Motorized Bike pulled over by police

  • Published on Oct 9, 2017
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    Motorized Bike police chase

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  • Marco Morote
    Marco Morote Day ago

    Damn kid is under 16 smh that right there your setting your self up

  • Dell Johnson
    Dell Johnson 4 days ago

    good law enforcer / peace officer..not a fkin Pig cool bike

  • Sean Richardson
    Sean Richardson 7 days ago

    At least the cop was cool

  • lukas lea
    lukas lea 13 days ago

    he was nice though

  • lukas lea
    lukas lea 13 days ago

    can o do this in australia queensland legally

  • Violet Blood
    Violet Blood 13 days ago

    this cop is a damn lair LOL

    FOOKA ROUND 16 days ago

    In Iowa I've had police officers stop me and say my bike is sick as tits and in other states that are near me they have told me to get off and walk it the legality of these bikes needs to be addressed.

  • Ashton Cooper
    Ashton Cooper 17 days ago

    Dumbass cops these days

  • salty Weeabooo
    salty Weeabooo 18 days ago

    Wow this cop big gay gay then his mom and dad

  • AfterSchoolMedia 191
    AfterSchoolMedia 191 20 days ago

    It’s perfectly legal to drive a motorized vehicle as such. I own a motorized bike with 66cc no problem NEVER got pulled over it’s just the bullshit that cops pull off these days.
    My advice is that if a cop pulls you over say this to them to avoid being arrested by driving off since they use in humane force anyway not worth arguing since they have their “reasons”

  • june boy
    june boy 22 days ago

    He was lying look up your laws bruh

  • Mr Kyo
    Mr Kyo 23 days ago

    the cop was actually chill about it.

  • Aleksandra Makari
    Aleksandra Makari 27 days ago

    What kind of engine is that one?

  • Broken Hearted Dude
    Broken Hearted Dude 28 days ago

    Hello mate...can i use your clip in my upcoming compilation..credits will be given..Thanks😊

  • Rabbi Shekelstein
    Rabbi Shekelstein Month ago

    It's a motorized bike, essentially a motorcycle. No shit you can't ride it. A bicycle is human powered not motor powered. Imagine trying to make a right turn on red, seeing a bike in the bike lane, thinking it's safe to go then suddenly realizing the dude is going way faster than a bicycle should be able to go. These things cause accidents when people are stupid on them, they don't belong in a bike lane because they go too fast, and don't belong on the road because they're too slow. You shouldn't be on the road with that thing especially considering you're 12.

    • Maxxis
      Maxxis  Month ago

      Rabbi Shekelstein lol who tf are u

    • imperial Customs
      imperial Customs Month ago

      Should be able to go? I can get my bike up to 30mph just by pedaling. Granted i have been riding it every day for 10 years and am constantly pushing myself to go faster. Just imagine the look on people's faces when i pull up beside them going 30mph

  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook Month ago

    Assisted not powered...totally legal

  • Tristan Brockman
    Tristan Brockman Month ago

    Tell that cop to fuck off and learn the laws

  • Katherine Poindexter

    The police officer was doing what the law requires him to do. Each state has certain laws that may not be in other states, for example. in the Commonwealth of Virginia radar detectors are illegal and you will get a ticket, possibly a summons to appear before a judge, either way you will pay a fine if you have one in your car. while in the state of North Carolina they are perfectly legal. Before a person gets one of these they need to know and consult their state and local laws to determine if it is legal to ride without a license and/or what age you must be to have one.

  • Joseph Mach
    Joseph Mach Month ago

    That's Brea, CA. "A motorized bicycle is issued special license plates and identification cards, which requires a one-time $18 fee. No renewal is required." According to code. You also must be over 16 and you can only ride in the streets or bike Lanes (though city ordinances can limit this).

  • Glenn Crawford
    Glenn Crawford Month ago

    Yep there’s always a asshole in the bunch

  • Greatest Timeline
    Greatest Timeline Month ago

    Stop voting for lawmakers that pass these shitty laws.

    COD WIZARD Month ago

    U can ride it if it’s under 65ccs in most places

  • T Beats
    T Beats Month ago

    Cop kept pulling things out of his ass

  • Energy Nut
    Energy Nut Month ago +1

    Cops don't have to be dicks. They should all have to watch Andy Griffith as part of their training.

