angry Birds 2 - Could be good.
    Playmobil - BUY OUR TOYYYYYYYYS (part 2)
    Spies in Disguise - Let's turn Will Smith into a fish! Then let's turn Will Smith into a Genie! Then let's turn Will Smith into a pigeon!
    Abominable - Sure!
    Adams Family - Hello, Hotel Transylvania 4!

  • Ace Brandon
    Ace Brandon 3 months ago +1


  • Joey Vancleve
    Joey Vancleve 3 months ago +1

    Are people still mad at him for opinions

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones 3 months ago

    I enjoy Incredibles 2 more because of Jack Jack, but Spider-Man into the Spiderverse is a better movie because it's more original.

  • a girl.
    a girl. 3 months ago

    i watched sherlock gnomes while on the plane to florida. luckily we arrived in time and i didnt have to finish it.
    my grandma, right across the isle from us was watching early man. (she fell asleep)

  • Ace Brandon
    Ace Brandon 3 months ago +2

    Incredible 2 can't compete with spider verse

    • Ace Brandon
      Ace Brandon 25 days ago +1

      Филипп Ломакин okay,that explains alot

    • Филипп Ломакин
      Филипп Ломакин 25 days ago +1

      @Ace Brandon yes I grew up with Incredibles and it's prob My favourite Pixar movie, however, I'm not bias. I watched some films which had some bit of nostalgia but they wasn't good and I didn't enjoyed them. Incredibles 2 in other hand was awesome. I do should say it has some flaws but The film is still good with fun and memorable characters and awesome storytelling

    • Ace Brandon
      Ace Brandon 26 days ago

      My guy,look, to make it simple,i am pretty sure that you grew up with the incredibles,am i right,so thats why u are a bit biased

    • Филипп Ломакин
      Филипп Ломакин 26 days ago

      @Ace Brandon lol did you just said that Wrek-it Ralph 2 is Pixar movie? LMAO. Also - ratings doesn't matter. Have you seen Brave's rating? They're too high for one of The worst Pixar movies. What really matter is The quality of the film and that's only Possible to see watching The film itself. Spider Verse has TONS of problems like badly written Villian, Gwen Stacey and Spider People, garbage songs, The message and some problems with storytelling

    • Ace Brandon
      Ace Brandon 26 days ago

      Филипп Ломакин have you even seen the rating of spider verse,oh btw,it beat two pixar films in the oscar,wreck it ralph and incredibles 2,yep,incredible 2 got beaten by spider verse

  • 6666 66666
    6666 66666 3 months ago +1

    My fav movie of 2018 was wreck it Ralph 2

  • mayursharts best fan he is the best

    1 spider verse
    2 Ralph breaks the internet
    3 incredibles 2
    4 the Grinch
    5 teen titans go to the movies
    Okay movie
    Hotel Transylvania 3
    Worst 1 Sherlock gnomes

  • M H Trotter
    M H Trotter 3 months ago +4

    Uh, AniMat, why do you hate Smallfoot? Everyone else loves it, and Zendaya is in it!

  • SOVA 123
    SOVA 123 3 months ago +2

    Why is Smallfoot 3rd worst?!?!
    I love it

  • Cubiex Cloud
    Cubiex Cloud 3 months ago +1


  • rBlake Apostol
    rBlake Apostol 3 months ago +1

    Why don’t you do Japanese animated movies

  • Subscribe for n0 reason plez!?!??! !

    If a movie made by illumination can make you cry, I’m so sorry

  • Joey Vancleve
    Joey Vancleve 3 months ago +1

    Most anticipated Incredibles 2. Least anticipated:: into the spider verse and I was right it sucked

    • Joey Vancleve
      Joey Vancleve Month ago

      @TheUltimateRey I feel bad because I feel like when I don't like into the spider verse I'm disrespecting Stan Lee

    • Joey Vancleve
      Joey Vancleve Month ago

      @TheUltimateRey I respect your opinion why does every body hate me for having an opinion

