2019 UCL semifinals preview: Barcelona vs. Liverpool, Ajax vs. Tottenham | Champions League

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Shaka Hislop, Dan Thomas, Alejandro Moreno and Craig Burley of ESPN FC follow the Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur and Porto vs. Liverpool results in the 2019 UEFA Champions League quarterfinals with a UCL semifinals preview, discussing (0:00) Barcelona vs. Liverpool -- featuring Lionel Messi vs. Mohamed Salah and much more -- as well as (4:28) Ajax vs. Spurs, featuring Frenkie de Jong, Donny van de Beek, Son Heung-min and more.
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    LEEDS YNWA 6 months ago +6

    They all said Barcelona was going through 😂😂😂😂 dumb pundits

  • Noah Balslev Skjoldborg
    Noah Balslev Skjoldborg 6 months ago +9

    Who is here after 4-0 Liverpool and 2-3 Tottenham
    This is why we love football, anything can happen If you believe in it 💪💪💪

  • 84 Ateo
    84 Ateo 6 months ago

    MESSI, MESSI, MESSI...too much best could you see yesterday?

  • TS丨MX丨 Toshe
    TS丨MX丨 Toshe 6 months ago

    Barca v Ajax 1-0 Final

  • Jorge Santos
    Jorge Santos 6 months ago +1

    Messi...no le llega ni a la pezuna a Ronaldo

  • Rosan Theeng
    Rosan Theeng 6 months ago +1

    Now u got result 3:0 haha

  • Lal Shrestha
    Lal Shrestha 6 months ago +3

    Fucking Barcelona will lose

  • Miles Codias
    Miles Codias 6 months ago

    If I relied on these comments alone, I would guess that Barcelona was the better team. For years I have been hearing that the EPL was the best league in the world....but the records in the UCL and UEL show that La Liga has dominated Europe for at least the last 10 years. However, based on the fact that the EPL had 4 teams in the final 8, it seems they might be becoming the best least in Europe. Which means that Liverpool is a formidable team because they are the #1 team in the EPL.

  • All IN one
    All IN one 6 months ago +1

    Final ajax vs barcelona
    Barca lift UCL bar 3:1ajax

  • Naresh Ramsumair
    Naresh Ramsumair 6 months ago +3

    Stop talking about Messi ....He's not the only player.

  • icecold723
    icecold723 6 months ago

    Barcelona will win the title.

  • Kim H
    Kim H 6 months ago

    It is better to have strongest opponent in the 2 leg tie game for Liverpool. Because they have second chance to correct the first one. Though barca was the favourite for the Pundit but I can see LFC go through for this one.

  • ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ

    In Neo Camp
    Barcelona 3 vs 1 Liverpool
    Messi x2 Minler (pn)
    In Anfeld
    Liverpool 2 vs 0 Barcelona

    Liverpool vs Ajax

    • ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ
      ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ 6 months ago

      Mr Incredible
      How about 4_0 now :)

      Good luck in the coming year
      Still your team is the greatest of his era but Anfield is a grave to all teams

      And congratulations for winning the la league

    • ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ
      ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ 6 months ago

      Mr Incredible
      Anyway let we don't judge early ..everything can happen in football
      At the end winner deserves to be in the final either Barca or YNWA
      We still has hope and won't give up till last minute
      BARCELONA is the best team in his era for sure and absolutely the home match will be so tough but But it's worth trying
      We wish for all the best
      Messi has proven he is "GREAT OF ALL TIMES"

    • Mr Incredible
      Mr Incredible 6 months ago

      ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ trust me if Burnley and Spurs could score at Anfield I’m sure it won’t be that hard for Barcelona either before this season we hadn’t really won at Old Trafford and look what happened plus you never know with Messi

    • ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ
      ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ 6 months ago

      Mr Incredible
      I know my friend
      Barcelona won't score any goal in the Anfield
      I believe Redz will pass through Braca even if it's difficult now
      But let we hope...I am a YNWA fan
      So, don't blame me :)

    • Mr Incredible
      Mr Incredible 6 months ago

      ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ keep in mind if we manage to score one Liverpool has to score 5 and they already have a tough obstacle in front of them we don’t give up either 💯

  • whitegrass@gmail.com
    whitegrass@gmail.com 6 months ago +1

    My impression of the Latin leagues, is that, between themselves, they have their own stile of playing. To me, they are all dribblers. Not much care in passing. It’s like watching a Matador in a bull ring. But when they play against a British league or a Germane league, they are lost. There is no forgiveness. For example, (some people may hate me) but, The Italian Leagues are always one man forward, and nine defenders. Scores are either 0-0 Or omg 1-0. And the “magic water” is always a must. It’s for the guy who throws himself on the ground crying murder. Sorry but the best leagues in the world is Germany and England. It’s a pleasure to watch them and there are no fouls every 5 minutes. HEY, Just my opinion.