  • Donut Prodigys
    Donut Prodigys Month ago

    Motorized bicycles are not legal in the state of California FYI. Look it up

    • Maxxis
      Maxxis  Month ago

      Yes they are. Look it up. I’m getting another one REGISTERED through the dmv. 👍🏻

  • John Tingle
    John Tingle Month ago

    Why are you not showing his face?

  • Connor Miller
    Connor Miller Month ago

    Where I live this is completely legal

  • Mr. Officer
    Mr. Officer Month ago

    Why did you 'black out' the cops face ? …......That uneducated cop is a perfect example why people have no respect for police.

  • Omero juniorv
    Omero juniorv 2 months ago

    Mopeds don't require license only insurance atleast in texas

  • joe shmo
    joe shmo 2 months ago

    Fuck you pig. This is why kids do drugs. Let them ride thier fucking bikes you fucking peice of shit highway robbers and PIGS. your scum

  • A Troll
    A Troll 2 months ago

    Black ppl out here busting donuts on mopeds that exceed well over 40 mph and cops don't do shit because they know black ppl dont go without a fight meanwhile they see a young white teen and they prey on him. Those jackasses only pick whats more convenient to them, go to the fucked up areas if your so "for the law" you find violations all over, see how easy it goes for you.

  • Minus ZeRo Degrees
    Minus ZeRo Degrees 2 months ago

    You know what I’m going to do if I get pulled over or if they ban ebikes without this and yada I’m going to get a road bike and ride Olympic style and still go 30 anyway. It’s absurd and not saying the cops are maybe some can be but it’s the laws that are.

  • Mike Mclain
    Mike Mclain 2 months ago +40

    1. it has PEDALS so its legally classified as a pedestrian
    2. under 16 can ride with parents permission DESPITE what cops say
    3. they are legal on the road AND sidewalk with or without a helmet (strongly recommended)
    how do i know this? ive been building them for over 5 years and know the laws, if you get a ticket you can fight it and win

    • Katherine Poindexter
      Katherine Poindexter 3 days ago

      @The Dusty Shredder that is why I believe in limited government. If we have a small government then the laws will be less restrictive. The U.S. Constitution is for the people by the people but if we have a Government that is huge and controlling like a socialist government would be then the it is no longer by the people. Now if a law is truly unjust then the only way to get around it is to contact your legislature and try to change the law.. as far a getting a license to get a job you can get a identification card instead and most cities has public transportation. But as far a obeying the law, we need to. Most laws are to protect us not cause problems. Limited Govt. protects not restricts. this world in unjust and unfair to bet.

    • The Dusty Shredder
      The Dusty Shredder 5 days ago

      @Katherine Poindexter but, arent laws that restrict our ability to live our lives unjust? Current licensing laws are currently, because they require people to pay a small fortune to be able to get to and from work independently (which, by the way, is more often than not at least a 10-20 mile commute, which is absolutely unrealistic on a bicycle). Doesnt that mean that you cannot get a license without a job? And most jobs that are worth anything and wont leave you feeling degraded require that you have a license so you can get to work on time and without BO. Buses do not allow the on time bit unless you want to be a full hour or 45 minutes early. Bicycles do not allow the lack of body odor, but allow you to be on time. A personal motor vehicle is literally the only way a person can truly search for a job without arriving late or sweaty, and trust me, those two things literally make the difference between hired and ignored.

    • Katherine Poindexter
      Katherine Poindexter Month ago +1

      Mike Mclain it depends on the state. I don't know what state this is in but if the state law says no then no means no. The cop was very polite and could have given him a ticket but instead educated him. Each state has laws regarding gas powered vehicles. It is up to each individual to know and understand the laws in their state. some laws are stupid..but non the less the laws are the laws and they are their to protect everyone even mundane laws such as this one.

    • Energy Nut
      Energy Nut Month ago

      In what state?

  • ??
    ?? 3 months ago +28

    If it's illegal anyway, you might as well put a 720cc harbor freight predator engine in it and have some fun.

  • Asa Israel
    Asa Israel 3 months ago

    Go and find some criminals.

  • Casey Schofield
    Casey Schofield 3 months ago

    This police officer is in the wrong on everything except the age thing.