    • Joey Vancleve
      Joey Vancleve Month ago

      @TheUltimateRey it's my opinion so stop bashing my opinion also no spider verse is nowhere near as good as homecoming or spider Man 2

  • Whovian103
    Whovian103 3 months ago +1

    Zen-die-yuh...yep...nailed it XD

  • yummy waffles
    yummy waffles 3 months ago +1

    I love Sherlock gnome's

    MAC MOVIES LAND 3 months ago +1

    Seriously spider man verse is related in incredibles no wah man damn it it is not related

  • Joey Vancleve
    Joey Vancleve 3 months ago +1

    Here is my thoughts on every animated film from 2018 Early man : really underated Sherlock knomes: who asked for this!!!!! Isle of dogs: truly a masterpiece Best animated film of 2018!! Srg stubby : it's fine for what it is. Incredibles 2 : awesome!!!! Hotel Transylvania 3: seriously another one. Ttg to the movies: better than the show. Smallfoot: meh could have been better the Grinch: better than the lorax. Ralph breaks the internet: finally a great Disney sequel spider verse: why do you keep dissapointing me Sony And that's what I thought about them I say isle of dogs is the best and Sherlock knomes is the worst

  • Jason Edwards
    Jason Edwards 3 months ago +1

    What's the song used in this video?

  • Caleb C-137
    Caleb C-137 4 months ago +4

    Top 3 Best Animated Movies of 2018
    1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
    2. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies
    3. Incredibles 2

  • Ash- greninja
    Ash- greninja 4 months ago

    2019: can’t wait cause the first was awesome. I loved the 2nd one and I can’t believe this is the end. YES! Can’t Wait for March 23 2019! Eh I’m not wasting me money. It’ll be ugly.
    WHY MUST WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END THIS WAY!!!!!!!!! Well just a theory. Or is it? DUN DUN DUNN! another one? And it’s CGI NOOO HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? I thought it was just an anime! Wow a pj masks movie for 8+ year olds that feels like spider-verse 2? Yay 😃! Wow RU-clip’s doin good now. THAT WASN’T NECESSARY snow shouldn’t be treated like this. Hope you like the GOOD stuff! 🤪

  • Banoffee De Fairikaik
    Banoffee De Fairikaik 4 months ago

    What about:
    M.F.K.Z. (I...have absolutely no idea what happened in this movie.)
    The Night is Short - Walk On, Girl (Same as above, only less confusing and with a better ending. Also, alcohol does NOT WORK LIKE THIS, KIDS.)
    Next Gen (Pretty good! Shame it just got dumped in Netflix though.)
    And actually, where I live, COCO was released in January 2018 so it sort of counts for me.

  • Lil Y.N. Nin9TaiLs
    Lil Y.N. Nin9TaiLs 4 months ago

    Sadly 2019 is best and worst sequels.

  • Joey Vancleve
    Joey Vancleve 4 months ago

    I am tired of people bashing animat for not putting into the spider verse at number 1 you know if he likes those two films more than into the spider verse don't start bashing him if he doesn't like the film as much as the other two films heck I'm a actually one of the few people that hates into the spider verse

    • Joey Vancleve
      Joey Vancleve Month ago

      @TheUltimateRey I know but when it comes to spider verse everyone has a cow about it when someone says they have a problem with it

    • Joey Vancleve
      Joey Vancleve Month ago

      @TheUltimateRey I just found the story boring I'll admit the animation looked nice but the characters weren't memorible to me heck I didn't even know about the other spider men than the original before this film came out

    • Joey Vancleve
      Joey Vancleve 4 months ago

      @Zombie Slaya don't call me an idiot for having an opinion I don't have a bad taste in films

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 4 months ago

      Joey Vancleve You just have bad taste in movies idiot. The movie didn't do anything wrong

    • Joey Vancleve
      Joey Vancleve 4 months ago

      @Wave Train no it wasn't that he had gave a few minor issues with the story but I guess he liked isle of dogs and Incredibles 2 more than into the spider verse heck I like all the films on the best list except into the spider verse ............... Yeah let the hate commence as always

