AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !
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  • littlefox 7002
    littlefox 7002 3 days ago

    Disney is my life

  • starlight night
    starlight night 3 days ago

    Azzy is poetic

  • Rachael Richardson
    Rachael Richardson 4 days ago +1

    At 4:58 did you read the post it note? It said: "please don't clog the toilet again xo xo" that made me laugh so hard XD

  • Pandora_2001
    Pandora_2001 4 days ago

    The hum

  • Elsie Thomas
    Elsie Thomas 5 days ago

    Azzyland, I love your ear piercings! I love u!

  • Euan Hughes
    Euan Hughes 5 days ago

    Never made or been in a pillow fort

  • Maryam AlFailakawy
    Maryam AlFailakawy 6 days ago

    In Kuwait there are Smarties

  • Starlight_Xxx Moon Clark

    Then ht me up I’m a stylist top stylist

  • Koira69
    Koira69 8 days ago +1

    Rip azzy’s elbow

    1 like=1 second of silence

  • John Maliuwelur
    John Maliuwelur 10 days ago

    my sis got her finger stuck in the car door its in pain. LITERALLY

  • John Maliuwelur
    John Maliuwelur 10 days ago

    i have no emoji

  • Jamie Hightshoe
    Jamie Hightshoe 10 days ago

    To be honest I don’t know 🤔

  • Brogan Dunphy
    Brogan Dunphy 10 days ago

    I have never been in a pillow fort.

  • Costanza Badii
    Costanza Badii 11 days ago

    OMG at 1:55 I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

  • Mapuii Chhangte
    Mapuii Chhangte 11 days ago

    Azzy do you have a cut boyfriend??

  • Sterre P.
    Sterre P. 11 days ago

    Why don't you have such a boyfriend

  • Eisley Aceves-Amaya
    Eisley Aceves-Amaya 12 days ago +2

    The girl friend who got the puppy..........

    I Am So Jealous😣

  • Wolf fox’s Go
    Wolf fox’s Go 12 days ago

    Who’s watching in December or November or February or April

  • Zalaiya Dickerson
    Zalaiya Dickerson 13 days ago

    I thought you said baking roses

  • Lucy Brown
    Lucy Brown 13 days ago +1

    This is azzy
    She is zero years old
    One like one your old azzy is

  • peanut
    peanut 15 days ago +2

    You are pregnant by James Charles. Like to undo and get James Charles pregnant instead.

  • Why Don’t We Lover2374

    6:02 I’m pretty sure it’s Minecraft

  • stoakshh6
    stoakshh6 17 days ago

    AzzyLand: my bf does not watch my videos.
    Me after video: watch's Jordy (I don't know how to spell his name) reacting to AzzyLand money video 😆😆😆😆

  • Official Sticky Channel

    When you comment to show off you new pfp, but don’t know what to comment ( like me)
    I like bubbles good vid

  • Scarlett Lilly rose Bailes

    4:36 my dad did that for my mum when he went to sea

  • Claire & Nova!
    Claire & Nova! 18 days ago

    This was uploaded on my birthday ! :D

  • Hostelinfinite -_-
    Hostelinfinite -_- 18 days ago

    ( - _-)

  • Peter Davidsen
    Peter Davidsen 18 days ago

    im alone

  • Lou Blair
    Lou Blair 18 days ago +2

    Ok I'm crying right now

    This why

    I'm single!😏

  • Gena Harding
    Gena Harding 20 days ago

    It was not only very sweet for that guy to make a window seat for his wife, but *he cleaned up after himself*! Even sweeterrr!

  • Fern The NightFury
    Fern The NightFury 20 days ago +1

    8:25 That is just perfect for people who love dragons!!!!!
    (Meeeeeeeeee want them!!!!)

  • Strawberry Peppermint
    Strawberry Peppermint 20 days ago

    I counted 73 nail polish thingys

  • KRISTINE Berga
    KRISTINE Berga 21 day ago

    *dog farts*
    Meh: (; - ;)
    *calls FBI*
    Fbi:what youre mer-

  • Just Josh
    Just Josh 23 days ago

    Me in most of these:


  • D e e D e e
    D e e D e e 23 days ago

    Me before watching this video: Pffft- dating? That stuff is gross and overrated
    Me after watching this video: *Loooonely, I am so looonely*

  • Colin GAMING
    Colin GAMING 24 days ago

    ❤️ U sooooooooooooooooo much from my little sister

  • Keira Price
    Keira Price 25 days ago

    I'm claustrophobic so I cant even be in a tent

  • Trinity Belgrano
    Trinity Belgrano 25 days ago

    You will always be perfect ,great and cheerful I love you Azzy👏🏻👍🏻😋❤️

  • Kaleigh Maile
    Kaleigh Maile 25 days ago +1

    Ahem!! Jordi!!!!

  • Carissa Sartika
    Carissa Sartika 26 days ago +1

    If your reading this...
    Your beautiful no matter who you are and never forget that💘

  • khamal amin
    khamal amin Month ago

    I’m sending is old and I’m single and I’m seven years old and I I single and I single

  • Gracie-Mae Jones
    Gracie-Mae Jones Month ago

    I got the same rose as that one from the store

  • Paula mata
    Paula mata Month ago

    Azzy *gets hit in the funny bone*
    Me: start laughing

  • Savage Girl90
    Savage Girl90 Month ago

    When I looked at chocolate I said “My love..” I was like I’m so weird

  • Savage Girl90
    Savage Girl90 Month ago

    I love forts but I can’t make one yet it’s sad 😞. But I’ll make one on Christmas and open presents 🎁

    QWERTY OOF Month ago

    Azzy is now my new therapist.
    Da feels😔💞

  • Desiree Clark
    Desiree Clark Month ago

    single sqauddddddddd

  • Emma Garcia
    Emma Garcia Month ago

    Me and my mom put a ton of sticky notes on my step dad's car. Sadly he passed away two years ago.💕💕💕💕

  • Riley Eisel
    Riley Eisel Month ago

    Azzy I think the glass slipper was a proposal. Azzy I will help you find out to were I can find a outfit in 5 min.

  • Herbert Wiggers
    Herbert Wiggers Month ago

    I love. You. Azzy. From. Gracie

  • Herbert Wiggers
    Herbert Wiggers Month ago +1

    I love. You 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Josh Daley
    Josh Daley Month ago

    7:20-7:25 that is my name

  • Char Cheerio
    Char Cheerio Month ago

    Did anybody else realize the note said that she shouldn't clog the toilet again XOXO

  • S Na
    S Na Month ago

    "Funny are NOT funny"
    Azzyland May, 2019

  • S Na
    S Na Month ago

    This vid made me feel lonely on another level

  • Mia Kipp
    Mia Kipp Month ago

    Yes I will help lol sorry

  • xXnikky cute_lovexX

    I love all of them ther sooo cute❤️🤭😋

  • Cat plays roblox Angel

    You have a cat

  • Sugar Cream
    Sugar Cream Month ago

    You should do TikTok trends