  • robert smith
    robert smith 3 months ago

    this kid is a complete mook

  • Daftpanther11
    Daftpanther11 3 months ago

    I’m getting so tired of this no traveling in a good way (like using a motorized vehicle) until your 16. Adults have no clue how hard it is for us kids who have no good transportation to get around. They always say “just go walk” or “go take your bike” well sometimes we don’t wanna use all of our energy and an hour just to get a couple miles away. Sometimes we wish we could have a car or even this but the stupid regulations have to make it the dumb age of 16.

  • Daftpanther11
    Daftpanther11 3 months ago

    I mean he was a chill cop don’t get me wrong but I still don’t like that rule. It’s so dumb like there’s kids doing drugs underage drinking and he’s just riding a little motorized bicycle. But atleast the cop was nice.

  • Bah Razrider
    Bah Razrider 3 months ago

    I'm from NYC ...I ride my MOTORIZE bike cop don't say shit to me,so I'm good

  • HoodedGaming
    HoodedGaming 3 months ago +4

    The cop is partially right you do have to be 16 to ride a motorized bike but you do not need a license for a motorized bike as long is the motor is 49cc or lower I know this because I have encounters with cops all over California with my motorized bike and I’ve gotten over 10 tickets yet I haven’t paid any of them because they were unlawfully given to me and the judge knew that that’s why I didn’t pay any of them have fun riding kid and I hope no more cops bother you they should really look at the laws for this stuff

    • HoodedGaming
      HoodedGaming 18 days ago

      Marky Azurin yes completely fine you don’t need a m1 or an m2 and you don’t need to get it registered because legally it classifies as a motor assisted bicycle if a cop tells you otherwise he’s not familiar with the new laws by California state DMV taking place in 2016

    • Marky Azurin
      Marky Azurin 18 days ago

      @HoodedGaming So a 49cc or below is fine to ride with even if you don't have a M1/M2 license? Do I need to get it registered at all?

    • HoodedGaming
      HoodedGaming 23 days ago +1

      Marky Azurin hey man I’m glad you asked sadly anything above 49cc in California is illegal so I would recommend buying a 4 stroke if you would like to stay out of trouble however there are some two stroke 49cc engine kits out there. The California DMV states that anything above that is illegal and you can get fined for operating a motorcycle without a liscense.

    • Marky Azurin
      Marky Azurin 23 days ago

      Where in the law does it state that as long as the motor is 59 cc or less it legal? Im looking into getting one and I'm from San Francisco and all I can find online is 50cc motor kits for bikes? Do you have any recommendations on kits?

  • Insain Person
    Insain Person 3 months ago

    the loop hole is that it is technically a bike

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Why u coveri this things face

  • Time Fourty
    Time Fourty 3 months ago

    Every is to regulated! Electric bike's can only go 2o mph. What a joke. How is this a free country again? Pre Crime! What I get out of this is we can't force you to buy insurance for a bike yet but we are working in some new communist laws. To buy a new vehicle it would cost 30k to 70k. A motorized bike maybe 200 bucks. Better fuel mileage. It would take away a huge profit from Auto companies if people were to just get 4 wheeled bikes.
    I kind of get pissed when I think about this very thing. How many cars do you think went by speeding? Can you get hurt by going faster yep sure can. So maybe they should get rid of freeways it is a lot less dangerous.
    In reality this officer is most likely thinking about his own kids when he pulled this kid over. That does not mean the law doesn't suck. Socialists love making people slaves to government. They love creating laws that force everyone to be the same. They love to force people in a type of bubble where nobody can say or do a single thing do to there own fears or loss.
    When a person has a knife in hand for the first time to cut up some veggies. You don't make it against the law to use a knife because it can potentially cut off a finger. You properly teach a person how to use the knife in that manner. If a person wants to use the knife without being properly trained that is their free right.
    I would much rather have a 1000 dollar bike brand new with fat tires that I can take camping and get to work with than a 30k car that cost a boat load of money.
    Again I think it is a huge thing. I think to a degree oil companies and car dealerships would rather not see bikes on the roads
    A semi truck and cars tear into roads over a period of time. Bikes would take 100 year plus to ruin a freshly paved road. Tired of the unlimited laws and regulations that would require a college degree to learn everything required.

  • watchmep Wynn
    watchmep Wynn 3 months ago

    that cop is full of shit

  • Javy Mcdeez
    Javy Mcdeez 3 months ago

    had no reason for contacting you. none at all, illegal stop. no crime in traveling.