  • The Reviewer
    The Reviewer 4 months ago

    I didn’t really like the teen titans movie some jokes build up for me but then a butt joke come up and kills it (I think I’m effected)

  • MajesticMayhem Studios
    MajesticMayhem Studios 4 months ago

    TTG is an awful show and deserves to die.
    But the movie?
    I will admit it was pretty good , wish they would put that kind of writing and effort in their show 😭

  • The Critic
    The Critic 4 months ago +1

    I think we all know what number one is going to be

    Edit: wait what spider verse didn’t get first place

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 4 months ago

      The Critic Don't worry about him he likes Illumination movies he's a bit slow

  • Neil Jacob Nacilla
    Neil Jacob Nacilla 4 months ago +1

    Personally it would be:
    Honourable Mention:
    Teen Titans Go! To the Movies
    5. Early Man
    4. Wreck-It Ralph 2
    3. Incredibles 2
    2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
    1. Isle of Dogs

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 3 months ago

      Ana Gabriela Figueroa I didn't disrespect his you idiot

    • Maria Jimena Figueroa
      Maria Jimena Figueroa 3 months ago

      @Zombie Slaya GEEZ, man. Just RESPECTED other people's OWN opinions!!

    • Neil Jacob Nacilla
      Neil Jacob Nacilla 4 months ago

      @Zombie Slaya Okay.
      I personally preferred Isle of Dogs but to each their own.

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 4 months ago

      Neil Jacob Nacilla Isle of dogs is great but Into the Spiderverse is better

  • Gabriel Newcombe
    Gabriel Newcombe 4 months ago +1

    Here's what MY quick thoughts on 2019's animated moves where at the beginning of the year:

    The Lego Movie 2: eh i might see it.
    Wonder Park: i don't know.
    Missing Link: YAY LAIKA'S BACK!!!
    Ugly Dolls: yay, a ripoff of one of dreamwork's weakest films! Because we totally wanted that.
    Shaun the Sheep Movie 2: wait there's going to be another one. um okay why not?
    The Secret Life of Pets 2: Another one? Um okay i guess i'll see it.
    Toy Story 4: In the words of nostalgia critic: please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck!!!
    The Angry Birds Movie 2: oh so angry birds isn't dead apparently.
    Playmobile the Movie: Wait what the hell IS playmobile anyway?!
    Spies in disguise: Will Smith becomes a pigeon. eh i'll take this over another garbage Ice Age sequel.
    Abominable: um are you sure this isn't small foot disused as a dream works movie?
    Frozen 2: this film can be considered the worst Disney movie. i'll still see it at some point.

    By the way i have seen HTTYD3 and.. of course it's great!

  • Haru x Ai
    Haru x Ai 4 months ago

    Early man: good
    Incredibles 2: great
    Small foot: excellent
    Ralph breaks the Internet: decent
    The grinch: decent
    Hotel Transylvania 3:decent
    Teen titans go: didn't seen it
    Spider-Man into the spider verse: decent
    Digimon Adventure Tri 6: excellent

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 4 months ago

      Haru x Ai spiderverse is a masterpiece idiot

  • iam 57311
    iam 57311 4 months ago +1

    You are a very different reviewer... I respect that.
    I haven't watched all of the animated films of 2018, so I can't really put an opinion, but I also reallllllllly loved Isle of Dogs. It absolutely deserves to be #1 (didn't really watch Spiderverse, but I think it's too hyped). No one around me has ever even heard of it, so I only got to watch it during the summer. But once I did watch it, I fell in love with it! It's just such a good film! I will definitely be making my own review soon enough!
    I just have one random question: why "Wonderful Life"? You didn't really like Smallfoot, and could've chosen any other song for the transitions. I don't know, it just kind of confuses me.

    • iam 57311
      iam 57311 4 months ago

      @Zombie Slaya Fair enough.

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 4 months ago +1

      iam 57311 You can't judge a movie before seeing it.