  • allthe way
    allthe way 6 months ago +2

    final will be between liverpool vs ajax ...and liverpool will win 3-1

  • illest Gangsta
    illest Gangsta 6 months ago

    Pretty excited for this vid as a lifetime Ajax fan
    Barcelona - Liverpool: 4:30 min
    Tottenham - Ajax: 1:20 min
    Didnt see that coming, totally wasted my time you pricks

  • CaaggzzOG
    CaaggzzOG 6 months ago +1

    Everybody doubting Tottenham they had the toughest group Barca Inter and PSV they played Dortmund who were top of the bundesliga at the time and beat the favourites of the whole UCL City and there still being doubted don’t sleep on Tottenham

  • oo jj
    oo jj 6 months ago


  • Hawks Nebula
    Hawks Nebula 6 months ago

    English teams dont go through
    prediction but I hope Tottenham will as they are the underdogs

  • Pamphilia Bongole
    Pamphilia Bongole 6 months ago

    This draw was mistaken. Barca vs tothenaham and Liverpool vs ajax is the best semi final . then the final could be barca vs riverpool thus would be wonderful final

  • julkar Mondal
    julkar Mondal 6 months ago

    Toootaham vs barch

  • ai que diliça de bulacha

    Someone AI knows what time will be the game and the day??

  • suraj s subramanian
    suraj s subramanian 6 months ago

    Would love an all English final.

  • How I Propel My Life Forward

    I always get drawn in because of the video titles. This channel never dissapoints me--the worst pundits & analysis show, ever. They are so into themselves, and give little real insight.

  • Jetter Smith
    Jetter Smith 6 months ago

    CR7 is the best

  • Jetter Smith
    Jetter Smith 6 months ago

    Ajax vs Barcelona would be very interesting!

  • Yo Yo Yo
    Yo Yo Yo 6 months ago

    Messi is not what he used to be. Man U wasnt a real test for barca and Jurgen Klopp has never lost a 2-legged European matchup, second game is in Anfield, Liverpool will not win the premier league. All these factors put together mean that Liverpool will beat Barca.

  • Imtiaz Akand
    Imtiaz Akand 6 months ago

    Do not mark Messi but his passing

  • Kermiki Pdang
    Kermiki Pdang 6 months ago

    Barca has one Messi but Liverpool has three Messi

  • Abel Shylla
    Abel Shylla 6 months ago

    Liverpool will win the CL 2019

  • Ivan Ventura
    Ivan Ventura 6 months ago

    I just don’t see Liverpool beating Barcelona... it sounds exciting and tight but every single player of Barcelona is hungry including ex Liverpool (Coutinho and Suarez). Messi will shine and it will be a MAGICAL NIGHT

  • Football Fan
    Football Fan 6 months ago

    Ajax n Liverpool through to d final

  • Ossy Entertainment
    Ossy Entertainment 6 months ago

    You guys not even what appened last champions league. Liverpool were underdogs and they were in finals. You forgot so first and now you see Messi. I am sure Liverpool will win against Barcelona both home and away. They will meet Ajax and Ajax will Loose as they wait for the next round.

  • Mario Gamez
    Mario Gamez 6 months ago

    Coming from a Barcelona fan, if Ajax wins the champions aganist barca i would not mind. They are a group of incedible players who pressure and play till the final moments of the game. There style of play is just as equal to barca and each of Ajaxs players now how to move and play their positions. They are a dangerous team do not cut them short.