  • Seba
    Seba 3 months ago

    It's got an engine, and wheels... This motorized vehicle and needs to be titled/registered and follow basic safety, otherwise you'll have shit karts and dirt bikes everywhere on the streets.... Also yeah above 49cc = M class license, 49cc or less means you just need a drivers license

  • The Fibler
    The Fibler 3 months ago

    In saw several people run the red light while this was going on.

  • dlucas90
    dlucas90 4 months ago

    Armed tax collector at work.

  • Schmedly Whiplash
    Schmedly Whiplash 4 months ago

    Nice cop though not some young punk calling in the ATF or CIA or DEA on ya for backup!😂😂😂😂

  • redneck videos
    redneck videos 4 months ago

    That's stupid on one of them for about three years past cops and they done nothing and I never heard of needing to have a license you don't need license to drive a moped

  • David Sferrazzo
    David Sferrazzo 4 months ago

    Rule 406 in California all you need is a regular drivers license ad you’re good. And stay under 20 mph but that part everybody cheats lol

  • A.W comic publications
    A.W comic publications 4 months ago

    I am not gonna lie alot of the cops in L.A. are a joke they will arrest you for cossing the street the wrong way. I'm not saying the kid was in the right but he wasn't doing anything and so long as he obeys the law stays in the right lane he shouldn't be treated this way this cop needs to go find real crimes not harass people that are just trying to ride to there destination on a slow 80 cc bike come on people get a clue people know the law but you guys need to ease up a bit on who you pull over and for what reason as well.

  • caleb rogers
    caleb rogers 4 months ago

    The only thing he said that was accurate was the age. Mine is gas and has no pedals and can do like 35-40 and it's completely legal

  • Sang Kang
    Sang Kang 4 months ago

    Yea, there are rapist and murders roam the streets and these cops got nothing better to do than stop a motorized bike because they are menace to society.

  • Dustin greenlee
    Dustin greenlee 4 months ago

    Oh bullshit cop

  • Pennywise The dancing clown

    Fuck police kill them all

  • bobo4691
    bobo4691 4 months ago

    Another patriot law activist in the making here. The reason why we're considered "dangerous" to law enforcement personnel is that the enforcement institutions routinely break the law as a matter of policy, and get away with it because of a corrupt judiciary and a WILLFULLY IGNORANT population. They committed kidnapping and unlawful detention (felonies) here enforcing a "law" (misdemeanor) that only lawfully applies to bona fide government employees. Go to and wise up, so we can help Trump fix what has become a covert dictatorship. You might learn something.

  • Mark Creighton
    Mark Creighton 5 months ago

    49 cc doesnt need registration

  • Heather Dominguez
    Heather Dominguez 5 months ago

    Are you 15 yet? You sounded like you 11 at the time.

  • Daz James
    Daz James 5 months ago


  • Erica Guidino
    Erica Guidino 5 months ago

    We can still see the cops face.LOL

  • maddog
    maddog 5 months ago

    the police have ruined america! there paid by bar association they work for british crown there not even americans! there traitors they dont even know the laws! there police that means to pick up trash! they think we are trash! but they are! there paid bullies they ruin lives nothing more! theve never protected anyone but themselves and bankers and courts! now you know why there called pigs, bottom feeders! the bible says pigs are evil scum dont even talk to them!

  • God's Child
    God's Child 5 months ago

    land of slaves

  • Napolian Solo
    Napolian Solo 5 months ago

    That cop is full of shit. There's Federal Law prohibiting the "regulation, licensing or requirement of a driver's license of a vehicle under 50cc. That cop didn't know, he had to go ask someone and they didn't know either. The cop comes back and starts reasoning with the rider. If he can convince the rider of the logic of a ticket so maybe the rider won't take it to court and have it thrown out. Cops LIE.

  • wickedpissade
    wickedpissade 5 months ago +1

    Service and protection all in one. Thankfully this cop was there to prevent a heinous crime from going on unnoticed.

  • victor johnson
    victor johnson 5 months ago

    California don't these cops have some illegals to catch instead of harassing American citizens

    MOTORBIKE MADNESS 5 months ago

  • CaliforniaCarpenter7
    CaliforniaCarpenter7 5 months ago

    Welcome to the real world, dude. Cops will lie through their teeth even if it's just to save face. Keep that camera rolling.