  • Jerry Vong
    Jerry Vong 4 months ago +1

    I think 2019's going to be another 2017

  • Sandwich Bubbles
    Sandwich Bubbles 4 months ago

    "Is angry birds still a thing?" No, because ROVIO RUINED ONE OF THE BEST NON DISNEY FRANCHISES!!! FRIDGE YOU ROVIO

  • Julian Montgomery
    Julian Montgomery 4 months ago +1

    Smallfoot was great fight me

  • John Orellana
    John Orellana 4 months ago

    Animatt, don't you dare call Teen Titans go to the Movies a great film, I dont care about the ending credit scene, which might as will be the only good thing about this movie.

    • John Orellana
      John Orellana 4 months ago

      @Zombie Slaya I don't want to watch it because I have many good reasons to find it hateble, plus I don't care what the rotten tomatoes ratings say about it, because what do rotten tomatoes know anyway?

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 4 months ago +1

      John Orellana Did you actually watch it

  • Trey Gavino
    Trey Gavino 4 months ago +2

    Your points on thw incredibles 2 and into the spider verse are true, I say them alone are almost equal, I'd say spiderman into the spider verse is the better film because compared to the incredibles, into the spider verse has a lot more weight and standards to live up to especially since both of the creators had both passed away near it's release, incredibles had one movie to live up to spider verse had dozens of different media to live up to.
    But that's my opinion and I doubt anyone will read this but if you do thanks.

  • Oscar Gorritti
    Oscar Gorritti 4 months ago +2


  • Raleigh Brecht
    Raleigh Brecht 4 months ago

    Angry Birds is still a thing. I still play some of the games.

  • Jaacob Peterson
    Jaacob Peterson 4 months ago

    where is avengers infinity war

    FANIMATOR 4 months ago +1

    Spider-Man should be #1

  • pazzl
    pazzl 4 months ago

    I havent seen Isle of dogs but spiderman is way better than incredibles

  • S P O N G E
    S P O N G E 4 months ago

    Spider verse : number 3 on the list
    Also spider verse: wins a Oscar over incredibles 2 Ralph 2 and isle of dogs

  • Chris Bladen
    Chris Bladen 4 months ago

    My list:

    1: Spider Verse(I thought nothing could beat Incredibles 2....until I saw this)
    2: Incredibles 2(No one loves this more than me. No one)
    3: Isle of dogs(I think it’s great, not amazing, just great)
    4: Wreck it Ralph 2(The emoji movie done right)
    5: Teen Titans Go(Same Situation as Smallfoot)
    6: Smallfoot(Much better than I thought it would be)
    7: Early man(Good but not as good as I thought it would be)
    8: Hotel Transylvania 3(Yay! Drac’s not selfish)
    9: Sgt. Stubby(pretty good aside from the marketing)
    10: The grinch(good god this movie is boring)
    11: Sherlock gnomes(why does this exist?)

  • Enviouss Zinn
    Enviouss Zinn 4 months ago

    Spider verse should have been number 1..

    • Joey Vancleve
      Joey Vancleve Month ago

      @TheUltimateRey it's his opinion

    • Joey Vancleve
      Joey Vancleve 2 months ago

      @Zombie Slaya and me the only difference is I hate spider verse

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 4 months ago

      Enviouss Zinn It's ok. Animat is the only critic that doesn't put it at number 1

  • Leaf
    Leaf 4 months ago

    I only went to see 2 movies in 2018. One was Incredibles 2 and the other one was Mary Poppins Returns. I'm so sad I missed Wreck-It-Ralph 2. I'll get it on DVD. Also, all of the worsts on this lists had one thing in common: All of them were over-advertised. At least they were here in the UK.