  • alex s
    alex s 6 months ago

    ajax have the potential to win

  • Joash Jr
    Joash Jr 6 months ago

    This is going to be some close game

  • Evarihun Tham Lyngdoh
    Evarihun Tham Lyngdoh 6 months ago

    The tikki takka master will win and will be facing with the Dutch giants

  • basit lone
    basit lone 6 months ago +4

    they r clearly talking about messi vs Liverpool not barca vs liverpool

  • Nikolas Basmajian
    Nikolas Basmajian 6 months ago +1

    "Who will go through?"
    "One of them"

    SUJIT ROY 6 months ago


  • Lan C
    Lan C 6 months ago +1

    You are never the underdog if Messi is on your team. You may not be the favorite but you are never the underdog with Messi.

  • John Man
    John Man 6 months ago +6

    Messi is better than Salah but Liverpool are better than Barca. Get ready for a slaughtering of the highest order.

    • Sebastian Verheyen
      Sebastian Verheyen 6 months ago

      Barca is beter on paper... And statisticly too but Liverpool could defeat barca like they where nothing

  • Alket Malolari
    Alket Malolari 6 months ago +1

    Messi is best m.salah noob

  • Nowajesh Ali
    Nowajesh Ali 6 months ago


  • grey turret
    grey turret 6 months ago

    A group of cunts....waste of time...

  • xX_ⱣɍƟGɑm3ɍ_Xx
    xX_ⱣɍƟGɑm3ɍ_Xx 6 months ago +2

    --Am Sure Liverpool will win the Champions league--

  • Tejas Oka
    Tejas Oka 6 months ago

    These panelists are the worst !

  • Mahadevan Raman
    Mahadevan Raman 6 months ago

    Except Barca all other semi finalist finished second in their group

  • iam ovi
    iam ovi 6 months ago

    Dont underestimate lierpool .. they lost only one in epl this season... n more consistent in ucl than barca.... hope leo shines ... but i feel something bad for us... hail barca

  • The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    Absolutely amazing quarter finals, leading into bloody gorgeous semi finals. Whatever happens, the finalists will deserve to be there, the winner will deserve to win, and the five remaining matches should all be absolute corkers. Good luck to Ajax, Tottenham, Barcelona and Liverpool.

  • Refizawati Noor
    Refizawati Noor 6 months ago +1


  • नवीन सौगात

    Barcelona wins this match if defence is improved

  • Willy Mulwa
    Willy Mulwa 6 months ago +1

    Barcelona has won uefa 😝😂😁😅 Liverpool just go home

  • Anyangwe A. Achille Achake

    Liverpool in the finals vs.........

  • dang nguyen
    dang nguyen 6 months ago

    Liverpool have Klopp,,Barcelona have MESSI

  • TheFamousMockingbird
    TheFamousMockingbird 6 months ago

    Kane being out hurts, but spurs have the chosen Son to bang in as many as needed

  • jim doe
    jim doe 6 months ago +2

    Liverpool barely has two good one dimensional players. Barcelona has at least 8 multidimensional players plus the greatest of all time. Quick exit for liverpoop

  • Hayk _nk
    Hayk _nk 6 months ago +1

    Like for barca!🔵🔴

  • Anthony Khallouf
    Anthony Khallouf 6 months ago +1

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Barcelona needs to win this at Camp Nou with a clean sheet preferably. 3-0 or more ideally.
    Anfield is going to be a fortress that’s gonna put so much outside pressure on Suarez and Coutinho.

    • The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus
      The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus 6 months ago +1

      The atmosphere really is that twelfth man, isn't it? I've never heard an away stand as loud as I did watching the Juventus/Ajax game. The Dutch lads were on something that night.

  • David-Jan Middelkoop
    David-Jan Middelkoop 6 months ago

    Barcelona vs Liverpool is a semi-final representing two teams with the most thrilling and famous club-anthems. Ajax vs Tottenham is a beautiful fixture between the two not-meant-for-the-semi-final-clubs.
    Hope it's going to be FC Barcelona vs AFC Ajax, but may the best of those four teams get through to the final. This season has already been astonishing and breathtaking exciting.

    • The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus
      The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus 6 months ago

      I'm a Liverpool fan, so obviously I'm going to want them to win, but having said that, there's no shame in losing to any of the three teams left. Good luck to Ajax, Barcelona and Tottenham. You'll need it. 😝