  • gunlover1955
    gunlover1955 5 months ago

    Should have asked him if your city was a bike Sanctuary City then you could ride what ever you want any place you want.

  • Garrett Anderson
    Garrett Anderson 5 months ago

    Legally you don't need a license for electric bike. Dude should've asked for the officers superior.

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  • demetri kavoukas
    demetri kavoukas 5 months ago

    The fucking pig didn’t have anything better to do like go chase down some fucking drug dealers but he can get shot doing that right

  • Old Soul Radio
    Old Soul Radio 6 months ago

    Where are you at im cali and by law it says it has to be under 49cc's

  • A Profit87
    A Profit87 6 months ago

    Maritime law.... corporations want to enslave the humans. You have the right to travel.

  • Hotel On March
    Hotel On March 6 months ago

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  • David Tinnerello
    David Tinnerello 6 months ago

    Disgusting. Also, you don't need a license for ANYTHING. You can accomplish anything and do anything WITHOUT permission from any government.

  • Marshall L Smith
    Marshall L Smith 6 months ago

    The (cop) probably had a bad child hood, and didn't have any friends or fun.
    I'm starting to believe more and more everyday, that cops aren't needed.

  • Валерий Петров

    Свободная страна, хуле..

  • magda molina
    magda molina 6 months ago

    U no need licenses the police fuck w u

  • Awesome Dude
    Awesome Dude 6 months ago +2

    That cop didn't seem a much as an asshole like others I've dealt with

  • Kurt Diamond
    Kurt Diamond 6 months ago

    Stupid cop .Hey dumbshit why dont you go arrest a real criminal instead of hassling a harmless kid on a cool bike ? Oh because you are a coward thats why.Fuck off douche bag.👿

  • royhance hines
    royhance hines 6 months ago

    What a lame ass cop literally alot of people have these in my town

  • Mushroom Hatters Adventers

    what state .. and no you dont tell him its 49cc

  • Eric B
    Eric B 6 months ago

    He's a liar, tinted windows are allowed in California, just not the front window

  • Joshua Wilcox
    Joshua Wilcox 6 months ago

    huh, cops don't seem to have a problem with them here in Washington.

  • Parker Ganz
    Parker Ganz 6 months ago

    hey the cop was nice. he is doing his job. you know?

  • brandon lambobrand2012
    brandon lambobrand2012 6 months ago +3

    Go home put sails on it... fly past the cop then say NOT GAS POWERED!

  • Uknown Gamer101
    Uknown Gamer101 7 months ago

    Lol Indiana laws says it's legal for us

  • DEX
    DEX 7 months ago

    Bwahahaha, California land of the stick up your ass.

  • Geoff Menna
    Geoff Menna 7 months ago +2

    This is why I'm a Libertarian.
    Unjust laws are ruining America.
    vote Libertarian.

  • dale jacobson
    dale jacobson 7 months ago

    The cop is totally right and cool about it! I hope I don't get caught on mine!

  • mrdrh99
    mrdrh99 7 months ago

    That sucks but at least the cop wasn't a dick

  • F.Sherlock
    F.Sherlock 7 months ago

    I must admit the cop is a decent guy.

  • Rick Campbell
    Rick Campbell 7 months ago

    Here in MD Electric powered bikes, with pedals, are the only thing allowed unpermitted/untagged. But you have to keep it under 30mph. Anything gas powered, has to be 50cc or under, and moped permitted, moped tagged, and insurred, speeds kept under 30mph, plus you have to have a standard drivers license thus the 16 and over age limit. If over 50cc it is considered a motorcycle, and requires a motorcycle license and all that goes with it.

  • Elijah Davidson
    Elijah Davidson 7 months ago

    That was that was a illegal traffic stop if he is not under any contract with the DMV or participating in Commerce while using that vehicle he is traveling not driving that is a dumb cop that does not know law

  • ninja1234567890
    ninja1234567890 7 months ago +1

    Motorized bicycle should be not street legal because dirt bikes and ATVs are more dangerous than a motorized bicycle and the dirt bikes and ATVs are not street legal but it is possible to make a dirt bike street legal

    • Insain Person
      Insain Person 3 months ago

      dirtbikes are less dangerous

    • ninja1234567890
      ninja1234567890 7 months ago +1

      Which is why I don't want nothing to do with motorized bicycles but I do want something to do with dirt bikes and ATVs