  • Jeremiah Ryan
    Jeremiah Ryan 5 months ago

    next time on electricdragon505 top 5 best and worst animated films of 2019 some of the animated films will be bad or awesome who will be on the #1 best spot and who will be on the #1 worst spot we will find out on electricdragon505 coming soon

  • Nicolas Arias
    Nicolas Arias 5 months ago +1

    Woah that voice

  • Stoyan Petkov
    Stoyan Petkov 5 months ago

    I will come here to be petty when Incredibles 2 and Isle of Dogs lose to Spider-Man: ITSV at the Academy Awards

  • Wavz Corey
    Wavz Corey 5 months ago

    When i heard toy story 4 was gonna be made I was like

  • onceForever TwiCe
    onceForever TwiCe 5 months ago

    Stop saying spiderverse is the best, i mean your just a fan of Spiderman /super heroes like wtf! I'm not one of them

  • SniperKing Sauron
    SniperKing Sauron 5 months ago

    This is what I watch at the end of the year instead of youtube rewind

  • Eden Rahav
    Eden Rahav 5 months ago +2

    This video released in My 16th Birthday date !!!!!!!!

  • Bubsimo Dragon
    Bubsimo Dragon 5 months ago

    I just saw spider verse and I rate it #1

  • Alpaca Mac
    Alpaca Mac 5 months ago

    WTF, no My Hero Academia Two Heroes?!

  • Bosse bläckfisk
    Bosse bläckfisk 5 months ago +1

    But Horton is a Good movie

  • David Puckett
    David Puckett 5 months ago

    Ok ok I only have one question how did this (points at teen Titans ) become this (points at teen Titans go) and then become this (points at the teen Titans go to the movies) and then revert back to this ( points back at teen Titans go) ?

  • killerjdog51
    killerjdog51 5 months ago

    I'd switch incredibles 2 and wreak it Ralph 2 places. Incredibles 2 wasn't a good sequal in my opinion. It only retreaded the first film, redid the characters same story building from the first movie, and was just mediocre.

    • killerjdog51
      killerjdog51 4 months ago

      @Zombie Slaya I agree Spiderverse is #1. But I'm basing it off the creators list.
      My personal top 5 animated films from 2018 are:
      5. Teen Titans Go: To The Movies
      4. Ralph Breaks the Internet
      3. Liz and the Blue Bird
      2. Mirai
      1. Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 4 months ago

      killerjdog51 Spiderverse is the best

    • killerjdog51
      killerjdog51 5 months ago

      Or better yet just cut the incredibles 2 from the list:
      5. Teen titans go to the movies
      4. Mirai
      3. Wreak it ralph 2
      2. Spiderverse
      1. Isle of dogs

  • rBlake Apostol
    rBlake Apostol 5 months ago

    Again, HTV hater

  • Joey Vancleve
    Joey Vancleve 5 months ago

    You know toy story 4 has potential to be amazing once again because the story is written by the 4 masters of Pixar John lassenter (can't believe I'm mentioning him) Pete doctor Andrew Stanton and Lee unkrich director of toy story 3 and Coco

  • Ida Immelman
    Ida Immelman 5 months ago +1

    Smallfoot is Not The Worst Animated Movie

  • Xavier Ocasio
    Xavier Ocasio 5 months ago

    I would say that spider man should be the 1st best

  • S. Espey
    S. Espey 5 months ago +1

    First time a PG-13 animated film (Isle of Dogs) has topped Animat's list.

  • Scarlet Dreamer
    Scarlet Dreamer 5 months ago +2

    I didn’t like Ralph breaks the internet because of Ralph and vanelope splitting ways at the end. It puts Ralph as this guy who gets too attached to vanelope, but i saw vanelope as the one in the wrong because she just decides to leave her entire life in favor for a new one. After spending a whole movie about how she wanted that life so bad, she just decides she wants something new, and it’s weird because Ralph is the one who has literally spent over 30 years now doing the same thing over and over, and vanelope is the one who gets bored of her life? Bull crap.
    On another note, this is just a personal thing, but they didn’t ever focus on Felix and Calhoun. They just slightly mention that they look after the racers and then ditch them for Ralph and vanelope’s story!
    I give this movie a 3 out of 10. I liked what it started with, but i hated its ending

    • Sorcerer SMC
      Sorcerer SMC 5 months ago

      Scarlet Dreamer well we all have our opinions

  • Xyphre
    Xyphre 5 months ago +1

    Dear god Sherlock Gnomes felt like it came out in like 2012